Ndola land scandal is just an iceberg on the corruption in the PF-UPND

FILE: Percy Chanda addressing the Chingola rally
FILE: Percy Chanda addressing the Chingola rally
FILE: Percy Chanda addressing the Chingola rally
FILE: Percy Chanda addressing the Chingola rally

The opposition UPND says the Ndola land scandal is just an iceberg on the corruption in the PF and that the Provincial Minister has his job cut out if he is to win against fight.

Percy Chanda who is the Party’s Chairperson for Labour advised to be careful in his quest saying “corruption is a very risky business especially if the entire top leadership is corrupt.”

Below is a statement as issued by the UPND.

The Ndola land scandal is not just an eye opener but a tip of the iceberg on the corruption in PF. I pity Hon Lusambo for thinking he is going to fight the corruption that is in PF.

I don’t appreciate the style of Hon Lusambo’s management but he should be very careful, fighting corruption is a very risky business especially if the entire top leadership is corrupt.

By saying this we are not condoning corruption, in fact as UPND and our President HH hates and condemn it.They say ISABI UKUBOLA LYAMBILA KUMUTWE. Meaning -the fish starts rotting from the head. One can safely ask, where these people building at night? Is he the first Provincial Minister under PF?

The answer to the two questions is NO so it goes without saying that these people who were allocating plots had the blessings and protection of the top. Somebody more senior than the Provincial Minister gave a go ahead. That’s the time the fish started rotting from the head.

Its common sense that what has been going on in Ndola is what has been happening though out the Country. Surprisingly enough everybody has kept quiet including the Highest Office, who Am sure knows everything through the OP.

When as UPND say that corruption in the PF Government is enjoyed like a cup of tea we just mean that. President Lungu is my witness as he attested to this fact openly. But you can’t use a corrupt system to cleanse corruption.

You need a clean UPND system under President HH to flush out the dirty. Otherwise its merry go round, where nobody catches any one.Zambia needs a pair of clean hands, HH and his team will fix it.

The National Treasury is empty because of corruption. How do you borrow kaloba money to pay back kaloba? This is only possible where people think in reverse like DUNUNA REVERSE.

I have said it before that dictators throughout the World ruin their Countries’ economies hence the suppression of their people.

It’s no longer a secrete that Zambia is being ruled by a dictator thus you see the hardships that people are going through. Who can hold a dictator accountable? Unless if you want to be brutalized by the state police and later be charged with a non bail able offence. That is the style of leadership synonymous with dictators throughout the World.

Cleverly you have changed the name of Prisons to Correction Facilities, as UPND we will not send you to correction facilities but to Prisons. You have been stealing with impunity so what are we going to be correcting in you.

Your days are numbered very soon you will stand before an upright Judge and be sent to prison. As for Hon Lusambo move in all Copper belt towns and you will be shocked on how land has been shared by your PF party

Percy Chanda
UPND – Chairman for Labour and Social Security.


  1. All cadres are corrupt. Go to Livingstone and you’ll discover that Upnd cadres have been allocating land illegally. Instead of finger pointing, each party must find other means of looking after their foot soldiers.

  2. A useless and delusional statement.

    You are right though to say corruption is around the whole country. Who controls Southern province? What about Western province, North western province? This land issue has been going on for a very long time both in opposition and government controlled councils. So lets not criticize for the sake of criticizing but lets make meaningful contributions on how we can overcome this. Don’t blame it on Edgar alone. Bigup Hon. Lusambo

  3. Southern Province is still controlled by the government so it is the PF government that is corrupt. The whole country is controlled by the PF government so the excuse of trying to implicate the opposition in corruption scandals does not hold. The PF is a crrupt regime to the core. It is a known fact that corruption is now synonimous with PF. The contracts they have shared are well known. How can a serious government go to borrow to pay other debtors? Is it prudent to create a debtor while fighting to clear another one? The government is borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. What a shame! This government stinks of corruption, even more than the MMD was. We need regime change immediately or our country will totally collapse.

    • Councils are controlled by local government. Councillors and cadres are the culprits in land issues. Stop whining about elections but rather make contributions to the growth of the country. Unfortunately elections are five years away.

    • Zambians generally are corrupt people, they like money too much – daily booze, daily women and daily bread. If only these three things can be castrated from their minds!

  4. Truth must be told.
    Corruption in land allocation was rife in MMD reign. PF only inherited it, and their challenge is to correct it.

    Ask us who have applied for land in Ndola and Mufulira.

    Set your campaign politics to one side and help develop the country.

    • You’re right. The piece of land behind Chavuma school and between Bouhinia and Chavuma roads in Kalulushi was meant for a market, churches and recreational facilities but under the MMD, the land was shared among cadres with the mayor for residential plots. What’s required is demolish these houses as a lesson to would be law breakers. Forget about election. In Bemba we say uwakwensha ubushiku ba mutasha ilyo bwacha.

  5. Dear Mr. Chanda, we welcome your sentiments above but want to urge you to go a step further. Go and table all the other corrupt activities you are aware about, the people involved and what has been the gratification gotten out of the activities. At the end of the day present this to the relevant authorities and see what action will note be taken. So in 2021 when we campaign as a new party with you spearheading the drive on the CB you will have factual evidence to show for your actions. Not 14000 votes in a bin or one Chavula..no fact and action. 2021 New UPND new leadership new drive new action!

  6. The statement could have been one of the best unfortunately the author become too partisan along the way!!! The fact that the President is now taking action on corruption can only be a good thing and I am sure Hon. Lusamba is doing what he is doing because he has the blessing of the Head of State. I can only encourage our president not to relent on this fight until every corrupt official is flushed out bot in the executive and other wings of Government!!!

  7. If the President is indeed serious about fighting corruption, it shall be seen because it will be felt everywhere since corruption is now everywhere.

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