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Donald Trump Headed for Victory in the tight US Elections

Headlines Donald Trump Headed for Victory in the tight US Elections

trumpUnited States Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump , looks likely headed for victory in the United States Presidential Elections. Donald Trump has captured crucial victories over Hillary Clinton Tuesday night in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, showing remarkable strength in three of the nation’s most fiercely fought battleground states in an unexpectedly tight race for the presidency.

Clinton carried Virginia and Colorado, as well as California, the nation’s largest prize. With a handful of other states still undecided, neither candidate had cleared the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House.

Michigan and Wisconsin, two Midwestern powerhouses that haven’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since the 1980s, took on unexpected importance. Clinton’s campaign had largely taken both for granted, but made a late push in Michigan in the race’s final days.

The uncertainty sent Markets and Asian markets tumbling, reflecting investor concern over what a Trump presidency might mean for the economy and trade.

As Clinton’s team anxiously waited for results to roll in, the candidate tweeted to supporters, “Whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything.”

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  1. But TB Joshua and his cadres, here on LT, said that Hilary Clinton would win by a narrow margin, and she would face unspecified challenges. LT make up your mind.

    • There was no way Trump would be allowed to win if it was in Zambia. The electoral commission would rig the results for the administration candidate. While there’s democracy in USA, Zambia is an abject failed state.

    • Amazing that the USA can give the world Election Results within 24 hours…….. meanwhile we are still waiting for confirmed results of the Zambian Election some 3 months later!

    • ECZ should learn a lesson from USA. Election of favoritism is a sheer waste of resources and time. If ECZ want a certain winner why not just cancel elections and announce their preferred president than wasting our time and the resources? Even when Clinton loses she will congratulate Trump because the elections are transparent not the rubbish we see in Zambia.

    • Kikikikikikiki, all the polls where in favour of Clinton just like it was for HH, she too is losing cause Trump is now at 264 electoral votes. Bane, it’s high time we accepted that opinion polls are things of the past.




    • Trump is exactly what lazy, thieving political elites in Africa need – zero support from USA and the West. Africans should sort out their own problems instead of blaming the West, then begging and followed by stealing the alms given to the poor.

    • Listen to Trump’s message about healing and unifying the country, quite the opposite to Lungu’s threats to and harassing of HH. That’s the difference between development in the west and perpetual poverty in low aspiration Zambia.

    • Buck Teeth Lungu – It is because the losing candidate in the USA did not promise chaos and incited people to resort to violence. You cannot compare the two.

  2. It was at this point in the Zambian election that ECZ and PF stopped updating the results, cooked the numbers for Lusaka and then later announced that Lungu had won.

    • @2 Buck Teeth .. these are two different cases! In Zambia someone was crying rigging with no proof but was actually rigging in his tribal strongholds. Have you ever heard of any supporters and party election monitors being chased out of the polling stations? HH just lost clean! Why has he failed to show his full results figures for each polling station and why are his claims too different from all election observers (both local and international) and the ECZ? Why does he think those who voted PF Councilors and MPs could overwhelmingly vote for HH and his UPND? The only similarity is that Trump has been highly voted by whites looking for racial domination while Hilary by white moderates and minorities seeking equity-HH mostly by tribalists while Lungu by those believing in unity since…

    • Trump has won. What do PFoosters have to say to that! They were comparing HH to Trump and truly in a true democracy, Trump won while in a failed state called Zambia HH was Dunanaed out of a landslide win.

  3. All the white people voted for him. Trust when I say most white people are racist but just know how to hide it.

    • You mean that white people are like Bemba and PF? They hoodwink everybody that they represent national interests when they are lining their own pockets. Selfish lot!

  4. Trump and Clinton are faulty products but (HH) is beyond faulty, beyond repair.
    Kaponya (HH) should retire from politics if he has any morals.

    • @Mr Kudos,
      You forgot to describe your Lungu who is heading the corruption club right inside state house.

    • Why worry about HH who is not running govt while Lungu is running the country? The IMF cannot even offer Zambia a rescue package. This is a country that was upcoming and became a lower middle income country in 2010. Zambia today is the third hungriest country in the world, a reverse miracle. And you vex yourself about a private individual who wants to make Zambia a proud country again!

  5. Our leaders should take a leaf from trump, we have to take back our country we have too too many Lebanese ,Paks and Somalian who bringing with them Islam and erecting mosques over our towns. Islam is the enemy of civilization.

    • You forgot, Egyptians who are buying big chunks of land illegally from corrupt ministry of lands officers like one Mr. Zulu
      Indians who sexually abuse our daughters daily
      Jews who are selling Zambian cooking oil and calling it holy oil
      Chinese who are swindling money from Zambians through casinos

  6. He will make my day if he wins and he will put to shame the African prophets who gave false prophecies that Hilary will win.

    • Trump wins presidency in stunning victory
      NEW YORK — Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of the United

      In a historic victory, Republican nominee Donald J. Trump has won the election to become the 45th President of the United States

    • Trump has won. What do PFoosters have to say to that! They were comparing HH to Trump and truly in a true democracy, Trump won while in a failed state called Zambia HH was Dunanaed out of a landslide win.

    • USA is the best country in the world. That’s why they have the largest economy and the most powerful army. They will work very hard, use their creativity and money to continue being number one. Failed states like Zambia will be cowering under the table growling at HH while waiting for crumbs from the west. There’s nothing to be sorry about the American people, envy them instead.

  7. This election was about who was careless with E-mails and who was careless with FE-males…the advantage for us Zambians is that America’s fall will rise the kwacha. These warmongers have destroyed the world. This forest had grown so wild and the rising fire was inevitable. Let it rise, let it rise, let it rise.

  8. Now I understand y Mugabe calls whites racists..! After all the anti African and Latin American campaign by trump, Americans still vote for this racist…!

    • Those minorities do not do much for the American economy. Look at Haiti that is led by blacks and got independence at the same time as USA. Haiti is a basket case while US is sending people into space.

  9. UNBELIEVABLE but it’s over; TRUMP is President-elect and has won both the electoral college and popular vote!! I never saw this coming

  10. Trump wins presidency in stunning victory
    NEW YORK — Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of the United

    In a historic victory, Republican nominee Donald J. Trump has won the election to become the 45th President of the United States


    A lead in Pennsylvania and a win in Wisconsin has Donald Trump declared the new American President..
    it’s over !

    • That’s why Trump will shut non-states like Zambia down. Blacks should learn to use their brains instead of just stealing what has been produced by others.

    • Lungu said that Zambia is okay, there’s nothing that needs fixing. If he wants to dance Dununa Reverse he can go to Beijing, not New York, not anymore.

  11. We that were present at the UPND tally secretariat know we lost. We had agents on the ground sending us updates and we couldn’t believe our ears when the results started coming in. Our outgoing Party President and losing presidential candidate HH got very angry. He screamed fraud rigging etc. His running mate couldn’t believe his daughter had lost in Kasama. We were all confused ECZ became a soft target. Our lawyer Martha led us to believe we had a good case to petition but when we brought in Vincent Malambo he said we didn’t have strong evidence. Then we got Sangwa he proposed to push for a recount but we lost the case. 2021 new leadership Zambia Forward!

    • PF snitch. How do you explain Lusaka constituencies not having a single validly filled in Gen 13 and 19 forms for presidential elections? That’s a fact.

  12. Yes, Trump has won it.
    The beauty of it in many countries around the world is that you don’t contest the presidency to make a living and become rich overnight. They contest for the love of their country and provide service with total commitment. In Zambia it is the opposite, it’s from rags to riches, example, from Chawana slums and brothels to state house. Why did it take such an unprecedented long time to declare the results of the recent Zambian elections? What was going on in between? The answer is what we now see unfolding. Daniel Munkombwe summed it up so well when he said, ‘we all go into government to eat’. In other words forget about service to the country and its people. Zambia is a failed state as long as it continues to remain under the control of crooks and criminals…

  13. Great that Trump has won! I was personally shocked that Americans could entertain the wife of a former President to become President. That was rubbish!! There are about 400 million Americans and why should one family think they are special to always lead Americans?
    Congratulations Trump and wish you the best!

    • @21 malan, you are wrong. It is about qualifying and convincing voters. Is it not the same USA that had a son become President barely 10 years after his father’s rule and at the same time his brother was a governor- the Bush Family!

  14. Donald Trump has won because there is freedom of speech, media and freedom of movement unlike in Zambia where HH is arrested for merely greeting people on the street and ECL scream loudest that Zambia is a christian nation.

  15. thexchangeweneed UPND you are lair I am one of the people who use at UPND tallying center.Out of all results we were a head of PF accept when fake Lusaka results start to trickle in.We all know what happened in Lusaka.If you are truly UPND you must have known that HH won the presidential.

  16. Don’t be so naive to think that when elections are presented in a glamorous way then it free and fair. Trump win just goes to show that there are other forces which control this so called great nation. Trump has been sponsored by an elite of the less than 1% who control everything. They hate sharing or anyone who risks disturbing their way of life. This is a statement to equal rights movement that some people are more equal than others. The danger is when everyone else follows then the world will become a dangerous place. Zambia has nothing to lose from this as we shifted our allegiance to China. The Chinese look to benefit from this mess.

  17. Comment: with love and if we all come together to put into the world maybe we’ll create a little more peace so let’s celebrate with love

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