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Hillary Clinton concedes defeat, Donald Trump wins to become US President-Elect


Hillary Clinton has conceded the hard-fought presidential contest to her Republican rival Donald Trump Tuesday night after the real estate mogul, a political novice, achieved victory in a number of key battleground states and even managed to turn formerly blue states red.

Against all odds, polls and projections Donald Trump claimed victory in the presidential election, delivering a speech at the Hilton Hotel in New York City to a cheering crowd of supporters.

It was an unexpected outcome for the Republican candidate, who not only beat out a stacked GOP primary field with numerous, but also an even more formidable opponent in Hillary Clinton, who was consistently ahead of him in the polls up and in a much stronger position on the electoral map.

Not to mention, Trump has been mired in scandal and gaffe throughout the election: More than a dozen women have accused him of sexual assault after a hot mic tape revealing Trump bragging about “grabbing” women by the genitals, he has made vague insinuations connecting Obama and Clinton to terrorism groups, led a campaign built on wild inaccuracies and vague to nonexistent policy proposals and built his campaign on divisive anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric, garnering even the support of white nationalists.

Despite all this however, Trump managed to strike a chord with the American people, as an unorthodox candidate without a political background, selling a call for a Southern border wall, a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants and his strong opposition to trade deals


    • A trumped up democracy!

      Having the biggest rogue in US political history as POTUS just beats the imagination. US voters have broken the collective hearts of the rest of the world, except Russia.

      At least we (Zambians) did better than to vote for rogues…

      USA is a banana nation.

      Against all odds, a successful businessman who refused to show his tax returns make it to the US of A presidency carrying on his back a heavy laden of promises of bringing jobs back to America and defeating ISIL.
      What an insight of Donald’s life. The apprentice host,Trump, renowned for his famous slogan “YOU’RE FIRED” makes history through a highly divisive and name calling campaign characterized by bad publicity showing us here in Zambia that Democracy also has a demon of divisiveness entrenched in it but people ought to be overboard to swallow their pride in the spirit of patriotism, concede defeat and live to try another day.

    • Lungu should dash in and congratulate Trump on his splendid victory. If not, Trump will hold it against Zambia and make sure the IMF do not dish out the bailout loan.

    • The ECZ have a lot to learn from the American electoral system – no colluding with the ruling party and its candidate to try and steal votes from people. ECZ would instead pile uncast votes on Hilary Clinton just because she is a ruling party candidate, allow foreign elements into their saver to manipulate votes and declare her winner. This is how democracy should work. The people’s wish has been heard and respected. ldiots

    • “The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism. Trump’s shocking victory, his ascension to the Presidency, is a sickening event in the history of the United States and liberal democracy. On January 20, 2017, we will bid farewell to the first African-American President—a man of integrity, dignity, and generous spirit—and witness the inauguration of a con who did little to spurn endorsement by forces of xenophobia and white supremacy. It is impossible to react to this moment with anything less than revulsion and profound anxiety.”
      David Remnick
      Editor of the New Yorker

    • F A K E ” prophet” TB Joshua predicts Hillary Clinton as winner of US election….. 2 days ago!

    • This outcome spells doom to Lungu ,Mugabe,Zuma and Museveni corrupt African presidents.The kings syndrome by African president will be gone.watch out how we in CIA we clean up Africa under Trump.

    • Wow… I am expecting a comment from our ‘Man of God’, T B Joshua. I thought he sees things differently? Are his prophecies really prophecies or mere coincidences? This is the second prophecy that has not come to pass. The other one is when he prophesized that two Heads of State will die in 2014 in Southern Africa but only one died (Sata).

    • Now you not see our comments from USA just same as we don’t see Zambians commenting.
      What a boring year it will be.

    • @1.8 CIA, HOW MUCH DID YOU HEAR either TRUMP or HILARY mention AFRICA!! The WORLD has CHANGED A LOT and TRUMP will be VERY SURPRISED HIMSELF on certain things that were so easy to do in the past cannot be so easily done!The West has always wanted to remove MUGABE but can’t do so easily due REGIONAL SOLIDARITY which will continue for sometime! WHY SHOULD LUNGU and other worry?

    • Trump just proves how in a real democracy, people’s wishes are respected while in a failed state like Zambia numbers are made up by the electoral administrators to get their masters to continue in power.


      “…Now an idea about a different sort of separation has caught fire on social media. Liberal-minded Californians are arguing that their heavily Democratic state should think about breaking away from the rest of the country.

      Many of the messages point to the size of the state’s economy and argue that California could easily go it alone.”

      Courtesy BBC.

  1. How come (HH) failed to win against the establishment in Zambia? Kaponya (HH) should be more serious in future.
    Trump generously campaigned with his own money. Maybe (HH) doesn’t have any money after all. Greedy, mean little wimp!
    Congratulations Donald!
    Good that Hilary conceded defeat immediately, unlike our uncivilised F0OLlSH Kaponya (HH) and GBV.

    • @ foolish kudos
      You fool, HH can not concede defeat because he won the election. Let your lungu concede defeat and move on.

    • @Mr Kudos (Halloween – empty skull), surprising, one minute you say HH stole from the Zambian people and yet the other minute when it suits your ego, you say HH has no money! Yes, you are very right that HH has no money. Unlike Edgar Lungu, who, a year ago was a poor chap, HH did not steal our money to pay musicians and other rif-fafs using your own money whom today, you give Kudos to? And by the way, I am still waiting for your response on Valentine Chitalu, Francis Kaunda, Enoch Kavindele and the rest on the Zambian Privatisation exercise! Secondly, Hillary, despite being sponsored by the ruling Democratic Party did not take advantage of the massive financial muscle the Party has to RIG the election even as Trump was alluding to that. That’s where the rule of law and good governance…

  2. In Zambia PF strangles private media and makes znbc and other public media as tools for propaganda against HH and opposition. In USA there is freedom of media and speech which died with MMD

    • Liar- which USA media freedom?- apart from FOX News and small media houses – all big names CNN were for Clinton. They peddled lies about Donald but he still won. HH could still win without the government media and propaganda. Sata did and so did Chiluba. Strategy is important. The media never wins you elections. Opinion polls in the USA showed Hillary was wining, did she win. The American People spoke against the biased media.

    • @Amayenge: PF are a disaster for Zambia. They are like the Nazis who could not be voted out until they were beaten in WW2 by the British and American led allied forces. In the last elections in August, when it became clear that Lungu was losing, the results stopped coming out of ECZ and PF went to work cooking up results for Lusaka. There is not a single valid Gen 13 and 19 form for presidential results in Lusaka. That’s the difference between a failed state like Zambia and a real democracy like USA or UK. In Zambia we are merely going through the motions, as fake states do, without understanding the real underlying principles to democracy.

  3. Well the US has finally their Michael Sata Moment. But like what usually happens in such things, he will back peddle on a number of issues and act normal. Systems are always more powerful than individuals.

    Anyway, good news now is that the Kwacha will strengthen against the dollar, well everything else for the moment, and the best part is we don’t have Kambwili to lie to us that the strength of the Kwacha is due to PF’s good policies.

    Interesting times. A big Reset button has been hit and I like it.

    • The Kwacha is going nowhere. The strength of the Kwacha in the long run is based on the economy which is collapsing under Lungu’s incompetence. Don’t cheer the instant dips and peaks, watch the long term trend instead.

  4. We hope ECZ and Lungu have been following how elections are conducted and election results are announced. Its almost 3 months are the 2016 Elections and the Petetion has not been heard. Trump during election campaigns promised to arrest Bob and Mu7 to remove dictators from power in Africa. We hope he will fulfill his promises and Chakolwa will be put on notice. Nice to see how elections are managed in civilised countries.

  5. Was this not the same TRUMP who trumped up accusations that the elections will be rigged? Can he still say the same? Personally I pity Americans just as I pity Zambians.

    • Many across the world, including dunderhead presidents, believe in prophecies that come from Nigeria’s F A K E “prophet” TB Joshua – The con-man, whose church is headquartered in Lagos, revealed who among that Hillary Clinton would win the US presidential election

    • Many across the world, including dunderhead presidents, believe in prophecies that come from Nigeria’s F A K E “prophet” TB Joshua – The con-man, whose church is headquartered in Lagos, revealed that Hillary Clinton would win the US presidential election

    • Respect the will of the people. That is liberal democracy it knows no riches, wealth, intelligence but populist. The whole nation cannot have one vision of voting!

    • Trump just proves how HH was Dunanaed by Lungu. Only in a failed state can an election be stolen in broad daylight. HH does not need to concede defeat to an electoral thief.

  6. Useless and foolish Zambians should learn from the clever smart Americans for what they did in the elections. Off course America is a super power so are its people. Congratulations to Donald trump and all the American people.
    The Americans just showed the whole world what true democracy is. They do not believe in mediocrity and that is what sets them as the best in the world!!!!

  7. @Mr Kudos,
    You can not compare the election process in USA with that of Zambia in so may ways. Elections were held yesterday and results announced today while in Zambia it took 5 days! One can only accept results if the elections are free, fair and the process is transparent. I guess you are extreemly rich for you to label rich people like HH a Kaponya, unless there is a new meaning for the word Kaponya. Looks like HH and GBM are causing you so much heartache and sleepless nights. There is more to life than HH and GBM, get on with your life and work hard for mother Zambia. It’s sickening to read about HH and GBM in all your comments. Bring out positive comments to help develop our country.

    Trumps victory rides on the story entitled “These politicians have failed” and takes a cruise on his successful businesses despite his shortcomings on Tax(That makes him smart, he claims), Trump University, Racism accusation and bankruptcy stories.
    When the candidate puts country first, you have a leader. Trump promises to build a wall on Mexico border to curb illegal immigration, patriotism or not who cares. When a candidate is credible to terms that matter to the people, you have a leader. Currently Zambia grapples with IMF conditions for the money, our leaders are succumbing to that pressure choking our people with unnecessary stress. When Politicians fail us, what is our…

  9. Dear Editor
    At the end of public comments , my appears together with my email. Please don’t advertise them from now on. I have no contributions to make.

  10. What is the big difference between the American elections and the Zambian one? What will Trump as President mean to a nation like Zambia?

    • Trump will not allow tinpot dictators like Lungu to become playboys in New York dancing Dununa Reverse. If Lungu wants to dance Dununa Reverse from now onwards he should try Beijing.

  11. I would like to warn blacks in America to be very vigilant, from now onwards it’s not only white police who will be shooting them down but a good chunk of white people supported by the government of Trump.

    • The same message applies to Zambians who are non-Bembas and non-Nyanjas because the PF Police Force is out to get you. They will shoot you first and make up stories later. Look at what happened to Mapenzi. No inquest, no comebacks.

  12. We hope our outgoing and losing Presidential candidate HH and his side kick GBM have learnt how to lose with grace…instead of making it a life time passion to shunt from court to court in search of plot 1…we hope you can learn not to hero worship criminals and brand them political prisoners when you know deep down in your heart that laws are broken when a man brandishes a weapon in the face of another and you call this a citizen arrest….Oh our HH whatever happened to you our once fearless and inspirational economist that you should stoop so low…? 2021 new leaders for Zambia Forward!

    • thechangeweneedUPND you are a planted state intelligency lungu oparetive.We are trucking you and soon we shall catch up with you.

    • There you go again f00lish Sido Mark with your empty threats! Why is it that you guys don’t like comments that border on calls for intra party elections (convention) in your UPeND? Coose new leaders kwasila! Desheti!

  13. This is a dark day for America if they want to know what’s lying ahead of them they should ask Zambians after they voted Michael Sata!!! The man will muzzle the media like they have never seen before he is a dictator in the making that’s why he admires people like Vladia Putin and Kim Jong Un. He will not respect the so called strong system just wait and see!!! they will start running to Africa for safety!!! I am now loosing faith in democracy because a complete fool and ***** can con his way to the most powerful job in the world!!! Just because of the majority foolish uneducated whites!!! I am so disgusted!!!!

  14. Zambians are empty tins who should learn from the smart Americans who do not believe in mediocrity but use their brains to make right decisions. What has just happened in America is true democracy and this is what makes them different from the rest of the world.

  15. What a great acceptance speech from the winning candidate. ‘ I pledge to work for all Americans, let us put all our differences behind us and work together to build our great nation’. That is what a man with brains should say. Unlike the Zambian mad dog who despite stealing the elections is still persecuting his opponents and terrorizing the whole nation.

  16. I bet Kudos is one of them recalled from foreign service..in referrence to Hnr Kabala’s announcement that all those who have been cited for misaproprition in the auditor general’s report abroad will be recalled. mwamona ba kudos ..Skull Broken hill man). do not hate HH he will Teka you one day.

  17. We need electoral college also in Zambia to curb tribalism. Please 50% plus 1 should be implemented in Zambia.
    We need to use our constituencies for electoral college. Please ba Lungu listern before we are divided.Mind you Zambia should be reclaimed from foreigners. All countries don’t want foreigners to take over nation affairs.Ba Lungu please u promised us cheap fuel from soudi Arabia.We don’t want in PF pipo who never worked for party to take over.We’ll do it again the way we helped Mr.lungu when ba Scott wanted to fire him and stop him from standing on PF ticket.Ba Lungu should know that PF teyaba iyo.2021 we won’t allow somebody from MMD to stand as PF candidate.

  18. Democracy has shown its cracks.

    We have now seen a trend of voters voting for “Flawed”leaders e.g.

    – Philippines voted for Duterte a sexist who once said he would have enjoyed raping a young Aussie lady who was kidnapped & killed in Philippine. Today they r being misled into making ties with Russia & China when USA is their biggest donor. Wait till hunger strikes

    – Uk voted for brexit. Effects will start when UK goods/services get taxed in europe.

    – Even Zambia voted for a Clown then a dull Drunkard lawyer. They are already reaping the fruits

    – RSA voted for Zuma an illiterate corrupt rape accused – South Africans are reaping the seeds they sowed. RSA is on the verge of attaining junk status

    Even Adolf Hitler was democratically elected. The effects are still being…

    • Well stated. The world is going through a cycle of stoopidity and we will all be worse for it. It is only the Chinese who seem to be avoiding this mediocrity. By 2050, they will have stitched up the leadership of the world in every way while everybody flounders in populism .

  19. I think we should develop a system in Zambia which will completely put to an end to any chance of rigging and swift announcement of results. Just look at the American system! They voted yesterday and the winner is already known before the end of the day on the day following the polling day. But the rubbish here is pathetic!It took 4 days to know the winner with such a small population compared to that of America. They were busy manipulating results in the 4 days!!No wonder we will remain underdeveloped

  20. *****s who is hilma? He can compete in 100 elections hill never win, the chap is dull. You can buck like a rabies dog hichilema is not a politician let him go where he belongs. You think three provinces can win you an election? How many states has Donald Won the election? You dull chaps who praise hichilema leave Lungu Olin you failures.

  21. Listening to Donald Trump’s victory speech makes me hate PF government more. The man is asking all Americans to unite and support their country. I sometimes feel I should belong to such countries where people are respected as human beings not based on tribal groupings as the case in Zambia. In Zambia we have a president who encourages hate speech. A president who chose C Kambwili, D Siliya, F Bwalya and phiri to lead the hate speech in our country. Now he has decided to sack Kambwili for not sharing the corruption deals with him.

    • Trump was so magnanimous in victory, urging everybody to heal the wounds and build their country together. In Zambia, PF were gloating and insulting towards UPND and still are. To PF, they have hit the jackpot and they can dance and eat alone. No wonder Zambia is a broke ass failed state.

  22. Americans have voted for Trump! Wow! Now they celebrate and later learn lessons from the choices they have made. Lessons will definitely be learnt! The choices we make, whether good or bad, teach us something. Americans will definitely learn something.

    • Just like we made a foolish choice by voting PF in 2011 which ushered in crooks like Kambwili.And the choice we made in 2011 taught us something: Never trust anyone.

  23. I have to say, this is a paradigm shift in USA, and the World over, like no other. The truth is that nobody, but nobody knows what Donald Trump will do, or not do. This is a political earthquake which has created an uncharted territory. The only known factor about Trump is that he is a loose cannon.

  24. That iz what HH needed to do in Zambia, win and win convincingly. Not losing narrowly and then expecting the courts of law to win the election for him. I hope HH has now been convinced by Trump that elections are won at the ballots and not in courts of law or tennis courts. I hope that he has learnt that trying to hoodwink bembas by recruiting trash as running mate and camouflage his true tribal beginning, tribal base, and tribal colour of his party does not pay. In fact it cost him not only the presidency but too some quite hefty legal bills….politics in Zambia is not about donkey tactics applied to woo human beings….hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho.

  25. Another nation has just chosen its leader , but to the people there is no leader , but a leader in whom the spirit of the leader of the whole world does not exist . America a nation inundated by illuminants…. Will Trump be that leader to the people? May he prove to be. Many Americans including many former US presidents expressed a different will for their president but Trump triumph. Will Americans continue antagonistically against the results. Lets wait and see. May my Zambia draw a lesson for the sake of our tomorrow

  26. If America can count votes in hours in the entire states what of small country like Zambia which takes weeks? I am happy as i supported trump from the beginning let us hope he will keep to his campaign promises so that Africans can believe in themselves rather than depending on Donor AID.
    Congrats Trump

    • The American system is very advanced my dear. Just after someone has cast their vote it is counted. There’s no chance for manipulation. Here in most African countries it is the people who count the votes that decide everything. The African voters decide nothing.

  27. Donald Trump and late Michael Sata have something in common. They both believed that their followers are so stupid that they could say anything. This is a lesson to people who take rhetoric for granted. Trump used the age old saying of “talk to me as though I was a five year old” and Just like Sata with his 100 days rhetoric he succeeded to communicate to people who did not understand politics. The real test will be when he fails to deliver what he has promised. Zambia should not expect any favours, usually dictators in advanced economies work out better than the politically correct. George Bush did more for Zambia than any other US president in history, in fact Clinton and Blair raped the African continent with their policies.

  28. HH must learn a big lesson from Hillary Clinton!!conceding defeat could have made hh a hero,but the “cuundu chaitwa chairman”-hh to date has failed to concede defeat-shame!!THEN ITS LIKE CANDIDATES WITH NAMES WHICH START WITH “H” CANNOT WIN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS!!all opinion polls across America or world pointed at Hillary Clinton winning 2016 elections-just like in Zambia where opinion polls in 2015 and 2016 stated that hh gonna win,BUT WHAT HAPPEN?A PERSON WITH “H” IN HIS NAME LOST!!!AM PRETTY SURE THAT EVEN IN 2021 HH WILL LOSE!!

  29. @Amayenge….you are such a liar….CNN played more of DT’s movements and rallies than they did for Hillary. You such a scam in fact the media propelled DT to prominence something he thrives on day in day out. I live here so don’t lie. This is the difference with our politics in Zambia where the ruling party shuts off the private media to their advantage. There is so much racism in the USA and I don’t know if you know this. HH won the elections but he was denied victory by the ECL and his stupid PFools.

  30. Just pray that Donald Trump and his best friend PUTIN don’t start WORLD WAR THREE.. Zambia can learn one or two things about Hillary’s acceptance of results and DEFEAT. 1st world behaviour verses 3rd World (ZAMBIAN) Logical thinking. What a GAP…..

    • @Kachana Banda,
      Correction on your comment on acceptance of results. Respect of the rule of law and transparency in the voting system begets acceptance. Always remember that.

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