More Post Newspaper employees set to join winding up petition

Post copies selling outside the offices

Post copies selling outside the officesHUNDREDS of former Post Newspapers employees are set to join the petition in winding up the company following Lusaka High Court Justice Sunday Nkonde’s decision to place it under provisional liquidation.

Some of the workers who talked to the Daily Nation explained that they did not understand the situation with the provisional liquidation and what it meant for them. They charged that management has not been clear about their position and has not advised them on what was happening other than what they have been reading in the media.

“We are meeting on Wednesday at 08:00 hours to go and seek advice from the liquidator, Lewis Nathan Advocates. “We are told they are in Woodlands, and that is where we want to go and try to get a position for our situation,” one of the employees said.

Five former Post employees petitioned the winding up of the publication owing to non-payment of their dues with huge debts including almost K80 million owed to Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), US$ 3 million to Investrust Bank and over K750,000 owed in employee emoluments from June 2016 since the closure of the company’s administration and printing plant respectively.

Those who petitioned the High Court are Andrew Hebert Chiwenda, Roy Habaalu, Bonaventure Bwalya, Mwendalubi Mwene and Abel Mbozi who proposed the winding up of the business to enable them obtain their dues.

Mr Justice Nkonde appointed Lewis Mosho of Lewis Nathan Advocates as Liquidator for the winding up of the publication, and has since invited debtors and creditors of the newspaper to present their claims.

Mr Mosho appointed new lawyers, Palan and George Advocates, to handle legal issues pertaining to the provisional liquidation of the newspaper company. As liquidator, Mr Mosho holds custody and control of all the assets of the Post Newspaper and has since requested for a catalogue of all assets of the company from management. Some of the employees included journalists, drivers, newspaper packers, office staff and utility staff employed by the company.


  1. All that glitters is not gold. Membe is the crusader for anti-corruption and yet his employees will not get any benefits from NAPSA because he was not remitting their contributions.

    • Here is the process: you do not have to join the petition for liquidation. All you have to do is register your claim against the company, with proof, of what you are owed. Register with the provisional liquidators. They will check against the company’s accounting records and confirm you as a claimant in liquidation. That’s all.

  2. Please do not say post employees because they are not. Please say lungu’s pigs who will do anything for lungu for a bit of dollar. This is a personal vendetta lungu has against mmembe. Instead of concentrating on developing the country he is busy fighting with independent freedom of press fighters. This is what makes this country a failed state. While america has a population 100 times bigger than zambia’s, results were announced the next day within hours. Meanwhile here in zambia it takes a week to county 2 million votes and also the press is persecuted because they dont sing praise for that rat called lungu.

    • You seem to have a serious agenda against Lungu but am not sure if you will succeed with your crusade. The losing candidate in USA have already conceded defeat, it heals quickly that way! Stop bothering your self about the pains of a man who have decided to mourn for the rest of his life!

    • @2. You can not even read because of your unbridled hate for Lungu you moron!! “former Post employees” and “Post employees” do not mean the same. Your wooden pillock of an idol lost elections a long time ago and everyone has moved on, except you and your ilk of course.

      Get a life d**k-head…

    • @2.2 vizungu you are a son of a beeech iwee because if you knew how to read and read the title of this article you would realise that it states “post newspaper employees” ****** we!!!

    • Quote: HUNDREDS of former Post Newspaper employees are set to join the petition……
      Manje imwe ba NEZ mukamba za bwanji, muli ofunta? Yendani che ku Baghdad mukapangeko ma dollars.

    • Which ‘former post employees’, the headline says:

      General News
      More Post Newspaper employees set to join winding up petition

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