Nkandu Luo wants UPND MP Punished for referring to Victoria Kalima as “Dorika”

Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Hon Prof. Nkandu Luo
Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Hon Prof. Nkandu Luo

Gender Minsister Nkandu Luo during the UNZA Celebrations
Nkandu Luo

MUNALI Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament Professor Nkandu Luo yesterday demanded that Chilanga UPND member of Parliament Keith Mukata should be punished for referring to Gender Minister Victoria Kalima as “Dorika” on the floor of the House.

Meanwhile, there was a war of words in Parliament yesterday between Ms Kalima who is Kasenegwa PF lawmaker and Mr Mukata for who had earlier teased her by referring her to a male comedian acting as“Dorika.” The incident happened when Ms Kalima passed a running comment while Mr Mukata was on the floor of the House contributing to the debate on the Zambia Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Studies Bill. Mr Mukata was heard telling Ms Kalima “Shut up Dorika!” during his debate.

His comment “Shut up Dorika!” did not go well with Ms Kalima as she immediately got incensed and started verbally hitting back at Mr Mukata.

Incensed Ms Kalima, uncontrollably told off Mr Mukata that he had provoked her by referring to her as “Dorika”. Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini who attempted to quell the verbal fight between the two parliamentarians, earlier, threatened to throw both parliamentarians outside the House if they continued engaging in verbal confrontation.

It only took leader of the opposition Mr Jack Mwiimbu to calm down Mr Mukata who was also throwing back words at Ms Kalima while Chipangali Member of Parliament Vincent Mwale was seen calming Ms Kalima as he went to seat next to her.

But Prof Luo said women would not tolerate Mr Mukata’s comment on Ms Kalima. Concluding her maiden speech, Prof Luo said Mr Mukata needed to be disciplined for referring to Ms Kalima as “Dorika”, adding that his comment was sign of disrespect for the women folk.


    • Since when did you (Luo) become Kalima’s press aide or spokesperson? what point are you trying to prove? why not leave the matter to Kalima if she feels offended or aggrieved? look at her, out of everything that was discussed in the house only Dorica’s issue caught your attention? Nonsense!

    • I hate it when men act like little B!tches. Just debate issues and not resort to disrespecting women. This has nothing to do with political affiliation!

    • If you ask me; I think Mukata is an ass…. Only reason he referred to her as ‘Dorika’ is because in his warped thinking, she looks ugly. And that where my anger stems from. Absolutely pathetic from a ‘LAW’ maker.

    • Other Parliaments are discussing issues of great importance to their people but ours is discussing people, which is very trivial and yet the economy of the country is in shambles. Shame on you Luo.

    • @Fwebene it just shows you how poor the journalism is. Dorika’s connotations are nt being explained so you can’t get the full story

    • @ Fresh Princess of Malambo.
      Lolest! Dorika connotes an ugly middle aged wh.ore who is shunned by men during the day. Because Dorika cannot attract many clients, she ends up charging very cheaply for her services and often gives free services which in turn demeans her personality!
      This derogatory word is often used in reference to unmarried middle or older women like Nkandu Luo and Victoria Kalima who have successful careers but cannot attract ANY man to service them so they end up begging street boys to help them. But they don’t want want to be seen in public with toy boys so they do things in the night when it is dark. That is why they are called “basali bo mwalififi” meaning ladies of the night (not day time). I forgot to say that another typical example of typical Dorika is…

    • What is wrong with the Dorika name? Luo should educate us as we do not know the Dorika name. Details would help. Zambian we should learn to respect each other and especially our mothers for that matter. Mothers should also learn to act honorably too.

    • The problem is PF PFolly. Their MPs love making stoopid running comments in their dirty language in Parliament. Well done Hon Mukata. Show these uncultured thugs that they do not own Zambia.

  1. NOW, Lets all admit that no country in the world is a model DEMOCRACY or that rigging only happens in the 3rd and 4th world. Here’s how Trump Thumped the Democrats.

    1. Infiltrate the electoral system with Snowden and Putin
    2. Falsely accuse Democrats of planning to rig the election and get them to commit and guarantee that they believe in the credibility and security of America’s electoral system, and that it is irresponsible of a losing candidate to claim any rigging

    Now TRUMP has RIGGED and has the democrats right where he wanted them….MUTE!!!!!

    • Point but that’s not supposed to be the norm. Consolation is his Republican Party was in the Opposition not in Zambia where the Rigger is the Party in power and using finances and everything else drawn from the national Treasury.

  2. Is this worth reporting? what is the problem with DORIKA when she has been attending all PF rallies, funding and other campaign activities!!


  4. The behaviour of some members of Parliament on the front bench (Executive) has been below par. They’ve always been making running commentaries whenever an MP from the opposition takes to the floor. Front bench MPs are behaving like backbenchers.

    • @6.1 B.T.L

      Your hate for a certain tribe will send you to an early grave! Your loathe for [email protected] is so callous! Please evolve into a better being, by the way do you work for Lusaka Times and what time do you sleep because I can see you blog on just about anything…got nothing better to do in life?

    • This d0g called buck Teeth donkey is a fat arm chair analyst with a menial job and a broken home. He came from a broken home, the [email protected]@tch that birthed him is bemba and she abandoned him when he was a toddler. He has vague memories of her except for the fact that she is bemba. His father never loved him either. He is a real c*nt.

  5. Since when did dorika become a vulgar term? where in the dictionary of the laws of zambia does it say that it is illegal to call some one dorika? why did she answer if her name is not dorika? are you saying that every woman named dorika in zambia should now sue their parents? kikiki fuuuusekeee iwe. Just go and continue licking lungu’s backside

  6. “Mrs Clinton’s supporters were left stony-faced and in tears at what was supposed to be her victory rally,before being sent home by her campaign manager” This was our own reaction when the PF beat us this year. It was so close we had worked hard and long, endured beatings, we were certain the people would chose the great leader HH and us. We had started popping champagne in our minds. Sadly a dark crowd hung over us we had so many corrupt persons from other parties surrounding our camp…to this day I have a lump in my throat when I think of that day…but I have hope with a fresh leadership we can do it..2021 Zambia Forward

    • 1.10 Chilyata
      made an explaination of that Referance “Dorika” whereby I and you could not reason well as we do no know the idea behind that name. And why he picked that name instead of referring to her real name.


  8. Comment:haven’t you ever heard someone referring GBM being fat like a bag of mealimeal? and wats wrong referring someone to dorica? they chose to b politicians so that’s how politics are!

  9. How does a mature and a so called honourable member keep on with useless running commentaries when a fellow mp is on the floor?ubufumu buchondiko mwine.she got what she deserved and let Luo first off all advise her colleague before she opens her big mouth to blame Mukata who was just reacting to a provocation.

  10. education is not end to foolishness , people are starving have no clean water no lights and many other facilities everything has gone high and you are fighting over a joke.

  11. Comment:pf MPs stop finding days in your friends upnd MPs.stop taking politics in your own way of life learn from your friend kambwili friendly warning professor k.watch your movies u will go sooner than before.y is the same ladies quite?are u so good to speak on behalf of others?watch your steps LUNGU doesn’t toralate that behavior

  12. Comment:pf MPs stop finding faults in your friends upnd MPs.stop taking politics in your own way of life learn from your friend kambwili friendly warning professor k.watch your movies u will go sooner than before.y is the same ladies quite?are u so good to speak on behalf of others?watch your steps LUNGU doesn’t toralate that behavior

  13. UPND the party that sends women to their death as was the case with poor Chipenzi has no respect for our mothers and sisters! Blood thirsty animals they are! Why provoking Bana Kalima? Over what just because this woman hater born a cretin Mukata was confronted by a well educated woman he felt intimidated! UPND thugs in Parliament are used to abusing their wives and concubines hence this behaviour! Parliament imwe ba swine te bedroom yeno bafikezi learn to respect women they are your mothers- maybe Mukata sees a Dorika in his own mother as well hence this behaviour!

  14. By reacting the way she did, she has made the name stick! And I would call Luo the “Luonous Tasintha Lififi”. Suffice to say Luo is aesthetically displeasing, could she have been sired by her mom copulating with an alpha silverback gorilla from kwaNabwalya? Looking at her face & arms one develops nausea ?

  15. Our ‘Hon. MPs’ should also choose which words to use when debating important topics in that house. They should when and how to joke.

  16. Koma chioneka kunali kantu! This word warfare was it using dictionaries or encyclopedias? Reporter wathu nae is using fantastic phrases to capture the events kekekekekeke! “uncontrollably told off” . “passed a running comment while Mr Mukata..”
    At one time he could “see” words being lifted and thrown at opponents ‘….Mr Mukata who was also throwing back words at Ms Kalima”

  17. Comment:Please ba UPND displine is vital. u are send there not to inseult pipo . one obsavetion most of areas were UPND are represanting its under developed why atitude problem of the mps, please ba HH follow them up.

  18. had she not passed a silly comment when the honorable member was debating about very important issues all this would not have happened. she reaped what she sowed. next time mum watch your mouth and joke with your fellow women. @mukata i don’t blame because you gave her what she deserved.

  19. Nkandu! Those who leave in glass houses should not throw stones. You should have stopped your Kalima from making running commentaries in the first place. She got what she asked for. This has nothing to with women. Do not think you can get away with murder by hiding under the skirt

  20. Comment:calling your mother ati dorika, you are useless mukata including those supporting your behavior. You can only see that dorika in your mother. To hell with your fellow mps, ba mukata mulamona ichiwa

  21. This is disgusting! He obviously had bad intentions and was referring her to a woman that looks like a man. That is not right…..women stand up and do not accept this.

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