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Suspected Lusaka women who murdered hubby appears in Court

General News Suspected Lusaka women who murdered hubby appears in Court

Mrs Milumbe
Mrs Milumbe

A Lusaka woman who murdered her husband by running over him with her motor vehicle has today appeared for mention in the Lusaka Magistrate Court.

Jacqueline Mwiindwa, a health administrator by profession is said to have murdered her husband Kofi Milumbe on 28th October 2016 in Lusaka’s Makeni area.

Details are that Mrs Mwiindwa went to pick up her three children from her husband and a disagreement ensued.

After the accused picked up the children, her husband attempted to stop the wife from going with the children.

In an attempt to stop the wife who was driving a motor vehicle from driving off with the children, he pushed his head through the rear window with his body halfway inside the motor vehicle but the wife sped off dragging him 700 meters and that is how the victim fell off.

After turning the motor vehicle, the accused person hit the victim with the motor vehicle and left him lying on the ground with injuries and later died.

Appearing before Magistrate Racheal Mwansa, Ms Mwiindwa who appeared tense is set to go back to court on 14th November for the explanation of the charge.




    • Either way Jay Jay a sad story yet again signifying the brokenness of homes and gender based violence…over 85% of humans are angry as a result of a messed up family foundation, mental health is real and the sad part is that it gets less than 2% of world healthy resources…think about the kids in the car and their lives in the next 15 years….mental stress for life if not checked…sad

  1. Comment:for me this is not murder, it seems she didn’t j tend to kill him but just to run away with the kids and so dragged him to his deathbed.

    • It is for the court to establish all the facts and after that they will tell us whether she intended to kill or not.

    • Maybe you should re-read the article, after the man fail off, the lady turned the car and hit him and left him injured in a pool of blood and he later died. Don’t just read the first paragraph if u want to comment

    • That is what was reported in the news. The courts of law are there to establish the facts period. She’s innocent till proven guilty.

  2. This is the women empowerment lungu has brought for zambians. Kwashala lungu, with all his silly decisions and behaviour I wouldnt be surprised if esther drives over lungu and crashes his manhood in the process

    • You shall know them by there bitterness.still crying over upnd loss i can see.wait for 2031, kikikikiki ba NEZ,chikonko mwikate….. Go to ICC/ICJ ,we are waiting.our courts will make hungry hyena and the great bag of maize go insane.by the way help that whore lawyer of yours settle her outstanding bills,she really fought hard for kalusa,atleast he can assist her…kikikiki….mwalanyela mutulo ba nez bukeni!!learn from Trump on how it’s done…not vima pvt va boza

  3. …. and the kids watched all this tragedy
    I say
    I say
    Health Administrator??
    No …… maybe Hell-th Administrator

  4. Other sources report that the man was hit by a second in-coming vehicle after falling off the wife’s vehicle.
    The relatives to the man are the ones fabricating the story because during the argument concerning the children, the man had called his relatives telling them that his wife wanted to kill him and take the children with her.

  5. The couple had rough time in Doha before moving home. The relationship needed serious counseling and moral support. It wouldn’t have been wise for the late husband to taken all the children who were all below 10yrs, the youngest was a set of twins. the story is sad that Bro. Kofi ended like this. Jackie was too overly angry. Why did u allegedly drive over ur husband even if things were unbearable in the relationship? i feel for the innocent kids who saw this traumatic scene

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