Company praises government for its prompt action

Zambian Breweries resumed normal operations at its Mungwi Road plant in Lusaka today (November 10) after prompt action by government authorities to resolve problems with fuel tankers parking dangerously close to the company’s premises.

Zambian Breweries Managing Director Annabelle Degroot praised government for its swift response after the brewery declared a temporary one-day closure yesterday amid concerns about the trucks parked on the roads next to its factory.

“We have been informed by the Ministry of Energy and Water Development that 115 identified trucks will be diverted to Ndola Fuel Terminal in order to ease congestion in Lusaka. I would like to thank the ministry for their extremely prompt and decisive action to safeguard life and property,” said Mrs Degroot.

“This is a difficult issue and the authorities have worked diligently to balance competing interests and prioritise the safety of the people working in businesses in the industrial area,” she added.

Zambian Breweries was confident that a long-term solution to the issue of parked fuel tankers was being worked on as a matter of urgency.

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  1. On the previous article which stated that the breweries had suspended production, I said that watch lungu deal with this faster than lightening as the drunkard cannot allow any disturbances to his drinking. Just like magic walaaaaa they have now resumed production. I wish lungu was this quick with development too.



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