MPs want Deputy Ministers Posts to reward themselves with Government Jobs-YALI

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe
YALI President Andrew Ntewewe
YALI President Andrew Ntewewe
YALI President Andrew Ntewewe

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) says it totally opposes the manoeuvres by Members of Parliament to selectively amend the constitution.

Andrew Ntewewe, the YALI President said efforts by the PF Government to selectively amend clauses of the constitution will undo all the positive expectations that people have as the move is motivated by selfish interests, greedy and lack of of patriotism.

Mr Ntewewe said President Lungu who is the CEO of the country should stop the rot in his Government.

“The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has resolved to totally oppose manoeuvres by Members of Parliament to amend the constitution barely a year after the President assented to the amended constitution on January 5, 2016. The organisation passionately appeals to the President to exercise leadership and stop these selfish and self-serving efforts which will certainly bring his name and that of his administration into disrepute.

T”hese efforts by the PF Government to selectively amend clauses of the Constitution will undo all the positive expectations that people may have for this term of office because they are motivated by selfish interest, greedy and lack of patriotism. The Government is walking on dangerous waters and the President who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Country will do well to stop the rot before the situation degenerates into political mayhem,” he said.

He said his organization believes that the country should invest it’s energies in matters that will promote economic emancipation as opposed to unnecessary political bickering and squabbling which is retrogressive to national development.

He explained that YALI is of the view that the Minister of Justice comes up with clear road map that validates the constitution and subject the Bill of Rights to consensus building so that the whole Constitution is subjected to a referendum.

“In this regard, the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) proposes that the Minister of Justice comes up with a clear road map that validates the constitution and at the same time subjects the Bill of Rights to consensus building so that the whole constitution is subjected to a referendum at once.

“This we believe is a prudent approach which will ensure that the constitution reform process is brought to an end once and for all. We would like to remind the government that much as constitutions are not cast in stone, it must be noted that the constitution is sacred document and cannot constantly changed at any time. In fact, it is an agreed principle that a constitution must stand a test of time and that it will not always be changed to suit the interests of few individuals in the country as has been demonstrated by our MPs.

“A quick perusal of the Private Members motion in Parliament clearly demonstrates without any reason of doubt that what the MPs are trying to do to the constitution is simply to meet their selfish gains.”

He added that MPs have realised that they have been confined to making laws and are unable to control funds meant for their constituencies.

“For instance, Members of Parliament have woken up to the reality that they have been confined to making laws in Parliament and leaving Local Government to delivering development to the people across the country. It is therefore clear to see that they want the control of the Constituency Development Fund and allowances they get when they sit in Council meetings back in order for them to use CDF for patronage purposes.

“The MPs further want to create offices for Deputy Ministers so they can reward themselves with government jobs and they want to remain in office after dissolution of Parliament because they have tested the benefits of doing so during campaigns. This clearly demonstrates that the MPs and the government are up to no good. For Parliament and Government to wantonly disregard the people in moving these amendments and only proposing amendments which benefit themselves is an act of betrayal and an exhibition of selfishness and greedy of the worst kind among our MP,” he said.

He further challenged President Lungu to do the correct thing and take up leadership in order to stop the dangerous approach and path taken MPs.

“Finally, we challenge President Lungu, to do the correct thing and take up leadership and stop this dangerous approach and path which his MPs are taking on selective amendments of clauses aimed at benefiting themselves and its political establishment. We would like to remind the President that he owes no one an appointment to gain access to the public purse which is already under pressure BUT he has a responsibility to the 15million Zambians who expect this country to move on the path of economic development,” he said.

Mr Ntewewe was commenting on the proposal by PF MPs to amend certain clauses in the constitution.


    • This PF government is proving to be the most use1ess governments in Africa and i only pray that by the end of this 5yr rule, Zambians will be able to appreciate the importance of voting using our brains and not our stomachs as well as the importance of moving forward and not in reverse gear

    • Reinstating positions of Deputy Ministers & equally the PF introduced Deputy Permanent Secretary posts are sheer waste of money if money saved from not having such jobs can be guaranteed 2b used in need areas. Permanent Secretaries have run Ministries effectively b4 on dissolution of parliaments.

      But given the appetite of Zambian politicians dipping fingers in loose treasury savings i wud rather these jobs are created to allow fellow PF-Zambians earn a living. This is cos any excess revenue collected after paying Cabinet Ministers GRZ willb forced 2pay Deputies also thereby minimizing on amounts 2b stolen. The only snug is it may expand the theft ring as Deputies like Daw*** Kaf**** will also be stealing.

  1. ECL should not listen to this Deputy Minister nonsense. Even a Grade 2 Primary School student can think better than these dis-honorable chaps.

  2. No problem let all deputy ministers come from outside parliament and not one who has stood and lost an election as MP

  3. Please dont just end at speaking to the media. Show these MPs that you mean well and are speaking for the people by organising a peaceful demonstration against the proposed amendments.
    The problem in Zambia right now, we do not have vibrate NGOs ready to take on the government head-on.
    The issue of creating new ministries for example. We should have seen a serious opposition against the move before the greedy MPs were allowed to vote on it. Now its this nonsense, Since the opposition is also sleeping, you people in Yali are the only ones better placed to make enough noise and and stop these greedy MPs! This parliament at the moment is too partisan and therefore should not be trusted with serious issues like touching the constitution.

    • Now this is a particle move I can support. Only talking will get us nowhere. We need to have a peaceful demonstration, march onto Parliament and demonstrate our anger at this move. Its the only way they will hear us.

  4. This fight to save the constitution is not about being PF or UPND. These are times when the colour of politics is removed and stand together as Zambians because whether you are PF, how many of you are going to be appointed as deputy ministers? The majority of you will be wallowing in abject poverty while a few will be dining in hotels.If you can’t stand for yourself, then stand for your children or grand children. As Zambians we sometimes look docile but when pushed to the corner, not even military tanks can stop us.PF is playing a very dangerous game. People are suffering and you want to be wasting the little resources around?Paul in the bible asked the Galatians WHO HAS BEWITCHED YOU? I’am asking the same question to PF,WHO HAS BEWITCHED YOU?

  5. PF made sure that The Post newspaper does not exist so that PF continue stealling from govt coffers. RDA and PF officials have bank rolled themselves because of absence of independent media. The other private media which are funded by PF (Harry Kalaba, Edgar Lungu, Emmanuel Mwamba) are compromised. I appeal to Zambians to rise up and defend their country from total looting

  6. Rodgers wants a ministerial job ba Sata Bali musha, ba Lungu nabo bamusha kulila uku. Give the guy a job in government I don’t know which one.

  7. “…bring his name and that of his administration into disrepute”

    This is already a disreputable, disgusting and repulsive administration, an abomination.


  9. The best is to hand back this country to the British. We are not going anywhere as a country guys. No matter how much we cheat ourselves that there is a saviour, there is actually none. Tell the British, please rule us but don’t make us buy through small windows in the shops, then we will be back on track. Neither the ruling party nor the opposition can lead us anywhere

  10. Now i see why the DOVE failed to rains,all lungu is thinking is hiking and hiking hiking hiking hiking hiking hiking and HIDING behind the bible like SCOAN CEO.i have never seen a fcked up man like this docile masquerading as president.Chili NDWiiiiiiiiiiiiii.he has made all MPs drunk without vision like him.All they do in parliament is laughing as if everyone in the country is happy.

  11. Why are you chaps complaining like you even contribute the money. Ni ndalama za nyoko? Those deputy ministers to be appointed contributed heavily to our campaign. Go jump in the Zambezi river.

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