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Police officer who shot dead another officer in Lusaka not yet charged


zambiaPolicelogoPOLICE in Lusaka have not yet arrested the police officer who shot dead his fellow officer Inspector Geoffrey Banda of Chipata Central Police Station two weeks ago.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Alex Chilufya and Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo confirmed in a separate interview yesterday.

Mr Chilufya said that police Criminal Investigative Department (CID) in Lusaka was still carrying out investigations on the matter.

He said his office would be informed once investigations were concluded because the law must be applied equally with no discrimination.

Mr Chilufya said the condition of Detective Sergeant Martine Kapolyo, who was also shot and was still admitted to Levy Mwanawasa Hospital in a stable condition.

He said the other officer, Detective Chief Inspector Jovas Chilumbu who was shot on the neck and sustained bruises was observed and was out of the hospital.

Inspector Mukoka from Lusaka shot at the three police officers from Chipata at a check point on Great East Road, a few meters from Airport roundabout.

The police officer was alleged to have mistaken his fellow officers for armed criminals he had been informed about.


    • “…the law must be applied equally with no discrimination”.
      This is how it should be but how it is! These cadres in uniform will just transfer the murderer to another town without asking him a single question while the victims’ families languish with injustice.

  1. The minister of Education should quickly revisit the MOU signed between some churches and govt. What is it that churches are contributing to schools for them to claim that they run school apart from churches getting 30% of whatever money the school receives. If government sends grant to schools churches will get 30% if pupils pay school fees churches will get 30%. This move is making school fees in mission schools to be high.Missionaries built their own schools and paid their teachers.

  2. I can’t be surprised that he mistaken them to the robbers and eventually do you expect untrained common cadre to do the job professionaly. Anyway its inside job nothing will happen to the culprit.

  3. Surely how can ZP investigate themselves…its about time we have an independent body that investigates Police misconduct and corruption like an internal affairs unit.

  4. jod well done cardres keep on killing one another. Gbm,nevers mumba and hh wants to speaking on yourbehalf to have cadres removed from your service you arrest then tomoro it will be u killed leaving your family safaring.

  5. Comment:the officer did nothing wrong. there is no way another officer not in uniform can come and start opening the gate with a gun in his hands at my beat without me knowing who is placed there legally to perform national duties , automatically i will mistake him as a criminal and open fire. leave him he is a free man.

    • You are so sick and thick. No fully trained police or army person will fire his or her gun to take life just like that. The work of law enforcement agencies is to bring people into the confines of the law AND not to kill. Don’t think and behave like an animal.

  6. My question has always been where is the criminal they were talking to Lusaka because he is not mentioned in any of these police statements. Something fish about the police officer who shot at his fellow police officers why only the thief not wounded and no information about him.

  7. And where is Mapenzis killer?

    Walking free with no charges against him?

    Is this “rule of law” under a PF government?

    All weapons issued that day can be tested and the murderer identified. Why have the police done nothing? Because it was ordered from the top?

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