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PF denies pushing for the re-introduction of Deputy Ministers Position in Government


PARLIAMENTARY Chief Whip Richard Musukwa
Richard Musukwa

The ruling Patriotic Front(PF) has distanced itself from the the private member motion to re-introduce the position of a Deputy Minister by amending the current constitituion.

Reacting to civil society reaction to the move, PF Parliamentary Chief Whip Richard Musukwa said that the re-introduction of the position of Deputy Dinister in government is not on the party’s agenda.

Mr Musukwa said the motion to re-introduce the position of Deputy Minister came from the floor of the house and it was moved by an Independent Member of Parliament.

Mr Musukwa said Government wants to run a lean structure of Ministers and it would not go against the wishes of the people.

And PF Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament Rodgers Mwewa has said a Private Motion that he moved on Wednesday to amend the Constitution did not include the re-introduction of Deputy Ministers.

Mr Mwewa challenged those who are saying PF wants to bring back Deputy Ministers to take time and listen to the motion.

Mr Mwewa was reacting to Action Aid Country Representative who asked him to resign.

Mr Mwewa has since demanded for an apology from Action Aid Country Representative for demanding him to resign for moving a Private Motion to amend the Constitution.

He said moving motions in Parliament is a right of the MPs and it is up to the Members of Parliament to say No or Yes to a particular motion, adding that the reintroduction of Deputy Ministers was neither here nor there.

On Thursday, ActionAid said that the private motion moved by Patriotic Front (PF) Mwansabombwe Member of parliament Mr. Rogers Mwewa and subsequent support from other Members of Parliament was an assault to Zambia’s democracy and a betrayal to the people of Zambia.

ActionAid called upon all the people of Zambia to rise up and defend our rights as the constitution was an aspiration of people’s wishes and not a preserve of a few greedy individuals.


    • The president thinks everyone is folly.

      You cut deputy ministers and extend the top of ministerial position is the same if not as bad as leaving the previous lean Government positions with Deputy ministers.

      All you have done is extend the tail. Religious ministries and the likes is if anything worse than it was before hand.



    • And you also never told us we were within our borrowing limits in relation to GDP and would not be so irresponsible to go beyond !!! ……meanwhile all the people accusing PF of trying to reintroduce Deputy Mins are high on Dagga and hallucinating

    • Let’s give them room to hang themselves. This is how Chiluba started behaving with the third term issue. Soon these guys will realise that the masters is the ordinary Zambian and not them.
      Infact I suspect some of Lungu’s advisors want him to fail the same way Chiluba failed so that he leaves the presidency with shame.

    • Where is state house press secretary to issue a categorical statement? Why weasel in the proposal at the same time the house is grappling with re-amending the amended constitution? The brewing coffee aroma was in the air but voters deliberately said it was cocoa!

    • Musukwa is either incompetent or just a CROOKED LIAR. The parliamentary records show that 52 MPs (UPND) voted against the motion while 91 MPs (PF) voted for the motion. There was 1 abstention. Total votes were 144. This means that voting was on party lines. It also means that Musukwa was personally responsible for ensuring that PF MPs supported this motion. That’s what Chief Whips do. He is now lying to the Zambian public and distancing himself when parliamentary records are there to prove his lies. PF ARE CROOKED LIARS!!!

    • Look at the voting in Parliament! All PF MPs (including VP and Ministers) who were present voted for the motion. The 51 MPs against were all UPND. I assume the lone abstainer was an independent from WP. PF are crooked, liars who will deny the obvious. The voting records in Parliament so not lie. PF want to trash the new Constitution.

  1. I note that these guys have realized that it will not be business as usual this time around. We will rout you out, follow you to your burrows and dig you out before we throw you on the rubbish heap where you deserve to be. So now, LT, did you misquote this MP who is now distancing himself along with his chief whip (how many lashes did he get?)? Move motions to change policing, discard obsolete laws and introduce a fairer governance system at local level – NOT AMENDING A NEWLY AMENDED CONSTITUTION!!!!!! LEAVE THE DA.MN CONSTITUTION ALONE!!!!!

  2. Ma tall-lay yenu ba fee-colour, even on fuel you are doing the same, NO the ERB has refuted claims on media that the price of fuel will be hiked,When you have actually hiked 3 times in one month.Chi lungu chiluma na ku fuzilila if you know what i mean.CHAGWA agwesa ziko,CHAPONA is the CHIEF INSTIGATER of all the sh-eei-t his MPs are proposing.When CHAPONA and his followers are drunk,they think all the nation gets drunk then they go to parliament and laugh the whole day as if everyone is happy,MARCH-ENDEY YANU ba fee-colour.Now i see why the DOVE failed to fly.They keep on proposing vaupuba veka veka. 7 YEARS TERM,DEPUTY MINISTERS,AMEND CONSTITUTION TO SUIT THEM, PRICE HIKING. MANJE MULWISHA CHANI? Chawama clinic has no Genset during loadsheding.what a fu–c-ked up president.

    • Powercuts should have ended on 12 November, according to Zesco, when Maamba Power was going to be connected to the National Grid. We should hold PF accountable. These LIARS have gone over the top.

  3. He said moving motions in Parliament is a right of the MPs and it is up to the Members of Parliament to say No or Yes to a particular motion, adding that the reintroduction of Deputy Ministers was neither here nor there. SO MPS DONT REPRESENT THE CITIZENS BUT ITS THE RIGHTS! THIS IS VERY SELFISH AND IRRESPONSIBLE RESPONSE. I DONT KNOW WHY ZAMBIAN VOTED FOR SELFISH PEOPLE.

    • They did not.

      They actually voted for others, but Lungu, Chuulu and the ECZ and the ConCourt puppets decided to steal Zambia from the people so they could keep on looting.

      Have you not woken up yet?

    • Owe chi something! You were not sent to parliament to just haphazardly move motions for other MPs to say yes or no! We need serious speakers who should be able to curtail chaps who just open their mouths just to show they said something in the house. Atase!

    • Why is Musukwa then whipping PF MPs to support this motion? 91 PF MPs voted for this stoopid motion. There was only 1 abstention, probably an independent MP who Musukwa could not whip to support PF. PF are crooked LIARS who are taking Zambians for granted.

  4. The Constitution has been amended immediately. To make the runner up losing presidential candidate Cabinet Minister for Opposition Affairs. This Cabinet Minister should have ten (10) deputy ministers appointed by the Minister himself. The first appointment should be Hon Hertha Mushipi, she could do with a government motor vehicle. Seeing her current financial ruin, we do not want to see her walking to court sessions on the pretext of keeping fit. Not after her sublime performance at Mulungushi conference centre during the ballot announcements by the ECZ…..For the avoidance of doubt
    Article 1: this is the only Cabinet minister that shall have deputy ministers
    Article 2: …..hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho.

  5. PF and Edgar Lungu’s time will come just it came for Chishimba Kambwili. By closing The Post, Kambwili thought he will now have cash cow but our God is a sleepless father who answers by fire. How do they close a going concern entity with impunity? There is now stealing and corruption at the highest level.

    • If your god allowed this to happen so he can have an excuse to respond with fire, then he is fool. A good god does punish the innocent to teach criminals a lesson.

  6. Do you know what is the hottest sentence in town? “……was moved by an Independent Member of Parliament”. Just two weeks ago, we were fed with need of some independent PF guys wanting to change the President term to 7 years and now we are being told of this damn position of a Deputy Minister.

    So Zambian Constitution, is the most flexible constitution in the world, that it is changed at will, whenever these mambala feels like doing it to meet their selfish needs.

    This is dangerous.

    • That was PF Zesco claiming that Maamba Coal Power would be connected to the national grid and loadshedding would end on 12 November. PF are crooked liars. TOTAL LIARS!

  7. Agreed ine wine. Instead of telling us the details of what private motion is all about, the chap is busy yapping telling us about his rights, privileges and giving ultimatums. Tell us what was your private motion iwe. We are just coming from the Kambwili era of ultimatums and now you also want to introduce new ultimatums call lwe iwe.

  8. Rodgers Mwewa, one of the most corrupt abusers of public funds. This guy will say or do anything for money. He is most likely being paid or at least offered something to day this on behalf of a hidden hand…

  9. While it is a right for MPs to raise issues of amendments to the constitution among others it is also important that MPs respect the will of the people that gave them jobs. Mwewa the only reason you want deputy ministers back is because you want a scape goat for lazing around and eating tax payers money that is all. Peoples’ constitution is that we do not need deput ministers do the work yourself or decline when you are appointed if you cannot perform. You cannot just spend taxpayers money just undoing what people have worked so hard for. There is no apology for people accusing you about this foolish proposition. Please bring motions to develop our country and not to make you comfortable in your job. Things are bad in our country so you must work hard to make things better before you can…


    • @Chisenga,
      I somehow made the same observation 2 days ago. However, I dont believe they are back to work, instead they are seeing the little bombs that are starting to pop up, they are basically not at easy to comment on them.
      For example, they simply do not have any justification for extending the President`s term, the same apply to today`s topic. I think the proposal to make changes to the constitution goes beyond their conviction too and it is a sign they disagree hence not commenting.

    • Since opposition media has been shut down, this is our only outlet. If there was no social media, we would and should be rioting on the streets like people are doing in America. PF ARE ROTTEN CROOKS.

  11. Did you not know that alll the independent mps were Lungu’s ticket holders, sponsored by him and they pay allegiance to him?..check how many independent candidates stood in the eastern province constituencies. .like never before ! the crooked Lungu was getting getting votes from independent, mmd and pf candidates, hence the high vote count from the east…imagine how many spoilt votes we had last elections, that was another gimmick used to rig elections, most of, if not all spoilt votes were for the opposition..imagine how long it took for the final with the US election..I know someone will talk about our electoral machinery being not compared to the US but don’t we boast to be at par with with global technology??

    • I think the only non-Lungu independent MP is the guy who won in Nalolo in WP because UPND made a wrong selection there.

    • @ Terrible ulichipuba iwe, this is not about UPND, But all Zambians the constitution is the highest law of the land and it affects everyone even your mother and father whom you have failed to look after because your cleaning job can not pay you enough.

  12. Comment:Let these *****s respect the constitution.your campaign was not about amending the constitution but the broken on the economy leave the constitution visionless people,*****s.

  13. Terrible – what have you won? You are not even ashamed to start talking about ukulusa considering the pain that we are going through now. I was spending K200.00 per two days for my transport and school children, but now I’m spending K350.00 per two days and my income has remained static. Your imported Minister of Finance has also increased the tax band rate to 37.5% and partially increasing the tax free band to 300 which is a mockery.
    And you are busy pall nyo pall nyo

  14. Can you please tell the nation the name of that Independent MP who moved the “Deputy Ministers” motion? We may as well decampaign that fella.

  15. @18.1 muntu wandi, no I don’t do a cleaning job but something slightly better to look after my family, I am a gardener at a western emvassy..kikikikiki… As for my parents no they dont need my money, they are successful farmers.

  16. Two weeks ago it was the silly Moonga proposal of 7 year Presidential Term which they denied now this; do they ever sit down as a Party and discuss developmental issues?

  17. @20 Ndetila nati, when are you going to grow up and accept that the economy is not doing too well? We went through this during the campaigns last year when some crazy “politician” called hh even lied that he would bring back Anglo American to reemploy retrenched miners remember? Well, the people did not take kindly to his lies and you know where he is today, accompanying GBM to visit marketeers in Kasama.
    Coming back to you, in such circumstances surely you do not expect your income to increase when your costs go up? What the rest of us do to respond to hard times is to cut down on our expenditure. E.g. from cutting down on our visits to the barman to even using less colgate on our toothbrush. If you spend K6,000 per month on your childrens transport to school, then obviously you are…

    • That is your idyotcy. HH had a better story than dancing to Dununa Reverse. Are you happy now that your visionless Lungu is truly blind to how to run a country? Lungu will choke the middle classes and the SMEs that create jobs for the people in Mandevu who apparently voted for Lungu. Your sorry excuse for rigging will evaporate by 2021.


    • If that selfsame boy is a member of the Ruling Party’s Central Committee then it would be unwise to ignore his utterances!!

    • @Chisenga,
      And yours is an example of commenting for the sake of commenting, how can you down play a motion proposed by PF Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament Rodgers Mwewa and compare him to a small boy? Serious? You are exposed mwana.

  19. @20 contd…. If you spend K6,000 per month on your childrens transport to school, then obviously you are not one of the very poor and you can find a little fat to cut from your other expenditure. Maybe even suspend your girlfriend until things get better, some men spend more money on girlfriends than their families. The girlfriends in turn demand more money to meet the same economic challenges facing your family. Just an example to help you on the way to thinking critically than waiting forever for hh to come and deliver freebies.

  20. Sad how we have become soooo divided as a nation is it just by pour political beliefs or is there something larger than what we exhibit here? Will we also oneday pick pangas and guns and shoot at each other based on tribe or political following?

    • We should be getting there very soon if tribe is everything to some people. It were neighbours who were lynching neighbours in Rwanda and Burundi genocide and in Kenyan slums in 2009. Lungu has already started his Gukurahundi 2.0 by demonising Tongas and shooting them as bakachema. Read the sign on the wall.


  22. Every time PF distances itself from what their people say. Who is PF kanshi? Is it not its people? They distanced themselves when the other advocated for 7 years, now it is Deputy Ministers. Is PF just testing the waters? People are not dull. Please take note

    The hatred towards Musukwa i think its person other than interlectual aguement.How sure are you that those 52 who oppossed are all UPND.Don’t give us assumptions we live in reality.This does not mean i support what the pf is doing to the constitution.

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