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ACC confirms probing Kambwili for corruption


Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili
Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili

The Anti-Corruption Commission has confirmed placing former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili under investigations.

Last week, Lusaka Times exclusively revealed that a highly source within the ACC had confirmed that the Commission has now started probing Dr Kambwili’s accumulation of vast wealth since he started serving in government.

This came a few days after President Edgar Lungu warned that he will fire all Ministers engaged in corruption.

In a statement today, ACC Spokesman Timothy Moono said, “Following recent media queries on whether the Anti-Corruption Commission is conducting investigations on alleged corrupt practices against Hon. Chishimba Kambwili, former Information and Broadcasting Minister, I wish to inform you that there has been an inquiry against Hon. Kambwili on allegations of corrupt practices.”

Mr. Moono said, “These investigations are on-going and the Commission would therefore not wish to comment further as this may jeopardize the investigations.”

The source revealed that the subject of the inquiry against Dr Kambwili is the plush villas that the Roan MP has constructed on land belonging to Luanshya Golf Club which he has christened Kambwili Estate.

The ACC is also investigating the construction of around 200 luxury flats near Mitengo area on the Ndola-Luanshya road belonging to Dr Kambwili.

The Commission is also examining how his firm, Mwamona Investments has managed to get several contracts from the Road Development Agency, the mining companies and some Councils.

But Dr Kambwili told his supporters last week Friday outside the Ndola High Court shortly after winning his election petition in Court that he is clean and that the ACC will not find anything incriminating after the investigations.

“I am clean as Dr Kaunda’s white handkerchief,” Dr Kambwili said.


  1. Mr 500 houses. Some people have no shame. That’s definitely stolen money. It’s also strange that in Zambia Ministers own companies which are awarded multi-million tenders from govt. That’s an anomaly.

    • The president also why appoint him in the first place,it is not like he built those flats before the election,something is fishy here Kambwili touch the wrong nerve.

    • Leave him alone you people!! CK acquired a lot of things before he even went into govt. It’s not that he got all that money while in govt. You must first investigate on your own before making any conclusions. Problem with us Zambians we don’t read!!!! We just base our conclusions on hearsay.

    • So much dirty under CK carpet. He influenced the appointment of is close friend Famous Kabwe who is a director of Mwamona Investments to the board of Zambia Railways. When the Euro Bond was $150m was given to Zambia Railways contracts were awarded to Mwamona Investments and that how the siphoned the money. The same Famous Kabwe is the one CK wanted to stand as Luanshya Major so that they could siphon money out of the council

    • The charge sheet is very clear… money laundering, racketeering, abuse of office and the game is over

    • This why PF loves “Infrastructure Development” its very very easy to steal taxpayers borrowed money especially when you all have Investment Companies which are “Jack of all Trades”…Its hard to steal in Agriculture as you have to first sweat for it…you can arrest BUFFOON CK, someone will simply fill in unless we sort out the underlining issues like independence of ACC, Minister’s declaring their assets and their wives assets before they take up ministerial positions and ministers to publicly declare interests in the press in Public contracts.

    • @The Engineer, at least you are better than LT. I only hope LT will not get your points cook them a bit and publish!! I am pretty sure you have physically been to Luanshya unlike those that are just talking without facts at their disposal. I give you 4 and half out of 10.

    • He worked hard for his assets. Leave him alone.

      No proof he stole, he just took of the lousy ungoverned rules regarding contract awarding.

      No story here



    • Too many *****ic jealous ‘two time Charlies’ here.

      Blame your Government. He did nothing wrong here.

      Waste of resources.



    • Zambians wait a minute. I do not support wrong doings but we are too quick to judge someone. What if CK got a loan to build those flats. Where are placing your accusations. In this country, if someone works hard and progresses in life, he will be accused of being a Satanist or to have stolen. This is a shallow way of reasoning. Sometimes people end even being victimised.
      This will be another Mpundu Trust saga where RB was called all sorts of names by the cartel and the Zambians over flats that he built by getting finances from a bank in form of loan. RB was prosecuted in court for funds he got from the bank to build flats. Why cant you also acquire a piece of land get a loan and build flats, it is not that for to do bigger things like that, you need to have all the money in the world…

    • …….. in the world. Use your brains to do the unthinkable rather than cultivating a spirit of accusing those that are doing fine with all sorts of accusations. F*****k you.

    • There is no honour among thieves and certainly Kambwili ceased being honourable the moment his conduct was dishonourable.

    • @CK4LIFE
      Those of us who know Kambwili well know how he has got rich. The is nothing legitimate he has done to become rich. If the ACC were serious this is a case closed in a month. Start with Mwamona Investments and you will get all the connections of where money came from. The proxy thief is Famous Kabwe. Its very easy to trace money flow we not dealing with money you can carry in a bag, it was siphoned through banks.

    • The campaign for PF by CK in the last election so vigorous for Lungu was so that the status core would continue and this day would never come. It had nothing to do with Lungu. The Lungu camp knew all along about CK ill gotten money. The stroke that CK suffered after weeks not being appointed was the realization that the Lungu camp was now going to move in. His appointment was to give a force sense of security.

      Politics is a rotten game…… CK will be very lucky if he does not end in jail

    • These PF-Thieves make FTJ, Remmy Mushota, Machungwa even Ringo Phiri look like Angels.

      They are shamelessly stealing through road contracts & Chinese bribes whilst the country is going to ruins.

      The same way they destroyed ZCCM, today they are looting the national treasury till country is in the hands of foreigners (Chinese). Then they’ll blame a Tonga for everything.

      Some even have mansions in RSA & Dubai.

      Dora Siliya has mansions in mid-stream Estate in Johannesburg. Average Prices is R3m.


    • Really laughable ..we kicked out MMD who were smart crooks who banked our money for a rainy for PF and Lazy Lungu who are combination of street thugs and smart crooks who eat everything that is infront of them with impunity.
      Only another day of serious prayers will serve Zambia…this time please prayer and dance harder so that our white savior Jesus up in heaven takes notice. President Lazy Lungu please declare another holiday for the docile masses.

    • It’s so sad that ACC can only act on instructions from the president. How many are sitting without being investigated just because Lungs hasn’t given the go ahead. ACC this is not the way to fight corruption.

    • @ 1.9 Mushota,

      I hope we all understand what to investigate means.

      So, if he worked hard for his assets why should you think it is wrong to investigate him?

      I thought investigation is what will prove that he worked hard for his assets?

      We seem to understand issues differently and of course nothing wrong with that. It is called diversity.

    • kambwili aza ulula all those who facilitated his massive theft. The fact that the president is an accomplice this case wont go any where.

      I have said it before that PF likes building roads which its top officials use to syphon money via their tuntemba companies which have paid zero tax to date. All companies owned by PF top officials including illegal president Lungu owe ZRA over $5billion in various taxes including customs and import duties. These PF guys pay nothing each time they import anything. They even abuse the system to import goods for friends at fees paid to them. This is why PF government is broke today. As long this continues IMF will stay away. Kambwili has laundered his ill gotten money using his wife in the UK who is banking the stolen money and then using it as…

    • As long this continues IMF will stay away. Kambwili has laundered his ill gotten money using his wife in the UK who is banking the stolen money and then using it as collateral to obtain loans.

      Even if he got a loan, which bank would give a massive loan of over 100million dollars to an African politician who earns less than £3000. Even his personal investments can not provide sufficient collateral for such massive borrowing. Therefore bank financing is out. All that wealth was ill gotten via huge inflated contracts for which no work was done. Apart from that, PF top officials gave themselves huge government loans which they have not paid a penny back to date.

      PF and Chagwa mus fall at all cost and be forced to pay back the huge debt they got on behalf of Zambia and then syphoned…

    • @Peter Njobvu – We all saw him building but the problem was that ACC could not act because they were waiting for an instruction from the Head of State. I hope you haven’t forgotten that Sata blasted the ACC Commissioner for investigating his ministers without his knowledge? From that time up to now the instruction is still standing as no one overturned it. Meaning corruption investigations in Government will be selective because the President can choose who to be investigated or not.

  2. “The Commission is also examining how his firm, Mwamona Investments has managed to get several contracts from the Road Development Agency, the mining companies and some Councils.”

    This is rot goes all the way to the top, all the ACC and State House will do is distroy evidence that links other Public officials…its not independent enough to investigate this case. If you are wondering why you pay $1million per Kilometre for RDA road construction the answer is above.

  3. Please investigate the following;
    1.) Acquisition on of Golf Course land in Luanshya town, that is a green belt if not then he influenced Luanshya council to acquire such land.
    2.) Where did he get all the money build all those houses and flats in Luanshya.
    3.)How he managed to get full payment from Ministry of works and Supply to build a bridge in Mwense which he never even started!
    4.) Investigate how he constructed shoddy student accommodation at Mwekera forestry college, Just off Kitwe Road. These hostels have never been occupied for health and safety reasons.
    5.) In reference to No:4 Investigate how he managed to get full payment from Ministry of Lands before he completed the hostels. Ministry of Lands should also dance to the tune!!!
    6.) Investigate the purchase of cameras…

    • An Govt official (white) from the West is visited by an official from Africa who is surprised by the lavish living by his colleague. He asks how he manages, the white man says do you see that bridge there? I mediated for contract and kept 10%. The white man also visits the African govt. official years later and finds him living very comfortably and asks how? He says you see that bridge there (he does not see any)? I got 100% for the tender I lobbied for someone!!

  4. Kambwili is not the only one, by saying this I ‘m not in support of this hate preacher!

    Let he law visit him and others alike!

    • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer…BUFFOON CK from a mere scrap metal dealer to a Property Magnet in a space of 5 years and Lazy Lungu from a mere Chamwama MP Presidential candidate to accruing a net-worth $2.3million in a space on 9 months…meanwhile PAYE has been increased for the docile masses, no problem Lazy Lungu is constructed a multi-million dollar house of prayer for all the poor souls to pray to their white saviour Lord White Jesus.
      God bless Zambia the Christian Nation (whatever that means).

  5. Clearly shows why PF wanted to remain in power at all costs. Maybe greedy CK did not contribute much or nothing to the PF campaign fund. Even if u saw him for the first time, the first thing u see is a bloody greed fat man.

    • How about some good reporting? Those of us who have lived on the CB know that there’s no Ndola Luanshya road. The dual carriageway is Ndola Kitwe. Luanshya road is the road that joins the dual carriageway

  6. Now ACC is swift to investigate CK, but were crawling to do the same for plunder of ZNFU, very strange. CK must not cooperate and he must also go with a horde of cadres like Kabimba did. This selective persecution must stop.mus stp

    • You Bemba thief, what selective persecution? You are all thieves and we want our money back. You should be in jail.

    • @ buck teeth lungu, don,t be stupid. you talk bad about the bembas yet you don,t want them to say anything about your tribe, you are very foolish.. next time you do it i will cut your testicles, i have done it before don,t force me to do it again.

  7. LT first you told us it was 500 flats. Now it’s 200. Which is which. By the time ACC will be done with investigations we will be told the flats never existed lol or that they are not his and it was all a misunderstanding. Be serious when reporting SMH

    • I agree with you @Ichikonko. These guys leave much to be desired. What sort of journalists are they? They rush into penning things down before finding the truth or getting the facts. 500 has turned into 200. And Mitengo has moved to Ndola – Luanshya road. LT, better keep it shut if you don’t have facts!!!

  8. Just imagine if BUFFOON Kambwili was a member of the opposition or any ordinary member of public…do you honestly honestly think the ACC spokesman would say on Friday that we will give you an update on how will we proceed with Mr Joe Public’s case on Monday. To give Mr. Joe Public enough time over the weekend to buy shredders and burn any incriminating evidence…really laughable.
    We seriously need urgent reforms as regards to governance of the ACCC and DEC!!

  9. He has several other houses bought from poor miners at give away prices within Luanshya. He has been taking advantage of their poverty. But also extend investigation to chungu and the mayor.

  10. Acc investigations will only commence at the instruction of the head of state!
    Only the head of states enemies are probed!


  12. Lungu is a Fraud:we need to have independent wings of government for accountability.It is this same Lungu who has taken away the autocracy of government institutions.South Africa which just became democratic recently has the public protector probe people including the president based even on a newspaper story!And for us we need almighty Lungu to authorize?Shame.

    • All this nonsense was started by that devil Sata who decreed that ACC cannot investigate his ministers without his say-so. Weak and visionless Lungu is just using the same crooked file.

    • @Buck Teeth Lungu – Spot on ..Old man Sata even put RDA in back pocket at State House with Willy Nsanda so they could share the big contracts with EUROBONDs in the privacy of State House. Where are they today? No matter how much you steal you will buried alone naked.

  13. Good move, but where were you when he was laying the foundation for those flats? Do you have intelligence to feed you with information on suspected wrong doing or you act public opinions? People should not be tried by PUBLIC OPINIONS.

  14. Hello,

    Instead of probing Chishimba, ACC should take note of this ( just wait and see what is gona hapen on 23rd november ) this is from Kitwe times written by a UPND cadre – MRF, so please law enforcement take note.

  15. Imwe’ Kambwili has always harboured Presidential ambitions, & when he heard Edward Chagwa had started lobbying for an extension of “7 Years”, big K began to mouth off opposing this, & when word got back to Chairman Chagwa, he finally decided to put his foot down.
    As we speak Big Kambwili ali muchibe, bola naikosa!!
    Don’t believe silly alternative reasons. Chagwa knows all the old & current corrupt practices his officials are engaged in.

  16. corruption no matter whose involved is a cancer that distorts a country’s economy. It must be stopped even if it means using a firing squad.

  17. This has to do with Lungu’s third term ambitions or Lungu clearing the way for his preffered successor. Kambwili campaigned hard for PF. Why now?

  18. good news to hear, bakalamba peleniko flat imo . l will send you my phone number so that , we can talk as brother .

  19. Good. but why so selective if corruption really stinks ? We understand everybody in the PF government is entangled in it. But why only Kambwili ? Otherwise this is a political issue.

  20. When you hear the words, Investigations are ongoing, it means the circus will go on for donkey ages until it’s forgotten for ever, just like Rupiah Banda’s numerous cases.

    • True, we are waiting for ACC coming up with ‘no findings, no corruption charges’ against Kambwili..I see him buying the investigation, he appears to have enough money to do so..for all I know is, ACC is equally corrupt.

    • ACC is flawed if they are unable to follow the money trail of local corrupt politician what of an international Crooked Politician who has overseas property, Charity trust accounts and Swiss accounts to launder his money. However BUFFOON CK obtained his wealth there is abuse of power in all of them!!


  22. I don’t know why CK should be investigated on-line. Indeed Sata is on record for ACC to be disciplined in that when they want to investigate a minister he had to be informed first to avoid embarrassment and then; kabimba walked. The insatiable appetite to get rich will strangle us and if ACC is to be useful let it bite hard, we have aids to the number 1 who cannot explain their wealth, we had an ex-aid who wanted to chase his wife because he was bagging cash from the man with slant eyes. The ex-dog seller is a sitting duck but no action even the ex ACC chief awe shuwa Zambia….we even have ex-ministers moving strange motions in parliament yet they reek with corruption…shud we get task force 2 or what?

  23. Carl max said “all property is theft,if you want to seal still big” theft is a dirty name(word why not call it affirmative repossession .Dr CK we always told you that chaona muzako chapita maba chilipaliweo,we even wounder if the kindergarten doctorate was not also affirmatively possessed.

  24. Carl max said “all property is theft,if you want to steal, steal big” theft is a dirty name(word)why not call it affirmative repossession .Dr CK we always told you that chaona muzako chapita maba chilipaliweo,we even wounder if the kindergarten doctorate was not also affirmatively possessed.


    • Just continue chewing with him don’t insult our intelligence. We all know who Ndokota was before 2011 and we have seen how wealthy he has become since.If he is as innocent as he claims he should be happy because he has been given an opportunity to prove his innocence.

  26. If somebody is living beyond his/her mean what must that be called bata bachisenga wesu? Now that the sontapo thing has passed ,now its time the due diligence to see the motivations of the overpriced infrastructure that made you ukufwenkula like they will be never tomorrow, even when it did not make any economic sense for some of the roads and like that were made and leads to no where – you will admit that all that was just a conduit of thuggery/theft and you what the Zambians to be paying toll fees ,me i would rather drive on the dust road than pay your toll fee when i pay road tax ,fuel levy, VAT, PAYE and personal levy. i wish queen eliza’s govt can just get back to run the affairs of this country mwe.

  27. This case will go nowhere as Lungu knows that Kambwili will scream and the world will know that they whole government are thieves including the head himself. This is just a show that they are doing something fire all the others after all you said Ministers (plural) where are the rest, or is Kambwili the sacrificial lamb.

  28. If somebody is living beyond his/her means what must that be called bata bachisenga wesu? Now that the sontapo thing has passed ,now its time the due diligence to see the motivations of the overpriced infrastructure that made you ukufwenkula like they will be never tomorrow, even when it did not make any economic sense for some of the roads and like that were made and leads to no where – you will admit that all that was just a conduit of thuggery/theft and you what the Zambians to be paying toll fees ,me i would rather drive on the dust road than pay your toll fee when i pay road tax ,fuel levy, VAT, PAYE and personal levy. i wish queen eliza’s govt can just get back to run the affairs of this country mwe.

    • @stepin razer – How old are you that you are calling for the colonists to come and enslave you? This is what happens when you do not know your history and have absolutely no knowledge of self you eat the white man’s King James bible for breakfast, lunch, dinner you start spewing out utter rubbish like that.
      if you were within an arm’s length from me I swear I would slap you across your face twice to wake you up from your silliness.

    • Steppin razer, be careful what you wish for.
      YOU May GET COLONISED BY DONALD TRUMP, & for sure Bola Izakosa!!

  29. Continue dreaming!!Dr CK is not a f00l to build those villas and put his name without knowing what may come in future!!this will be like RB’s Mpundu trust flats!!there is a loan from a bank there-mark words!!almost all senior Govnt officials have learnt from ex-officials thats why they now involve lawyers and advisors in almost all investments they do!!DR CK WILL WALK OUT OF THIS ISSUE SMART!!

    • “Arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. Not a pretty cocktail of personality traits in the best of situations. No sirree. Not a pretty cocktail in an office-mate and not a pretty cocktail in a head of state. In fact, in a leader, it’s a lethal cocktail.” Graydon Carter

  30. There are no 200 flats in Ndola near Mitengo neither along Ndola/Kitwe RD or Ndola/Mufulira RD. Us who stay in Ndola don’t even see these flats. There are some flats along Ndola/Mufulira RD near Levi Mwanawasa Stadium close to Fatmols Lodge but they don’t even number more than a 100. Journalist please verify your facts before you report. No one can support stealing but give people true facts

  31. Dora and Yaluma should be next on the probe list, This is concerning plot 44 of the Hydrocarbon Licence they concerted to.They were invited at different occasion to secretive parties where a lot of monies was involved. Zambia, You can’t tell who to trust with power.

  32. Ati PF thieves, so you would rather have UPND thieves. Imagjne what would happen if the UPND MPs and Hertha Mushipi by some magic HH had become the president and they attained the ministerial status that has eluded them since 2001, 15 years, imagine just imagine the looting to cover all the lost years!

  33. He will come clean because if guilty it will incriminate EL. Dont waste you time think ACC will come up with anything. Zambia is a corrupt nation.

  34. You mean he has also made a road between Ndola and Luanshya? It’s amazing what can happen when Lungu decides to eliminate the competition. And there will be five more years of this!

  35. No defense team for Kambwili will vindicate him. Nobody is surprised to see that Kambwili can be a millionaire in dollars today. That is how they compete in PF. The reason Kambwili is being probed is, there is a political differences with Lungu. Who didn’t know all these things Kambwilli have today? Lungu wants to show Kambwilli that he Lungu is powerful, the way he is persecuting Mmembe. Lungu is not doing favor for Zambians. If Ministry of Works released full payment to Kambwili Company, are you telling the nation that the minister , permanent secretary , director and accountant are not involved?
    Kambwili committed a crime but that is not what Lungu is interested in. If it’s genuine investigation to get it to the bottom 75 percent of PF can go to jail.
    Remember that is how they…

  36. Right thinking members of the Zambian community know that corruption and abuse of funds is endemic in Zambia – more so since the clueless PF Kaponya party took the reigns of government. Those that have been plundering wantonly over the years have not been prosecuted because the ‘fish is rotten from the head’. ACC and DEC have also been notoriously impotent and conniving. Some people (like some bloggers here) are at pains to defend the indefensible. They see people getting stinking rich over night and bury their heads in the sand – ‘ati kabili ni ba minister’. Back hand deals, cuts from contracts, awards of tenders that are never fulfilled, misappropriation of billions in ministries every year, illegal appropriation of large tracts of land and other self-serving actions have been there…

  37. … for all to see. Kambwili is a tip of the iceberg. To deal with this, you need processes, independent institutions, a political will and a strong civil society – all of which are currently non-existent in Zambia.

  38. Docile mass. Chose your words carefully. Say you are not part of it and prove so. Do not hide behind fake names if you are courageous. This is Africa and until you get yourself in a position of strength to defend yourself from the politicians, you are better of working hard and provide for your family. Integrity stars with you so that the time your get to office of influence, change is effected.

  39. Manager Manager
    Bashi Mwamba is a very hard worker,so accusing him of stealing is not fair.ask me who has worked with him.Its not a crime to get a loan from lending institutions and build flats, i can assure every zambian that it is POLITICS at its play and the truth will come-out.

  40. Comment:ACC where were u all this years when he was serving in government as a minister. Just because he has been ?( fired) and u want to finish him that is not fair live him alone please

  41. Leave him alone start with his boss first,then go to him does`t he get paid?you are just wasting your time this is what is in zambia corruption is everywhere even in bedrooms.Where is lupia bamba? what came on, forget,nothing will happen.If you are corrupt how can you fight your fellow victim?just share what he store.Only God will end corruption in zambia.ERICK CHANDA COME ON WE FIGHT CORRUPTION.

  42. those defending ck go and present your facts to acc for u are addresing it to no one on social media for here we just express our opinions. as for ck,ulekwatako insoni ulimukalamba sana and its not u to tell us but to convince the acc beyond reasonable doubt as to whether u are guilty or not. besides it is the same system u were worship yesterday which is now preaching to u and its chaps lik u who almost cost H.E the election because u are excess luggage no wonder pripr to aug 11 u had to defend anything wrong just to save your skeleton . the acc must be autonomous in their work for it to be relevant to the taxpayer for why should they wait for the president ‘s go ahead and just how are they going to act on the auditor general’s report where pf secretary general dm is implicated? why…

    • No my friend it’s the other way round – it is the ACC who has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that CK is guilty, not CK has to prove he is innocent. That is the basis of the law of Zambia – innocent until proven guilty. Even if there is a ka “reliable source” of information and President Whisky Face has given a ka “go ahead”

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