Goodwell Lungu to retire from TIZ at the end of his contract

Goodwell Lungu
Goodwell Lungu
Goodwell Lungu

Long-time serving Executive Director of the anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International Zambia Goodwell Lungu has finally decided to leave his post he has held for 12 years.
In a letter to partners and citizens, Mr Lungu said he will be retiring at the end of his contract which comes to an end on 31st December 2016.

“I wish to express my gratitude to the current Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) Board whom I provided 5 months’ notice on 5th of August 2016 for accepting my personal decision to retire from the position of Executive Director for TIZ which position I have held for 12 years from 2004,” he said.

“My gratitude goes to all TIZ members in particular the late Professor Alfred Chanda the first Chapter President, Mr. Rueben Lifuka, the second Chapter President and Mr. Lee Habasonda the current outgoing Chapter President for the tremendous support they accorded my office. I further wish to extend my sincere thanks to all my members of staff, civil society organisations, partners, friends and family members for the unwavering support they rendered to me during my tenure as I was performing the tough job of TIZ Executive Director.”

He added, “I will be failing in my duties not to thank the gallant Zambian media for their dedicated good coverage on the anti-corruption crusade that I contributed to whilst serving as TIZ Executive Director.”

He said, “My retiring from TIZ is under my strong belief that as a Governance institution, TIZ needs change of guard at strategic intervals to bring in fresh leadership to take the fight against corruption to greater heights. I want to also thank all our cooperating partners and citizens and residents of Zambia for the excellent support they offered towards my leadership. I will continue to be a committed anti-corruption fighter in Zambia. I will be leaving TIZ as a very proud Executive Director for the contribution I have made to the fight against corruption in Zambia. I wish TIZ and the fight against corruption in Zambia every success.


    • Since Lungu assumed power he this TIZ guy joined the umhozi kumawa and kept silent while Lungu corruptly amassed wealth in just 18 months in office.

      According to him Lungu ‘s regime is corruption free. How preposterous!
      This guy has been forced out of that seat for failing to deal with and report PF corruption. He has always issued favourable statements in support of PF ‘s thieving of resources and elections.

      Its no surprise that after EU observer mission issued a damning report on ECZ and PF ‘s electoral corruption that this corrupt Lungu guy is also leaving after he endorsed the just ended elections as corrupt free????.

      The international organisation just told him point blank, its not going to renew his corrupt for gross incompetence and accepting bribes from Chagwa Lungu…

    • The international organisation just told him point blank, its not going to renew his corrupt for gross incompetence and accepting bribes from Chagwa Lungu to issue statements in favor of his PF ‘s corruption and rigging.

      Chagwa lungu must fall at all costs.

    • @ Nzelu

      Please do what you preach.
      Use your intelligence (if you have any).
      This double crossing parasite has NOT achieved anything in the fight against corruption.
      If anything, TIZ under his “leadership” (LOL) has tarnished TI image in the world.

  1. This organisation still exists…really laughable…this organisation used to be vocal 2-6 years ago….definitely compromised now!!

  2. Goodwell is a smart Cambridge scholar. I know him personally during our time at Cambridge and he is going run even a bigger organisation because of his smartness. Way to go Goodwell; you have done us proud.
    Mr Zambia!

    • Really laughable …What smartness? We know in Zambia that word “smart” is abused …which “bigger” organisation is that? Maybe PS for Lazy Lungu’s Ministries.

    • What smartness when you now have grand corruption in Government…look at Edgar and Kambwili cases. Please don’t be so dull… being a an intelligent pupil/student has not made Badwell or whatever his name is a good leader,far from it. Please spare us from mediocrity type of leadership

  3. He is afraid of being probed by ACC for corruption just like his tribal cousin chishimba kambwili a big thief…

    • His pro-PF bias is now too obvious. Let him go. Is he Ejigar Edward Lungu’s younger brother? They can go sing Umodzi Kummawa na Mutima Umo over Jemason. Wako ni Wako.


  5. Well done my brother…you did your best to deal with graft but certainly govnt need to do more. Hope become the ACC DG..

  6. Useless Lungu. No one will miss you. You destroyed this noble organisation. Shame upon you. You should have gone 5 years ago. You ate donor money for nothing.

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