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Hands-on review of Huawei Y5 II



Huawei Y5 II
Huawei Y5 II

The Huawei Y5 II is an entry level smartphone that was released on the market in June 2016.

Upon purchase, the phone comes with general accessories; Charger, data cable, headphones and a user guide.

The Huawei Y5 II fits nicely in your palm and pocket with it dimensions 143.8mm x 72mm x 8.9mm (height x width x thickness). It has a decent touch screen size of 5 inches with 720 X 1280pixels resolution.  The smartphone is also pretty light at only 137g. It comes with a 2mp front camera and 8mp rear camera.

The Huawei Y5 II has a slim, sleek design. The charging port and speaker grill are at the bottom, while the headphone jack is on the top. The volume and Power buttons are on the right side. On the left side it has an additional button which is left function-less and gives the user the option to assign it a function of their choice. I found this button to be unnecessary as I had no use for it.

Huawei Y5 II Top , Bottom ,Left , Right sides
Huawei Y5 II Top , Bottom ,Left , Right sides

See the full specs of the Huawei Y5 II HERE

I had the opportunity to use this device for a week. Below are the highs and lows of my experience;


  • The 8 mega pixel rear camera is very good for taking high quality pictures and videos. The camera has Beauty ,Photo , video , and Timelapse otions .It also allows you to add a fliter before taking a photo or video. Below are some pictures taken with the rear camera.
  • testing 8mp rear camera
    testing 8mp rear camera
    Testing the 8mp rear camera (with filter)
    Testing the 8mp rear camera (with filter)

    testing 8mp rear camera
    testing 8mp rear camera
  • It has a user friendly Android Operating System , version 5.1. All the phones functions and features are easy to locate and use even if you are not familiar with the Android OS.
  • Huawei Y5 II user interface
    Huawei Y5 II user interface
  • The device has a great in-built phone manager app that gives you the options to ; Optimize the phones performance , track and manage your data usage , filter messages and calls , select power saving options , customise your notifications.
  • Huawei Y5 II phone manager app
    Huawei Y5 II phone manager app
  • The Huawei Y5 II is a dual-SIM smartphone .Perfect for those with separate Home and Work numbers.


  • If you are someone who loves to take selfies, you will be disappointed with the quality of the front camera. 2mp is too low even for an entry level smartphone.
  • The music app is good , but it has No option for sharing music . If you want to share a particular song on social media or via bluetooth you have to search though your audio files manually as there is no search function. For someone having a huge collection of music this oversight is unacceptable .
  • Huawei Y5 II music app
    Huawei Y5 II music app
  • Limited storage space . The available storage space is 4gb which is quite low especially if you intend to have a lot of multimedia content.
  • The smartphone is powered by a 2200mAh removeable battery , which is decent for an entry-level smartphone. Fully charged it can last for a normal working day ( 8hrs) with basic usage ie moderate calls , texts , social media . If you are a heavy phone user ,like myself , you will find yourself having to charge it quite often.
  • Surprisingly it has no notifications LED light.


If you are looking for a low cost but high quality smartphone then the Huawei Y5 II is the phone for you. It is perfect for everyday tasks such as accessing social media sites and chat apps , taking pictures and calling.


3 out 5

Huawei Y5 II
Huawei Y5 II






  1. Huawei is bringing some good competition to samsung . a few years back I didn’t even know they existed now everyone has one of there phones.

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