Divisions brewing in PF

President Edgar Lungu(l) greets Patriotic Front Deputy Spokes Person Frank Bwalya(r) before departure for Morocco at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu(l) greets Patriotic Front Deputy Spokes Person Frank Bwalya(r) before departure for Morocco at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu(l) greets Patriotic Front Deputy Spokes Person Frank Bwalya(r) before departure for Morocco at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu(l) greets Patriotic Front Deputy Spokes Person
Frank Bwalya(r) before departure for Morocco at Kenneth Kaunda
International Airport in Lusaka

Tension in the ruling PF is said to be growing as factions have started teething leading to looming internal wrangles.

A source close to senior party officials who declined to be named said the party is divided on number of key issues, including the appointment of MMD President Felix Mutati as Finance Minster and the firing of Chishimba Kambwili from his ministerial position.

The source said senior Party members have formed cartels within the party which will likely lead to serious in-fights like those seen in 2014 when former Secretary General Wynter Kabimba’s group took on the GBM led faction.

The Source explained that among the key issues bringing the confusion in the party is the appointment of people they consider foreigners in the Party in key ministerial positions, while sidelining those who fought for the Party alongside the late President and founder of the party Michael Sata.

“In fact abalechita coordinate fyonse ifi, Ni ba senior member mu party and a Cabinet Minister, people are not happy they are saying just now all of these bena Mulusa and Dora are calling the shots, sometimes even disagreeing on certain issues that the Principal has said in public, such as the issue of policy inconsistent, which Mulusa said there was none when he was in South Africa, while the Principal on several occasions lamented the inconsistencies. And while there is tension in the party, the principal decides to fire CK. Mwamona these are the things Boss KBF was talking about in the Post Newspaper, people have been left out, and it’s like the Principal wants to create people loyal to him, that’s why abena Bowman are facing resistance.

“You see, ichaletelele Kambwili is the Parliament sitting where, as PF, we proposed to amend the constitution. Kambwili refused and voted against, the problem he doesn’t shut his mouth so he was already overheard in the lobby saying, guys why should we bring back deputies in govt we are already making unpopular decisions, it’s a waste of money and I will not defend govt. And he also said problem is Lungu has become selfish, he wants to extend the term of office, when are we ever going to give chance to others, it’s not because Kambwili stole money, of course they are all stealing but it’s because he is against extending the term to 7 years which disadvantages him from standing.”

He said in the run up to the budget presentation of Friday some Members of Parliament from the PF and some senior Party members held secret meetings to try and send a message by disrupting the budget presentation.

He said a number of MPs were of the view that the budget was an MMD event which should not be supported by all devoted PF members as that would send a message to the President that they are not happy.

” Things are not okay, I am just from meeting Kasabo at Spice Club and he tells me the bosses say we should not go ku Parliament for budget presentation pantu nabafulwa, so that we show our anger to the principal. There is no way you can give the cheque book of the country to a foreigner who is MMD, now he has the power to create cartels to give more money to Ministers who are loyal to him, walishiba Ministers are useless without money?

“Infact didn’t you see that the Budget Presentation was dull and there was no celebration, the choir and dance troops were not there, didn’t you see how unusual this budget presentation was, the Minister came alone with his wife, there were no PF senior members walking with him. Anyone whose smart can see that there is a problem here, Frank Bwalya came hours later,” he said.

He said some members are complaining that the country’s economy has been given back to the same people they fought hard to remove from government in 2011 as the key ministries such as Finance, Agriculture, Commerce and National Development are all in the hands of people who were part of the MMD Government.

“Principal has shown that he wants Mutati to take over from him, and truly I think KZ is very intelligent because this strategy they have if it works the Principal will leave someone who won’t betray him like Simbyakula was about to do over the constitution.

“Principal listens too much to Inonge wina, so we tried to disturb her on the Copperbelt but it seems Wina has made up her mind to back Lungu on Mutati and other MMD guys to be in charge of cabinet. She is telling people that ifwe ba PF we can’t manage a country we are not better than the MMD guys who have experience, they are in Parliament why are they complaining,” he said.


    • Let them kill each other. They are crooks who should all be in jail. On this one, Lungu is doing a better job sorting out his fellow criminals.

    • @1 The Engineer… I am sure you know that YOU ARE A BABOON out there in the White Man’s Country! An Africa or Black person calling his fellow black a Baboon is utter ROTTENNESS!

    • Baboon troops have social order and are headed by an alpha…these are mere empty tins who see nothing wrong with sudden gain in riches in their Chief Noisemaker….I doubt if Lazy Lungu dropped him for those reasons.

    • @1.1 Buck Teeth… While I don’t support corruption or any stealing of our public resources, I can assure that leaving PF in the hands of Mutati’s MMD or wishing to extend the term to 7 years will see Lungu and Mutati kiss the dust the RB way!! Lungu is NOT overwhelmingly popular hence such maneuvers will be costly to him!

    • “Things are not okay, I am just from meeting Kasabo at Spice Club and he tells me the bosses say we should not go ku Parliament……”

      Just by the above statement if the baboons you are talking about are smart, they will be able to ask Kasabo and you will be fished out together with your kambwili. Good luck!

      1. The PF just like the UPND has undergone tremendous transformation just like the MMD since 2015; MMD is the party which has contributed massive numbers to both UPND and PF. Now since we are all Zambians, let MMD members serve in PF. After all I first learnt about some PF MPs’ uselessness from Michael Sata.
      2. Kambwili cannot be against the extension of the tenure; he is on record claiming that 5 years was not enough.
      3. It is the intention of UPND, surrogates and those dangerous crooks from The Post to wish PF dismantled and weak.
      4. The cartel from 2015 is still alive and strong.
      5. UPND with its dirty surrogates may form Government if PF manages to disintegrate by 2021.
      6. Zambia can not…

    • Cont’d
      … afford to allow rioters to steer the ship.
      7. If Chishimba stole the money and he is found wanting, let him be investigated and if all steal, let them be investigated; who is Kambwili anyway?
      8. I bet on your life that Mutati is better than that old folk- the previous Finance Minister
      9. Bigotry in the statement above. Zambia is bigger than PF and MMD or UPND. BE PATRIOTIC
      10. CK cannot be allowed to undermine the President. Can CK rule this country mwebantu? I just like him as a Minister ine mwe.
      11. Zambians please understand. We are trading dangerously here. The level of lawlessness, resentment, bigotry and bitterness is unprecedented. The twist our democracy has taken is trading on dangerous grounds.
      12. If you’re patriotic, pray for Chagwa that we still have peace…

    • Cont’d
      … to salvage after his tenure and other peoples’ tenures in future. ECL is doing just fine.
      13. Mutati’s Budget is pro-Zambia. In as much as it should not entirely be pro-poor of pro-rich, at least allow it to be pro-Zambia unless you guys want coupons amidst a poorly performing economy.
      14. Those in PF who feel sidelined, kindly pave-way by way of resigning or stepping aside – Chagwa, kindly suck all those buffoons messing around. Fire the suckers in the interest of mother Zambia, ala. Take control of the party.

    • Cont’d
      … to salvage after his tenure and other peoples’ tenures in future. ECL is doing just fine.
      13. Mutati’s Budget is pro-Zambia. In as much as it should not entirely be pro-poor of pro-rich, at least allow it to be pro-Zambia unless you guys want coupons amidst a poorly performing economy.
      14. Those in PF who feel sidelined, kindly pave-way by way of resigning or stepping aside – Chagwa, kindly suck all those buf.foons messing around. Fire the suck.ers in the interest of mother Zambia, ala. Take control of the party


    • PF will implored and Zambians will find another party to lead the country not Hakalusa Hagain. Somebody will come from nowhere and take the country to greater heights

  1. Kambwili we know that you made mistakes but they are not worse than those of others . You went too far defending useless things now you can see how unpredictable Zambian politics are. Now kosapofye. Chula afwila pa menshi yakwe.

  2. This is making sense. From the look of things, corruption levels has reached levels where it is difficult for any PF member to be spared and the senior they are in the Party, the more corrupt. It follows therefore that the purge of CK is more of a power struggle than an anti-corruption fight. This is because when the true fight against corruption commences if at all it will, only poverty stricken cadres shall be spared as the rest are all dented. As such CK is not even scared because as a senior official, for every corrupt finger that will point at him, many will be pointing at his bosses

  3. If MMD are running government we might be heading in the right direction. They left $3.5 billion in the bank!

    All these useless PF thieves have managed to do is steal it and then borrow $10 billion more! All they will leave Zambians is poverty and debts.

    They have destroyed the economy with lack of planning and the load shedding.

    They have destroyed the rule of law by stealing an election and corrupting the judiciary.

    What is left for them to steal or destroy?

    • I agree with you 100%. Levy Mwanawasa’s people were frugal. We had reserves at $ 3.5 billion in the bank. As much as RB was nonsensical, his Boss Mwanawasa left the country with funds. Mwanawas’s MMD, not RB’s or Chiluba’s, is better than all PFs crooks combined.

    • Thats true RP left $3.5 billion. If taht is where we are heading , then zambia is on the right track. If we continued with sata mentality , there is going to be no zambia. Wise thinking PF

    • Actually it was RB’s MMD that grew the reserves to US$3.5billion Levy left $2.0 billion! Give credit where it is due bane!!! you may not like RB but he managed the economy very well. Levy may be credited for a lot things just because when he was in power Copper was doing very well on LME. RB came in during the world economic crisis but he and his team of very experts such as Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane, Felix Mutati, Dora Siliya to mention but a few managed to keep the economy afloat. No wonder a clever President like ECL wants the same people to help him steer the economy to higher heights not the dunder heads like CK he inherited from the equally useless MCS!!!!

    • Lets also agree that MMD economy was largely logical though it worked well for traders, trading with a dollar selling and buying under K4 in our monetary current terms. Copper selling attractively on the London Market. We fought for HIPC and we got what we wanted. Shouldn’t economic gains translate into infrastructure development? What good is an economy boast in the work of rundown infrastructure woos. I understood the MMD’s manner of doing Govt business and I am also partly in love with PF’s way of doing things. So when the duo way of doing Govt Business collide, Iam confident that the beneficially will be Zambia. Yes rocking on the fiscal policy’s point of view and on build-Zambia’s view point. I am in love with this marriage.



    What stopped them?

  5. Let the MMD run the economy. At least they have a proven track record that they can manage. They left $3 billion in the reserve bank when they left government which sata and his fellow idi0ts in pf stole within 3 months of assuming office. Lungu ni kolwe sana.

    • and what did they do with the $3.5m. kamwendo munjila dont mention his name. better ba SATA who has given back my prideness with good roads, good everything while the $3.5 thieves you a about were chased by zambians coz of many bad ways of governing.

    • Cry us a river!
      Those days are long gone. Although Magande is around Mwanawasa is late. What’s the point of keeping money in the reserves at the expense of broken down bridges, potholed roads countrywide, load-shedding, under-employed and performing civil service and dilapidated communication infrastructure? The MMD economic projects was rather fiscal discipline oriented than physical infrastructural development against better performing copper prices. Give us the way forward! At least MMD money strictness will work well with PF’s infrastructure development eagerness. What’s the point of just keeping money instead of investing in economically viable ventures. This is what I expect going forward.

  6. Even those that dislike president Lungu must like him on this one front. He is ridding the country of empty heads like Kambwili and Davies Mwila.

  7. This fake source is as dull as abena bucktooth, chilyata, wanzelu, lutuku and the rest of the cowardly and dull blood thirsty animals of the United Party for National Dunderheads/ Destruction (UPND). Only a very delusional knumbskull who is used to to cheating itself to the extent they start believing their own lies as does bucktooth and his relatives are in the habit of!

    Lies and nothing but lies!

    • Living in self-denial even as you drink your Jemason is okay. Stop reading the signs and continue with your self-delusion.

  8. These are merely job seekers. There’s a former councillor from a shanty compound who upon being elected got a plot in Riverside, built house there and abandoned his shack. This time he was not adopted so he’s going around condemning the party. He forgets that by abandoning his electorate he had committed a serious breach.

    • Backteeth is waiting for Icc to declare hh president next week. Please go slaughter some cows in preparation…..

  9. Useless people with full of cornmen in the front seat..that’s the reason pf won’t last it will fed like black Friday..it’s nolonger pf it’s mmd driving the part now pf no power’s on any position in government it’s just the name..reasons they have admitted to say they have no vision for this country that’s the reason they are firing people like Ck who speaks the truth and make them feel like being undermined but it’s just the strength he has..you are busy giving your relatives job while others who helped you to be there are mocked by those people king cobra didn’t like..shameless people viva upnd..we will try you 2021

  10. Why is it that all high minstrels are being held by those from mmd corrupt chap’s that our founder cobra managed to take out are the ones running this country?? One can wonder what type of government is this because It’s all mmd chap’s in front yet we voted for pf..even if we talk this people are busy enjoying on top of our heads so it’s just the heart we have for our country men and women who can’t speak out for their rights..this country soon will be like Zimbabwe..kbf was supposed to be Given a position but nothing busy giving toothless blind useless people who are interested to feed their stomach’s…

    • That st.upid founder cobra of your was the most corrupt f00l. Remember he deposited 2 billion MOH money in his personal account. remember he owned half of Avondale. remember him flying in a chopper to kabwe with billions from parliament. remember the merzaf flats scandal. Remember RDA at state house. you have rubbish for a role model.

    • @tantwe, you got a good memory. Because of love for money Zambians will support even known thieves. Those who feed on Kambwili ‘s fat neck are not happy no how much evidence will prove how rotten the oaf is. Personally if I were president I would decree corruption a death penalty crime.

    • PF cant be like UPND, very right. see what is happening now coz PF is full of crooks who do not want straight forward issues but taking advantage of any slight moment to steal……..

  11. Iwe @TheEngineer behave yourself. Why are you insulting baboons? Baboons are smart and orderly and will only take what they need.

  12. Mwamona bamwankole ama vote mwaibile, God will bring confusion in your camp because you deprived us from a Leader we wanted. Tamulati this is the beginning of problems due to your own selfiness. Mwebambi mukafwilamo.

  13. 95% in TRUMP’S party could not get along with him…Who said everyone should match in unison?


  14. BREAKING NEWS: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  15. Thieves are caught at a time of sharing stolen goods.thus when they also kill each other.let them kill and kill each other.

  16. Those that were insulted, called others names, fostered tribal divisions, shot innocent persons, organised thugs to beat and harass innocent people, today, were are you. Crying in dark corners because you have been used like a toilet roll.

  17. Nakuba bufi bakabashi!!! Ekuti muleshininkisha. I told u that u can’t trust Edgar Chagwa Agwa Lungu. Didn’t u see how a Dove reacted that day? Awe kwana twapokwa amakota. Kuti we muntu wapyana ubufumu walaba nabana ebo bakushilile?

  18. A president is not there to appease party members, but to work for all citizens. If those 1mbecile supported Lungu so that he’ll give them jobs, then they are useless. Some of us fought the one party state and never asked for anything in return. They forget that you can not fight a sitting president : he’ll simply put in prison. So tu PF twamumapa, corrupt leeches should just find something else to make their living, not government resources.

    • Stop it you motherf******, dont you know that we are boiling. Why should CK be fired now leaving bena KZ when he was in the forefront campaigning for ECL. Why didnt he fire him 3 months prior to elections? We are watching. I have been PF since 2002 but whats happening is nauseating.


    • @pompolyongo, it’s over. Using politics to enrich yourselves has come to an end. You leeches are building mansions using our money. We know you and I’ll make sure your ill gotten wealth is taken back to government.

  19. Nonsense didn’t Levy Patrick Mwanawasa give the cheque book to Magande a foreigner? If Kambwili is not corrupt why the BP and please let him reveal all that eh knows like Winter did when he said he registered foreigners to vote in order for PF tow in an election in 2011….

  20. PF is blaming Lungu for appointing so called non PF members in key ministries but for me the concern should be whether the appointees are competent to do the job.If they are competent then what is the fussy all about or is it because the opportunity to plunder has been missed?
    In any case world over you only appoint those you trust so that they don’t sabotage you. If I were Lungu I would do the same because there are alot of suspicious characters in PF. My only advise to those who genuinely want to work for Zambians in PF is that be ware of the wolves within your ranks.

  21. nonsense. . . .without RB, Mutati, Dora, Kapyongo etc . . . ECL was not going to win.
    ECL won partly due to corrupt mmd support.
    Sata was UNIP, then LIMA Party, MMD, then PF
    Guy Scot was UNIP, Lima Party, Swine Fever Party, MMD & PF
    GBM was UNIP, MMD, Lima Party, FDD, PF and now UPND
    You fo.ool were UNIP, FDD, Green dobo Party, Kabimba rainBALL , UNPD and next back to UNIP

    —-so what — they are all Zambians.

    • I cannot agree with you more except for the “corrupt point”. Also the issue is centered on Govt jobs. All those so called PF seniors like Chikwanda wanted jobs. You’re right when you say that PF would have made it to the top spot had not been for MMD. Neither would UPND be no.2. You nailed it well well.

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