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Ministers trip to China was fully sponsored by the Chinese Government-Chileshe


Provincial Ministers on board Emirates flight to attend a series of workshops on development
Provincial Ministers on board Emirates flight to attend a series of workshops on development

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dorcas Chileshe has clarified that the trip to China by eleven Zambian Government Ministers was fully sponsored by the Chinese government.

Mrs Chileshe said the trip was organised and fully sponsored by the Chinese government in a bid to help improve or initiate developmental projects in various sectors of the Zambian economy.

A delegation of 11 Zambian Ministers arrived in China yesterday to attend a 10-day developmental seminar.

The delegation, comprising the 10 Provincial Ministers and National Planning and Development Minister Lucky Mulusa are in that country, at the invitation of the Chinese Government, to share experiences and learn best practices that can boost development in all the 10 provinces.

The Ministers will also explore investment opportunities in various social and economic sectors, across the breadth of the country.

Zambian Provincial Ministers in China
Zambian Provincial Ministers in China


  1. And when the Chinese begin to dictate terms of contracts what will you do?
    This is why we always negotiate from a weak point. China is being led by a very focused and strategic team. Not a single penny leaves the Chinese public vault without a high ROI.

    Wake up ba Zambia!

    • There is nothing for free in life, Do not be fooled, what do the Chinese get in return, Their companies getting all government contracts. The problem is that PF thugs think all Zambians are Thick heads.

    • They really know how to butter up a Zambian. Fly them business class and they will agree with our terms. Nothing is for free in this world. Wake up!!!!

    • Africa indeed. Why send ministers who might be fired on their return. Why not send technos who even if they leave office will leave files for their successors. This is just a holiday.

    • Wenye a mambala aba. These guys are still drawing per diems from the Zambian taxpayers. They will come with shopping from China which will pass through Customs without paying duty.

  2. This is just wrong and bribery…do you honestly think China would allow an invitation from the US for its Provisional/ District Governors to visit all paid for? They wouldnt allow it and would be suspicious.
    Why are we so cheap…there is nothing like a free lunch; look at them in Business Class on their phones; not a book in sight no wonder they are asleep like their lazy boss in State House.

  3. What is China’s interest in this? What are they going to demand after this? Will it be loaning us money and take up the contracts themselves?

    • Unfortunately for Lazy beggers like the empty tin Lungu… do not think like send off your entire Provisional team for a free workshop in return for what?
      You are better off sending Agricultural officers 50 in economy class staying in motels if you really want to assist.

    • I can guess that the next big thrust into Zambia by the Chinese will be for land for agriculture. They are almost done with copper mining because they came in late and the best mines belong to the Rhodies in FQM. China imports massive amounts of soya beans from Brazil, for example. What magic could cheap Chinese money do with free fertile land, lots of water and cheap labour in Zambia? That’s why the ministers who went to China were provincial ministers, not the Lusaka-based criminal ministers.

  4. We’ve really gone to the dogs as a citizen of this lovely nation… negative in everything. We are invited “IT’S CORRUPTION” we send a delegation over “IT’S A WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY”. Come on guys lets be projective for once.

    • My friend you should travel and expose yourself to other diverse cultures…there is no such as a free lunch in the west or business world. Chinese have no respect for you as a blackman you are merely an object stand in their way.
      Do not think everyone has your Bantu culture.
      Wake up from your docility!!

    • You reckon the chinese are doing it in your interest? There is no such thing as a free lunch. Where is the eurobonds now? In China already.

    • Zambians just lay there ready to be r@ped by foreigners. Zambians are too focused on the morsels from foreigners pillaging the country. That’s not development.

  5. Ba Dorcas Chileshe umfweni, There is nothing wrong with the workshops themselves in principle. The point is, it is morally hypocritical and pretentious to tell your citizens to tighten their belts on one hand, and yet quickly accept without blinking ‘gifts’ in form of Air tickets which are clearly over the top cost-wise, as explained in earlier article on this subject. The fact that the Chinese are using their public funds recklessly to fund this workshop does not make it right for Zambia to join in the recklessness. If anything, this constitutes accepting a bribe.

  6. You characters must not catch a ride from me, nor have free lunch or a beer from my hard-earned money intended for my family. All you mean to say is that we must all fend for ourselves without help. Just because it is PF? *****ic graduates!

  7. They need a whole delegation! I love how she comes out quickly to state it isn’t tax payers money. I believe they have jobs in their respective provinces. Our Min of Dev planning couldn’t go with his team and relay information. Besides the budget and the Finance Minister stating no extra money will be given for projects. Therefore are the Chinese footing the bill for those to? Since the country has no money, i guess you can pay back the loan with our copper and various minerals.

  8. Zambia is one of China’s favourite ATMs. They know when you borrow (Eurobond), the money will end up in China. Its like I lend you money to buy the furniture that I make even if you dont ne

  9. Zambia is one of China’s favourite ATMs. They know when you borrow (Eurobond), the money will end up in China. Its like I lend you money to buy the furniture that I make even if you dont need it. What have the solar hammer mills done for Zambia?

  10. This means that these fake minister have empty heads, consequently, rendering govt vulnerable on its sovereignty! No wonder they are lead by a visionless!

  11. Soon the GRZ with its PF will tell us that all those fat salaries and fancy vehicles that they are driving are from the Chinese government!!

  12. Even when it’s not you paying at least hav the dignity to say ‘No’..tell them it sends a bad picture wen seen in 1st class while our pipo’s lik u go out to look for money for food then u find your friend drinking and invites u…tell him yo situ so that he either buys u beer and give u somtin to take hom or he gives u to take hom and doesn’t buy u beer…

  13. The Saint those are what we call Privileges. So you guys you want the country to come to a stand still? nothing should be happening in this country of yours, why did you vote for them if you do not want them to work? please give them space to work. some of you, your job is just to criticize nothing good will come of you mouth.

  14. This is really funny. Our provincial ministers being lectured to by China on what is required in their provinces.Next to go will be the cabinet for sure. Talk of a vision for the country!

  15. Armchair critics as usual all they know is critising, I doubt if some of you have anything productive to do apart from waiting for news items to spring up and start critising. To most of you bloggers above who are usually very negative in almost everything my advice is, please find something productive to do than waisting your time on this site.

  16. Lop, this is not your site, so you are not in a position to tell people to get off it. The Chinese are in fast development mode and would do anything to rape resources for poor countries. Mark my words, the cost of this sorjun to the slt eyes is nothing compared to the benefits that will accrue to them. They have been raking and continue to rake big from us. Talk of copper, mukula tree, agriculture land etc.

  17. The Chinese are now so confident doing illegal activities in this country because we have opened up to them too wide like a whore. Look at the recent ssue iin Ndola where a Chinese national razed to the ground property belonging to a Zambian, ignoring court orders! Are we going to be enslaved in our own country due to greed from our leaders? People wake up!

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