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I used my money to fund FDD, am not answerable to anyone -Nawakwi


Forum for Democratic and Development President Edith Nawakwi casting her vote at UNZA polling station in Lusaka yesterday,11-08-2016.Picture by Ennie Kishiki/Zanis.
Forum for Democratic and Development President Edith Nawakwi casting
her vote at UNZA polling station in Lusaka
yesterday,11-08-2016.Picture by Ennie Kishiki/Zanis.
FDD president Edith Nawakwi has said that she is not answerable to anyone on issues of campaign finance because she used her own money to pay election expenses.

In an interview yesterday, Ms Nawakwi wondered why some officials in the Forum for Democracy and Development wanted her to consult with them before using party finances during the campaigns when she was the sole funder of the party.

Ms Nawakwi disclosed that she alone paid for accommodation, food, and hiring of vehicles when the parliamentary candidates went to campaign in the constituencies.

She disclosed that her party was in a debt of up to K3 million to transporters but that none of the other party members were helping her pay off the debt.

“None of the members have contributed any money in the last 16 years, and today, they say I was supposed to consult them before using the party money. That is all my money and I was even the one paying for their campaigns and feeding them when they were in the field,” said Ms Nawakwi.

FDD Lusaka Province chairman James Musemuna has dispelled Ms Nawakwi’s claims, insisting that most of the members especially those in the National Policy Committee had been contributing to the party.

He disclosed that there were also sponsors who had been supporting the party, adding that there was no way Ms Nawakwi could fund FDD by herself.

Mr Musemuna also claimed that FDD would survive even without Ms Nawakwi and that it was not dependant on one person.

He said that the party should go to a convention and that the plan by some senior members to amend the party constitution was illegal.

Mr Musemuna also demanded the return of all the members who were recently suspended from the party, so that they could participate in the convention.


  1. Problem with some women. They buy you a pair of trousers or Kabudula, be careful when wearing it!

    Ukasebana mwaice wandi.

  2. The moment you get money from your pocket and give it to the party, just know that money has ceased to be yours. You can even be caught for stealing it.

  3. Arrant nonsense! Who would vote for a woman who believes she owns the party she leads. Is that not undemocratic?
    Zambian politics of the belly at play!

  4. Wamuyaya syndrome is what kills Zambian Democracy!! You expect a party in Power to be more democratic, accountable and follow its constitution to the “T” while opposition Parties have leaders with such stinking behaviour!!

  5. That statement is what is wrong with Zambian politics.

    We need political parties than can grow from ideologies.

    When one puts in a lot of money into a political party not as a donation to a cause it eventually becomes apparent that they seek to get a return on their investment.

  6. If PF lost power today, that will signify the end of the party. Give respect to late Sata for having managed the party in opposition for 10 years. Credit must also go to Edith Nawakwi and HH for managing parties in opposition for such long periods. Why the cry from members now! Are parties now being funded from tax payers? Just asking.

  7. Zambia has not developed true democrats yet. Our politicians especially in the opposition are all just comedians claiming they are fighting to defend our democracy in Zambia and yet they have proved beyond doubt that they are dictators in their own parties. Just listen to Namakwa’s speech, even HH attitude to other members with divergent views like Canisius. When they open their mouths to talk you might be tempted to think they are the true champions of Democracy in Zambia. Mumba, putting his foot down, is still insisting he is the president of MMD even after his party convention voted for Mutati. Very funny characters kikikiki.

  8. You can form a party and it becomes a party when it has members. It is no longer personal but an association of several entities or members. You can kick it today and it will live on. I used to heaar someone say Nalilwisha ubuntungwa, echalenga ukuti tapali ungeminina naine, kaniofye chula! Imagine, we Zambians can be fooled to that extent! We used to Vote where someone stood against a Toad/Frog! Thats how ‘Humble’ Zambians can be. Takalati kapwilile kalyakantu. Chimo no bushilu, tabupwililila!!!

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