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Yusuf Dodia’s son sentenced to jail for drug trafficking

General News Yusuf Dodia’s son sentenced to jail for drug trafficking

The Lusaka Magistrate Court has sentenced Private Sector Development Association Chairperson Yusuf Dodia’s son Hussain to one year six months suspended sentence for trafficking in narcotic substances. 

Hussain Dodia, 24 of Jesmondine in Lusaka was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission on 1st October 2016 after a tip off from the public for being   possession of 99.6 grams of cannabis without lawful authority.

Hussain pleaded guilty before Magistrate Rachel Mwansa.

PSDA chairman Yusuf Dodia
PSDA chairman Yusuf Dodia

In mitigation Hussain asked the court to exercise leniency as he was a first offender who did not waste the court’s time as he had readily admitted to the charge.

He pleaded before the court that a custodial sentence would hinder his intentions to pursue a Masters Degree at university.

But Magistrate Mwansa said drug trafficking was a serious offence which carried a maximum sentence of 25 years.

She said the court had exercised leniency by imposing a non-custodial sentence due to Hussain’s spirited mitigation.

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  1. Dodia is chief PF donor thats why his son was given a suspended sentence while our UPND comrades are still languishing in jail for refusing to sign the cooked G12 forms during the elections. PF has charged them with sedition bordering on treason.

    PF is rotten to the core. I have never heard any one convicted of drug trafficking sentenced like that in Zambia apart from those close to the regime.

    • This only reminds me of that criminal Chileshe who was growing marijuana in his greenhouses in Makeni and exporting them through ZEGA where he was Chairman. When caught, he almost got away with a suspended sentence but there was such a huge outcry and the High Court re-sentenced him. These judges are crooked all the way to the Kangaroo Court.

    • Just legalise it you idio0ts,and stop harassing people over trivial matters while big criminals such as Kabwili, Lubinda, Chanda DC, Kitwe, Chikwanda, kapata, Lungusha and hisown concubine Ester, etc, etc, still roam the streets scot free.

      If Califonia and other states in America and many more EU countries can legalise weed, whats the big deal with having a bit in grammes for a smoke.?

      Misplaced priorities that is….

    • you stupid schmucks ! do your research . This is a very common thing for first time offenders because we do not have the resources to imprison people on such minor offenses . Just a few months ago a woman from a lusaka compound was found with 12kilos of the same and sentenced the same way . . .

      So stop talking out of your backsides and do some research .

  2. 99 grammes of chamba for 1.5 years in jail? Why waste lives like this. Am sure that chamba was for recreational activities. Lets put real criminals like those who misappropriated billions of tax payers money behind bars. Shame.

  3. What has PF got to do with this case…? Try to be rational!! Maybe change your name to Muntu wopusa.

  4. Herb 99.6 grammes is nothing. Herb is the healing of the nation. It was found on King Solomon’s grave, the wisest man that ever lived!

  5. Look its about time we changed this time wasting Law regarding marijuana!

    Isn’t alcohol more harmful? How many lives have been lost due to drunken driving, social ills such as domestic violence under the influence of alcohol?

    Even the use of skin lighting creams in causing skin cancer is apparently more harmful than the use of marijuana.

    Let’s be real with ourselves!

  6. DEC is sadly an organisation composed of frustrated and very bitter UPND Lozi supremacist tribalists that make it a point to embarrass and intimidate Northerners and Easterners!

    DEC should be disbanded and absorbed into the Zambia Police Service. DEC serves no prupose, their money laundering division should be absorbed by the ACC.

  7. This is what I keep complaining about. Instead of those sleepist MPs bringing about controversy amending an amended constitution, they should be re-visiting laws such as this so we can decriminalize or even rationalize some of these so-called offenses. 99g of a drug that is currently being swept off the illegal shelf is laughable indeed. It is gratifying to note that he got a suspended sentence; that is a good start. Also, there is no way a motorist can be a criminal for not sticking those despicable reflectors on their otherwise legally and globally safe motor vehicles. We DO NOT MANUFACTURE VEHICLES and WE DID NOT ORIGINATE ANY TRAFFIC LAWS. Traditionally, chamba has had no issues until the colonial masters came and “reminded” us it was a crime, the same way they reminded us that the…

    • We DO NOT MANUFACTURE VEHICLES and WE DID NOT ORIGINATE ANY TRAFFIC LAWS. Traditionally, chamba has had no issues until the colonial masters came and “reminded” us it was a crime, the same way they reminded us that the Middle Eastern Gods were ours too.

  8. DODIA is A good man he used to help a friend of mine (FEMALE) Yes he could touch her genitals but he sponsored her to UK today she lives their and happily married though to an ARAB MAN

  9. Let the state appeal this crook must save time suspended how this guy has destroyed many children in Zambia he makes them sale the stuff others take it get hooked and this guy always make cash women, men are all his drug slaves come now HE ECL shake up DEC its gone to sleep ‘suspended’ when he was trafficking the law is clear….

  10. Why not just headline the article as “Zambian Arrested for Drug Trafficking” without bringing in the father in the headline?

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