34 foreign nationals nabbed

Immigration Officer
Immigration Officer

THE Immigration Department has  arrested 34 illegal immigrants across
the country.
Those arrested include 18 Congolese nationals in Kasumbalesa, six
Chinese nationals in Kitwe and two Malawians in Chipata arrested for
illegal entry.
Immigration acting Public Relations Officer  Wellington Lubinda
confirmed that stating an Angolan national was also arrested in Mongu
while Zimbabwean national was arrested in Shangombo of Western Province.
Mr Lubindsa said two other Congolese were arrested in Chingola for
illegal stay.
In a related development, Immigration Officers in Kitwe arrested five
Tanzanians for illegal trading.
Mr Lubinda said the illegal immigrants were arrested during the
department’s routine operations in Chisokone market where they were
found trading without immigration permits.
He said department also removed 22 illegal immigrants from the country.
“These include, ten Congolese nationals, seven Tanzanian Nationals,
three Zimbabwean Nationals, one Somalian national and one Chinese
national were removed from the country,”he said.
Mr Lubinda reiterated  the warning to foreign nationals who were in
the habit of breaking the law to desist from such acts as they risk
being arrested and prosecuted.
“The department also wishes to appeal to members of the public to
report any suspicious nationals to the nearest immigration office,”he


  1. Africans are NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. This is a VERY STUPID AND UNWORTHY CHARACTERIZATION. Instead of working towards integration and regional prosperity, this is what our leaders have managed to achieve. This rotten mindset must stop! We are all brothers and sisters with same origins. What we need is education, honesty and proper leadership on our continent. This ‘divide and conquer’ strategy was introduced here in order to weaken our continent with the ultimate goal of manipulation and exploitation.

    • Ba MASAI are all over and female immigration officials are their clients. Shame on you Wellington Lubinda you department is not functioning. Southgate mall is almost impassable because of these Ba masai and you tell me they all are investors as you call them?

    • Malawi, Congo, Angola?? these are our relatives, leave them alone. Chinese I would agree not fellow African nationals.. especially Malawians Zimbabwe and Zambian we the same people of Rhodesia.

  2. Anyone entering a foreign country and staying there without having proper papers is an Illegal Immigrant. It does not matter whether that country is in Europe or Africa

  3. Soon there will be an African passport and this will allow all Africans to live freely whereever they want to on the continent-as it should be! One Africa One people- doesn’t make sense to deport Africans from other African countries …unless they happen to be evil Nigerian fake pastors like TB Joshua who are also involved in Drug Trafficking in which case not just deporting but dealing with them as Dueterte of the Philipines is doing is the only solution!

    • That will be great. I know some will try to sabotage the idea in order to maintain the current status quo i.e keep us divided based on superficial differences while they pillage our natural resources. What many do not realize is that we have a lot in common than the differences emphasized right now. It is very important to zoom out and see things from a totally different perspective. Africa was more united during the liberation struggle than it is today for flimsy reasons. I applaud Ghana, the first African country to be independent for its pioneering role of making it easy for Africans to travel to Ghana i.e no visa and visa-on-arrival

  4. Zambia is heaven on earth for most coming from the said countries because food, medicines and the general peace are mbwe mbwe mbwe here. They shall surely come back within a short period with or without papers.

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