Its painful to see MMD members enjoying fruits of our labour- Copperbelt PF

PF Rally in Kitwe at Freedom
PF Rally in Kitwe at Freedom
PF Rally in Kitwe at Freedom
PF Rally in Kitwe at Freedom

Copperbelt Province PF officials have added their voice to the impending implosion of their Party saying “it is painful to see MMD members enjoying the fruits of our labour.”

The PF senior members who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimization said it is shocking that new comers have more power than people that founded and fought for the Party.

Four senior PF officials said it is painful to see people who fought and insulted Micheal Sata today calling the shots.

” We are in serious problems. We have two parallel structures here on the Copperbelt. Let me give you an example why we are saying that MMD has taken over. All the MPs on the copperbelt have roots of MMD. In Ndola Central Emmanuel Mulenga stood on MMD in 2011. Chifubu, Frank Ng’ambi stood on MMD, Kwacha, Joe Malanji stood on MMD and others.”

” All these were Rupiah Banda boys and today they are PF MPs elected on the popularity of PF. Are you telling me that we did not have credible PF members? This is the fight we have. Now these guys have their people from MMD. Next year, we are having party elections and these guys have positioned their friends from MMD to take over,” said one of PF officials.

They complained that most of the PF old members are being sidelined by the new members who have so much power.

They said soon the PF will have serious in fights, because they are not ready to let go of a party they fought for.

” Tell us who our strong men remaining in PF are? We don’t have any, they have been thrown out and the fear is that even us the remaining leaders, soon, we are going. It is a shame. Do you think Kambwili is happy today? He has a following and most of the leaders here are loyal to him. Wait and see what will soon happen.”

Meanwhile PF youths across the country have started a campaign on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp #WeWantToMeetThePresident demanding to meet the Party President Edgar Lungu.

The youths feel they have been dumped after being used to campaign for PF Parliamentary candidates and the President in the 2016 general election.


    • Rupiah will ask these cry baboon babies “ushe ni PF yanyoko?” And the cry babies will answer “No.” And then Edgar shall chase you all from Copperbelt PF executive and appoint MMD members. Mulimuchibe.
      #Lungu For Stability#

    • Zambians have realised that MMD had the right fomular for the country’s economy so why not bring them back. What was the kwacha – dollar rate when don’t kubeba started? Whats was the price of mealie meal? What was the price of fuel?

    • What is the meaning of a pact? you chose to work with MMD and this is what you wanted. Besides, MMD has better brains than any party in zambia

    • I have said it before and i will say it again, Its not HH who will bring down PF, But the same PF thugs who helped put EL on top will be the same thugs who will bring him down, Watch this space, Those who raise by the sword will fall by the same, If i where HH/UPND i will just get my bowl of pop corns and watch as the story unfolds, Mind you many will even die along the way looking at how violent PF thugs can be.

    • These are Sata’s PFools. They thought that just because Lungu speaks in iciBemba that he was one of them. Lungu instead has done a Wako ni Wako on them. Why did they agree to a pact with MMD and why did they nominate former MMD candidates? These maggots should swallow their pride and move on. They have lost their boat/bwato. Try swimming to UPND instead if you do not want Lungu to fall on you like a tonne of bricks.

  1. They were busy concentrating on upnd and forgot that RB wz entering from behind…this is swit…11 years spent removing MMD and they are back in full force enjoying your sweat it’s lik u were jus transition vessels

    • RB didn’t even enter through the back door. PF hunted him after the demise of Sata and brought him through the front door.

      The forgot their own parable “ichikupempula echikulya”.

    • These are Sata’s PFools. They thought that just because Lungu speaks in iciBemba that he was one of them. Lungu instead has done a Wako ni Wako on them. Why did they agree to a pact with MMD and why did they nominate former MMD candidates? These maggots should swallow their pride and move on. They have lost their boat/bwato. Try swimming to UPND instead if you do not want Lungu to fall on you like a tonne of bricks.

  2. That’s the problem with politics of the belly. Be happy that you chose leaders who will deliver for Zambia. So you were not fully convinced of the quality you were campaigning for but were only interested in personal gain? Good for you!
    Time for work is now; let the President choose people who can deliver and who he can work with. The time when you were relevant – time for campaign – is over. Thank you for your contribution. Now its time for work which requires different skills. And you don’t have that.

  3. Get over it. I have no sympathy for PF cadres complaining now. When RB offered to campaign for EL, I never heard a single PF member complain. Jean Kapata at some rally held in January 2015 even offered RB the Veep post. The fact is, had RB not campaigned for PF in 2015, HH would have won. You are in power, so why complain now. You think that support was genuine? RB’s support was conditional. Just find other income generating ventures to support your families rather than relying on free manna in politics.

  4. They shld even stop saying Sata RIP … who would RIP lik this…yo brother who didn’t share yo dream gets to be beneficiary of your assets leaving your kids stranded wen u dead … ikona man

  5. First and foremost people are elected by the Zambian voter. The same people agreed that the current Mps stand on the PF ticket. Thats why you can even boost that you have the majority in Parliament. Secondly people are appointed in ministerial positions based on their competence, qualifications and loyalty. In other words ministerial positions are open to each and very Zambian depending on the appointing authority. These appointemnts are not a preserve of one particular group. You feel sidelined ask yourself why. But point of caution, don’t let your confussion dostroy this Country. We have given you the mandate to rule so prove to us that you are the right people. Otherwise we shall be saying we made a mistake to usher in these peopl. Lastly there are many people on the bench…

  6. With such thinking, Zambia will never develop. Its not the matter of enjoying but serving the people on merit. Iam Pf but don’t like politics of the belly. Plz Mr president, continue appointing people on merit. Don’t listen to negatives. Extend your hand to upnd and pick hh as agriculture minister if at all he can accept. We need development not politics of enjoyment..!

  7. I wonder if Politicians go into politics to serve people or to get employment? I have never liked Trump, but i admired him when he recently announced that he would forego his entire presidential salary during his rule. That is what we call selfless service.

  8. Tell Kambwili that Bowman Lisambo is his boss in Copperbelt. Each time he visits Cooperbelt his should be kneeling before Bowman Lusambo, it is finished. PF your a gone.

  9. What these disgruntled Copperbelt PF members are saying is absolute nonsense. All of us in PF, including the founding members like late Michael Sata and Guy Scott, came from other political parties, mostly MMD. After the failed third term attempt, a lot of MMD members migrated to other political parties like Heritage, FDD, and PF. I joined PF in 2004 from MMD and one of the so-called PF agitators on the Copperbelt whom I know personally joined the PF in 2008. The problem with some of these guys is that they wanted positions – utupoto – which they couldn’t get, hence their bitterness. Some of us played very critical roles including working on the party manifesto and the constitution, but we are not fighting for anything and are content with our jobs as ordinary party members.

  10. What did Sata do apart from :
    -Fill zesco and foreign missions with relatives
    Make unplanned announcements
    Insult ministers
    Embarrass the nation at internationsl events.
    Create funny districts that messed up our economy.
    Fail to address the mation apart ftom those silly parliament addresses.
    So Which Sata Legacy do you want to protect here ?
    The nation is safer with PF under MMD Control !

  11. This is insane! so wen these PF cadres were campaigning and voting , didn’t they know they were voting for MMD MPs? Why did u support them then? This is not Satas PF. Its now Lungus. So grow up and live wit that.

  12. How many non-bembas are complaining? All this has come up because of the firing of the chief tribalist Kambwili and the sidelining of other hardcore bemba extremists like Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri, Emmanuel Mwamba, Kelvin Bwalya Fube, Sunday Chanda, and many other tribal sycophants. Tasting your own medicine ba kolwe imwe. Lungu will dismantle you and you exaggerated ego. Even ka chilufya Tayali wants to portray himself as somebody reasonable, Zambia mwaisula ubupuba. . . and then, ubunga ni K100+

  13. It’s like the real PF has been done a Dununa Reverse. The party was truly in power for only three years as the MMD has taken over.

    Under the PF government Kambwili will go to jail and lose everything he has, while Siliya will make more millions. Hmmmn!! Who would have seen this coming in November 2011.

  14. I conka with these disgruntled PFs. Lungu is a big sell out. He is targetting PF founders to be out of PF ..slowly Pf is changing colours from green to blue just coz of money or lupiya

  15. You see how the Sata clan has been cleaned out of the PF. The MMD chased Sata out of the MMD. Now again the have followed Sata into his PF and again, the MMD is chasing Sata out of his PF. Yaba!

    • The Bembas, smartasses as usual, thought that to control the Presidency after Sata they had to put in a non-Bemba like Lungu. Big mistake! Just like Chiluba did with Mwanawasa. Unfortunately in both cases there was no Bemba who was remotely good enough to win elections, even with rigging.

  16. Alah, kaili utulo ba Kaboke imwe muleke, efyo abena Chipata bakula milila amasuku pa tulukobo twenu uto utwaba kwati twakwa Brazil Zikas! Because in al honest just how do you expect a fully blown chimpanzee like Chimbvwili Kashimba to outsmart Bwezani? He is still making you chaps pay for setting one of your own to embarass him “kumutundila pa gurumuthu” in front of the whole universe.By the time he is done with you, you will be back dwelling in the Iturian jungle, swinging from one branch to another.

  17. PF cadres lets dance dununa ruve now, u thought the song was meant for HH. U have small brains, its u they were singing for

  18. Imagine Dorah with all that gianomous bokossi of hers, out bokossing Chimbwili and all the other CB lumpes leaving them bal ndwiiii PF gone. You hveto admire Mwana wa Kwitu’s bokossi a dribbling skills, mwine Kaboke was still watching the bokossi/wowowo/kishtobe/lilaho salivating seriously and by the time he woke up, PF gone! Utulu muleke tuf.ikala imwe.

  19. Bembas you are stupidest people ever seen. All the time when you make something, somebody come at get it. Lungu is bringing his people from Eastern to consolidate his position. You are ndwii wait he will come and team up with Tongas and Lozis.

    • That’s the obvious next game play. Will Lungu want to be succeeded by Chimbwili or HH? Lungu has rock solid evidence of corruption and mega-theft against Chimbwili after just one year of Lungu being President and nothing against HH even after 6 years of PF investigations. So who should Lungu play along with to protect Zambian interest, not Bemba tribal interests? Lungu is a drunkard but he is a proper law graduate and not a fake PhD.

  20. Tamulati bane, mwalisamwa sana eat the tribe now. You were busy insulting other tribes as if they are not Zambians. Tribalism mu Zambia yashupa that’s why we are suffering. Kambongolo Kambongola pa Zed.

  21. Just enjoy with them you were told you never listen,MMD has taken over PF indirect it`s dununa reverse.You supported them blindly you see,more things to come it`s just too early for you.APAPENE TABALAIBA NOKWIBA think forward let them finish their egg.

    • @Mateo and Emmanuel Kamwimba…..I couldn’t agree with you guys more on this topic. I’ve always said and I reiterate my thoughts on the solution to this problem of recycled politicians. Depending on a good listening President with brains, we ought to as a nation enact a law that prevents the likes of Dora and other well known defectors to just join the winning team once their party goes down. We cannot afford as a nation to allow the same politicians jumping from one party to another to rule us as recycled material. If we can achieve that, I guarantee you, Zambia will always be equipped to tackle any problems collectively because people will know what to expect once they took up government position. Unlike now, it is rather shameful to have same faces stealing and ruling us for years…

  22. Ata bane so you wanted ukulilapo? Edgar’s agenda is to improve zambia not a lazy PF chairman who lives off corruption, sale of land, misusing CDF. Game over you leeches and start farming like some of us.

  23. “Are you telling me that we did not have credible PF members?” said one PF official.

    Hmmmm… well, yes. It think that’s exactly what you are being told. Raising fists and and shouting pabwatoooooo longer than someone else does not make you credible. I think “said PF official” just answered his own question!

  24. As a genuine PF member, it is easy to tell that most of the bloggers posting so much nonsense here are UPND types who want to divide the PF into Bemba and non-Bemba factions. It won’t work.

  25. There is no in fighting in PF. Can you compare this with the way Guy Scott, Mumembe and company fought but failed to bring ECL down? That was a tough battle than this ukubuta. PF will weather the storm from disgruntled elements as always.

  26. stop complaining you baboons original PF members are brainless,edgar u are doing fine to chase the let bwezani replace Inonge as vice president viva lungu

  27. Lungu should know that firing Kambwilli will bring him down.Why is he scared of Kambwili?We want imbwilli.Come 2021 Lungu will be history in PF.We put him there bcoz we wanted PF to continue in power but he has started fighting pipo with presidntial ambitions.We in PF love kambwili.Lungu won coz of Kambwili but he thinks now everything will be good.State house is full of corrupt pipo even the president is not clean.Therefore let him not persecute his friends.According to the survey in PF, 90% members are not happy with Lungu after firing Kambwili.The president can find out if he wants.The only groups happy are MMD and UPND chaps.Lungu twapapata stop it u’ll be jail in 2021.Some pipo can’t c really.I’m PF and support Kambwili and PF

    • Let’s see how Chimbwili can fight Lungu. I will buy tickets for that fight. In this game Lungu holds all the aces. You cannot fight the head of state and win. Chiluba learnt that the hard way against Mwanawasa. Soon Chimbwili’s own matrix of corruption and mega-theft will be coming out of the Daily Nation.

  28. There are so many people in PF that a politically raw. Such malcontents imagined they could deprive other Zambians of national resources for their own personal enjoyment. It is not sustainable. It can only be short-lived and now the bubble has burst. “Spilt blood will always cry out for justice or vegence.”

  29. Again what i have seen in UPND chaps especially bantustan pipo is to see bembas being persecuted.I don’t know why they hate bembas.This is why UPND can’t win elections bcoz of such pipo with hatred of other tribes.Some chaps so long as lungu starts persecuting Bembas they’ll be happy.Anyway ba UPND u don’t deserve the presidency pantu Zambia will be divided with such thinking in some members of yos.We need to love one another and not spread hatred against one tribe.This is inferiority complex in some UPND chaps.How i pray that such hatred cleaned in your hearts.One Zambia One Nation.We are not fighting tribe but corruption in all tribes.Therefore we are asking ba lungu to fire Kaizer Zulu and his friends who are corrupt.We in PF are not happy at all.He should take this warning…

    • Bembas are hated because of their tribal tendencies and thieving habits. How can Chimbwili as Information Minister even steal more than the President??? Stealing is not allowed but this type of stealing is sickening, shocking even.

  30. I ts better to be under mmd than pf fools, mmd people they are more qualified than pf kamponyas, well come back RB on boat viva mmd.

  31. It is very sad what Edgar Lungu has done to PF he used his friends and brought in MMD who people voted out of power. Zambians you are to blame for all this.

  32. #Agony of being a cadre…The President clearly stated at the swearing in of ministers. People will be appointed on merit, not party loyalty or bootlicking. We thank those who fought and campaigned but that doesn’t entitle you to anything. Understand that you as cadres have outlived your usefulness. The President now has the mandate and now excersising his power. The so called dull and humble President has dribbled you ‘bol naikosa’. Just make a new plan and feed your families. Ubunangani tabulisha…


  34. I am saddened to see the political enemies of Sata today are injoying his sweat. If Sata can spin from the grave Lungu could force him in exile.
    RB today torments Sata in the grave by becoming Lungu’s surrogate.
    All those MPs and ministers 75 percent are MMD, real PF have been thrown out and you are saying Bembas ruling shame!! Dora Siliya, Hardliner MMD Bowman Lusambo, Mutati, were in the fore front insulting and castigating Sata. Today there are untouchable in PF .
    All these appointments you are
    seeing are preparing Lungu to overstay
    Any way for me I don’t trust Easterners to be our political allies. In 1991 Easterner refused to join MMD and they didn’t vote for Chiluba . Tongas , Lozis and those in North western province voted overwhelmingly for Chiluba. They joined MMD in…

    • The trouble with Bembas is too much ego. That’s why they do not want to cooperate with Tongas and Lozis who are level headed and assertive. Bembas instead prefer the slimy easterners only to find very late, as GBM concluded in 2012, that “Easterners are sly”.

  35. Its painful to see Dora siliya who fought and insulted Michael Sata today calling the shots. Itspainful to see Mulusa calling the shots it’s painful to see mutati calling the shots

  36. Zambia not for PF only but all who want to contribute positively. What enjoyment are these fellows expecting. The elections are long gone and now we are all looking forward to working together.

  37. I am not PF but I voted for Edgar and so did other thousands. Those minions who want ukulilapo are a minute fraction of us and if they are not careful they’ll end up like Mulenga Sata. PF is not Zambia that its members should enjoy more than other citizens.

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