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Zambians need to trust the electoral process -ECZ chairperson Esau Chulu


Voting in vote in Lubansenshi
File:Voting in vote in Lubansenshi

Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Chairperson Esau Chulu has said there’ was need for the country to build trust in the electoral process.

Mr Justice Chulu observed that the just ended November 8th United States(US) elections were successful because of the trust in the electoral system of the country.

This is contained in a statement issued by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia Patricia Litiya.

The ECZ Chairperson who visited several polling stations in two states and the capital Washington DC said he was impressed with the advanced voting system that provided for various voting options including early voting and voting outside the country.

He said trust in the electoral system was important because it assists to legitimize the results as they were released, as was the case with the US Presidential Elections.Mr Justice Chulu said this was contrary to what happened in Zambia where some stakeholders challenged some of the results as they were being announced.

“In the U.S. people knew what numbers were expected from the Electoral College in order for a candidate to win and keenly followed the results as they were released,”he said.

Mr Justice Chulu noted that the milestones would help enhance the electoral process but could only be achieved once stakeholders gained trust.

He said that there was a lot that Zambia can learn from the electoral system in the USA citing the civility during the run up, during the elections and after results were announced.

He was however skeptical with the Electoral College rule of deciding a winner as opposed to a candidate with popular vote alone.

Mr Justice Chulu and ECZ Chief Electoral Officer Priscilla Issacs were in the United States to observe the just ended 2016 presidential elections that saw Republican candidate Donald Trump emerge victorious.


  1. After u stole votes for upnd who will trust you in ECZ, in America it took 24hrs to know the winner with a population over 100million pipo and yet in zambia with a population of 3million voters takes 3 weeks to know the winner. shame to you old man.

    • People are still protesting in USA, what is there to trust?
      And what is Esau Chulu still doing in DC, taking pictures of ballots?

    • The dog is being rewarded with holidays for stealing the election.Please if possible stay there don’t come back you are a minus to the well being of this country.

    • Only a rabid dog can bark the stinking vomits such as the ones from this Crook of a Judge. Are you not ashamed that you are comparing your sham of elections to the world class and credible elections? Easy to accept by all competitors?

    • Don’t lie you, messed up the presidential election. Trust will only come if you operate freely not influenced by rulling parties. ECZ are a shame and should be closed.

  2. Shame to the Supreme Leader HH for not conceding defeat in good time…However, we expect the Supreme leader to perform well in 2021 by offering constructive criticism to the current Government… only then, will he be considered for employment…

    • @Jameson this is real reason your Supreme Leader will never win because of danderheads like you who insult instead of debating issues…and I have just realised that most Watchdog dogs have invaded our site hence the insults…

    • @Zakeyo….you are lost man. You don’t understand anything about voting or politics. Always comparing Zambia to United States honestly, you guys including Esau Lungu are so dumb. Remember Donald Trump won the US elections based on fear, insults, bigotry, racist agenda. That is not the world we all want where you insult everyone to get to the top. Right now as I speak USA is seriously divided all because of Trump and his shenanigans. And by the way Americans are so confused and stupid that they could vote such a person to the highest office in the land. And who who paid for Esau and Isaac’s to go around US elections. Our government is rotten to the core.

    • yes he will as long as pricilla and eausu are not involved; shame on you see to even dare utter a word about Zambia s elections;

  3. Ba Esau Chulu,
    Now you have got it backwards. The ECZ need to EARN trust from Zambians. You don’t demand trust, you earn it. As simple as that.

    But I am sure deep down you know this, but you are just playing dumb for reasons best known to yourself.


  5. Esau…even in the biblical Esau had issues of legitimacy. Once you learn how to count, and read numbers correct, may be we can start to give you an ear. 21 000 is not read as twenty nine thousand (29 000) iwe yet you are supposed to be a judge!? You go to USA to check on votes yet you haven’t been to your now infamous ‘..I now turn to Lundazi Constituency in Lundazi district of Eastern Province”…sic

  6. These two apes are not the right people to pass comments on the fraudulent Zambian electoral process to which they are part and parcel and it’ s not feasible for them to compare the rotten Zambian electoral process to that of the USA. It’ s sad that after they were oiled with millions of tax payers’ money, they rewarded further by going to the USA on a non productive mission. What can these apes learn from the USA ? Zambia better be colonised again than fooling the poor people Zambians.

  7. The RIGGER in Chief is now asking Zambians to have trust in the electoral process? This same one that threw 58,000 ballots in the rubbish to make sure Lungu got more than 50%? This same one that kept the G12 forms until the votes had been changed to suit PF? This same one that cancelled campaigning in Lusaka by the opposition but did nothing about PF campaigning during the ban? This same one that that said nothing about PF abusing the public media and closing down The Post?

    Get out you PF stooge! Are you so completely shameless that after defrauding the Zambian Nation you can publically ask them to trust you and your ECZ?

    • @dokotor….well said man. These people have taken Zambia and Zambians for granted for far too long. Honestly I don’t know why it is impossible for such people like Esau to tell the truth, corruption corruption corruption.

  8. Just seeing the two names Esau Chulu and Priscilla Isaacs makes me remember of how money can make people so wicked and selfish. The two will never experience peace in their lives. There is no peace to the wicked.

  9. Comment:Mr Chulu learn to earn intergrity. You go to America and compare the mess that you created in our Country. who in their right sense will trust you in Zambia coz we all know that u and Isaacs have messed up ecz and we will never forget you for generations to come. My last comment to you Mr Chulu and your Isaacs is that just shut up we don’t need your lecture the day of reckoning is coming and God will surely answer our prayers and save us from the affliction that you have imposed on Zambians coz of your selfishness with your tribe mates shame.

  10. Bwana Chulu you have a lot of work to do to earn our trust. I for one will never trust ECZ as long as it is under your chairmanship. People in US voted on 8th November and by 9th we had the results. No fidgeting with results. In some constituencies we haven’t seen authentic form GN 12 up to now and you expect us to trust your ECZ? Someone was caught red handed in the server room up to now nobody knows what happened to him, instead innocent people like Mwaliteta have been detained for conducting citizens arrest and you expect us to trust your electoral body? Can’t never. You need to confess and repent of your sins you committed.

    • The problem is that we all know who the criminals are yet we don’t punish them for their misdeeds. The Concourt ruled that the ministers pay the money back for illegal occupation and use of government funds and property yet till now no one knows if any of the money has been reimbursed. No word from ECL on this very important matter. And yet people are languishing in jails for crimes they didn’t commit, have no jobs no food no money to send their kids to school. I mean does anyone know what’s going on in regard to the minister’s looted money???? Anyone?? To fight corruption , we need to set things like this straight for voters to build confidence in the current leadership. Kambwili got fired on grounds he was corrupt but is he going to be prosecuted the same way the PF did Meembe or…

  11. Thats when you are head now since you fraudulently announced cooked results. You did not tell us this after elections but instead you went into hiding to yo hide your shem and enjoy the fruits of your treacherous activity. You were dictating whatever you wanted to stackholders and how can they trust you. As long as you, Pricilla and Akufuna are at ECZ, we never trust your ECZ. By the way the three of you are suppose to resign on moral grounds.

  12. IMHO, first ECZ must be independent and take steps to always be clean and consistent with their handling of elections, then mutual respect and trust will come. I believe in ‘most situations’ ACTION = REACTION

  13. Just shut up you evil man who deprived the people of Zambia from having a leader they voted for, instead you did everything to favour your tribesman. Let me tell you there shall be no peace in that party because of the suffering of people in Zambia. They paid you for manipulating the votes and Chavula helped you ECZ to manipulate our votes. God will hear our prayers as we cry to him daily. You shall reap what you have sown in the ground. Do not mock us by comparing US voting system to Zambia.Did US take three days to announce the results? You announced three days later after cooking up figures. You are under a curse Easau no wonder God hated Essau in the Bible.

  14. *****s Chulu just shut up i really hate the entire ECZ thugs for selling this country to Stupid president eve seen our country. God bless you Chulu and your ***** boss. I feel like vomiting after hearing Chulu and this boy so called president.

  15. Just enjoy allowances, you lost your credibility on August 11, 2016 and that you are not fit to lecture us about electoral code of conduct hypocrit

  16. A monkey telling the farmer that his friends are good maize harvesters..really laughable…this is even after wasting $3m printing mere ballot paper in Dubai!!

  17. What is this bugger Essau saying after manipulation of the result.let him & her issac be person to open there sticking mouth let them be last time we hear them

  18. Waste of taxpayer`s money to get you to the USA, you are telling us you did not know that the Zambian people needed to trust ECZ,but that trust was depended on your behaviour. Had you conducted yourself in a normal and standard way, you and ECZ as whole, would have gained the trust.Trust was lost because of you, therefore, you have nothing to lecture Zambian people to trust you. Tell the truth what transpired during the Zambian elections, then you will gain the trust. Learn from Comey, the FBI Director, although to some extent he influenced the elections, but he has not lost his face, because he did what was right. You could as well have stood up and told the nation the true and factual status of results of the Zambian elections, but you were a coward, remained silent. BTW, who truely won…

  19. One thing that really pisses me off is people in authority taking citizens for granted. Chulu should be the last person to ask people to trust the electoral systems. He stole votes here. And what guts to tell the Americans all is ok. Who’s he in America?
    Even trump said the elections maybe rigged.
    Chulu go to hell

  20. “He who pays respect to a stupid man paves the way for his own stupidity,” to paraphrase Chinua Achebe. This Esau Chulu man, who was reading wrong figures in order to increase votes for PF, should be viewed within this microcosm.

  21. Comment:How do you expect to be Trusted when the whole process was a FRAUD especially by you Chulu, wait and see, You will leap what you have saw

  22. Essay chuulu should not insult Zambians instead he should just keep his stupid mouth to himself, we are still bleeding with the pain he and his cohorts caused on us, he mocks us we pray dangerous prayers so that he doesn’t enjoy his corrupt aquired money.

  23. Trust is earned and not smeared on people like soft touch pure petroleum jelly. Work on the weaknesses experienced in the last election.

  24. Learning is not bad but the issue is trust and discpline,How do you expect trust from the zambian pipo when the last elections were highly scandalised,Explain to the nation what your findings are on the man caught in the server room and i expected pricilla isaacs out of ECZ is trust has to be earned.The is nothing personal but i saw guiltyness in her eyes,very cleary,her arrogance with never take her anywhere

    • You swine are you saying only UPND should be concerned about credible elections,i thought this should be a concern for all patriotic Zambians.This explains why our country is so divided.We cant even agree on basic things like credibility of un election.For you it would appear so long your choice as gone thru no matter the process its ok,the end justifies the means.

  25. How can we trust the ECZ electoral system when you cannot explain why CHAVULA (the Ugandan national) was given unfettered access to the ECZ server room? Can you explain why in the first place ECZ failed to deliver G12 forms to Lusaka based constituencies? Or why it took 4 days to rectify delivery G12 forms to constituencies that were within 10Km radius of your headquarters? 2.5Km per day, what mode of transport is this? You certainly can walk faster than that. Further, why are the results for Kanyama constituency (Lusaka) out of pattern with the rest of the Lusaka results? In short, you are not trustworthy. Your predecessor Judge Mambilima won our trust but not you Esau.

  26. Can someone tell this stupid man to shut up. This piece of s…t has caused irreparable damage to this country, to the economy and to everything. and he wants to claim a high moral ground to tell us nonsense. We are not kids to be told bull..

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