IG instructs officers to reduce check points

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

Inspector General of Police Mr Kakoma Kanganja has directed all Provincial Police Commissioners to implement the directive by government on the reduction of permanent security and traffic check points.

He has since communicated to Police Commissioners to ensure that all police officers adhere to the Parliamentary pronouncement made by Minister of Home Affairs, Hon Stephen Kampyongo.

Mr Kanganja has warned of stern action against any officer who will be found operating outside the recognized security and traffic check points.

The Traffic section has been advised to complement the remaining checkpoints with increased motorised patrols to ensure that there is observance of laws and regulations.

He has also warned of stringent action against all officers who have a tendency of engaging themselves in corrupt activities during police operations and that his command has put in place mechanisms to detect and bring to book all those who would be found wanting.


  1. How many times have we heard such directives?
    Check points are a gold mine in Zambia; the money that is corruptly collected from the motorists is shared amongst the Police top brass including the IG, his Deputy and commissioners

    • You should understand that the IG is not doing this willingly. He is implementing a directive made by the minister of Home Affairs in Parliament. So he is also devastated. It’s Dununa Regret all the way.

    • In Lusaka, traffic police are no longer doing check points. Instead they walk along roads peering into private vehicles like thieves. They are looking for people in phones, or not wearing seat belts. It is pretty intrusive and unsettling when the Police are literally fishing on roads for offences.

  2. That’s a good move, traffic police are too corrupt that’s why the are to quick to mount check points because the money collected ends up in their pockets. Next you should reduce the fees charged so that the become reasonable and people will be able to pay to the police instead of giving these corrupt officers. it’s actually the high penalty fees that causes people to bribe these over excited officers.

  3. These guys are really corrupt, even going to the extent of making chidyelano amongst themselves especially those from Benn Mwiinga in mtendere

  4. Ba IG well done, please enforce this directive. Its too much, these traffic police are destroying us with their madness and useless roadblocks.
    In the case of public service vehicles If they want to inspect for certificates and licenses please let them check at their bus stations and taxi ranks. For private vehicles let the traffic police carry foot patrols and check road licenses etc of vehicles when they are parked.If we want to save lives its better for a traffic officer to inspect a bus that is travelling from Kitwe to Nakonde before it embarks-that’ll be more effective in saving lives than allowing a noise making money seeking fake pastor that spits in your face as it shouts gibberish.

  5. These thugs in uniform are really terrorising us. Traffic Police in Zambia are the most corrupt on the planet. I mean planet. corruption in Zambia Police knows no rank.

  6. Let’s not blame the police after all it’s us who corrupt them..many are the times we are caught breaking traffic rules but we negotiate with them instead of them charging us high fees..they are understanding as compared to RTSA but now you want to blame them,sometimes it can be a minor error from us and cops would let you go scotfree if you explain yourself..if you are a true motorist you will agree with me

  7. @Kay,you dont know what you are suporting.zambia traffic police are the most corrupt in the world.check their houses and goods in their homes then compare it with their salaries.traffic police department is the most wanted by 99% new officers in police because its an ATM for them.RTSA is far much better than Zambia traffic police.in Lusaka,no matter how new a mini bus will be,it will be impounded until k200 or so is paid.if ACC went behind Lusaka central police,am sure their eyes cant believe seeing how corrupt these officers are!!they are not found in their offices but are always on the roads!!I REALLY THANK HON.KAMPYONGO FOR THIS MOVE!!WE HAVE SUFFERED A LOT AT THE HANDS OF TRAFFIC POLICEMEN!!THIS IG ALSO BENEFITED AND THATS WHY HE KEPT QUIET UNTIL THE MINISTER TOOK ACTION!!!if i were…

  8. If i were ECL,i would get rid of traffic police department completely and leave only learned RTSA officers on our roads!!these guys do not even wait for their salaries as they get paid daily on our roads.they even boast that what is a salary?amazing!!i now love PF more for this move!!we cant be slaves in our own country Zambia.traffic police officer do not reason with anybody.even if you are going to church,for funeral,wedding,late for work,they cant allow u to go minus paying!!they will detain you for hours until you give them a last ngwee in your pocket!!most of them have no heart for fellow Zambians.all they see on any motorist is money-amazing!!PLEASE PF GOVNT-GO FURTHER BY ABORLISHING TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT FROM ZP AND LET RTSA DO ROAD PATROLS BECAUSE RTSA WOULD EDUCATE YOU,ADVISE YOU TO…

  9. I repeat,the IG shouldnt seem to be a saint here because had Hon.Kampyongo not listened to Zambians,the IG could have continued sending his traffic police officers on our roads like flies from 07hrs to 17hrs then meet after work to share collected money per day.if you are new in Lusaka,you may think Zambia is not peaceful because all traffic policemen from lusaka central move like flies on town roads.surely what motivates them not to be working from their offices if not money via corruption?PLEASE MR MINISTER,REDUCE THE FEES TO AS LOW AS K20 SO THAT PEOPLE CAN BE PAYING EASILY TO GOVNT THAN AVOIDING TO PAY YOUR HIGH FEES OF ABOUT K450 AND END UP GIVING TRAFFIC POLICEMEN K150 OR K100.YOUR HIGH FEES MAKE THESE CORRUPT OFFICERS RICH VIA BRIBES WHILE GOVNT GETS ZERO!!!

  10. Minister of home affairs please listen to the voice of the people reduce traffic offence fees to end corruption by traffic police officers. The government Will end up receiving same amount from traffic offences but policemen almost nothing. Try it.

  11. Slush the fines to less than half and motorists will pay government and not the cop. Corruption is so bad that even when you decide to pay at the Police station, even there in their offices, they tell you openly with everybody hearing. They’d tell you; don’t pay the whole fine, it is too much. They can suggest you pay only a quarter of the amount.

  12. Pliz RTSA and the minister, work on reducing the fines on the roads.because by the time you realize these guys Will be richer than you could imagine.kanganja had seen this a long time ago but he never wanted to put an end to it,because he’s the chief beneficially.
    If the highest fine is K150 why should i even give bribe to them.RTSA when you dont have the money they give you a period to pay but with traffic its a different story,even the list offence is impound able.
    Nabamwela bavisote va black are now out of the police posts balipamuseu bafunsa na licence.

  13. This is pathetic.The IG did not know the traffic officers were just mounting road blocks to make money? Is there any intelligence in the police? Did he have to wait for a PF cadre to tell him to do his job?I thought the operational function rests squarely with the IG and not political cadres?

  14. it was long overdue now my only worry is that such pronouncement have been made on several occasions and at the end of the day nothing was implemented,i hope this time around its going to work,we are tired of these morons traffic police officers.

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