Ignore petty statements circulating online -Kambwili

FILE: Kambwili and Lungu addressing the crowd
FILE: Kambwili and Lungu addressing the crowd
FILE: Kambwili and Lungu addressing the crowd

Former Information Minister Chishemba Kambwili has called on the public to ignore “petty statements” circulating on some online media publications.

Mr Kambwili said he has not released any statement against the head of state nor addressed the corruption allegations.

His explained that anything being released by the Zambian Eagle, Mwebantu News Media or any other publication is false and a total fabrication.

“Please be informed that I have not released a single statement against the head of state, neither have I directly addressed corruption claims.

“Any communication from me will be done through my official Facebook page, anything else released on Zambian Eagle, Mwebantu News Media, ZNN or any other online publication is not authentic and it is total fabrication,” said Mr Kambwili on his Facebook page.

He reiterated his loyalty to the PF and his wish to maintain cordial relationship with the head of state.

“I have reiterated the fact that I remain a loyal member of the party and wish to maintain a cordial relationship with the head of state as well as General party structures. All I have said with regards to ACC is that they are welcome to investigate me because I believe I have nothing to hide,” he said.


  1. Gutless Lungu is scared of this thief. With so such overwhelming evidence the ACC is still waiting for Lungu’s instructions? Everyone can see that this man is corrupt and abused his position to make himself super rich in a period of 5 years. The docility of Zambians is mind boggling.

    • This guy is a thief, Ask him about the rail line in Luanshya and how he used to fight with the police when he used to steal copper cable, Us who know this guy are even surprised that the poor Zambians have let him to go this far, If i had my way i would not even employ him as an garden boy coz he will end up empting my DIY garage, Chibwili has long fingers and he is not intelligent, period.

      Why should people be writing always negatively about you on social media? Are you a force to reckon with? In the backdrop of opposition seizure of opportunity to destroy the PF, do you count? I am encouraged to hear that you still maintain loyalty to the party in the face of trying moments. I for one thought that you had lost it like Miles. From today on wards, I will be checking your FB postings to learn about your latest updates. I wonder why people should keep dragging you in the mud with all those innuendos and negative propaganda. Be careful some of these negative campaigners could be within the party. You have gained enough negative publicity already! I urge you to stop fighting back as portrayed on…

  2. @George you hate for senior PF leaders will one day kill u!!why cant u be talking about your hh who benefited from sale of Govnt firms?almost all Govnt officials have money and that is the benefit of being in power.there are a lot of opportunities when u are in power!!Dr CK got loans to built his properties.all these ministers learnt a big lesson from former leaders.so they do it the RB(Mpundu Trust) way!!

  3. @ Njimbu let the courts prove his innocence not you. As it stands, he has to explain his source of wealth in full detail. Failure to which it will be considered loot public funds and he must repay and face jail. This goes for all PF members that have suddenly become rich when the country has become economically inept due to massive corruption. I bet the largest government cost is not even salaries but corruption. Maybe they should include it in the budget a line called money for corrupt PF thugs because they loot in broadday light without any regard for the poor

  4. *****s,it will continue paining you M*** F****.Learn to work hard and use opportunities in life.Put yourself in his
    position…..what would you do you hypocrites?Stop doing your usual business because you are in government??

  5. The right time to test a leader is when there is a crisis. A good leader seizes an opportunity when he is under threat and comes back stronger than he was. CK you have this opportunity to make or break! So far so good your calmness is ok.

  6. That is a sign of a great man pipo can put words into his mouth and when he speaks the country trembles. Kambwili and Sata are great men and those who want to fight him should think twice because they will find themselves under his feet. God’s plan

  7. Ona kambwete ka kanyikuta kahao kao Kambwili Lungu hataku nepela mwa ndeende kauke konji ka tubehe kusiya fa mukubu wahao inge fa limbwata la Yeta Nalute the Canibal! Konji u inyelele mwa siziba wa Miyanda singe Kaunda hasimu tuba machende ahae ?

  8. Kono singe Kambwili simunna sa batu hasi bizezwi kwa mileko, kunyalisa kwateni mwana kipeto lusika lwa bonganelela! Mutu wateni bunsu bwahae ki bwiiii mane inge poho yabo kukwahae na Numwa Imakena. Ona mang’ana ateni mane neba mang’ana a siku kapa sikapu mwanalilolo ki mwana ?

  9. Kona zana hanezi Dora ku somisa kwateni, na shunguzi kuli samu yambukiseza bumaswe ni linansa. The former ACC boss dumped him because apparently ubwamba tabwima! Nga bwaima limoline its agony, premature ejaculation! That baboon sure, it is a lumpenized one.

  10. Anyone been reading the ‘Zambian Observer’? At least its something different after the ‘clamp’ on the Zambian Watchdog and The Post.

  11. Kambwili is still negotiating with ECL but the later has already disposed of him. How naïve? Trying to navigate his way out carefully but the dye is cast. BaKambwili ECL is no longer your political comrade. He is an opponent and very soon he will push you out of the PF. Butukisha wafwa! Or die standing. Chula afwila pa chishiba cakwe . You were warned!

  12. In politics, nothing happens by chance.
    If it happens, then it was planned
    These guys are playing cards (if not mmd cards).
    The guy was too vocal, so they needed to get reed of him for them to achieve their goal. If for sure it’s corruption they are kicking out, then we needed to see more than five being fired. We can’t even say ecl was giving an example to others by firing CK, for what! If they are corrupt let them go.
    Anyway, let’s wait and see..

  13. Liato was jailed for having a mare K4m (rebased) even if he had been minister for 10 yrs and had a big farm with combine harvesters.
    Guilty until he proves himself innocent

  14. On chess board ck was fired because TONGAS,LOZIS and RB demanded it as a revenge on sata.
    RB ‘s move is to take over pf,soon he will take over parliament,more old pf members will be replaced by women toget lid of them.
    Ecl wakeup you need old friend for your defence. They helped u win you need each other

  15. Here I’m in full support of RB and Chagwa, for a once. It’s very clear that there was a very sinister plan by the Northern Janjaweed Daesh ISIS onchestrated by no other than the Satan’s, Sata, to appoint only his zealots to all positions and send all meanigful development only to Muchinga. Look at how he set up two new universities in one new province leaving out all others! This is pay back time, Chagwa will smoke you out of your Iturian jungles and fry you out in the open, aKaboke imwe mwaya saana sure!

  16. If Kambwili is a thief as other people are saying, why then did the people of Roan vote for him??? Am sure not all people in Roan are stupid.

  17. No smoke without fire if for sure kambili was fired on the grounds of corruption,then if possible “i repeat” i possible let law take it’s course,but if these ar political gimicks then let there will be done.!!!!

  18. Be strong like you have always been. You beat UPND, MMD faction of Nevers and FDD to name but a few single handed on the Copper belt to usher the PF into office. What ever the reason for your current state, I still envy your courage. Remember that NO ONE KICKS A DEAD DOG not even a mad person does that. The gossip about you is the price you are paying for being known. Twenty years down the line we shall still mention CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI.

  19. Chimbwili has normalized Kleptocracy. Its a matter of fact its a common call. Do you know why Africa is termed as the dark continent? It is because of post colonial disasters like Chimbwili who by accident, coincidence or by design have found themselves occupying the highest political offices of their land. Chimbwili is a young lion that has graduated into a cat that now mews from the back benches of the PF. This Gentle man was consistently and systematically appointed to office by the gerabos through Sata. This is why he went through a corruption induction for seven days and seven nights. So I am not mind boggled by his stance.

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