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Kavalamanja village cut-off from Luangwa



Kavalamanja village in Luangwa has been cut off from the rest of the district after heavy rains washed away a bridge at Kalulu stream along the only road that connects the village up to Amoro area.

A check by Acting Luangwa District Commissioner Ngoni Moyo and Council Chairman, Austin Bota this morning revealed that the bridge at Kalulu stream along the Kavalamanja road has been washed away by heavy rains.

This has made it impossible for vehicles to cross to the other side of the river.

The heavy rains, which poured in the district last night, also damaged some portion of the Kavalamanja road making it difficult for vehicles to pass through.

Mr. Moyo and Mr. Bota expressed worry at the washing away of the bridge on the Kalulu stream as this was the only route that connects Kavalamanja village to the rest of the district.

The two district leaders said it will now be difficult to provide the disconnected area with medical and education materials and to transport patients from Kavalamanja clinic to the hospital at the Boma and Katondwe mission hospital.

Mr. Moyo has since appealed to the local authority to quickly intervene as his office was waiting for the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit ((DMMU) to address the problem.

Other areas that have been cut off following the heavy rains are Chilombwe primary school, the newly opened health post in Chilombwe and residents of Amoro village where some portions of the road that leads to these areas are flooded.

Villagers, teachers and the health personnel are now forced to use boats to cross the crocodile infested Zambezi river to travel to the Boma to seek other services which are not found in their areas.


  1. So the Chinese will come and sort that out for you dimwits. They will come with their own cement, their own laborers and their own money while you continue to loot what you are earning… Eish!!! Continue appealing to the Dununa Damagement Unit…

  2. I went to school at Fiera Secondary School and the story of Kalulu Bridge persisted even then, the funny thing is that the rain never lasted in those parts it was semi-arid and only the Luangwa swelled but by june it would recede. Miss the baobab fruit and the musiniyika….sigh Zambia my land

  3. # 6: No they have to use Zambezi River all the way using the canoes to reach Luangwa Boma…not crossing because if you do, you are in Zimbabwe…LOL… Chizungu boss…

    I know Kavalamnaja very well… I was there once when I was an Untrained Teacher at Kakalo Primary school in 1988!!! Longtime!!! I miss the area!!! a lot of people, especially women with elephantiasis disease!!! I feel sorry for them..

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