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President Lungu cuts his salary by half


President Lungu greets Kaizah Zulu on arrival from Morocco
President Lungu greets Kaizah Zulu on arrival from Morocco

Vice President Inonge Wina has announced that President Edgar Lungu has cut his monthly salary by 50 percent as part of his government’s austerity measures.

Mrs Wina told Parliament that President Lungu has reduced his monthly pay by as much as 50 percent in order to demonstrate his government’s commitment to austerity measures.

According to the Statutory Instrument 19 of 2016, President Lungu’s monthly salary is pegged at K36 million K 36 000 per month.

Mrs Wina was answering a question from UPND Member of Parliament for Mazabuka Central Garry Nkombo who wanted to find out whether it is true that Government has procured 45 GX vehicles for newly appointed Ministers.

But the Vice President said such reports are untrue and that Cabinet has at no time even deliberated on such a proposal.

She said government is now focused on administering austerity measures across all government operations and that all government officials have to make sacrifices.

“On the issue of buying new vehicles Mr Speaker, this is news to me. I am hearing about this for the first time because even Cabinet has never considered such a proposal,” Mrs Wina said.


  1. This is one true leader. By next year Magufuli will be beaten in all aspects of prudence. Well done Your Excellency. You continue to shame the critics.

    Compare our humble president too the rogue Hallucinating Hyena Kaponya (HH) who stole money even from the poor miners who had nothing.

    Vote for Mr Kudos 2016 (Most Popular Blogger)

    • He is mocking us.

      He probably didn’t even touch his salary.

      It is the audit of the accounts. The gifts we are never told about. The accounts he only has access to is where the interest interests the public

      The is mere deriding and usual chaff that is meant to be believed by the gullible and be persons borne duplicitously



    • A Complete Joke even the one Announcing this should be ashamed she is not telling us if she is cutting Besides HE HAS CREATED 4 ADDITIONAL MINISTRIES…..Tell me how he is helping us. And What a ridiculously high Salary 36 Million per Month ??? or its another LT classic error

    • @comrade Kudos well said, our leader at work a true mark of a God chosen leader ECL!!!!!
      Which leader in Zambia’s history has ever reduced his salary by half???? One ECL!!!! Well done sir but please take it a step further by now banning or restricting the use of Luxury SUVs by top govt officials. They are expensive to buy, to maintain, to buy fuel for- it is wrong for our Ministers and MPs (PF and UPND) such as the same UPND cretin Gary Nkombo to be parading themselves with these expensive vehicles when their contituents. The only ones benefiting from the purchase of Luxury SUVs are toyota Zambia, Southern Cross and the rest of these multinationals!

    • Lets us be real here. We are talking about K36 million not K6000 kwacha you give civil servants who are slaving it for nothing .Reduce it further to K1.

    • Its not benevolence we want from Edward. We want their emoluments slashed using existing legal frameworks.
      But then gogo Inonge is never told anything anyway.

    • I dont remember Mwanawasa cutting his pay but by comparison did a damn good job ? We should have broader austerity Measures than these pretentious ones being instituted besides he is cutting his salary for how long ? and starting which month ? how does it help us if there is overall Wastage in government and he is failing to put a stop to it I really Dont care . I would prefer he even increases his Salary but really works to giving Good Governance, Transparency on government dealings, remove those ABSOLUTELY useless new Ministries etc….

    • This Edgar, cutting his salary in half like he cuts bible- cakes?
      No, we are demanding reduction in expenditure by half, not earning.
      Tomorrow we will hear teachers salaries have been cut by 50%.

    • This is rhetoric talk just meant to persuade people that he cares, when in the actual fact what he is stealing is far more than his salary. If he wanted to serve money, he could not have created more ministries. The salaries of those ministers and incentives is such a worst of money. The money he makes in allowances from globe trotting is far more than his salary. He does not even touch his salary.

    • The amount of money he makes on a single trip abroad is more than his annual salary, He should have said i have given up on foreign trips and if i go i will not get any allowance and reduce on number of ministers and cut their allowances and all the free things they get, Now this would have been a good start. As for cutting is pay, Only PF thugs and dull heads will celebrate this, He is trying to put cotton wool on the s.tupid who believe everything.

    • We have told people several times on this media, that President Lungu is a true leader.

      Because of their commitment to tribal support, some people dont want to accept and admit.

      They would rather support someone who says if i win I will accept, if I lose I won’t accept.

      They would rather believe in someone who calls on people to rise up and fight, instead of using the ballot for him to be in state House.

      Tribeal politics can really blind people to the extent that they cant see even what they are touching with their own hands.

      They are capable of driving on the newly built roads, but refuse to accept they are driving on roads and rather say “there is no roads here, am driving in the bush”.

      So sad!!!!!

    • Simply look at Lazy Lungu’s forward team in that photo – Kaizah Zulu with a bluetooth earpiece in his ear and blue jeans in Morocco…simply there to drink!!

    • The president earns millions through allowances and other. A salary is nothing. We all now that besides that’s just a saving of k300000 per year.

    • Only the gullible will choose to believe this story as genuine action would not have begged raising of a question by Hob. Nkombo. An issue of national interest would have been handled better probably alongside a press conference by the horse itself as the saying “Hearing from the horses mouth” for authenticity! I still would like to understand why the issue of ministers having to pay back illegally drawn salaries or finding out the sources of funds used by Lungu to buy tickets for the soccer match still get no attention?

    • The Jet in the photo is a HIRED PRIVATE JET.

      He has cut a salary of K 36 000/month but has picked up a new hobby of travelling by hired PRIVATE JET to a tune of $400,000 per trip.

      Only dull PF00LS will be singing praise their president like brain-washed North Koreans singing for Kim Jong Un.


    • Any Zambian commending this act is stupid and lack wisdom to see beyond the deceitful cover of these conmen and women masquerading as GRZ leaders. Surely are we Zambians so dull and foolish to be fooled by the fools?

    • Please don’t lie to us, he is stealing from other parts. PF are the biggest thieves ever. he doesn’t even need that salary because he makes more from corrupt deals..

    • Is it K36million or K36,000?. I think it should be Thirty Six thousand kwacha per month. And that would translate to somewhere around US $3,700 or US $3,800 per month. But like someone has already pointed out, Lungu has other monies rolling in another way, far bigger than that K36,000. He’ll need to be watched and audited at the end of his term. If he has money by then whose source he can’t explain, he’ll need to be arrested and prosecuted, and his assets seized.

    • His salary is still FOUR TIMES AS MUCH as when RB was President!

      Dull Zambians have forgotten – Sata raised the presidential salary THREE TIMES when he was in State House.

      This is just a stunt to try and show some restraint. Meanwhile the LOOTING continues unabated!

    • Lungu makes $100,000 per each foreign trip and be forex not need to retire that, despite his hotels, meals and suits being paid for by govt. That’s why Lungu cannot stay at home. He had to fly out every week. What is K36,000 with such allowances!

  2. its unfair to take people for granted. Who doesn’t know that the presidency makes money on allowances. We can only appreciate such maneuvers when he does the following
    1. Tell Secretary to the cabinet to scrap off all sitting allowances for cabinet ministers
    2. Give cars on loan to all government workers instead of govt having ownership.
    3. Reduce on his entourage
    4. Put a stop to the debate on Deputy ministers by stating he wont be part of it.
    5. lay his hands off contracts which are given to carders who cant do the job.

    • The President’s salary is K432000.00 per year.That works out to K36000 per month.
      K36000000 is equivalent to $3600000.
      Even the richest country in Africa doesn’t pay it’s leaders that kind of money.
      EC, we are proud of you

  3. If this is true. CONGRATULATIONS. Most ‘leaders’ in Africa do not realize that they block opportunities. A small shift in mindset has the capacity of making the ‘what has not yet been seen’ possible.

  4. Eish – LT don’t you mean K36,000 a month (about US$ 43,200/year)?

    I sure hope the man hasn’t been paid K 36 million a month (imagine, $43.2 million a year)! The three zeros make all the difference between being a nice political gesture vs. substantial contribution to the economy. Honestly, if Lungu (and Sata before) has been drawing $43.2 million a year no wonder Zambia is bankrupt!

    Please LT, at least once in a while do try to think and get your facts right.

  5. Hes annual salary is K432,000: How can the monthly salary be 36 milllion? ba LT are you trying to alarm the nation?

  6. Lungu does not get that much k36 million per month ,thats a lie re u telling me that he gets more than Obama $400 Thousand per month which is equivalent to K4 million .mr Editor do some more research on this one .stop misleading us .

  7. Country men and Women, what we need is for the president to pass the law to make all of the MPS and constitutional office bearers who do not contribute to the national treasury by paying PAYE and duty on importation of vehicles to start doing so. Why should they just be enjoying the national wealth without contributing in the same manner as all of us? Those who earn as little as K4000 pay PAYE, why should people who earn ten times that figure be exempt? Lets demand a complete change of this.

  8. Whoever wrote this story is a big lier and a danger to the community because very few people are capable of distinguishing a true story from a false story. Zambia has no money to pay the president 36 million kwacha monthly. In fact, no country in Africa is paying such amount to a president. Do a research first before alarming the nation.

  9. So how do you go about cutting your salary in full then…really laughable…whats Cabinet Office saying…these chaps tell alot of ponky pies!!

  10. its actually k36,000 not k36,000,000. please report properly. now he should cut for ministers & senior govt officials atleast by 25%

  11. This is a start if its true. The other question to ask is will the MPs this year import duty free VXs and GXs? Will they also give up or half their ‘gratuity’ so called or will this continue? Will we build a house for the Speaker when he leaves office and will the President get a house since he campaigned and copied HH that negation of a house for a president will start with him. And the corruption fight has it ended only with Kambwili or is it going to touch people like the one he is shaking hands with…? 2021 we shall give you a clear vision not a tunnel vision for the nation…Zambia Forward

    • Imwe naimwe banthu bamafa tiyibalako. Mapenzi Mapenzi till when? Tinalila tinasika kwasila! Normal life continues. Penza died, Kaunda’s son died (actually brutally murdered) not protesting in the streets, but tinaibalako. Next!

  12. See what a waste of space LT reporting is. We are forced to first debate your journalistic output before we can look at the substance. Tupuli twenu.

  13. Who is he deceiving?We all know that Presidents in Zambia do not even touch their salaries.Almost everything is paid for by poor tax payers.Let him cut his foreign trips and those of his ministers by half.Then the work can be done by diplomats accredited to those countries.

  14. Zambian president’s salary stolen
    It seems Mr Chiluba did not miss 16 months’ pay
    Zambian police have arrested three men suspected of stealing President Frederick Chiluba’s last 16 months’ pay.
    The three, a businessman and two employees of Barclays Bank in Ndola, are accused of conspiring to divert the president’s salary from his account.

    According to the independent Post newspaper, which first came out with the story, the total sum stolen from President Chiluba was 82 million kwacha ($21,578).

    There was no immediate comment from the president, who appears not to have missed his last 16 months’ pay until the fraud was discovered.

  15. President fails to notice as salary is stolen

    By Tim Butcher in Johannesburg12:01AM BST 20 Oct 2001
    ZAMBIANS are asking how President Frederick Chiluba, a leader with a taste for Rolex watches and gold jewellery, failed to notice the theft of his entire government salary for more than a year.
    Mr Chiluba, widely believed to be among southern Africa’s more corrupt leaders, did not notice when his official salary was siphoned from his private bank account every month.
    Police and bank officials said the theft, in the president’s home city, Ndola, in Zambia’s Copperbelt, totalled about £15,000. It was spotted by a bank clerk, they said.
    It is alleged that two other clerks colluded with a local businessman, whose name is similar to Mr Chiluba’s, transferring the money to a false…

  16. A Zambian businessman said: “President Chiluba does not spare any expense and yet he did not spend his government salary for a year. We have to ask where he gets his money from?”
    There was no comment yesterday from State House in the capital, Lusaka, where the president lives in style.
    Accusations of corruption have dogged the latter years of his two terms as leader and have tarnished the reputation he once enjoyed in the early 1990s as one of Africa’s more far-sighted reformist leaders.
    When he was elected in 1991, after 27 years of socialist rule under Zambia’s independence leader, Kenneth Kaunda, Mr Chiluba was feted in the West as a moderniser.
    But privatisation of state-owned assets was marred by accusations of kickbacks and bribery and production at the copper mines, a major…

  17. Bank repays president

    Barclays Bank of Zambia Managing Director Margaret Mwanakatwe told Reuters news agency that the bank had launched an investigation after a formal complaint had been issued by the presidency.

    “We received a complaint from State House. We investigated and found the money had been diverted to an account of a man bearing similar names to the president’s,” she said.

    “We have credited the president’s account with the missing money. Two bank employees and the businessman whose account was inadvertently credited with the president’s salary have been arrested over the case,” Ms Mwanakatwe told Reuters.

    A bank source quoted by the Post said the president had not drawn any money from his account in the past 16 months and the fraud was only discovered when one…

  18. when one of the bank employees went on leave.

    “It was discovered because the new man questioned why the president’s account number was being cancelled out,” the source said.

  19. Are Zambians this bad at figures? The reporter has a mishmarsh of numbers leaving us to guess which one is the president s salary. ‘Bloggers’ who try to elucidate just confuse up the numbers. Any Arithmetic teacher stroke journalist out there?

  20. I cannot believe a word of what Inonge is saying because she has never told the truth about anything since she became a vice president. I will believe the story when it is from people who prepare Lungu’s salary.

  21. Ridiculous! What a joke… he really takes Zambians for f00ls, and if he thinks he will appease IMF with this kind of ridiculousness, he’s in for a surprise.

    He cuts his salary by 50%, but he would then increase his stealing, kickbacks, corruption and bribery by 300%. Who’s he kidding? What difference does it make, when there’s wastage all over govt machinery?


    • What is wrong with Tasila contesting as councillor? You are worried that she is getting a K700 allowance. Let the young woman build her political career by starting at the bottom not like Hakaivotela Humwine who wants to climb a tree from the leaves.

    Speaking yesterday in Nebraska, Trump said that Africans are slaves living like slaves in their own land yet they claim they are independent.
    Trump was responding to a question by a South African journalist on whether he thinks African leaders were right to seek mass withdrawal from the Hague based International Criminal Court.
    “It is shameful for African leaders to seek exit from ICC. In my view, these leaders want to have all the freedom to oppress their poor people without anyone asking them a question. I think there is no shortcut to maturity and in my view, Africa should be recolonized because Africans are still under slavery. Look at how those African leaders change constitutions in their favour so that they can be life presidents. They…

    • @(Ha)lungu you must be a ZWD blogger used to reading or sharing FALSE NEWS!


      Get a life mwana and stop spreading false lies which is sadly the habit of you blood thirsty UPND animals!

    • Iwe @lungu, you are the fo.ols FaceBook is now reforming for so that your pathetic lies can be put into their proper perspective. Kapuli kobe.

  24. Do you want the president of the Republic of Zambia to get a salary equal to every civil servant’s? You must be a joker! Lobby parliament to reduce the emoluments of the president, vice and ministers you foolish chap. Why are you just too good at yapping?

  25. Don’t be fooled. You don’t know how much this country has been sold for. Who is pocketing.That pay cut is just a smokescreen.Zambians wakeup.

  26. This will not work if party cadres have to allocate plots, run markets and bus stations instead of the councils. If it has to take five years to obtain title for land. If appointments for Health workers our young people should wait for four days on the queue. When technology has improved, your fifty percent cut is ending in a greedy civil servants pocket strengthen the auditor general.

  27. The disputed outcome of the August presidential election and perceived efforts to crack down on government critics will, coupled with subsidy cuts and high inflation, sustain social and political tensions. Persistent power shortages, low copper prices, and the government’s strained fiscal position will cause real GDP growth to stay below 4% in 2017. Continued fiscal austerity, an economic slowdown in China, and subdued copper prices will moderate the pace of expansion thereafter

  28. Ba LT pliz be careful with figures,in one article you said government spent over $100billion to subsidise now it’s 36million salary for the presdo, which is which
    Then he must be the richest man in zambia
    Pliz tel us real issures not super stories.or better still check the certificates of your employes if really they have.

  29. Dictators like popularistic ideas, like buying football tickets for people, halving their salary. His real earnings that are buying him mansions in Dubai is not the salary

  30. Noble, but a real dent would be to ministries including allowances etc. Civil servant have a pay freeze for the next 3years and received K100 increment. The Average food basket is K4,000 so even with that 0 tax threshold @ K3,300 the deficit will be felt in most homes. Currently start improving by having more tech for transactions. It will reduce the wastage and money exchanging hands or disappearing…..

  31. It doesn’t make sense to reduce his salary or any of his constitutional leaders or public servant by whatever percent even 100% as long as wastage in form of corruption, allowances, illegal self allocation of land, employment of unqualified employees at all levels is shamelessly the order of the day. I don’t personally enjoy anyone losing or reducing his pay because its immoral. Wherever you meet a traffic officer will give you a charge whether you have committed an offense or not just to get your last Ngwee from your pocket for his or her personal budget and this money doesn’t go into govt coffers. Having different brands of tyres on vehicles invites questions. At hospitals even cleaners will charge you just to collect medical results from wherever they hide them.

    • The real battle is to fight corruption, abuse of office, inflation, improved exchange rates to reasonable rates like ZMW 3.00 or ZMW 4.00, reduction of prices of goods, services & govt services, job creation, investment opportunities for citizens, reduction of mortality rates, increased production of local goods and services, cut local and foreign trips at all levels. It is these foreign trips which make them celebrate and enjoy the weakening exchange rate of the Kwacha so that when they cash in the dollars they get as allowances, they loot more than they have sowed. If this done, he can even increase his salary to ZMW 72,000.00 if he wishes. God bless and save Zambia from looters.

  32. If you ask me there is no need for the President to that it means nothing. He will do better to directly donate half his salary to a specific cause like sponsoring vulnerable children known children. If it remains in govt coffers it will be chewed by civil servants rendering the entire exercise futile, civil servant temunobe.

  33. If you ask me there is no need for the President to do that it means nothing. He will do bettter to directly donate half his salary to a specific cause like sponsoring vulnerable children known children. If it remains in govt coffers it will be chewed by civil servants rendering the entire exercise futile, civil servant temunobe.

  34. This is a good thing. Congratulations Mr. President. Ignore online noise makers and tins of jay jay’s terms empty. Be grateful some times Zambians, especially those on the losing side of democracy. Stay blessed thank the LORD always. In five years if he continues on this path, he might win the presidency with more ease.

  35. LOL- The headline is completely misleading.
    Anyone who has been following PF Govt start knows very well that ba Michael C. SATA more than doubled the President’s salary.

    So, the correct headline should have said “Lungu has reverted the President’s salary to what it was before Sata came to power”. Full stop.


  37. The President gets alot of allowances don’t be fooled cuting 2% from his salary will not affect him at all Zambians are always taken for ride wake up.

  38. Now, natubike bola panshi…..
    ….and lets analyse this K36,000 per month Lungu has been getting in the last 12 months in relation to K23 million he declared.
    K36,000 X 12 = K432,000 per year. This is barely 2% of K23 million.
    So, the question that begs to be answered is:- WHERE did Lungu the K23 Million he declared, which he did not have 12 months earlier in his previous delaration??.
    And what do Tax records show? What Tax has Lungu paid in relation to what earnings? The burden of proof rests with Lungu.

  39. mam again you have been given another lie very soon you will admit saying you were given a wrong data. if so pay retirees and retrencees so as to show really dedication and reduce other ministries.

  40. lungu has cut his salary by 50% and increased his allowances by 500%……..his overseas travel allowances by 900%……………

  41. The kind of thinking by the opposition on this platform is scaring. If people cannot see anything positive in someone’s action just because that person is on the other side, then we’ll never look at things objectively. I see bitterness, anger and vengence on this platform, which is seriously unfortunate

    • Whilst you “… see bitterness, anger and vengence on this platform…”, others see destitution, hunger, poverty, institutionalized corruption, constant infringement of fundamental rights and freedoms, nepotism, collapse of Judiciary independence, politicization of Police Force, legalization of thuggery in the Country.
      Scary indeed that a “human” canot see reality

  42. This just goes to show that first and foremost ECL has stolen enough and now wants to pretend. The President of her United States gets about $420,000 annually. That works out about $35000 a month. Going by the current exchange rate, ECL’S salary is higher than that of Obama by a $1000 how ridiculous…?? He is fooling those that suck up to him not me. This is simply too much money. By the way why can’t the President begin with getting all the monies that these ministers looted just before the elections first and then move on to prosecuting Kambwili only then will the Zambian people develop the confidence in him and his governance???

  43. Mmmmm…can’t Lungu speak for himself and announce to the nation that he has cut his wage by half? It would sound more true than getting it from the old Mariana. Do I remember HH telling the nation he would forfeit all his salary during his term but Zambians opted for Lungu who can only halve his salary after IMF’s visit.


  45. He has on cut his salary on paper, in reality he is still being paid more than he deserves. This is a PR gimmick he is laughing at the ordinary man!!!

  46. n way, money is money, i Just hope that is true practically. on the other hand, i find it difficult to believe his austerity measures. for instance the foreign trips he is about to take and am interested in the trip to Tanzania. Mangufuli is doing the same and instead of him coming to Zambia he invites his excellence so that Tanzania as a country saves. I wish it was the other way round.

  47. The Jet in the photo is a HIRED PRIVATE JET.

    He has cut a salary of K 36 000/month by 50% but has picked up a new hobby of travelling by hired PRIVATE JET to a tune of $400,000 per trip.

    Only dull PF00LS will be singing praise their president like brain-washed North Koreans singing for Kim Jong Un.


    I remember the humbling feeling when I was on the same emirates flight with M. Sata.

    The saving on 5 years salary cannot even amount to 1 trip using a private jet. Let me calculate for you the “savings”:

    36,000 X 50% X 12months X 5years = K1,080,000

    Exchange rate 1$=K10

    So K1,080,000 = Only $105,000 which is far far less than $400,000 for hiring the private jet.


  48. don’t fool the masses. you know where the bigger chunk comes from. if anything you never use that money everything is for free. as someone has observed you have filled up your coffers within the year you have been head of state. maboza yeka yeka.

  49. He should have first scrapped off the 4 new ministries and international travel especially using chartered planes and first class!

  50. Thats the problem in Zambia, people always have something to say about anything they hear or see thus making them qualify to be called fools – because the bible in Proverbs confirms that if when a fool keeps quiet he can be mistaken for a wise person. So commenting on anything even if you don’t understand or know. What is wrong in cutting his salary by half that you even insult him; if he doesn’t do it you talk, he does ii you talk – this confirms what type & kind of people you are and i really pity your attitude in life!

  51. Thats the problem in Zambia, people always have something to say about anything they hear or see thus making them qualify to be called fools –
    because the bible in Proverbs confirms that if when a fool keeps quiet he can be mistaken for a wise person. So commenting on anything even if you don’t understand or know what it is all about.
    What is wrong in cutting his salary by half that you even insult him; if he doesn’t do it you talk, he does it you still talk – this confirms what type & kind of people you are and I really pity your attitude in life!
    How can you make it in life with such kind of thinking and attitude – may God help you by delivering you from every demon of ignorance and ungratefulness. Elections are over and so let go of all bitterness, hate, ill-wish and negative…

  52. You were refusing what H.H. was telling you that a president can work salaries that’s why every thing that H.H. says that’s what you do.you have no sense useless president.Who don’t know that you stole a lot of money and after enriched your self that’s when you are saying I am cutting my salary.machende!

  53. Lungu is tricking us -cutting your meagre salary will not make up for your huge setbacks in economic growth,closed mines and downward spiral of kwacha + forex reserves.

    Its simple cosmetic surgery to fool simple minds.

  54. When you get to see how party cares making praises you may think they mean it. ECL doesn’t buy food,Fuel nor clothes but these Government officers buy whatever they survive on. One other issue the cost of leaving is not reversing yet you plan to cut their salaries how do they survive

  55. PF has cut our forex reserves by half,they’ve cut Zambia’s economic growth by half ,overseen the slashing of mining Zambia’s industry,job cuts and severe cuts of power supply.

    Bwana Lungu , you’re merely applying lipstic on a monkey -this gesture is totally meaningless given the severe damage PF has done since 2011.

  56. Remember he increased his pay in January this year. Now he cuts it by 50%. He will make up for that by traveling outside the country. That was, he will multiply his allowances. Lungs is smart

  57. Madam VP says President Lungu has reduced his salary by 50 percent. That is bad news. It is meant to make suffering formal.

    We ask the following questions:does the president live on his salary? Will the loss of 50% of his salary really make him suffer like the rest of us? We do not think so.
    It is wrong for madam Wina to make us believe that president Lungu depends on his salary for his daily sustenance. President Lungu lives in paradise- state house. The only thing the President does for himself inside state house is breathing. The rest is done for him.

    He doesn’t know the price of mealie meal. He doesn’t pay for ZESCO. When was the last time he received a water bill? Does he even pay for his fuel? Who has ever sold the president talk time for K5? Or when did any one see Mrs…

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