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UPND win in the Local Government Elections is proof that PF just stole the General Elections-Chanda

Headlines UPND win in the Local Government Elections is proof that PF just...

FILE: Percy Chanda addressing the Chingola rally
FILE: Percy Chanda addressing the Chingola rally

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has said that the party’s performance in the just ended local Government Elections have vindicated their claim that they won just the ended General Elections.

Percy Chanda, the UPND Chairperson for Labour said that his party has been saying that the elections were stolen from them and that the PF has used the police to suppress the truth.

He said the message from the by elections is very clear that they did not just win the August election but that just like he had predicted it is the end of PF as a party.

“As UPND we have been saying that the August elections belongs to us but these thieves have been suppressing the truth by intimidating us using their brutal police. Today and many days to come will prove that HH and his Vice President GBM and the people of Zambia are the true winners of the August elections.

“The message from these by elections is very clear that we did not just win the August election but as I earlier predicted this is the end of PF as a party. The PF knows very well that they cannot win an election without stealing. This is the more reason why these thieves are in a hurry to amend the Constitution so that with simple majority they can continue stealing,” he said.

He said the PF are in hurry to amend the constitution because they are scared of their crimes.

“By tempering with the Constitution they are just confirming that yes indeed they are scared thieves. Who are ridding and living on UPND’s stolen victory.But let me severely warn these thieves that their days are numbered. Very soon you will pay for whatever crimes you have committed to the people of Zambia which is well documented. There is no dignity in stealing our victory apart from perpetual embarrassment that will live with you till death.

“I urge all UPND members to celebrate this victory which has vindicated you that you are the right winners to put on our Party regalia throughout the Country. In any case why should you fear a thief? One thing about thieves is that they morally weak and cowards. Remember God protects that which is right. Stealing has no place in the eyes of the Lord.

“As UPND we dedicate this victory to all our colleagues are incarcerated by this brutal dictatorial regime. Brothers and Sisters scattered throughout our filthy prisons be and remain strong God is with you. Very soon you will walk out of those prisons and then these thieves will take your places, for them they will remain there for good,” he said.

The Opposition United Party for National Development UPND has scooped the Mukuba Ward Local government seat.

UPND Candidate Graddy Simukoko polled 438 votes beating his closest rival Gilbert Mushota of the Patriotic Front who polled 361 votes.

Chibwe Kaputo and Dorica Lungu who both stood as independent candidates polled 138 and 32 votes respectively.

Returning Officer Brian Mbula declared Graddy Simukoko of the UPND as the duly elected candidate for Mukuba Ward.

And speaking to the media, newly elected Mukuba Ward Councillor Graddy Simukoko said the victory means that the party is now being accepted in the province considered a PF stronghold.

Simukoko said the win is a stepping stone for the UPND in the Patriotic Front stronghold.

But this victory has been seen as confirmation of the divisions reported in the ruling party on the Copperbelt.

Senior PF officials in Kitwe said they did not campaign because of divisions in the Party.

“Just this week, senior PF officials complained of divisions and been sidelined. Now you can see these results. In fact a lot of PF officials especially the youth leadership are very happy with this loss. This party is divided and they feel like they are not benefiting anything. So its better the MMD takes over than for us to fight for a party that can’t appreciate us,” they said.

Meanwhile PF media Committee member Sunday chanda has disputed claims that UPND won the wards elections. Mr Chanda released the following information to the media.


PF Won 11 Seats,  While the UPND Won 7 PF

1.. Isoka – 2 Seats

2.. Chinsali – 1 seat

3.. Chipili – 2 seats

4.. Chembe – 1 seat

5.. Masaiti – 1 seat

6.. Mufumbwe – 1 seat

7.. Nalolo – 1 seat

8.. Chipangali -1 seat

9.. Serenje – 1 seat.


1.. Namwala – 1 seat

2.. Gwembe – 1 seat

3.. Ngabwe – 1 seat

4.. Kembe – 1 seat

5.. Mukuba – 1 seat

The Patriotic Front won the Senga Hill council Chairmanship, whereas the UPND has won Mwandi and Kalumbila.

Below are the Consolidated Results








NGABWE : UPND 207 PF 123

KEMBE : UPND 796 PF 646



  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tayali’s Party or even FDD or some other party not yet born overtakes UPND and beats them to the punch in unseating PF Government in 2021. UPND people live in this HH & GBM’s reality distortion field. Seriously how can they claim that these results vindicates them. Do UPND followers really believe in these cult laden messages?

    Come on , when did the party become a cult, where reality is so distorted that they they even think HH will be inaugurated as President next month and even resorted to calling him His Excellency HH. This sounds like Jesus is coming back next week, and this is typical cult culture. What a sad state of affairs for the once vibrant Mazoka party, that I personally voted for in 2001

    • Yes that we know elections results were miscounted.
      So whats ECZ conclusions on Thursday elections? Is it the same as usual, they don’t know the winners, it has to take courts to decide through petitions?

    • Nonsense! Except for Mukuba in Kitwe, UPND only won in their traditional strongholds, while PF have bucked the trend and won in Nalolo

    • Explain what you mean by cult ridden stories – FACT IS FACT, TRUTH IS TRUTH ! UPND HAS WON THE MOST WARDS IN THE RECENT BY ELECTIONS FACT!

    • Another man still in denial and thinks that upnd won. Hahahahaha my 3 year boy thinks better than this chanda. Whoever bewitched him to start thinking like a kachema should be seriously forgiven.

    • What a brave way of showing ignorance and a lack of analysis.

      This Chanda’s UPND gets 7, and PF gets 11 then it becomes proof that Maureen Mwanawasa found 14,000 votes for HH in a bin.

      What a way of thinking!! Even if you UPND got all the seats, would that be proof that the previous election was stolen?

      This shows you what calibre of leader they have, and tells why they have been consistently losing for the past 6 elections, and yet they have continued to believe in the same man hoping to get different results.

      You put stones under a hen, hoping that if they stay there long enough they will hatch.

  2. Truelly UPND are the United Party for National Dunderheads!

    Simple maths shows PF ahead secondly if those August elections were rigged then why weren’t these recent by elections for local govt also rigged?


  3. The PF is not losing just elections,it is losing faith of Zambians, losing the economy and losing dynamism badly on the international stage to better countries like Kenya and Rwanda.

  4. Its not proof that they rigged. It just proves that people are now getting fed up with Lungu. People arer not happy about his muzzling the press from Muvi TV to Mano radio Chipata Radio stations mwebantu its a campaign against the media by a very scared man

  5. What about the overwhelming evidence, is not enough? Does it require winning another election to prove that the Presidential election was worn who?

  6. In Mukuba ward, they voted for Simukoko not UPND. If it was Elisha Matambo the robber for example, he would have received 2 votes.

  7. That Mukuba ward won by Upnd in Kitwe is mainly composed of a certain tribe. Just check. I am not a tribalist but this a fact that most residents there are charcoal dealers.

  8. HALLUCINATIONS or ILLUSIONS whatever..??? HOW can winning ONE WARD SEAT be so BIG so as to upset an overall outcome? When RAINBOW PART won A FEW WARD SEATS seats THEY MADE ALOT OF NOISE labeling themselves the TASTEST GROWING fastest growing party. WHERE is RAINBOW NOW? NOT EVEN AN MP!! The voted person COULD HAVE WON out of PEOPLE LIKING HIM RATHER THAN UPND. PF STRONGHOLDS produce even INDEPENDENT MPs so DON”T GET TOO EXCITED!! It happens!!

  9. UPND should just carry on working, and stop doing childish things like boycotting Parliament. If you want to be the opposition party and future ruling party then show Zambians why they should vote for you. PF will self destruct with the amount of egos, divisions and now personal vendettas of supposed corrupt ministers. Clearly something not known previously. Besides the economy will hurt the low-middle incomes. So its all well and good to issue statements. The power is nothing if your people are starving, no power, higher cost of living. Look at Zimbabwe where did the posturing take Mugabe? A country without its own currency and no longer the bread basket.

  10. The UPND won 7 seats, 5 less than the PF and Changa considers that loss as a win.
    All the seats that they won were expected, apart from the Kit we seat.
    The Nkana seat was lost because of infighting within the party.
    In future let us change the adoption process, the current one hasn’t worked well.

  11. Now that all results from 17 wards are out,all upnd dreamers are quiet-shame!!if PF has won 11 and upnd 6 then who has done well here?ITS SURELY PF!!!the only ward PF lost was mukuba in kitwe and one can understand that it was because of the Bowman Lusambo’s issues with copperbelt officials because they stayed away and never campaigned in mukuba.besides,voters voted for Mr Simukoko!!if it was any bantustan name on upnd ticket,a victory could have gone to PF!!despite this setback in kitwe,PF has gained by winning wards in Nalolo,Masaiti,mufumbwe which are upnd strongholds!!AS USUAL UPND FAILED TO WIN IN LUAPULA,MUCHINGA AND EASTERN,SO NOTHING IS CHANGING!!!if PF put our econony back on track and deliver development across Zambia,then they will 100% retain power in 2021 because upnd under…

  12. Some Bembas here cannot stand the fact that Tongas are trying to stand out on their own and voting their way.

    Us Tumbukas were better than that i’m glad were more evolved and less tribalistic.


  14. Eicho tubeeta ati ama donkey ba UPND bonse fye. Tensele iyo ni proper description ya aba abantu. What is there to get excited about? Let alone celebrate what? How does winning a seat in a ward in Kitwe prove anything? This kind of reasoning belongs to HH or rather…..hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho.

  15. When President Obama won the election in 2008, his party controlled Congress and the Senate. Then two years later the Republicans got Congress back! And according to Under Five Politics and Under Five Children and all their supporters who cannot concede defeat “It showed that President Obama store the 2008 elections!” What a childish way to think or to come to a conclusion!

  16. Check PF has won wards in so called Upnd strongholds are not as excited as the Upnd Chanda is over excited of that one ward. Nemo nkumbu kuli ba Upnd!!!

  17. Guys did you see the photo of that pf chap who lost his ward in a pf strong hold to UPND? The silly boy was on the floor crying and weeping like crazy frog kikikiki ala naseka

  18. Kambwili kopala signal ck ia action oriented and kopala like it.never tough kopala love just like lubinda in lusaka.nimbowa ishi not kasepa kwati sampa dull fish

  19. Why did Kambwili lose his job? Pf supporters are not on his side, why guys? This is then time to show that Lungu is the man, that PF is your credible party and you will stand by your members. Don’t leave kambwilil please keep your undying unity for PF ministers

  20. Rigging elections is easy. George Bush, didn’t. Trump dudnit with the help from outside USA it is so easy to work the numbers.It is done in all countries, democratic or otherwise.
    Let PF rule now, let us all wait and see where zambia is now going . Lungu was not ready to give up office after taking over from Sata and ruling only for one year, hence the killing of media houses, and taking away that vocal pipe to silence the masses.
    It is like a game our politics – Game of Thorns.
    After 50 years of independence, we still cannot govern and help our people get out of poverty. Today shanties Have grown bigger and no political leader wants to address this situation. Yes, there ghettos everywhere, but let’s remove these from Zambia – help the poorest in the nation. A…

  21. As far as I know the President of Zambia is not elected during ward elections, as donkeys seem to think..
    But forgive them, after all they are donkeys, meaning they cannot reason like we humans….hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho.

  22. By the way UPND , have you stopped burning markets? It did not yield the desired results of inciting citizens against government? We that UPND targetted markets in order to destroy the works and good results of Presidential empowerment funds. But if UPND were not donkeys, they would have seen that for Zambians the elections are over and the next ones is in 2021……but donkeys are still voting…..hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho.

  23. After burning markets, HH even accompanies GBM to visit markets in Kasama expecting a reaction in their favour. To their shock no marketeer is interested in an uprising. Everything about HH is wrong political reasoning and assessment. By the way whom is he accompanying to Chipata? No go area after insulting easterners did I hear someone say?

  24. Ba up and down are a cercus…! Instead of worrying y Pf has won in Nalolo, mumfwumbwe and masaiti, u are busy celebrating a single seat in nkana…!

  25. We are excited about the 6 seats but Percy there is a lot of work to get on the national grid as it is we are too polarized to win the best lets go for a convention and renew our mandate if at all….2021 Zambia forward new look UPND can carry the day in our current form I don’t think so we need help…..

  26. What a brave way of showing ignorance and a lack of analysis.

    This Chanda’s UPND gets 7, and PF gets 11 then it becomes proof that Maureen Mwanawasa found 14,000 votes for HH in a bin.

    What a way of thinking!! Even if you UPND got all the seats, would that be proof that the previous election was stolen?

    This shows you what calibre of leader they have, and tells why they have been consistently losing for the past 6 elections, and yet they have continued to believe in the same man hoping to get different results.

    You put stones under a hen, hoping that if they stay there long enough they will hatch.

    What makes it so sad is that such utterances are out online, accessible everywhere. What an embarrassment for Zambia.

  27. But the ignorance in pf is laughable to say the least.If you do your simple maths, add up the totals for both parties,you will find that upnd got 17,921 and pf has 16,216, so in this case who won overally?its upnd figures do not lie bwana.Yes upnd may have 7 seats against 11 but overally upnd won probably thats why percy is saying these just ended council elections vindicates upnd,by the way most of these wards were in pf strongholds.

  28. Those that rush to insults are less reasonable than He who is caught pick-pocketing and still goes on to say ‘Te ine’! The idea of social media topics of this nature is to reason and discuss the reasons for certain trends, to help our leadership to see where their own leaders are cheating and so help them dig deeper. Imagine the way Kambwili came out about the POST. He knew He had a lot to hide and realized He could be exposed by the post. ECL should be on the lookout for more of these characters who can not see that this good nation is being destroyed by a few selfish individuals and keep stealing under the guise of loyalty and tribal inclination. We will not eat tribe while you stuff your pockets and rape the economy to it’s knees.

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