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2017 national budget is fraud-HH


UPND's Hakainde Hichilema
UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has described the 2017 national budget as a fraudulent piece of document which is full of contradictions.

And Mr Hichilema has confirmed that his party will seek justice in the international courts if it loses its High Court bid to have its election petition heard which comes up in the Lusaka High Court today.

Mr Hichilema who is a Masters graduate in Finance and Business Strategy from the University of Birmingham from the U.K said the 2017 is fundamentally fraudulent.

He said the budget delivered by Finance Minister Felix Mutati will not even deliver the empty promises and will make the lives of Zambian worse at the end of 2017.

Mr Hichilema was speaking on Sunday evening when he featured on Muvi TV’s the Assignment programme.

“This budget will make it very difficult for the people of Zambia as it will make many negative changes, people are already living under very difficult conditions. The truth is life is tough for the people of Zambia but this budget will make it even more difficult for the people of Zambia. It doesn’t hold any hope for them,” Mr Hichilema said.

He added, “This budget is true to the words of the PF, it’s a dununa reverse budget. Their economy recovery programme which they have dubbed Zambia Plus is built on five pillars which are to enhance domestic resource mobilisation, scale up social protection programmes, improve economy and fiscal governance by raising accountability and restore creditability and greater economic accountability, job creation.”

Mr Hichilema however said the Zambia Plus economic recovery programme is not deliverable.

He said there is nothing in the budget to allow Zambians to have disposal incomes, to have the jobs and that enhancing resource mobilisation is not possible.

Mr Hichilema said the targeted 3.4 percent growth is not feasible because the facts on the ground say something else.

“The PF has this year only managed to scratch 3 percent growth in 2016, is the worst economic growth since 1998. President Lungu has recorded the worst growth since 1998. That is 18 years back. These are facts and there are there. It means even Dr Chiluba did far much better than Mr Lungu, even Mwanawasa, Mr Banda and Mr Sata did better,” Mr Hichilema said.

He described President Lungu as the worst President in the history of Zambia in the last 20 years who has failed to grow the economy.

“This is uncontested, the figures are here, hoping for 3.4 percent is not achievable because the cost of doing business has gone up because fuel costs have gone up. Before the elections, he went to Saudi Arabia and he came back and promised that Zambians will be buying fuel at K5 per litre, he has done a dununa reserve on Zambians. How can you achieve a higher economic growth like this? Even the cost of electricity will increase as they are doing away with electricity subsidies.

Mr Hichilema charged that the budget is full of consumption expenditure which makes it difficult to even achieve the 3.4 percent targeted economic growth.

“Mr Mutati’s boss in January this year said he will create 5,000 jobs in 2015 but in actual fact but the country shed jobs because of the economic mismanagement. I January this year, he addressed Parliament and he said he will create a 1 million jobs, that is a joke of the century. The budget is already a contraction because Mr Mutati says he will create 100,000 jobs. So who is telling the truth, I say none of them is telling the truth because all these projections are wrong. Look at HomeCorp, a furniture shop is closing, anyone running a butchery is closing their businesses. They are doing a dununa reverse, now its dununa regret,” he said.

And Mr Hichilema has confirmed that his party will approach the international courts if the High Court throws out its last ditch attempt at forcing the courts to hear its election petition against the election of President Lungu.

He maintained that the 2016 election was fraudulent and that his party has a constitutional right to be heard.

“We all know what happened in the 2016 elections, media freedoms were suppressed, human rights were not respected and we saw unprecedented violence. We have never seen that kind of violence around an election. On media suppression, we saw the closure of the Post and that took away media space for the opposition, we even had to sue ZNBC for refusing to air even our paid for adverts. Yes, the courts ruled in our favour but the judgement only came three days before voting day,” Mr Hichilema said.

He added, “After the elections, we saw irregularities in vote counting and tallying, basically the ECZ mismanaged the election. The ECZ interfered with the election and that is why we petitioned them even the PF has now petitioned many election results and they are complaining about the ECZ’s failure to execute the G12 forms. This is evidence that the election was fraud.”
Mr Hichilema said the UPND election petition case was never heard as it was shut down.

“It is like you accuse HH of having killed someone, HH is taken to cells and he should be taken to court on Monday and when the Judge walks in and he says we don’t have time to hear your case but we are sentencing to death.”

He added, “We are in court for our right to be heard. Tomorrow, 21st November 2016, we are in the High Court on the right to be heard. It’s not a secret because we are contending the election result.”

Mr Hichilema said the UPND will exhaust all domestic and international legal channels until it is heard.

“It’s a process and that is why we are stretching the domestic court process but the conduct of the Concort leaves much to be desired. Its conduct has created doubt in the minds of the people about its conduct. If this fails, we will continue seeking justice outside this country.”


  1. He is right.

    It was nonsensical and quiet frankly a lot of drivel.

    The highlights where too minuscule to even notice



    • The PF budget is an attack on the very small middle class that Zambia has. Every type of tax is up and from Jan 2017 you will not even be able to sell your ramshackle vehicle without a tax clearance certificate. PF are choking the middle class under the misguided belief that they have all the money. The reality is that nobody has money anymore apart from the PF Eurobond PFieves.

    • Which one is more of a fraud, your wealth or Mutati’s budget?………at least Mutati explained his budget unlike you who has failed to account for the wealth that you have.

    • Any other person saying this would have been applauded and supported by the majority. Now coming from this wooden pillock Kainde, it all sounds extremely fraudulent..!

    • Ba Sebenza,
      R u trying to tell us that every Zambian who has wealth did by stealing. Even Sata was rich, did he explain how got his wealth? Just work hard & create your own, it is very possible to do so.

    • The most remarkable thing about humans is they have this ability to adapt to any environment that surrounds them and make it normal for their survival, This has been proven by scientists.
      In this case Zambians have adapted to living in poverty and made it normal, So no matter what sense others try to put forward they will reject it and stick to their status call, In this case poverty, So no matter what HH and others say they will not see sense, they have already adapted to their environment, So if i where HH i will just keep quiet and wait for a time when all of them will die of poverty and ignorance.

    • @ Ba Sebenza: use facts than emotions. maybe you are Mtati’s son hence your support of such a budget. people in zambia are suffering, these Ministers and Lungu can not feel it, they have everything for free from Fuel, food to condoms they use n their sluts. They buy nothing that is why they have disposable income. Other Zambians can not afford this is government workers are corrupt as they strive to make a living. Stop supporting things that don’t make sense and lets write reality on the ground.

      HH is right on this part.

    • HH has deliberately chosen to think in reverse. If it is not deliberate then it is a serious tragedy in thought.

      HH says:
      “It is like you accuse HH of having killed someone, HH is taken to cells and he should be taken to court on Monday and when the Judge walks in and he says we don’t have time to hear your case but we are sentencing to death.”

      In this case It is not HH being accusing of killing, it is HH who has accused Lungu of killing.

      As the plaintiff HH has a duty to bring evidence before the court in the legal timefra

    • HH has deliberately chosen to think in reverse. If it is not deliberate then it is a serious tragedy in thought.

      HH says:
      “It is like you accuse HH of having killed someone, HH is taken to cells and he should be taken to court on Monday and when the Judge walks in and he says we don’t have time to hear your case but we are sentencing to death.”

      In this case It is not HH being accusing of killing, it is HH who has accused Lungu of killing.

      As the plaintiff HH has a duty to bring evidence before the court in the legal timeframe.

      The timeframe is there to protect the defendant from mischief by the plaintiff(HH).

      The defendant (Lungu) had the right not to be detained in cells beyond the required timeframe.

      Now, HH refused to bring the evidence needed in the stipulated time…

    • HH’s right was fully met as he was given maximum time by the court to have his case heard.

      The defendant (Lungu)’ rights were also fully met, as the court did not keep him in cells beyond 14 days.

      Now HH wants to say he was accused when he is the accuse – reverse thinking.

    • kikiki @Peace for Zambia: so what the case in legal terms? The accused is Lungu and Mutati that their Budget has not tangible evidence to provide any disposable income for the poor and also create the jobs they claim. what more evidence does he need to provide when Mealie has increased, Fuel at almost $2, for a country with people living below $2 a day?? have messy on poor Zambians.

    • Some people just have endless bitterness. yes the budget is brutal on majority Zambians but its step in the right direction. we are a consuming nation even upnd would have done the same. worrying about homecorp winding up is not positive from a man who wants to empower Zambians with such businesses. the standards of the imported sofas and those fro mandevu is almost the same. South africans call zambia their retail province and you still want them bring in their cheep stuff on our markets and go away with many dollars?

    • @ 1.13 THE PRINCE,

      Either you are commenting from the blues or just like HH you are seeing things in reverse.

      I have not discussed the budget but, HH’s famous petition, which he made reference to and which has become his anthem.

      Now, you – you just decide to confuse yourself?

      I don’t think it is my responsibility to help you on this one.

  2. HH,thank you for coming back to the fore and commenting on the budget. My only CONCERN is UNLIKE WHAT MAZOKA did in 2002 where UPND presented an ALTERNATIVE BUDGET, you have only TOUCHED HERE AND THERE!! What WE NEED is to see HOW DIFFERENT YOU WOULD HAVE DONE THINGS! I am NOT supporting PF and Mutati on this one but please SHOWS US ALTERNATIVES as you are an alternative government! PF has said in their manifesto that they would INCREASE ELECTRICITY TARIFFS to attract investment in the sector,how DIFFERENTLY were YOU GOING TO DO IT? We can certainly do better but HOW? WHAT IS YOUR TAKE ON IMPENDING SALE OF SOME KEY PARASTATALS??

    • There’s no point wasting time on an Alternative Budget. Mazoka’s experience showed that Zambians do not thank you for such diligence. One’s time is best spent in something more useful. Be assured that PF can and will pass any idyotic legislation, including this Budget, that they want in Parliament.

    • An intelligent person says this is a fraud – if it were me, I would have done it this way. A fraud says, “this is a fraud”.

  3. How were you going to make the budget better than it is now? As for the court issues it maybe be your right yes but I think you are wasting time with the court focus on 2021

    • This budget cannot be improved upon. It is a fraud, a dumbass budget. Trying to improve it is like turning a stone into bread. You need the powers of Jesus for that.

    • Also, I have been waiting for HH to comment on the budgets. The comments here do not sound like coming from an economist. They are too general – just saying it is a fraud. Which areas would you have change? Sounds like Sata’s attack on the MMD. I am not surprised that the rest of the article drifted to elections. Maybe UPND president has more points under the elections than the budget.

  4. There he goes again! He is trying so hard to remain relevant.
    1. The fact that PF is also challenging certain results should tell you that ECZ did not collude with PF as you seem to suggest.
    2. Strange that justice is only done when courts rule in your favor. What kind of selfishness is that? If the high court does not rule in your favor, you will go to your foreign masters and cry? Why don’t you go to them first? Nobody pays attention to your cries anymore. There is no international court that will hear your election petition. Keep dreaming.
    3 “It is like you accuse HH of having killed someone, HH is taken to cells and he should be taken to court on Monday and when the Judge walks in and he says we don’t have time to hear your case but we are sentencing to death.” This makes no sense…

    • HH thinking complete rubbish…If he can imagine winning three provinces out of 10 means victory then we are in for a rude shock.

  5. Finally the under 5 party president has resurrected from the slumber. Please bo HH present an alternative budget and then we can talk.

    • Who will read an alternative budget? Did Mazoka become President because of an alternative budget? Your idea is a PF00LISH waste of time and energy. Does PF want an alternative budget to steal ideas from?

  6. 3….This makes no sense. Why are you so obsessed with killing people?
    4. The budget don’t make sense? Offer your MPs some talking points to present to parliament.
    5. You’ll be in court tomorrow? What an attention seeker! All you want is to let your uninformed cadres that you will be going to court so that they can escort you and make you feel presidential.
    Time to let somebody else take over UPND.

  7. Hakashide again is exposing his self egocentric pathetic bitterness on national broadcast media. How dare you call the Zambian judiciary fraud and appeal to the same court for your baseless allegations of not being heard in the Supreme Court.
    Who advises this Halucinating Hyena ?

  8. “It is like you accuse HH of having killed someone, HH is taken to cells and he should be taken to court on Monday and when the Judge walks in and he says we don’t have time to hear your case but we are sentencing to death.”
    This a wrong analogy, the concourt never passed any judgment, they just let things stand as they were. In this case, HH is not sentenced to death, he just goes back to cells.

  9. He talks like an uneducated full. So the whole budget has nothing good. And all zambians and diplomats that saw some positives are dull?
    All he thinks is Lungu. Government has far educated people than masters. Some of the people that sat to prepare that budget ate PHD holders. It is not Lungu and Mutati alone.
    That is one thing many people hate about HH, he thinks he is the most intellegent in Zambia, yet when given a chance he fails to live to the claim.
    Even 2021 HH will not win. He knows nothing and is to proud to a knowledge government is run by technocrats that are more educated and experienced than him.

    • It is use that is reasoning like an uneducated man (that is if you consider yourself educated) because he said the budget is FUNDAMENTALLY FRAUD. So your analysis should first focus on that statement. He further went on to say most of the budget is consumption oriented and one example is the creation of four useless ministries. Also when you look agro business to do with maize export, Mutati was not sure on Maize exports when he said the ban on Maize exports still stands till FRA verifies stocks . Now what if they verify after 9 months knowing how FRA operates, it means the budget is in jeopard. If you read the budget and analyse it objectively you will find that HH is right. Yes there are some good growth oriented ideas in the budget but again they are being negated within the budget…

  10. How much is a bag of mealie meal ? K120 , loading shedding 12 hrs every day . All insitituions are corrupt, Government is bankrupt, Zambia is a fallied state , so people will be eating flowers or grass

    • 120 oh my goodness! where do you get such prices from you cow? I bought mealie meal yesterday at about 82 from Shoprite Twin palm.

    • Ba jacob – so if you want to buy mealie-meal at K20, how much are you going to pay the farmer for his maize? Since you, obviously, do not grow maize, how are you going to encourage the farmer to grow maize?

    • @Jacob, do you buy you weed the same street I buy mine? Where is the mealie meal at 120. Any way you are following the foot steps of you god HH by exergerating facts

    • Indeed Jacob, well done.
      All these PF bandits above are feeling the heat & pressure hence their illogical rants instead of conceptualizing the ideals.
      Mealie meal is over K107 for a 25kg bag & load shedding is now a norm, over 15 hours a day. You have the electricity units but can’t use due to load shedding. Imagine how families are wasting fresh food?
      Iza nyokola njala with their primitive dununa backwardness. Mutati even deducted from the health budget at 15%, down to 8% is pathetic failures.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Jacob, which part of Zambia are you staying in where they sell mealie meal for K120– us here in Lusaka we are buying at K85. lets be truthful in what we post on public fora. the fact that you do not suport ECL does not mean we should paint the country black….mulekwata ko nensoni

  11. Let UPND petition case be heard so that the country can be united. As the case stands now, UPND supporters strongly believe their candidate won the Aug 11, 2016 elections, while on the other hand PF also strongly believe ECL won. This standoff can only be resolved by the Courts once for all. We should not set a precedent which will be easily abused by any Party in power. PF will not be in power forever, someday in future this same misapplication of the law will be used against them.

    • Ba Kgosi, elections are governed by laws and what upnd is pushing for would be in breach of the law if granted. That’s what would be not only a bad precedent but a DANGEROUS one too! HH just never concedes defeat (check his record).

    • @Kagosi wheather the pettion is heard ba kalusa will always find some form of justification to the ruling. He is just a bad loser. Look at what Hillary did, she conceded and has many people respect her for that. she has been urging her supporter to accept the results so that the country is not divided. but under five captalises on the division.

    • @13.1 and 13.2: Just a clarification, I’m not a supporter of either UPND or PF. Let HH be heard, it is within his right as a citizen of this country to be heard. Whether HH accepts the outcome or not is a different story but at least his petition would have been heard. One day PF might be in opposition, we do not want a repeat of this misapplication of the law by the Concourt by whoever will be in power at that time.

  12. Since mr lungu became president i have never heard or read of him talking about the economy. Can anyone on LT tell me when Mr lungu opened his mouth and say about the economy? The parliament speech was all lies ? We’re are the 5000 jobs in 2016 ?

  13. This culture of just condemning everything without giving alternative solutions is wat is killing upnd popularity. Hh plz concentrate on 2021 since your party constitution allows u to contest for life.

    • Government should first tell the people on the exact number of jobs they intend to create. They keep shfting between figures, from high to low then to high again. Meanwhile the reality on the ground, as with the major jobs news of October concerning home corp and furn. city, is that jobs are being lost and not created. When government get a hold of their act then maybe someone can offer alternatives. For now government policies and pronouncements are all over the place making it difficult to respond to them.

  14. I’m not a fan of HH but here I totally agree with everything he said on the assignment last night.The only surest programme to be fulfilled and implemented in next year’s budget are the Presidential and ministerial foreign trips

  15. This can not be news. News can be HH agrees with Mutatis. budget. I watched him live when he was teaching Musokotwane were the problem was with the Budget. He was failing to show what he could have done differently in the budget. The young man asked that question accidentally expecting that HH was going to answer alas he let down his lecturer. There is nothing they can do differently. on Job creation ECL has said he will create 1 000 000 jobs in five years. That 200 jobs every year. HH wants to mislead people again. In 2017 ECL and Mutatis budget will create 100 jobs that 2017 alone. in 2018 another 150 jobs created in 2019 250 jobs in 2020 350 jobs in 2021 400 jobs what does that mean to you? Economic growth and prosperity for all. VIVA PF NAFUTINAFUTI. If UPND appears to be winning ECZ…

  16. Words of Wise Man need no addition or subtraction.

    But some PF fools will try to ridicule it , exposing their ignorance.

    The so called national budget under PF has no direct benefit to an ordinary Zambian coz it has no positive impact on the economy [ Tats what HH is talking about]. Budget is used to entertain PF cadres masquerading as civil servants on national wage bill, PF fake projects contractors.

    If it was not for donors funding and implementing various programmes and projects, this country would go on its knees.

    Now , here is HH talking about real economic development through realistic strategies and tactics.

  17. HH should be fair. I personally don’t like the way this budget was made, and it leaves much to be desired. However, government has also made some strides in the right direction. Is he saying that everything in the budget is dog crap? Learn to appreciate even your enemies. If he is constantly being negative with government, no one will take him seriously as he will be perceived to be bitter. Learn to appreciate the positive gains that government is making, instead of trying to portray a picture of knowing it all. You are not a messiah of Zambia, and even if UPND were to rule, they would also encounter the same difficulties. Governance is more difficult than what appears from afar. The PF had to learn this the hard way with their now infamous 90 day promise.

    • The budget is a stranglehold on the middle income sector which is supposed to provide the drive back to economic well-being. The lack of alternatives for financing government and it’s program meant the little remaining of the middle income sector was targeted to provide this finance. However burdening this income sector with huge tax burdens will only kill it faster than it can regenerate. In the short term government will get its finance, yet in the long run the middle income sector will be dead.
      There was always a downside of extensive borrowing for projects whose repayment potential was either a doubt or long-term surpassing the payback period. The stalled economy and the pending crowding out of the middle income sector is the result.

  18. True, the budget is an assault on the small working class and others are paying the price for someones mishandling of the economy. Please it is very important that government officials tie into the budget and ensure they are part of the austerity measures. There should be strict accountability like what Magufuli of Tanzania has managed to do. He is a true patriot and making the lives of Tanzanians even better. Zambians in general need to move away from blood patriotism to constitutional patriotism. Many citizens today are not so objective because of their propensity or inclination to affiliate to similar ….

  19. My worry is not the budget at moment but the rate foreign companies are getting contracts in our country. Surly we losing money twice. First we borrow with interest and the same money goes back though foreign companies with interest to the lender. Secondly we left paying taxes and all the government is asking us to sacrifice. What’s left to sacrifice in Zambia. Please give local companies contracts if they are too big to handle by local companies let them team up with foreign companies in this way we have money remain in the country there by having locals to invest in whatever they can.

  20. HH is so ordinary. He should not use cadre language when he is addressing such important matters. Dununa reverse, regret are not PF’s manifesto words. He has such a small brain. Every time HH is accorded special media time, he squanders it like an ordinary cader. HH said the budget is a fraud but fails lamentably to even qualify his statement by stating any item which is fraudulent. I really feel pity for this man now.

  21. HH has so much hatred for ECL like he had for MCS whom he is now praising, surprising he is even praising RBB. ECL has been in office for how long for HH to say he is the worst president Zambia has ever had and has failed to turn the economy. ECL took over MCS’s term which was 1 year 8 months thereabout, this is now ECL’s full term and he is only a few months old in it. So what is bitter leaf HH talking about. Your main concern HH is to turn the people of Zambia against ECL. It will not work. Easy HH you will suffer a coronary attack with this kind of hatred.

    • KINTHU – The one thing HH does not realize is that, ECL is just a likeable human being. Demonizing ECL will not work. May be another strategy. The only advice that I have for ECL is: tighten fiscal discipline, make the ACC professional again (and ensure a few prominent scammers are locked up), place experienced professionals in critical areas and let them work – after 5 years results will show.

  22. HH is correct. PF thugs commenting here have are dull. In a recovery economy you cannot have increases in government expenditure like bookinv of 400,000 usd planes. You cannot have a finance minister saying lets borrow more to pay contractors so they pay taxes when you the taxes are way less than amount to pay them which arw usully over priced due to corruption. Zambia needs a middle class base. On elections, yes please I fully support the move to go international court so that we have the true winner in state house as we all doubt the current winner was indeed the winner

    • @Inonve, kindly correct you grammer and also speak for yourself. What do you mean by saying “as we all doubt”. I voted for Lungu and he I believe he won.

  23. HH is beginning to Sound like Sata(RIP). He should sound educated as he claims.He should be specific and not generalize issues. What facts on the ground will not lead to the growth of more than 4 percent. He should not sound as empty as Mutati and his team.

  24. The only way HH will remain relevant to the Zambian politics is to continually deny that he lost the elections, this way it gives him the platform to hold his party at ransom and carry on crying. The Challenge that Hichilema has is that of being in a perpetual opposition. Therefore his line of thinking is governed by opposing. He told us the Kwacha would collapse by September this year and even said “Mark my words” we did mark his word, but today we are going towards December and the Kwacha is still holding on. He also thinks that an international body is going to declare him President of Zambia, we are yet to see that under the sun. The Finance degree that he holds allows him to sit on his desk and make sense of his numbers, when you are a politician you have to move out and negotiate,…


  26. The economics of Mr. HH surprises me. All those presidents he is mentioning were there for more years than ECL and they worked in different economic conditions than ECL. How can you have a blanket conclusion without saying all things being equal. Surely in a year affected by drought and when rains are normal, you should expect the same result? Or when copper prices are low and when copper prices are high, the economy should function the same way? Mr. HH please educate me, what factors are controllable and which ones are not when running business? Sir, do you understand the history of our over dependence on copper? Would you surely blame it on ECL? Do you understand el nino’s effect on rains patterns? Would you surely blame it on ECL? I need answers even from Mr. HH’s supporters help us…

  27. I accept now that Zambia is still in Stone Age. Today’s national budget is at K65 Billion.
    In 2004 the city of New York budget was $ 85 Billion.
    Any way i neither support PF nor UPND. Because they have the same policies of thieving, intimidation and violence.
    The only way forward to resolve this political conflict is one selfless party to delink judiciary from Executive branch of governance. Which PF or UPND are not willing to do.
    No political party ever pronounced those terms to differentiate from one another.

    • What was the population of the city of New York in 2004 and what was the city’s burden in that year? Can you also explain what is wasteful with a K65 Billion budget?

  28. Well said my president another 5 yrs of poverty under pf. busy praying with fake pastor of Nigeria yet things are not changing more worsen now.dununa regret

  29. “Mr Hichilema has confirmed that his party will seek justice in the international courts if it loses its High Court bid to have its election petition heard”

    Indicates someone who wants things to go his way at all cost.

    “The My Way or the Highway Syndrome” very sad for someone I believed could contribute a lot of positives to mother Zambia.

  30. The powers to do this and that are the same ones HH is wishing to have hence his never ending struggle to have them. Time will tell.

  31. HH must be a very daft and ignorant politician. He can’t point at one country where a disputed election result went through international arbitration and the result was changed or nullified in favor of tribalistic politician. Zambia has so many MBAs, MAs, MSCs or PHDs but none of them so pontificating, morarlizing or depressing as HH.

  32. Having a degree from whatever doesn’t one better at economics than others. Even a marketeer who hasn’t been to school is able to project and balance her books better than those with degrees.

  33. Zambia must embrace wealth people to grow this economy. It is not true to believe that the only important people in society are the poor, you need the rich to support the poor. Killing the rich will leave this country in complete poverty and who wants poverty. Street vending is a clear sign of poverty. Allocating plots when you have no authority, receiving a money at road is a sign of poverty, the auditor generals report tell you how poverty stricken Zambians are. Why should an entire permanent Secretary be involved in corruption greedy and poverty. Otherwise all should be well. Any questions

  34. Zambia must embrace wealth people to grow this economy. It is not true to believe that the only important people in society are the poor, you need the rich to support the poor. Killing the rich will leave this country in complete poverty and who wants poverty. Street vending is a clear sign of poverty. Allocating plots when you have no authority is wrong, receiving money at a road block is a sign of poverty, the auditor generals report tell you how poverty stricken Zambians are. Why should an entire Permanent Secretary be involved in corruption answer greed and poverty. Otherwise all should be well. Any questions

  35. I Like HH very much, but this one thing I hate about him, everything the Government does is rubbish. He can’t find a single positive thing in the entire Budget.

    I hate negative people, they don’t inspire me….

    • @OutofthisWorld,
      “I Like HH very much” + “He can’t find a single positive thing in the entire Budget” + “I hate negative people, they don’t inspire me….” How can you like a man like HH without a positive word when on the other hand you hate negative people? What are you saying?

  36. HH can never ever see anything positive in whatever ECL does. If it turned out that ECL was Jesus HH would support Satan.

  37. Surely, to believe that every one who is rich is a thief is a serious sign of poverty among the people of that particular country( in this case Zambia).
    ……in Zambia today, it seems you can only enjoy life if you are in politics. Look at the way our Ward Counselors the way they are crying out the loudest ( kwati bali electrocuted na 66KV yaba Copperbelt Energy) after being advised that they will only be entitled to a monthly allowance of $70…..kekekekekekekekeeee
    Ma fellow instead of simply looking for stead employment or embark on business activities, others are protesting swearing at Vincent Mwale, wishing him dead, while others are scheming to be selling plots fraudulently, including on the middle of the main roads, e.g. Kabwe -Lusaka road pa kati che, Serenje – Mpika road pa…

  38. I feel so sad when I read some responses. People can no longer reason. The UPND leader is only pointing out what He sees wrong with the Budget and this is factual, yet people want to digress and talk about nonsensical s. Can’t you people focus? The truth is the budget will bring a lot of sufferers out, even those that were better off will join the already suffering lot. What is wrong with Zambians?

  39. The most worrisome aspect of Zambian politics is the utter failure to hold elections in our country. The just ended 2016 elections leaves much to be desired. The winner of the election was not declared under the provisions of the constitution (declaration was made by judge Chulu while a dispute is on and an appeal made). Even the so called winner (Lungu) was not sworn by the provisions of the constitution (Chief Justice declined to perform her duties). ECZ is a lame duck incapable of conducting an election with a corrupt judicial system. Prisilla Isaacs, Annie Mwewa Stali, Esau Chulu and other judges were all bought out by Edigar Lungu’s PF govt.
    Future elections in Zambia will not be credible and poor Zambians will continue to suffer.

  40. Well now Mr HH, you can give us your budget in 2021, that is if Peter Sinkamba does not get more votes than you. I mean by 2016 ninshi mwalibutula tutu imwe batata. Bitterness in politics is like prostitution, a girl starts off pretty. well rounded and the target of many men but very soon she looks like a rag….that is how HH will finish, just wait a few months and you will hardly recognise the president who never was.

  41. HH would find himself on the losing end even at the international courts. Is he going to claim that the judges are biased and corrupt? This boy is becoming nuts, please mwikateni ala yonaula. At the rate he is going HH will soon be telling us that when he loses at international courts, he will take his petition to Heaven. When he loses his case in Heaven, he will accuse God of rigging and corruption, hoping to take the case to a higher authority or superior court.

  42. This is one of the reasons why i hate HH!!this man thinks he is the only wise and educated Zambian!!we all have proper degrees.this Budget was prepared by well educated people in Govnt most of them with PHD and economics.SO WHAT MAKES HH THINK THAT ONLY HIM CAN DO A RIGHT THING WHICH ALL PEOPLE WILL APPRECIATE?today Mr Sata,RB,Mwanawasa and The Post(Fred M’membe) are angels to HH when he called them all sorts of names?cheat your fellow tongas man!!!THE KEY IN POLITICS IS CONSISTENCY AND NOT THIS “KWALOLO MWELA” WAY OF DOING POLITICS BY HH!!UPND MUST REPLACE THIS HH BCOZ HE WILL NEVER WIN THEM ANY GENERAL ELECTIONS IN ZAMBIA!!many voters in 6 and half provinces do not even want to hear the name HH.his hatred for president Edgar Lungu will only take him to hell.

  43. For all we care, HH could have all his degrees from Harvard Business School, he could have PhDs and any superior qualification. Good for him not for us. The man is just untrustworthy for the position of President of Zambia. His budget would probably include lines like bringing back Anglo American, providing free universal education for all, lowering the price of electricity, reducing the price of mealie meal to K35, increasing the subsidies on fuel and electricity. Now HH knows these things cannot work but why would he claim that he can and would do those things? Why, why? Lies like that expose and display his dishonest nature. Sorry Mr HH, keep dreaming, as Zambians in the majority 50+1% we find you both untrustworthy and unlikeable as a person.
    So no state house for you musankwa, sory…

  44. The reason he is he’ll bent on the presidency is purely for selfish reasons. He has never had the Zambians interests at heart this was evidenced in the privatisation saga.So can he please zip up because he is not longer relevant to anybody.

  45. HH LOL trying to sound intelligent then his hatred for Lungu took over and he began to speak like a kaponya he spoke to dunna reverse dunna regret whilst suggesting dunna forward. HH must slow down he is still in shock that he has been defeated not one not twice not thrice not even four times…you see at the bottom of that dirty afro is a bitter villager. A tribalist who thinks him becoming president is of right. He wants to recover the money he has spent on campaigns and paying all sorts of losers but he doesn’t get it. He CANNOT WIN! He is simply not a politician he has no close friends except his tribesmen and even they laugh at him. You see HH is simply a fool with cash in his pockets…nothing more

  46. Welcome back HH when will you address the party and its membership you claim to lead or will you be in court until 2021 to avoid the inevitable? And no the election petition cannot be equated to a person who kills another you should have added that if you kill someone and have 10 days to make your case then the 10 days lapses what should the courts do? But we hear you and feel the pain we are only human at the end of all this…2021 Zambia Forward Upnd under new leadership!


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