Police hold best friend in the murder of an Airtel IT employee


Police in Lusaka have picked up one suspect in connection with the death of a 32-year-old man identified as Chitiya Chilomba Makayi, an IT specialist working for Airtel.

Makayi was on Saturday morning found dead, hours after he reportedly told his workmates that some government agents were after his life.
Police sources have revealed that the suspect is a Joseph Banda (in picture), an operative from the Office of the President security wing.
Police have since charged him with murder.

It is reported that Joseph Banda murdered his best friend Chitiya for unknown reasons.An official statement from police say investigations are still going on.

Chitiya, who was found dead in Chilenje’s Chris Corner area, had before his death confided in his workmates in a WhatsApp group that “they are watching us, the government is killing us”.At 00:11am on Saturday, Chitiya posted: “They are watching us.”
And at 00:12am, he posted another, “The government is killing us.”

Whatsapp conversation
Whatsapp conversation

But there was no response from any of his group members.

He later posted again at 00:27am: “Movie they want to kill me. They want to kill me. Government…”, before posting the last message at 00:28 am saying, “Guys help, please.”

Chitiya’s workmates and friends turned to Facebook soon after news of his murder filtered in, with some demanding justice over his death.

But Police say there was no physical injury on the body of Chilomba Chitiya who was murdered in Lusaka early Saturday.

According to Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo confirmed that police have since arrested a man who was found with Chitiya’s vehicle.

“Police picked up a body of a male person identified as Chilomba Chitiya Makayi aged 32,” Katongo said.

“The body was picked in new Chilenje off Muramba road near Elibar Chris Corner. There were no physical injuries seen hence we will wait for post-mortem.

We have also detained one person who was found with the deceased’s motor vehicle, Toyota Allion registration number BAA 3610 as he could not give an explanation on how the deceased’s vehicle found itself in his possession. We have withheld the name of the suspect,” Mrs Katongo said.

Joseph Bbanda is being held as a suspect in the murder of Makayi
Joseph Banda is being held as a suspect in the murder of Makayi


  1. This whole story stinks to high heavens. They are setting up the friend for sure. I have just murdered my friend and somehow I drive around in his car and I cannot explain the circumstances in which I am holding on to my best friend’s car? And since when is information about a suspect released to the public when a postmortem has not even been performed yet, especially seeing as there was no injury on the deceased’s body? Could be the man was right about a high authority being after his life. Whatever the case I think they will stitch his friend.

    • Most likely the whatsapp messages where sent by the person who killed him to incriminate someone else……….just speculating.

    • In the developed world they would be able to track down the phones that were to his closest proximity at purported time of the crime.

    • Sending WhatsApp messages without a single call? IT expert could not even think of calling Police or direct to Kapyongo?

    • Despite all the headaches ZP gives us, I think they are incredibly good at solving murder cases.

      Like really, really good. This one is too easy for them – can’t wait to hear the joke behind the whatsApp messages.


    • We remember the movie like murders of Richard Ngenda, Baldwin Nkumbula, Ronald Penza, Paul Tembo. History (or is it THEIR STORY) is here with us again.

    • The story sounds like a movie performed by a novice, how can one kill his friend and drives around in a deceased vehicle? Speculation could be the killer sent the messages, the police need to investigate the trend of the whatsapp group.

  2. Who wants Zambia to go in this direction? God can never be mocked. At least Mugabe has indicated that He will soon retire ‘properly’ after realizing that nothing goes on perpetually. There comes a day of reckoning.
    This just a world where we are all just passing through.

    • no wonder the f a k e pastors are spraying you niggas with DOOM! you believe there is an invisible white man sitting on a cloud watching everything you do. lol

  3. Ooooh, Shame on you. I God, up to now you don’t know that, King Solomon the descendant of David was a black man, and that the Kingdom of Israel when they dispersed ended up with the HQ in Congo and a prayer house in YAOUNDE in Cameroon, which the current children of israel blacks (of CAR Cameroon Ghana Chad Congo both,Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique) used to go and pray like they used to do in Jerusalem. Read your bible and pray every day if you want to grow…………

  4. Very sad situation Joseph Banda. Unfortunately, law doesnt follow common sense, explores all possible avenues ,links and clues. Being OP staff it could be tough for him.
    Lets wait and see …..

  5. 1Samuel 16:12 Genesis 25:25 ,,,,,,,, you can also research about the MITOCHONDRIAL DNA the gene which is able to reproduce any race, these scriptures will clear your thoughts regarding the race jesus belonged, to though this is not of great significance to your salvation, At some point Zambia was a beacon of hope and peace but it saddens me to see the new direction we have stated following,

  6. Shocked and speechless! I was in college with this guy.This is very sad. This is someone’s child, brother, uncle. Justice must prevail.

  7. why didn’t he call some one,when you are in trouble it’s easier to call than text, and who are the friends on this group..was any one online at the material time..

  8. i have said again and again that PF is simply violet and evil. here you have it. And you call the country a Christian nation. was Lungu’s prayers heard? i don’t think so.

    • Sorry mate you’re not right. Why should the PF kill him? Why didn’t he point out in government who wanted to kill him or better still report to the police. If am aware that my life is threatened the best thing to do is report to police. I can even go public because even if I kept quiet my life would still be under threat. Please don’t politicize everything.

  9. A body is picked without any physical damage and suddenly UPND thinks he has been murdered. Wait for the postmortem. Bakapuli


    2. THEN they are killing US!
    3. Then they want to kill ME?
    4. A body is recovered without any bullet wound!!! How? Bushe?

  11. He died a lonely man.He “shouted” for help to his “friends”. None of his “friends” were interested in helping him. He will never know that he was surrounded by pretenders to friendship.

    • The so called friends are only friends when they want to benefit from you. When you need help, you should know that you are alone. It’s even worse because that whatsapp group must have had quite a number of people who knew him and pretended to love him yet when he posted such strange things, no one took 60 seconds to ask why he was behaving in a strange manner. There are no friends these days, only beneficiaries and people who envy you.

  12. The question is..why didnt the ‘driver’ of the car report ‘a missing’ person’ to the nearest police station before the body was picked up presumably the following day?

  13. Zambia is over 100 years behind. In developed countries, they would have secured the phone of the deceased in a secure package. Within 1 day, they would have established if the suspect, Joseph Banda, was the one sending whats up messages using the victims phone by checking for his DNA on the phone. What were the last numbers dialed on the victims phones. If you watch the Crime and investigations channel, this is a simple case that can be resolved within a day. But as usual ZP will be investigating this case for the next 2 years. Even Isaac Chavula, the guy who was found in the ECZ computer room at Mulungushi during the elections, they are still investigating to establish whether he is Zambian or Ugandan. They still dont know whether he was officially accredited or he was an intruder.

  14. May his soul rest in peace. if he is the one who wrote the messages why did he not mention where he was, who wanted to kill him and why rather than just say the govt.first he said us then me who was with him again he should have said who he was with, why send the messages to his friends and not the police at such an unusual time, if his friend managed to escape why did he not go to the police, why should the police say murder when he has got no scratch on him and why is the police not telling us what his friend is saying about it, i mean actual words from him. my advise to his friends he is not the one who wrote those messages. I am sure our police will solve this puzzle and bring the murderers to book.

    • Mate the police cannot tell anything this guy is “telling “..not at this stage anyway. It could jeopardize the investigation. This not a movie.

  15. lesson to zambians . whattsapp and facebook friends won’t help you once you are need. he should have called a family member or the police. make a call guys not whatssup … no one will take you serious on these social media

  16. Investigation tips:
    NB: Hoping Zambia has the means technically.

    Four investigative areas must be analyzed
    1. Area where dead body was found
    2. The dead body
    3. The car and cell phones
    4. All friends in the chat group and the best friend

    Area body was found — look for marks of struggling or fighting or any vomitus for chemical testing. Is the place near deceased home? Empty bottles of beer or glasses for DNA testing and chemical tests. Shoe marks and march them with suspects involved with their shoe marks at their homes. Comb for any bullet shells as he claims to have been almost shot. March shell with gun in question.
    The body– get blood and urine to test for alcohol level and other poisons like cyanide. Alcohol levels will tell whether deceased was very drunk(not able to…

  17. Alcohol levels will tell whether deceased was very drunk(not able to text) or not at time of death. Under deceased’s nails sampling for DNA to ascertain any possibility of a fight or struggle with the best friend. Compare DNA found on nails with DNA of best friend and all in chat room. Coroner will do forensic on lungs to rule out suffocation, stomach samples for poisoning, brain rule out massive hemorrhage.

    Car and cell phones- finger prints on the phones will confirm handling of deceased phone by best friend etc. Phone text mgs can tell where the sender was physically at the time of sending text geographically. Compare positions ,see if they where sent from same position. Why didnt friend render help or call police. DNA on car door handles, steering wheel and chairs will tell if…

  18. DNA on car door handles, steering wheel and chairs will tell if there where more occupants in car at scene or other times.
    All fiends chat grp- torture them with sleep deprivation so they can tell what they know about the event. Interview separately.Promise them bail outs or reduce sentence if they tell the truth.
    Pistol- finger print it especially the trigger, and fire arm forensic on the barrel to confirm if the gun was fired that night or not. If not why was he lying that a bullet missed his head few inches. Who owns the gun, is it legally owned.
    Should be a piece of cake to solve.

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    “I need help
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    My children, all six billion humans
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    Someone help me!
    Regardless of who or what, I love you
    Someone help me please!
    Word is bond, I love you”

    Stay low key ,fear God, and stay away from alcohol and drugs

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