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Nchanga Rangers survive after winning demotion appeal

Sports Nchanga Rangers survive after winning demotion appeal

The FAZ Appeals Committee has reversed the demotion of Super Division side Nchanga Rangers to Division One on allegations of attempting to bribe a referee.

FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe confirmed on Thursday that Nchanga have won their appeal against the Disciplinary Committee decision to demote the club.

The Disciplinary Committee ruled on 5 November that Nchanga be relegated from the top flight after four club officials were found guilty of attempting to corrupt a match official before a match against Nkwazi played on 29th October, 2016 in Chingola.

“The Appeals Committee, having examined the referee’s report of that match, found that the referee did not include the alleged bribery incidences,” Liwewe stated.

“The Committee, therefore, quashed all sanctions and fines imposed on Nchanga Rangers FC and its officials,” he said.

The Appeals Committee further reversed the slapping of life bans on Nchanga officials – Elijah Mugala, Matyola Haanyama, Patrick Nkhata and Shadrick Chalenga.

Nchanga must now fight relegation on the pitch.

The Chingola Club is placed 11th on the table with 39 points from 33 matches played.

Coach Bruce Mwape’s side must now win their last match to be sure of surviving relegation.

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    • Well done brave rangers, Now thats my team, I remember watching their games as a young man sitting pakasele to listen to older guys telling off no performers of the day. Now those where the daaays, At times when we did no have the money to go in the stadia, we would wait until pakankoko, Haha, those from chingola will know what i am talking about.

    • abena MUNTU WANDI you also braved and endured umusalula at pakansele like me. during the time of willie phiri , moffat mutambo,bruce mwape ,benjamin bwalya,peter mwanza,stone nyirenda indeed ni brave for life

  1. We are board rooms decision specialists bwana. Andrew is out not only to fix the Kalu camp but also their respective clubs. He would rather see his friends anif dynamos survive than kazala rangers. We are not brave for nothing. Nankwe nankwe mpaka board room.

  2. Mr Kamanga you talked well during the campaigns but your performance so far leaves much to be desired. We need results bwana not trying to fix people all the time. We have CAF under 20 or 17 or something like being held in Zambia please the get the awareness going among so soccer fans and the corporate world to make the event a memorable one.

    Always talking about corporate governance and nothing about results. Let Zambia continue losing and you will see the kind of soccer fans we have in Zambia-the will hail unprintable at you

  3. Ba Brave Rangers ngamwalibriber you have to live up to being demoted. Its a serious offence just ask Juventus in Italy

  4. Well done.but Andrew Kamanga must stop fixing innocent people!!all Zambians knew that the Nchanga Rangers short demotion was connected to Richard Kazala!!nobody shall ever remember Andrew Kamanga if he continues this way!!so now Lusaka Dynamos and Nakamba shall play division one football in 2017!!!shame on you Kamanga.

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