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Kapoko found with a case to answer

Headlines Kapoko found with a case to answer

Jubilant kapoko celebrating freedom with family member
Henry Kapoko

Former Chief Human Resources and Development Officer at the Ministry of Health Henry Kapoko and his co-accused Nobert Peleti who was the Acting Director of Human Resources and Administration have been found with a case to answer.

This is in a matter where they are facing six counts of Abuse of Authority of Office, Theft by Public Servant and money laundering involving K1,290,402, development of Best Home Lodges, Purchase of House in Olympia.

The case came before Magistrate Hon. Alfrida Chulu. The Court held that the prosecution has proved its case in all the counts.

The matter is coming up for defence from 16th to 27th January, 2017.

Kapoko was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission in 2009 following the unearthing of a scam involving corruption, theft, and money laundering at the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in Mongu has arrested the Mongu Subordinate Court Magistrate Webster Milumbe for conspiracy to commit a felony.

Webster Milumbe aged 42 of House No. 6 Kambule Street in Mongu has been charged with one (1) count of conspiracy to commit a felony contrary to Section 394 of the Penal Code CAP 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Webster Milumbe on dates unknown but between 1st May 2014 and 31st December 2014 in Mongu District did conspire with Brian Mutoiwa, a Court Interpreter at Mongu Subordinate Court to commit a felony namely forgery by acknowledging that he had signed the Warrant of Commitment to Undergo Imprisonment for a named convict thereby misleading the Prison Officers to release the said convict prematurely.

Magistrate Milumbe has since been released on bond and will appear in Court soon.

This comes barely a week after Brian Mutoiwa a Court Interpreter at Mongu Subordinate Court was arrested on two (2) counts being forgery of judicial document contrary to Section 349 of the Penal Code CAP 87 of the Laws of Zambia and uttering of false documents contrary to Section 352 of the Penal Code CAP 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

In this matter, it is alleged that Brian Mutoiwa aged 38 of North Park area in Mongu on dates unknown but between 1st May 2014 and 31st May 2014 in Mongu District did forge a document namely Warrant of Commitment to Undergo Imprisonment for a named convict by purporting that the said document had been signed by Honourable Milumbe when in fact not.

In the second count, Brian Mutoiwa on dates unknown but between 1st May 2014 and 31st December 2014 in Mongu District did knowingly and fraudulently utter a false document namely Warrant of Commitment to Undergo Imprisonment of a named convict to Nawa Nalumango a Prison Officer at Mongu Central Prison.

Mr. Mutoiwa has since appeared in Court.

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    • Why this has taken so long is beyond me.

      Never trust a lawyer. It is the most crooked profession that disgusts me the most of all.

      They never fail to disappoint. Unfortunately it’s them who runs our country.



    • How much is a bag of mealie meal today under dununa reverse of PF bandits?
      Well Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern, Northern & Central provinces have been through hell of darkness for over 7days. What I mean is that these people are in load shedding for 168 hours. Yet again, they have no clean water for drinking & all the bogus lies of visionless PF.
      Anyway, Kapoko is just another bandit being sacrificed by the incompetent PF!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Is the judiciary trying to turn this boy into a superstar or what. Why the hell is this case dragging like this. The judge/magistrate handling this case should be investigated.

    • True, nothing will happen. This Bemba thief HSS corrupted every one associated with the judiciary and all law enforcing officers in the country. Kapoko has even corrupted three presidents. He started with Chiluba, then Sata and finally back teeth Lungu. He massively contributed to PF election campaign.

      He should forfeit all properties which he corruptly acquired to the state.

      We should not allow these criminals to walk freely posing as entrepreneurs with impunity.

    • The case is taking long Because people have to eat more …… You see the big Money cases are always like this because the people in the system know this guy has money and it will have to be distributed by hook or crook

    • OK thank God its those ACC cases, I didn’t have gasses on and I read:
      Kapoko found died.
      Why should that case take 11 years? A child who started grade 1 in 2009 will be in grade 12 on judgement day for Kapoko.

    • ngolwa, it’s shameful that you’re misusing this site to insult and accuse people. Please contribute positively become by using uncivilized tones many people may fear siding with whichever party you’re representing.

    • Dear Ndanje Khakis. Where in my comment have you seen an insult? Like everybody else is saying this case has taken way too long. Why is that? As for judges being investigation for delayed cases, remember the Katanekwa and Sunkutu tribunal. Some people complained that the two were too slow with cases. MCS set up the tribunal to investigate the two. So if one person has been handling this case since 2009 there must be a reason why they have not disposed the case uo to now. So my dear I don’t insult..insults aren’t part of my vocabulary. Though I have read worse on this site.

  1. How many times has this guy been “found with cases” to answer??? Even lost track of this case, or is it cases? ……is this the same guy who buried money on some farm?

    • No, the cash burial convict recently lost an election to become MP – thankfully. This one ni kaya cabe ‘po tayambila. he will soon bury most of what he is being accused of stealing…

    • @Kalok, I am sure he has already buried and externalized everything. I also think that the people who are still pushing this case are benefiting a lot from it. They are stealing even more than what Kapoko stole.

  2. Justice delayed justice denied.
    The case of theft or public abuse of office becomes a political case where it takes centuries to conclude.
    Opposition leaders have been arrested in Kitwe on flimsy charges during campaign period,the case is nearly closing up.
    When the leaders embrace corruption as a way of enriching themselves that’s the end result.
    Kapoko bribed every one on the way including witnesses.
    May be there’s only one prosecutor who has a heart for the country to push to this far.

    Chairman Chagwa Zambia’s chief of Graft/ State plunder will pardon him 2 weeks into a prison sentence, mark my words.
    Like Muteteka, Liato, & other bandits invoved in graft, they will use the usual P.F, alligned morally bankrupt Belly Doctor to diagnose a condition, fraudulently alleging Kapoko is near deaths door, & once we shall observe him contesting for some seat somewhere under the Corrupt P.F banner.
    This is the type of Leadership Dopey Zambians have chosen to perpetuate on themselves.

    • Cont;
      should read, & once OUT of Gaol we shall observe him contesting for some seat under the Corrupt P.F banner.

  4. The privatisation saga should rekindle. Am sure someone is waiting for the right time to strike. Benangu bazalila

  5. @Kapoko the one who burried money on the farm was former minister Austin Liato. He was convicted and jailed. Lungu pardoned him on health grounds. We said it is political but PF and the cadres denied it. 2016 he stood as MP on PF ticket in western province. He lost to UPND and petitioned. He lost the petition as well.

  6. The law should stipulate how long a criminal case should take not for ever. The Chief Justice must be embarrassed to have a case going on since 2009. Just the time it takes to dispose of a case is a recipe for corruption.

  7. This is no longer news, Kapoko is just one Kapenta in a big river where big Lungu and Kaizer fishes are stealing with impunity. A country where even elections are stolen with impunity? Aah!

  8. So when HH accuses Zesco of incompetence what nonsense is he talking about? For zesco to restore power in five days after such an.extensive damage as we saw on TV, the company must be very competent. HH must be disappointed that it did not take foerever as he wanted. And using.local.labour too, zesco must be commended for this level.of competence. Must be an among the best!! Tell the donkey [email protected]

  9. Am surprised too!I thought Kapoko was a free man.Was he not acquitted during Sata’s reign?Best home lodge was a ‘paradise’

  10. The teachers have seeing the folly of many unions, members of the LAZ want to fragment it. I am not a lawyer but if you ask me I need a united law association the institution is so important to be fragmented.

  11. This all kopoko case sounds like it’s just another topic in the history book. It’s sad that someone is trying to remind me of how compromised our judicial system is.

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