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Three business men arrested for having close to USD $1 million counterfeit notes

General News Three business men arrested for having close to USD $1 million counterfeit...


The Drug Enforcement Commission in Central Province has arrested three businessmen in Kabwe for being in possession of over USD $900, 000 counterfeit notes.

Tyson Musemuna, 44, of House No. MW118 in Ndola; Simon Mwape, 39, of House No. 162 Jomo Area in Mufulira, and Douglas Chola, 51, of Plot No C6152 Kasanda Mine in Kabwe, have been arrested for being in possession of US$986,800 in 100 Dollar Bills.

The trio were arrested at a named motel in Kabwe carrying the counterfeit Dollar notes in two backpacks.

The suspects are currently detained in Police custody but are yet to be formally charged.

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  1. What is it with bembas ? Is stealing and corruption part of their DNA ?

    Every case of theft or crookedness involves a bemba. Why can’t you chaps just work ?


    • I will give you more problems. I dare you to say what you’ve said without hiding under a fake name. If you have balls come out and I will teach you a lesson to make you shiiit!

  3. Statistics from the Prisons around Zambia, since the 1960s are there to prove that 87% of prisoners are Bemba and Easterners combined, or at least bearing names from those regions. 13% is shared among the other regions with a larger portion going to foreigners. You can do a random survey……visit any prison and ask for their register. You will be shocked. Bembas and Easterners are the worst criminals in this land

    • Statistics don’t lie I was also shocked when we visited Kamfinsa state prison on a social outreach we should stop ignoring these facts so that we have un opportunity to address the problem.Chilubas term of office was characterized by appointing Bemba finance ministers resulting in a bankrupt treasury followed by cases of unprecedented theft in courts of law.Mwanawasa came on the scene appointed mangande the economy rebound and recorded unprecedented growth,then enter chibwi no plan with the most unqualified finance minister in the history of Zambia-Bamudala ba ABC,the ministry became a den for deals by cadres,the economy can attest.By the way where is his sinking funds?He has finished our economy and has not been heard off since he disappeared with our cash.Maybe we should bar our…

    • Stop telling lies apart from Kasonde which bemba finance minister did Chiluba appoint? Penza? Just look at the name and ask yourself do the Bembas have a Z in their language? Nawakwi? Do you want to make her bemba to suit your tribal prejudices?

    • It is because PF government started it all, Kambwili, D Chama , M Phiri and F Bwalya were all tasked to lead a hate speech campaign against other tribes.

  4. Comment:
    The problem in Zambia is allowing people to change money anywhere other than the bank. There are more fake notes in Zambia than genuine notes. The people behind this problem are Tongas and Lozis

  5. Tongas really amaze me a lot.for them all they see in anything is tribalism!!!you are busy insulting bembas here while you cling on gbm,nevers mumba,etc like INDA!!!if a bemba supports hh,then he is clever and good.if not then you insult that bemba daily-bantustans!!!!look yes more than 87% prisoners maybe bembas and easterners and this only confirms that these two tribes are the majority in Zambia!!!if your hh is to rule Zambia,he must get majority votes from these two tribes.if not,hh cant ever win!!!LASTLY THERE ARE THIEVES OR CROOKS IN EACH AND EVERY TRIBE OR NATIONALITY!!!

  6. Bemba’s out numbers all tribes in Zambia if you don’t know, we also have two tribes whom share the same names Lamba’s and Kaondes.

    • Mwila is kaonde Bemba, Ushi , chishinga, Lubale, lamba etc. So it is difficulty to tell which tribe is Mwila so are other names.

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