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LAZ must quit its hypocrisy game -Sunday Chanda,PF media committee member

Headlines LAZ must quit its hypocrisy game -Sunday Chanda,PF media committee member

Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations to the President Amos Chanda chats with PF Media and Publicity Committee Vice Chairman Sunday Chanda at State House
File:Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations to the President Amos Chanda chats with PF Media and Publicity Committee Vice Chairman Sunday Chanda at State House

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) opposition inclined leadership has once again shown that it will clutch at every straw to openly show contempt towards President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and anyone deemed to be close to him.
This is one sad clear pattern we have noticed ever since President Lungu convincingly won the heavily contested August 11 polls were the man they overtly support Mr Hakainde Hichilema of UPND tumbled for what appeared like the umpteenth time. We feel the pain of LAZ, especially that of its greenhorn leader Ms Linda Kasonde.
We understand LAZ’s shared contempt and bitterness with Mr Hichilema and the UPND after the devastating loss as they continue to lick their wounds but there is something we do not want to allow to continue.
We do not want LAZ and UPND to continue misleading the nation that there is a neutral call for justice and accountability, of President Lungu and those that work for him such as Mr Amos Chanda, his spokesman.
It is unfair for LAZ and UPND to intimate that President Lungu is directly or remotely interfering with the judiciary in Zambia when history is replete with numerous incidents of President Lungu, a friend of the bench abiding with the law even when he could have arm-twisted matters ex officio.
Below are some explicit examples that demonstrate President Lungu’s respect for the law of the land.
• When President Michael Chilufya Sata died on 28th October 2014 (MHSRIP), a scheme by those close to LAZ was hatched to grab power from acting President Lungu. Instead of fighting the hostile take-over and create two centres of power, President Lungu gave up power in order to maintain law and order
• At party level when the party was divided on the mode of adopting a candidate to replace President Sata as the PF leader with the majority wanting President Lungu to take over, the Head of State still chose the hard route of going to a national convention that needed to be attended by no less than 4000 delegates from all ten provinces of Zambia
• When he did not need to after his first popular election of January 2015, President Lungu went ahead and signed a constitution that did not favour him by including the much-dreaded 50 percent plus one vote, albeit through his immense popularity, defied critics and beat the LAZ and Mast (formerly The Post) supported Hichilema hands down again.
• After he won the popular vote with an extra 100,000 votes to spare and got declared winner by the influential Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on 15th August 2016, President Lungu did not assume office despite direct and indirect intimations for him to assume office. This was in the back drop of receiving an unprecedented flow of international endorsements emanating from Washington, Beijing, Downing Street and Buckingham Palace and the local church to mention but a few that felt the election was fairly won by President Lungu.
• President Lungu waited until the day the Constitution Court returned with a decision that echoed that of the ECZ chief Judge Esau Chulu. Only then did he agree to be sworn in as Sixth President of Zambia on 13th September 2016.
All this time, Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Mwamba had refused to accept the legally declared results, casting aspersions on the Judge Chulu led ECZ and the entire international community.
President Lungu sucked it all in and now barely one hundred days after he assumed office, his Spokesman says the judiciary is not above reproach just like everyone else in Zambia, including President Lungu who was taken to the Concourt, the UPND backed LAZ flags are flying relentlessly, airing the LAZ presser live on their page and baying for Mr Chanda’s blood, whom by extension they associate with President Lungu and we feel it is not fair.
What is fair in our view is that Ms Kasonde, UPND and the questionable Mast must come out in the open and state that they are one political front bent on one thing—the opposition of President Lungu.
We have said in the past that we wonder “where Ms Kasonde was the day they taught law in law school” given her open lack of depth and impartiality in dealing with issues and we are going to say it again.
Except this time we are going to add regarding Ms Kasonde that, “there is nothing more dangerous in a game of political chess than a pawn that thinks it’s a Queen.”
Ms Kasonde, Mr Hichilema, UPND and The Mast, collectively and or individually, please wake up and smell the coffee—President Lungu is the President of Zambia, legally elected, legally, sworn in and legally in State House. You have another five bitter years to wait.

Where was Ms Kasonde and LAZ when Mr. Hichilema attacked Judges Anne Sitali, Pallan Mulonda and Mungeni Mulenga whom he likened to the biblical Judas Iscariot who betrayed a cause for pieces of silver? Where was LAZ when the UPND leader insulted the Judiciary with such impunity that every reasonable Zambian thought he would be cited for contempt of Court! Zambians recall that on 10th September 2016, UPND leader Mr. Hichilema charged that constitutional court judges were paid huge amounts of money to deliberately lapse the UPND petition to nullify the re-election of President Edgar Lungu in the 11th August general elections. Why did LAZ keep quite unless they clapped and nodded in approval of Mr. Hichilema’s lies and insults targeted at the Judiciary! On the date, Mr. Hichilema described the Constitutional Court judges as thugs and criminals who, according to him, had raped the Constitution and were therefore not worth the gowns they wore as they lacked integrity and impartiality. Where were Ms. Linda Kasonde and her LAZ to condemn these insults and label them as contemptuous?!
This is the hypocrisy we must question and LAZ must come out clean. LAZ especially under Ms Kasonde is not above public criticism over its conduct.
Lastly, we challenge LAZ to tell Zambians why Ms. Kasonde’s Press Conference was being streamed Live on Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s Facebook Page. Could it be that Mr. Hichilema was privy to Ms. Kasonde’s statement? Could it be that LAZ is in liaison with the UPND?

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  1. I think this piece contains some facts worth considering. LAZ what’s your response on the incidents quoted as you being silent?

    • This is wrong for the head of state to lead an onslaught on the judiciary. What happened to the separation of powers?
      If the entire presidency questions judicial decisions what then should we ordinary citizens think of the justice system in Zambia? To think this is being done by a lawyer makes very sad reading indeed and this is the man who claims to respect the independence of the judiciary. Judge then a man by his actions not words so much for a so called humble man!

    • Agony is when you were in primary/Secondary you always out shine everyone and always sit in group A while crazy lads like Sunday Chanda/Amos Chanda sat in group D sometimes group E today they are near to the president & speak as though they are intellects while you are a civil servant still trying hard to get a promotion all because your parents told you to study hard.

    • Is there stoopidity associated with certain names, like Chanda? There must be a difference between the Chief Protector of govt, the President, attacking the judiciary and some individuals who are outside govt doing the same? Are these maggots saying that HH has more influence on the judiciary than Lungu and his threats to do to judges what was done in Kenya? I am sure they have a Bemba saying to support their stoopidity.

    • This f00l and cadre is speaking with his stomach and arse and is blinded by his desperation to continue being a beneficiary of the Vodiga Rungu cult.
      Labelling everyone who criticized you as “opposition” just shows how intoxicated with power you are. Just wake up and smell the crap you discharged via your rear end instead of expecting everyone to worship Vodiga Rungu

    • No matter how much hard you’ll try to be relevant in this country, Sunday Chanda you’ll forever be a liability, an empty tin, a riffraff, attention seeker and above all a chainama patient suspect. In all honest, there is nothing wrong in what LAZ is saying but there is everything wrong in Chapona’s (Chagwa) leadership style. The Executive and the Judiciary are equal so its nonsensical for the executive to be intimidating the other arm of government.

    • LAZ, under Linda Kasonde, has completely LOST ITS CREDIBILITY it once had. Even during the Petition wrangles, you could clearly see which side “LAZ” (in quotes because I seriously believe it is Ms. Kasonde, and NOT the entire LAZ that is currently compromised) was siding with. It seems LAZ has stopped being an OASIS of LEGAL BRAINS that gave uncompromising LEGAL OPINIONS, devoid of political innuendos and assumptions, concerning National issues.

    • continue:

      The SELECTIVE OUTRAGE that has become all too common from LAZ nowadays is very disturbing and unbecoming of such a legal body. It doesn’t take a sophisticated citizen to see that the LAZ of Linda Kasonde is now an appendage of the Opposition Political parties (especially the UPND) and their agendas. The SHAMELESS HYPOCRISY being exhibited by Ms. Kasonde and her LAZ speaks volumes about what this Legal Body has now become—and NO doubt whatsoever, LAZ has become an OPPOSITION PARTY in disguise—shame, shame, shame!

    • continue:

      When a woman took over the reigns of leadership at LAZ for the first time, we all applauded and looked forward to some FRESH perspective and insights into our LAWS and their INTERPRETATIONS. Unfortunately, what we have ended up with is a SHADOWY POLITICAL ORGANIZATION (some might even say a POLITICAL PARTY) that is all too willing to take sides on issues you expect LAZ to be NEUTRAL and above politics—especially if the issue has anything to do with the President Lungu—one wonders why?

    • continue:

      But one thing LAZ should NEVER forget, especially Linda Kasonde herself, is that, it is often easy to destroy an organization’s (or individual’s) reputation, credibility and integrity than it takes to build the same. LAZ should realize that it is exposing itself to some very serious IMAGE DAMAGE by being political in their approach to issues. Which may take decades to repair and reverse for LAZ to be respected again—and under Kasonde, LAZ has definitely lost some RESPECT and CREDIBILITY it once had!

    • continue:

      By choosing to get in bed with some political parties, LAZ has opened itself up to “politics” and the kind of venomous criticism only common in politics. LAZ should leave POLITICS to POLITICIANS and stick to their Constitutional mandate. This JUMPING-ON-THE-BANDWAGON sort of mentality should be left to POLITICAL CADRES and their benefactors—LAZ is simply too important an organization to be hijacked by political ‘JANJAWEEDS’!

    • Linda Kasonde is right on the ball. Madam, keep on, don’t listen to detractors. You are doing a real job of work. We can’t allow a morally bankrupt drunkard and thief to dictate to the judiciary.

    • HH and GBM called the Concort judges “thugs” and Linda kasonda was very silent about this serious matter. He who pays the paper, …. Linda kasonda is seemingly a paid UPND agent using the name of LAZ.
      when need another professional Law association.

  2. Where was LAZ when HH attacked Judges Anne Sitali, Pallan Mulonda and Mungeni Mulenga whom he likened to the biblical Judas Iscariot who betrayed a cause for pieces of silver?
    Where was LAZ when this HH fela insulted the Judiciary with such impunity that every reasonable Zambian thought he would be cited for contempt of Court! We recall that on 10th September 2016, this fela charged that the constitutional court judges were paid huge amounts of money to deliberately lapse the UPND petition to nullify the re-election of President Edgar Lungu in the 11th August general elections.
    Why did LAZ when their man described the Constitutional Court judges as thugs and criminals who, according to him, had raped the Constitution and were therefore not worth the gowns they wore as they lacked…

  3. Mr. Chanda, you always put your facts straight. I salute your logical thinking. Linda Kasonde is the worst Laz president ever to have been elected to the position. Her analysis lacks merit and usually weak. Can someone remove this woman from LAZ Am getting fed up with her arguments. I have a belief she was not elected but selected based on her gender. This is what caused Hillary to loose US elections. She just yaps.

  4. Amazing how anyone critising Govt is labeled UPND and bitter. We tend to forget that majority of Zambians are not active in politics but interested in how the Govt is managing the affairs of the Country. Its no longer election campaigns, can those we have entrusted to lead us provide solutions to the many problems affecting the middle class and the poor. We won’t eat the mudslinging on HH or LAZ. From whichever angle you look at it, threats on judiciary from a State House official carries more weight than any private individual critising the Judiciary.

  5. Any neutral person would easily confirm that Linda Kasonde is pro upnd.plus am 100% sure that even on 11/08/2016,she voted for hh.LAZ must urgently replace Linda Kasonde if its to remain vital in our society.this woman has ran down LAZ!!!whether one hates or likes Mr Sunday Chanda or indeed PF,what he has said here is very true!!HH and GBM insulted the judiciary openly when their petition failed in concourt,but amazingly LAZ and Linda Kasonde remained quiet!!!IF I MAY ASK LINDA KASONDE,WHO INSULTED THE JUDICIARY BETWEEN HH/GBM AND AMOS CHANDA?its 100% hh and gbm!!so is it that laz only see mistakes in pf and not in the opposition?LINDA KASONDE WILL BE THE WORST LAZ PRESIDENT EVER!!PLUS AM SURE SHE GOT HER DEGREE IN LAW FROM A NIGHT SCHOOL UNIVERSITY AND NOT FROM UNIVERSITIES SUCH AS…

    • Clapping and worshipping Lungu/PF is not a responsibility of LAZ, it’s your job as a cadre and don’t expect the rest of us “normal” people to be as illogical as you.
      LAZ is there to ensure the rule of law, that is justice and fairness are upheld and not to be praise singers.
      Not every opposing view is pro UPND, UNIP or MMD. A lot of it is just plain common sense.

  6. Laz is not supposed to be partisan. Linda only opens her eyes and mouth to speak on behalf of the opposition. She keeps her legs closed when hh and gbm mushipe insults the same. Why was her conference streamed live on hh fbook. This tells you who is speaking through her.

  7. Another one opening his mouth and might soon be replaced by president Edgar Lungu. Kambwili was like these two Chandas, noisy.

    Viva president Nawakwi.

  8. Ba Sunday Chanda Linda kasonde is just too wise for you…

    Just tell the Zambian people how many times you have failed at ziale where the same Linda kasonda passed and now the president for the association.

    We know that it pains you a lot that you have been failing there and a woman made it.

    You have failed to defend the Amos Chanda and resorted into bringing HH’s name who is not even a subject on the matter at hand.

    I think failure is just in your blood.

    • This is not about ZIALE, its all about facts which Sunday Chanda has rightly stated. Catel has now moved to LAZ a once upon a time respected institution.

  9. Chanda and your boss do not think that you are smart. You and your boss are very selfish people who can’t leave the Judiciary alone to make decisions. You are always interfering in order to continue benefiting. You know very well that Lungu didn’t win 2016 elections he lost with a big margin that’s why ECZ Easu Chulu cooked the figures, it took them three days to announce the results.Do not take Zambians for granted evil doesn’t last. Leave Linda to do her job professionally and not as a PF cadre or kabova. Mulifiwelewele imwe fi pf Kwati boss wenu te lawyer.
    Tell your boss you are servants to serve the Zambian people not to be masters.

  10. Does Kadondo speak for LAZ or herself? Many Lawyers do not agreed with her. People should note that what she speaks is her own mind and not for all of us. We shall soon replace her. We need a neutral person to head LAZ.

  11. In my few years on this earth I cannot once remember laz adopt a political party approach 2 issues “press conference”. Linda has chip on her shoulder “just because am a woman” pity parties have no place in law. When she condemned the closure of the post she forgot herself and called mrs membe by her pet name in official laz communique! Who does that? Lastly she likened herself to Hilary when the race for whitehouse was still own in her mind referring to a woman needed 2 do to win….grow up

  12. LAZ is not a UPND supporter. Let the association perform its functions without intimidation. The problem is with both PF and UPND.When judgement does not favour one of them they blame the judiciary. I just don’t know what has become of Sunday Chanda.The young man used to talk lots of sense that time he was a ‘neutral’ person but from the time he joined PF he has become a praise singer even for obvious wrongs.

    • Sunday Chanda is the President’s spokesperson, that’s his job description! So do you expect him to speak like he is in opposition?

      Watch the rebroadcast of the interview and see what is nonsensical about what he said. Like the President said, us Zambians love to operate on rumors and half truths a lot—and it is true!

  13. Why do you goons always want people to praise you even when you are wrong?LAZ issued a statement that is valid and addresses the intimidation of the Judiciary by the Executive. They condemned both PF and the Opposition over that. Surely when they upheld the Kabwata Seat you celebrated….Now coz Munali was nullified, you wanna cry? Itezhi Tezhi was nullified but u wanna cry about Lusaka Central?
    Both Chandas, Sunday n Amos r doing this 4 their survival. How do you threaten the Judiciary with Kenya style reforms? This article is shallow n lacks merit. Worse still, its so unfair to insult LAZ and Linda for their well thot out statement….We can’t all b Vuvuzelas of ma rubbish

  14. Chanda is talking as a politician. But for LAZ they cannot become political. If they do, then we need another LAZ.

  15. This is like Argentina’s slide to mediocrity: They fought the judiciary and diluted it by increasing the number of justices on the bench (sympathetic to the ruling class). Everything after that was a fart. This is what this country is systematically working into the country’s governance system. It is one-party rule by the back door. Watch closely people. Focus.

  16. Sunday Chanda is a very good analyst by my personal standards. That girl Linda Kasonde is just being used by other people. She does have the intelligence to even add up things even if what she has put up is utter rubbish, she does nt even have the little to make it.

  17. Mr Sunday chanda has changed completely because when he was analyzing issues on muvi tv some time back he use to resonate with people now its a different story

  18. Which ever side of the coin you are on, the truth is that: it was wrong for The presidency to take an onslaught on the judiciary. What wrong did the judges do? Gentlemen lets not politicise everything

  19. This is a case of both sides being attention lovers
    LINDA is using LAZ for her own popularity and ego
    AMOS is too comfortable near the seat of power and is projecting unmoderated personal leanings
    SUNDAY can’t be blamed for what he says here
    LAZ needs to put its house in order otherwise it will be LINDA ASSOCIATION of ZAMBIA
    ECL and AMOS have exchanged roles???
    HH streaming is good but come out and replace GBM with LINDA.
    ECL address nation and media it always helps.

  20. Awe, I can not support you on this Sunday Chanda. Amos did wrong and he must account for it. Your statement would have been fairer had it recognised this fact and then go on to point out the inconsistencies of LAZ. Amos assumed too much power in his attack on the judiciary and that was blatantly wrong.

  21. Where are Scorpion Kadobi, Bowan Lusambo and Chiwele Maimisa who used to call themselves MMD diehards. A diehard dies with a party he supports.

    Amos Chanda should have died with the Post.

    Sorry about my seeminly skewed thinking, I have been away

  22. I don’t comment on politics but are Zambians aware that one tomato plant, if cared for, can produce half a box of tomatoes. 2 can produce a box sold at K175 during the rain season. 200 plants can give you K17,500 while 2000 can give you K175,000 all in a period of 6 months – equivalent to an election petition period. Please try 20,000 on less than a hectare and you will be talking about going to watch FIFA world cup in Quarter. That’s how I managed to watch Africa Cup in 2011.

  23. When your parent is being chased after by a group of people, what comes into the son’s mind is to defend the father in any way thinkable. Later the son comes to learn that the father was found in a compromising stance with some one’s wife. Meanwhile the son had injured one in defending his father. This is the situation the LAZ lady is into trying to defend the UPND come what may. The UPND leadership insulted the judges left, right and center. What this lady is doing is adding salt onto the wound.

  24. Honest, honestly speaking that’s the way to go. All these people who spend energy insulting must at one tine refuel with food and it is you to finally benefit when they buy your tomato. I have a small place where am doing just that on small scale but beneficial at least. KEEP IT UP!



  26. Quite frankly this storyline has morphed into personality attacks. The non-contentious issues are that ; Amos is indeed a Civil Servant and should therefore appreciate his role as such; Linda Kasonde is not speaking on her own behalf but that of LAZ; LAZ was silent when the Concourt was under siege by HH etc all; Two wrongs do not make a right. conclusion: the separation of powers is essential for the promotion of good governance…. dissenting views should not be discouraged…dialogue must be encouraged but subject to respect for each other…Now let’s all move on… swiftly

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