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Suspected Zambians arrested in South Africa over alleged crime

General News Suspected Zambians arrested in South Africa over alleged crime

South African authorities have arrested three people believed to be Zambians in connection with various criminal offences.

South Africa’s Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) has confirmed the arrest of Hilda Malaya, holder of a passport whose number is indicated as 261253-61-1, and Lucky Dzuwua whose passport number has been recorded as unknown. Malaya is being held for allegedly dealing in drugs while Dzuwua is alleged to have been found in possession of a dangerous weapon.

The third person, William Mathews also believed to be Zambian, with an unknown passport number, was found in possession of a vehicle presumed to have been stolen.

DIRCO confirmed the three incidents to the High Commission of Zambia in Pretoria.
And DIRCO has said that South African authorities are still pursuing the murder case of a Zambian businessman, Ahmed Abbasi Sajjad. The Department said police investigations were still underway.

Issued by:
Nicky Shabolyo

Press Secretary
Zambian High Commission in South Africa

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  1. From which part of Zambia and tribe does that murdered business man abbasi sajjad belong? Anyway sorry guys for that,kaili they say life is all about risk taking.

  2. If it read “Alleged Zambians arrested in South Africa over suspected crime”. Nick Shabolyo of all persons cannot verify persons believed to be Zambians?

    Besides Zed passports have nos. such as ZN …. or ZP not just a number that looks like a date of birth …


  4. Those are foreigners,which Zambian passport is that? Ba High Commissioner,plz tell ama South africans ati aba tebena Zambia.Just killing our good name.

  5. I agree with Jericho Mulofwa; Zambian Passport Numbers are very distinct, and this should have been pointed out to the South African authorities. Lucky “Dzuwua” is a very unlikely Zambian name. Many years ago, when I was Chairman of the Zambian Association in South Africa, I was summoned to a mortuary by the cops to identify the body of a “Zambian” drug-dealer, repatriated from India where he died. He had been traveling on a Zambian Passport. I took one look at the dead man’s face, and immediately told the cops that he looked like a West African. A call was made to the passport office in Lusaka, and it was discovered that the passport had belonged to a Zambian woman, long deceased……

  6. I have no respect for this report. How can a passport number be “unknown”??? How can you report a national registration card number as a passport number!????? What is going on???? Just out these fo.ols, trace back to the corrupt officials who gave them Zambian status in our country and clean out this cancer of mediocrity that has been tolerated for far too long!!! Perhaps you need a Mwine Mushi to “pass right where the problem is…”

  7. LT why use herb when they are saying drugs and dangerous weapon???Kindly stop this nonsense ba LT don’t criminalize Jah works.

  8. Ba upnd why do u like commenting on everything bafigala. Keep your mouths shut for a while. Its common sense the caught thieves have cheated. Shut ur stinking mouths ba upnd.

  9. These are friends of EMMANUEL MWAMBA, a reg and passport are different things, then Indians are not Zambians a zambian is identified by names such as AKAKULUBELWA AKAKULUBELWA, HAMUSONGOLE HALWIINDI , HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, CHAGWA LUNGU, MULIOKELA MULIOKELA SIMCARD BANDA, all these are typical zambian names. Not the ones in the article

  10. @Maloza, Malaya is always a name from Eastern Zambia, often Tumbuka. Know your country and its people.

  11. 261253-61-1 can be National Registration Card no. Check which town uses 61 for its code no. for the NRC.

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