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Mmembe,Nchitos face jail over contempt

General News Mmembe,Nchitos face jail over contempt

Fred Mmembe with Reporter Mukosha Funga at Woodlands Police Station
Fred Mmembe with Reporter Mukosha Funga at Woodlands Police Station

POST liquidator Lewis Mosho has called for the arrest of Fred M’membe and his accomplices Mutembo and Nchima Nchito for ignoring a court order and refusing to hand over a list of assets to the High Court.

Mr Mosho has further commenced contempt proceedings against M’membe and the Nchito and Nchito law firm and another person, Rowena Zulu, on allegations of contempt following their continued failure to surrender a catalogue of assets to the liquidator, as well as continuing to masquerade as lawyers of the Post Newspapers in liquidation when in fact they were fired.

This comes after High Court judge Sunday Nkonde granted an ex-parte summons for leave to commence contempt proceedings for committal to prison in accordance with Order 52 Rule 2 of the Rules of the Supreme Court (White Book) 199 edition.

Mr Justice Nkonde has since set December 12 as date for hearing of the application on allegations of failure to obey the court’s orders made by Mr Mosho of Nathan Lewis Advocates as the provisional liquidator.

“The 1st and 3rd alleged contemners have disobeyed the authority of this court by refusing to submit to the provisional liquidator a catalogue of respondent’s assets and have concealed or hidden some assets and properties of the respondent in winding up, thereby undermining and in disregard of the authority of the court which granted the provisional liquidator powers to obtain custody and control of all the assets of the respondent,” Mr Mosho said.

“The 1st and 3rd alleged contemners have refused to comply with the order of this court dated 1st November 2016 by holding out and acting as persons still in control of the respondent when such control now vests with the provisional liquidator.

“The 2nd alleged contemners have refused to comply with the order of this court by holding out and deliberately acting as advocates for the respondent when in fact the provisional liquidator terminated their appointment pursuant to the enabling powers granted to him by this court”

Mr M’membe alleged in an earlier application that he was managing director of the Post newspaper, when he challenged the courts against the order of liquidation that he would pay off the five applicants who sued for the winding up of the company.

Meanwhile Nchito and Nchito Advocates have continued to seek legal recourse on behalf of the Post newspaper in liquidation as the lawyers of the publication despite having been relieved of such position and have since been replaced by Pallan and George, advocates for the provisional liquidator.


    • Since when did a Ltd company start attaching personal wealth to the company? I thought the whole idea of a Ltd company is limit liability to company assets only meaning a Ltd company folds then directors are not liable to settle the companies liabilities.

      Has lungu now changed the law to abrogate limited company principle ?

      This is another breach of the laws of Zambia by Lungu. Any way its a good idea because when PF is out, I shall pursue all PF minions who have acquired massive wealth out of embezzlement. I will liquidate their companies and grab all personal wealth as proceeds of criminal activity.

      Chagwa must fall. Viva UPND

  1. The Bible in Galatian 6:5 says, “For each one shall bear his own load.” We all need to learn this life lesson: time always comes when one must walk alone in one way or another. At that time blessed are you if you KNOW JEHOVAH GOD!

    • Total stoopidity. A CEO and lawyers of a company are never custodians of asset registers or accounting records of a company. This liquidator has no clue. He should be playing the CFO of the company to continue working so that he can produce the required records. There’s no cure for stoopidity.

  2. This Lungu’s puppy called Mosho is one of the dullest lawyers this country has produced. The Judge knows very well that Meembe has had no access to his former company premises since Lungu’s dogs closed it. On what basis is he going to find him guilty? Was Meenbe supposed to have a parallel office structure in his underwear?

  3. We told this goon time and again that boma ni boma but he hasalways been too stubborn and he is still stubborn what stuff is this guy made of kashi????

    • He’s helping test your home judicial system. If Zambia didn’t have Fred, you would have invited him.

      Zambia needs radicals, the likes of Mmembe, Nchito, GBM, HH, and Sata. On the fringe of that list I would add Mpombo. These guys are their own persons. They have the ability to tell you to your face that “you suck!” They have tremendous testicular fortitude.

    • Well said @1PLUS1. Conformists with their ridiculous slogans, such as Boma ni Boma, are the death of the country. Zambia needs mavericks to straighten out these dimwits.

  4. Slowly time is catching up with these thieves. The DBZ case is about to be concluded. Things are just getting tough for them. How things can change with time. These chaps have sent a lot people to the grave over silly cases.

  5. Keep up the good fight Fred. You have our support. You may not be the best person but you are fearless and fight for the truth. God will be with you. It won’t long until Lungu’s agents see that what they are doing is completely wrong

  6. Viva Fred live long to shame Lungu and his puppy lawyers.we are behind you .Zambia needs fearless people like you.You have always fought for the truth. Lungu and his minions are afraid of what you are capable of.They see you as a threat when intact you mean well for Zambia .You carry millions of Zambians on your shoulders. Aluta continua.viva son of the soil.

  7. May God have mercy upon this land Zambia
    .There are many investors who have left trenches in Zambia leaving a meaningless benefit with a worker. Can’t we stand up and prove them without fear or favors as we are doing to Membe.

  8. St*pid politician who want to victims everyone. Why can’t the get the information from Auditors or Accountant? Its PF who is trying to Kill off everyone who is exposing they selfish behavior.

  9. I hear you Mushota but my argument is that there is a lot of hunger in this country that the government needs to focus on. They are busy fighting Fred Mmembe, njala ili nu

    • Before they know it will be 2021, having achieved zero because of being too thin skinned and unable to withstand criticism.

  10. The whole process is okay except that the liquidator is not knoledgable in accounts field and he is not consulting learned people but rushing to the media with half-baked claims.Anyway,he is trying to be popular using a wrong platform.Lack of planning,consultations and patience in his time and national resources consuming adventure.This is a true reflection of hunger,how do you accept to be a liquidator when you don’t even have the scope of liquidation.

  11. Both Mosho and the Nchitos’ are lawyers am sure they are both representing their clients interests and if there are contempt proceedings to be heard how then can the police also be involved? Anyway am sure on the 12th all these preliminary issues will be dealt with by Hon Justice Nkonde SC. On another note on behalf of a forward looking Party and on my on behalf its with much humility that we wish to congratulate President Barrow of Gambia after he defeated out going President Jammeh by 50,000 votes in a closely contested election we also wish to thank the quick concession and now that country can now begin to heal. We hope Jammeh can teach opposition parties on the African Continent to learn to accept defeat with grace…2021 Zambia Forward under new leadership


  13. Amidst the all the persecution,the PF Cadres don’t realize that the donors are not giving any budgetary support.The Zambian economy is shrinking,tax revenue dwindling…Where are you going to get money to pay your corrupt Judges,government officials and PF Cadres.Clearly ECL and RB’s game plan is not working and the desperation is there.I see civil strife ahead worse than 1986 KK food riots…

  14. It is unfortunate that the whole drama ends this way. This boy called Mmembe had a very influential standing in the society. In case most of you do not know, The first biggest offence he committed is a spiritual one, (confidently denying to associate or identify himself as a Lozi), second offence is a fiscus one, evading and avoiding tax payment obligations. This is a lesson to the BL rich guys. If you choose to think you will be better, associating yourself with other people and denying the identity of your parentage, then you will be reduced to nothing. Our ancestors are watching and scanning every heart and mind of each of us. The first offence is very dangerous.

    • Why do you want Mmembe to identify himself as Lozi when his father is a Bemba from Chinsali? Does it mean when cow grows up in a stable it is a horse?

  15. The ignorance exposed by social media in Zambia is high. That’s why you can have the president of such caliber. The post was not for Mmembe alone, was for the people of silent majority who have been robbed by these so called political leaders. PF Lungu why they liked the post when they were in opposition? Now they don’t like it because it’s time to eat and they will eat your share which they want the post to expose it.

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