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Govt to transform Northern province into tourism hub

Rural News Govt to transform Northern province into tourism hub

Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile
Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile

Government says it wants to transform Northern Province into a real tourist destination following various developmental projects being undertaken in the area.

Provincial minister Brian Mundubile disclosed this when he inspected the works on the upgrading of Kasama international airport runway and the road infrastructure in Kasama district over the weekend.

Mr. Mundubile expressed happiness with the works done so far on the projects being carried-out by government in the district.

The Provincial Minister said government is ready to fund and complete all the projects it is has embarked on in Northern Province before starting new ones to avoid a backlog of projects with no meaningful impact on the people of Kasama and the region as a whole.

He said the 151 million kwacha upgrading of the Kasama runway is one such projects government is undertaking which will provide a facelift to Kasama town and enhance the tourism sector.

Mr. Mundubile has however said there is need for the speeding-up of the said project for it to meaningfully contribute to development of the province.

Over the upgrading of the Kasama/Chambeshi road, the Minister government the works will commence soon.

Mr. Mundubile showed optimism that aviation industry and road infrastructure will boost the tourism sector and improve the lives of the people of Northern Province.


  1. Can pleas have pity on tourists …..you are taking them to the home of theives.

    You will give zambia a bad name, next we will be blacklisted for stealing.

    • Iwe Mana amano tawakwata, tribal rhetoric will never take you no where baba, we are a united Zambia and we should continue to promote that.

    • @Mana there was a complaint raised this morning about Google’s stereotype. That if you type in ‘black people’ you get ‘black people are thieves’ ranked among the highest. It’s disappointing that you should also stereotype your own black people. It’s so stu.pid.

    • @Mana, Google was accused of stereotype and bias this morning. That if you type ‘Black people’ in their search engine you get ‘Black people are thieves’ ranked very highly. It’s disappointing that you stereotype your own blacks – your own Zambians for that matter. It’s idio.cy.

    • @kasaka: Bembas are not the only Zambians. There are other Zambians with more desirable qualities and cultures. We are not one. We are 73 different ethnic groups.

    • Hon. Mundubile: Please visit Nakonde and see the state of our airstrip. We the people of this area were told to Cut our trees in readiness for the construction of this airstrip but up to now, we have not seen any positive results. Last time the First Lady madam Lungu even failed to land on this airstrip due to its poor condition. We plead with you please please help us.

  2. Another dreamer. Building castles in his head. Just build the airport and upgrade the roads period. That money should have first been used to build primary tourist spots to create jobs and make money and in return profits made could have been used to build airports to spots & towns within North Province. Look at Livingstone, Siavonga, along the mighty Zambezi and Kafue which have potential to be hub of tourist. Zambia has failed even to create one million jobs along the Zambezi river inclusive the mighty Victoria falls. Does he know how much tourist pay to go and see polar bears in Manitoba, $2000, and to the sea world in San Diego? The reasonable thing to do is to develop tourism in Livingstone first, then other areas. We have many dead dreamers in the ruling government no wonder money…

    • MMD under RB proposed the same scheme of making the northern circuit becoming a good tourist destination. But I was shocked to hear northerners opposing this idea. They may know some things other Zambians do not know.

  3. It is myopic and foolish to always talk about L/stone. Tourism is about spreading country wide as a matter of providing diversity to tourists. So what after seeing the victoria falls. The Northern circuit offers more in Sports, Heritage, Scenic tourism than L/stone. Infact we should stop the nonsense of developing to

    Tourism from the central Govt. We must let each region dev its own tourism and the flow of tourists will tell us the preferredestination

  4. Zambians who have not toured the country will always speak negative about developmental projects. Its more wiser to keep quite than to comment at any post that we see around the media.

    • Let PF just build these roads and airports without aircrafts landing on them apart from Chakolwa’s challenger. Places with real tourism potential have not taken off which tourist will go to Nothern Province to go and see cassava fields?

  5. These corrupt empty tins would not know even what that word “Hub”means…they will simply single source the tender to the Chines or their Proxy companies.

  6. Another back door means of stealing money from this clueless government thieves after they kicked one chief of thieves .

  7. Just an excuse to divert wealth generated in N/W Rhodesia to N/E Rhodesia.

    Why should Muchinga have 3 universities when Solwezi which contributes 60% of the country’s GDP have one pot-holed road & no University?

    The influx of Economic refugees from NER into NWR has caused so much havoc in our once prosperous nation. The British blundered by joining NER to NWR. Luapula & Northern should have been joined to DRC whilst Eastern joined to Nyasaland. Bembas behaviour is like Kassai’s (crooked like Chimbwili) whilst Easterners behave like Malawians (Muzungu-anikonde, servant & traitor mentality)

    Now our wealth is being diverted to develop lazy-bums who then migrate into our land & discriminate against us in our own land. Just go to any compound in Lsk or any mine township in C/belt…

    • CONT’D..

      Now our wealth is being diverted to develop lazy-bum5 who then migrate into our land & discriminate against us in our own land. Just go to any compound in Lsk or any mine township in C/belt. There are millions of poverty-stricken, filthy kids from NER refugees. They are spreading even up to L/stone. What a shame.

  8. This roughly translates to: “We will go begging for investors to whom we will sell Northern Province Land so they can set up their businesses while turning a blind eye to poaching and looting of our national resources”. Watch another set of tracts of land go up in 99-year smoke!

    • If that is the undertone then it is great. Let the Bembas pump money into New Kasama while the Chinese take over Old Kasama. It is better using the land in NP for something useful, even if it is to feed the Chinese, than an outdated chitemene system that is desertifying the land.

  9. The sensible way of harnessing regional attractions by locals with local initiatives. So the minister is right. We cant have a tourism industry rotating around L/stone, thats myopic and selfish. We should not continue with the foolishly snd highly centralised Tourism Board with its bias approach, no wonder tourists fly from RSA hving paid for their services in thst country to simply enjoy Zambias beauties

  10. @Kasaka. Don’t blame people for the bad name you acquired. Neither Mana nor Yourself ever attended a college where you were both taught which tribe is Zambia has a high statistics in the skills of crookedness and stealing. It is daily open experience which has become commercialized unfortunately. To the extent that people are now using your tribe, (Bemba) to make them relevant to the game of stealing. There is no parent who rejoices to see his/ her valuables stolen by the neigbour’s child, even if his/her own child is also a thief. Society must address these issues instead of being defensive. It is embarrassing to note that all the neigbouring countries surrounding
    Zambia know which tribe is best in stealing. Change your attitude or the attitude of your people then all will…

  11. Change your attitude or the attitude of your people then all will be fine. No body stereotypes another for non existing characters. How do you think the people from NWP were feeling when your tribe in CB was referring to them BA SAMAZAI?? Was that good?? Or is it good that way?? When you are told your tribe is known for stealing and 75% thieves you complain and call people stupid and *****. My goodness.

  12. @Mana, and @MUCHINGA…etc., Suddenly this is about “thieves” and stuff – quite away from the topic. Anyhow, once a trend has been set it just needs fuel to keep it going. Remember that already Trump is being quoted as having said what he never said; Hilfiger, Oprah and a long list of others have been stereotyped into saying or doing what they did not. When a term is sprouted, all it needs is critical mass in repetition, coincidence and enforcement to make it stick. By the way, Tanzania has the Chagas, Kenya has the Kikuyu, UK has the English – it is a never ending trend. Zambians have not even reinvented the wheel – they have simply re-enforced it.

  13. What is the criteria used for selecting Northern Province to be the tourist hub, away from L/stone – is it because L/stone is in a UPND stronghold? Somebody to give this explanation as to the statistic or multiple there being used to show that it should not be Western , N/Westen, or Central to be the tourist hub, but Northern Province!

  14. How many times have we heard this fantasy? In order to have a “tourist hub” you need 1) affordable access and infrastructure and 2) something that tourists really want to see so much that they will travel half way across the world and pay a huge amount of money. #1 can be done, but if there’s no #2 then it’s a waste of time

  15. The copper you quarel bout in zambia, does not even do anything to zambia but it air lifted to foreign countries who are benefiting from your wealth.
    You just hate one onother for nothing , imagine for how long has zambia mined copper what tangible development have you seen , copperbelt has been in it for a long time zambia is endured with mineral resources not only in one province but every where including lundazi .
    Dull people only think about one section of the nation .

  16. The Northern circuit tourism will proceed foe Dev by local initiatives and resources. We dont need copper money from wherever. The National Tourist Board is biased against the north. They can go to hell with their L/stone promotion which does not generate any significant revenue, as modt tourisys come on packages fully paid for in RSA. They just fly in and eat lunch, use the toilet and off they go, save for backpackers. No wonder L/stone is one such town one can easily buy a cheap but goid phone, tablet, cameras etc bcoz these poor backpackers get broke. They do not bring meaningful forex. So northern circuit will be developed whether others like it or not, and after a few years the stats will tell us as which area will attract good tourists. So leave the Minisyer aline and go your own way

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