Excitement mounts as Coke Trolley Dash enters week 6



Northern Province will be the latest to witness lucky winners go on their sprees

The Coca-Cola 60-second trolley dash competition which has hit Lusaka, Central, Copperbelt and Southern Provinces by storm in the past weeks is heading for Northern Province this week.
The 113 lucky winners from the draws so far have beat the economic hard times and filled their shopping trolleys with free goods to the total value of more than K259,000
The winners went home with cooking oil, sugar, babies’ diapers, dinner sets, toys, tool boxes, cooler boxes, pots, washing powder, mealie meal, rice and relish, as well as Coca-Cola products..
Given Mulenga, a winner in the Week 5 trolley dash, said that Christmas had come early for her. Ms Mulenga entered the competition just once but said her household grocery had now been sorted out.
“This is Christmas for me, and budget-wise, this is good. I have all the things I need here. I will not be buying any goods at the end of the month, as I have already got them in the trolley dash,” said Ms Mulenga, who took part in the Twin Palm Shoprite trolley dash.
Joseph Sichilima said he had been attracted by the competition’s advertisement on a poster and immediately entered with the hope of winning.
“This competition is genuine, transparent and credible. I saw a poster at one of the outlets – It was eye-catching so I decided to try my luck. Here I am today, a winner! People should enter such competitions: they are real!” he said.
Mike Moonga encouraged others to participate in such competitions, especially the young. “It’s fun! I was a bit nervous during the dash but this competition is good. I am very happy to have won and would love to encourage others, especially young people, to enter. This can help them start up something. It’s an opportunity to get what you want and use it. They can get as many goods as they can dashing around the supermarket within the 60 seconds and even start up a small business!” he said.
Apart from the trolley dashes, some 645 lucky winners countrywide have so far won various denominations of talktime in the on-going competition.
The lucky draw winners on the Northern Province will also be accorded an opportunity to grab goods of their choice off shelves within the 60 seconds.
The competition began on October 10, 2016, and runs through to December 31, 2016. Any purchase of the following will qualify to be entered in the draw: Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Coke Light, Fanta, Sprite, Sparletta Creme Soda, Stoney or Lemon Twist, in 300ml and two-litre form. Promotional packs can be spotted by their lime-green bottle tops.
After purchase, the code can be found inside the crown or closure and should then be texted to 3232. Each week, 15 consumers will be selected to participate in the trolley dash. Several runner-up prizes in the shape of talk time courtesy of Instant Airtime, will also be distributed.
The weekly promotion is expected to give a total of 200 shoppers the opportunity to race their wheels around selected supermarkets for 60 seconds to fill a trolley with shopping. The lucky winners have just one remaining hurdle before they speed their trolley through the checkout – and that’s to make sure that a Coca-Cola product was on their shopping list, as they must include an item from the company’s range and load it into their trolley with the rest of their goods within the allotted time.