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Miles Sampa taken to court for failing to clear a K45,000 bill

General News Miles Sampa taken to court for failing to clear a K45,000 bill

Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa
A LUSAKA law firm has dragged former Matero lawmaker and opposition party leader Miles Sampa to court for failing to clear a K45,000 bill dating back to 2014.

Zulu and Company has requested the Lusaka High Court to order Mr Sampa to immediately settle the legal fees owed by the former Commerce deputy minister.

This is contained in a statement of claim filed before court that despite numerous reminders, Mr Sampa has failed to settle the legal fees accrued during the legal suit that came about in the aftermath of President Michael Sata’s demise and who was to take over the leadership of the Patriotic Front Party.

The firm explained that it was engaged by Mr Sampa to represent him in High Court proceedings as a defendant in a consent judgment between Mrs Inonge Wina (as PF chairperson) and party secretary general Davis Chama.

This was in the power struggle that characterised the PF party where Mr Sampa emerged among other contenders for the presidency and challenged Edgar Lungu despite his being the preferred candidate.

“On 5th December 2014 the defendant (Sampa) engaged the plaintiff to represent him in the High Court proceedings to join as a defendant and in the Supreme Court appeal against the High Court ruling by which his application for joinder was dismissed,” the submission read.

“Zulu and Company between 5th December 2014 and 21st February 2015, as the plaintiff rendered professional and legal services and in particular successfully prosecuted defendant’s appeal in the Supreme Court in appeal no. 195/2014 which ordered the leaned trial judge to hear the defendant’s application for joinder inter-parte.”

Mr Sampa was among those who challenged the holding of an extraordinary convention under the auspices of Ms Wina as PF national chairperson, but the latter won a court injunction that restrained those against the holding of such a conference, including Mr Sampa, from interfering in the operations of PF.

Mr Sampa retained the law firm as his representative against the High Court ruling which dismissed his application for joinder and offered to pay K100,000 as legal fees.

“On 5th December 2014, the defendant paid a deposit of K50,000 leaving a balance of K50 000 on agreed legal fees,” the firm submitted.

“…..After many reminders by cell phone, the defendant on 17th December 2015 paid K5,000 leaving a balance of K45,000 on plaintiff’s agreed legal fees,” the law firm submitted.

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  1. This is very sad. I am sure they will finish him off. No wonder the quick move to apologise to the PF. He thought they would reappoint him so that he can have access to the “looting bowl” to enable him meet all these and other financial obligations. Too bad. It is important to remain principled no matter the situation because in the long term you still keep your dignity.

    • Those Zambian lawyers need probed by ACC, how can they charge K50 million like murder case? and for a simple case of politics which they could offer free?
      Policians need go get free volunteers lawyers, they are there.

    • but these laywer are thieves jst abot two seating the charge that colossal sums of money ,bafikala u even calling professional and legal services yet there is no professional in it

    • i said bafikalalalal kraal pipo staeling while we are watching in the name of professional and legals services ,let these lawyers pay tax and let ZRA follow them coz the evade tax after making alot of profit.Each every laywer shuld be visited by the ZRA and check there books of account after all the under value the profits

    • @zamzam – knowledge is Gold in this generation, read books, become a member of the library and expand your network…go and study about the origins of tax.
      You hate lawyers so much yet you think your Pastor is righteous holy man…really laughable.

      Wake up from your docility!!

  2. This is the guy who was ready to award $6000 cash to anyone who could smoke out ZWD 48 months ago …look now…the tap of limitless tax funds is closed as their businesses are not self sustaining just fronts.
    This is why I find it strange that ACC are taking this long to track BUFFOON Chi Kambwili’s source of richies.

  3. Some Zambian lawyers leave much to be desired, they are a disgrace to their proffession. Most of them have amassed wealth on their clients ignorance, poverty, incapacitation and sheer greed. Their fees need to be closely regulated and advertised, publicised and become common knowledge for Zambians to be aware of shark lawyers. Most political cases are represented om ‘pro bono’ basis. However, when circumstances change they will turn round and give one a bill. Like a magitian polling a rabbit from a hand kerchief. LAZ should help government and reign over this.

    • Ignorance is the currency for Fund Managers, Stockbrokers and Lawyers…If you don’t want to be represented you can DIY at your own peril!!

    • the think that there are elite and learned yet the steal from there clients day out day in these bafoooon a batch of swindlers

  4. Ba LT… I gather old Sebatsian Zulu has already withdrawn this case which arose out of communication breakdown. I gather he has already been paid in full same day he filed the summon. Apparently MS was not aware of the debt and Zulu claims he could not locate him.

    • Lol. That sounds so stup1d. One cannot locate Miles Sampa in Lusaka? Let’s grow up and get real. This is about making profit and sheer greed! That’s what lawyers do.

  5. Don’t criticize the lawyer : it’s either you hire him or you don’t. He’s not GRZ who should even subsidize your mealie meal.

  6. Miles failing to pay K45,000? For once I thought miles is far richer than I am. Nadabwa. Muli njala mu Zambia.

  7. I don’t think it’s really failing to pay,he just came back to his senses and notices the amount ws too much.and now his income is limited

  8. The problem is that the young man overrates himself. He thinks he is Presidential material and probably rich. I remember seeing him throwing away moneys at UNZA to the poor students. He should be regretting now.

  9. Miles was used by GBM to fight ECL. In his little mind GBM was settling all legal fees but to his dismay it is not so. It is everyone for himself. Shame babab

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