PF cadres demonstrate, take over Civic Center operation


PF cadres demonstrating in Lusaka

Hundreds of PF cadres are demonstrating and blocking roads leading to Lusaka’s civic center.

The cadres are demanding among other things jobs and empowerment from Edgar Lungu.

Meanwhile the cadres are also demanding that Lungu reverses his decision of privatising Kulima tower bus station.

And the PF cadres also hope that this demonstration will lead to the reduction of fuel prices as most of them are bus drivers but business is hard for them.

Apparently there is no single PF leader to address them.

Source The Independent Observer.


    • I have said it before, These same PF thugs who put EL into power are the ones who will bring him down and not HH, Those who rise by the sword will fall by the same, EL in his little brain thought using uneducated Kaponyas to vote him will do him good but he made the greatest mistake of his life for these guys care less about anything and their thinking capacity is like that of a 5 year old child.

    • “Apparently there is no single PF leader to address them.” !!!!!!!

      No, of course not! They are all traveling all over the world AT TAXPAYERS EXPENSE enjoying five star hotels and huge allowances while they are drinking Jamesoni.

      They told you – the election is OVER. And so is their work. Now they can just relax and have five years of free holidays.

  1. Kkkkk let them demonstrate the whole country if they want who cares.lungu teach them the lesson of there life so that they know kuti boat ili mu reverse gear.

  2. There is still more chaos brewing. This is just a tip of the iceberg… Wait and see! If Lungu does not change course, and he continues to play politics, ” As the sun rises from the East and settles in the west, so shall nemesis strike on him.” Open your eyes ? and your ears, Mr. President!

  3. @zambian patriot,lungu’s ears and eyes are open and he knows what ever is happenig,but he’s just showing you his true colours no pretence.sajailika

  4. Not true. BA LT verify the information. The cadres are from Inter city who are against the PPP agreement meant to modernize the bus station as a South African company will be running it together with Lusaka City Council. Hence, the march on civic Centre.

  5. You are lying, these ijooots with their dununa reverse song, lock the I.d.I.o.ts. We told them that life will be a mess under chakolwa for the next 4yrs ati fwee! @twamudununa HH, who is suffering now. Cage the dogs they are disturbing our piece. They had an opportunity to change things but they allowed themselves to be used like condoms. Good for them.

  6. There is no need to protest when EL did not promise you anything, however you danced to his hit song..the order of the day was just slogans, police brutality, violence, tribal talk..this is the fruit of the seed you sowed now enjoy as the hard workers progress!!

  7. Much as l don’t support this move, what PF should have done is to ask the new so-called infestor to come and build a state of the art bus terminal and then, let those bus drivers chose where to go and park their buses and carry on with their kaponya business but; at a fee. That’s what competition is all about

  8. Wait for ZNBC News. The story will read as follows ” Cadres from a known Opposition party this morning caused chaos at Civic centre. The cadres were Masquerading as PF cadres”. These are the same cadres that have been linked to planting explosives on the copperbelt.

  9. Do they have police permit? If not lock them up. Wish it was Friday. Why are they matching to the civic center if they are pf cadres instead of going to their headqtrs? We support peaceful demo’s regardless of who does it. ALLAH HAKMARU!!! Anyway even the Israelites sometimes turned against Moses.

  10. Is it that bus drivers don’t want to be paying those fees or what? That’s why we are a failed country we’re used to free mahala things. What is wrong with paying for a service. Ask people who have stayed abroad nearly all service has to be paid for. Now you ati government is doing nothing . Ok it does s/thng again this govt not good. Wake up folk!!

  11. boma ni boma donuna revise reply by PF card, did thy get a permission from police to match to civic center. z tht kulima tower bus station belong to pf card


  13. PF cadres did not take me seriously when I said PF cadres will be the first to protest when the economy starts biting considering that most of them are unemployed. This is the beginning of unquenchable riots ahead. unquenchable

  14. PF cadres did not take me seriously when I said PF cadres will be the first to protest when the economy starts biting considering that most of them are unemployed. This is the beginning of unquenchable riots ahead. They now realise that actually Lungu is not the person they thought he was.

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