Monica Musonda bags ‘Champion of the South’ award.

Monica Musonda
Monica Musonda
Monica Musonda

Zambian businesswoman Monica Musonda was awarded the MEDays 2016 Forum “Champion of the South” award on Thursday in Tangiers, Morocco for her innovative company, Java Foods which is a model for the new generation of business leaders.

Speaking on this occasion, Ms. Musonda said she was “very honored and proud” to receive this distinguished award, which is a recognition of the rich contribution of the African women to promoting several vital sectors as well as the stability and prosperity of African people.
She added that this prestigious prize is a tribute to all African businesswomen and an incentive to more success, creativity and achievements in favour of Africa’s development.

Through her company Java Foods, Ms. Musonda succeeded in revolutionizing the eating habits of her community and offering high-nutrition foods at affordable prices and exclusively made from local products.

Amadeus Institute is an independent Moroccan think tank, created in 2008. Its headquarters is in Rabat.Given each year during opening ceremonies and official closure of MEDays, the MEDays prizes are offered to personalities, institutions, organizations or businesses that significantly contributed in the development of the countries of the South or that has a real added value in enhancing North-South or South-South relations.


    • Nothing more beautiful than a Zambian woman … now combine that with smarts and you have a complete package! Congratulations Monique … you are the best!!! And just in case some Yahoo comes around and says I spelt Monique wrong … just go hang. I intentially spelt it as Monique and not Monica.

      Mwaumfwa!!! Thanks a trillion.

    • Monica or Monique why do we carry slave master’s names? They mean something for our slave masters but nothing for us who by carrying them just promote foreign cultural values.

  1. Well done Monica. You have proved that no matter your background, you can still make it in life.

    Its not easy to move from prost. to such levels of success.


  2. Java Foods? LT please elaborate on what this Java Foods is all about, this will also market Monica’s company. Well done Monica and please keep up the good work!

  3. How I wish more country men and women in Zambia can emulate her and contribute positively to the building of our nation than insulting our Government and opposition leaders and blame them for our poverty. Congrats Monica and thank you for making us proud as a country.

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