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No need for setting up power plants when electricity can be bought from South Africa- President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu shares a light moment with South African Deputy President cyrill Ramaphosa when he called on him at Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria South Africa
President Edgar Lungu shares a light moment with South African Deputy President cyrill Ramaphosa when he called on him at Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria South Africa

President Edgar Lungu has said government would consider the rationale of building more electricity generation plants in comparison to sourcing power from countries that have a surplus.

Mr. Lungu said Zambia might consider sourcing power to cushion the deficit from countries like South Africa which has a surplus of 2,000 megawatts of electricity.

The President said this kind of transaction can be done in the spirit of promoting regional integration.

I don’t see why Zambia should begin setting up new power stations if there is surplus energy in South Africa

“I don’t see why Zambia should begin setting up new power stations if there is surplus energy in South Africa which can be made available cheaply,” he said.

He pointed out that Zambia can benefit from regional integration through sourcing energy from countries with a surplus.

He added that the southern African region’s quest for industrialisation would not be realised if leaders do not visit one another to appreciate the context in which regional integration can be achieved.

Mr. Lungu said this in an interview with journalists after touring the Kusile power station project in Nkangala district of Mpumalanga province in South Africa today.

“Everyone wants to set up a power station in Zambia and Tanzania and Mozambique but at the end of the day we are talking of regional integration,” he explained.

He said the purpose of his visit was to see whether regional integration can be made quicker than it has been done in the past.

“My gut feeling now is that we sit down as Zambia and assess whether we need to have so many power plants in Zambia when there is excess energy in the region,” he said.

President Lungu said countries in the region should now be considering connectivity and interconnectivity to transmit power from one area to the other.

“Some resources can be excess to the needs of a country like South Africa but they could do for Zimbabwe, they could do for Zambia if we sit down together and see how much they can guarantee that they will produce cheaply at a reasonable price and make available to us,” he said.

The President said that way, the countries in the region can build their economies faster than they have done in the past.

And President Lungu said there are many lessons which Zambia has learnt through visiting the Kusile power station project which is being constructed by Eskom, the South African electricity supply company.

He said government will send a team of technocrats from the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporations (ZESCO) and Ministry of Energy to meet with Eskom and consider what could be done.

Mr. Lungu said his visit has enabled him to know how to addresses certain social, political and economic challenges in the country.

And the head of state said Zambia might consider the option of investing in nuclear power station to produce electricity.

He observed that nuclear energy production was safe as long as there is strict adherence to regulations guiding such undertakings.

He said Zambia would not use nuclear stations for bad purposes but for good reasons.

President Lungu was accompanied to Nkangala by Minister of Energy David Mabumba, Minister for Presidential Affairs Freedom Sikazwe, his presidential aides, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba and other officials.

Earlier, Eskom Group Executive Abram Masango said his company was supplying over 500 megawatts of power to Zambia.

Mr. Masango said Eskom also supplies power to Zimbabwe and Botswana.

He pointed out that Eskom was however facing limitations in supplying more power because of transmission lines.

The Kusile power station, which will be coal-fired, comprises six units with each unit having the capacity to produce 800 megawatts.

This means the Kusile power station, which is 77 percent complete, has a total capacity of 4,800 megawatts.

Over 80 percent of South Africa’s power generation is coal-fired.


  1. Thats why I doubt the mental capacity of everyone who voted this guy in office. South Africa is making sure it has no competition in power generation . this thinking is dangerous

    • You would be a mental midget to not agree with Lungu

      Only thing he is made the right call of. He is turning the Corner. I’m warming to him slightly.

      Set up costs are too high.

    • This is quite sad. This man is proving to be an *****. There are a myriad reasons for making sure the country is self sufficient in power supply. For one thing the construction would create lock jobs and we would be in charge of the power supply. There are other tertiary industries that would benefit locally. This might be a mistake having this man in office. Nevertheless I would never support HH

    • Lungu is dangerously naive! RSA would rather be a the sole supplier of electricity in the region so that they can control prices. However, when power deficits loom in their own country, they would quickly cut out external customers like Zambia. South Africa themselves refused to guarantee offtake for Botswana’s Morupule proposed power project, killing the project in the process. Why should Zambia be the PF00Ls to underwrite South African power projects?

    • Mmamabula Power Project in Botswana, and not Morupule, is the one that South Africa sabotaged. Morupule has been there for a long time and is being expanded.

    • When we tell you this utterly Lazy BUM has no vision and pride you think its a joke….the BUM has no sense for national secruity or value addition…Edgar is an utter utter foool.
      This shiftless bum is not even qualified to be a head master of a Primary school as his thinking is retrogessive and myopic. He has no knowledge of this country as a power exporter…he is outsourcing everything to the highest bidding foreigner and does not want to empower.
      What an utter disgrace and a waste of jet fuel to RSA….Zambians wake up!!

    • “No need for setting up power plants when electricity can be bought from South Africa- President Lungu”!!!


      This simple statement is 100% proof that this.clown is TOTALLY CLUELESS!

    • I think Edgar was still drank with the alcohol from zuma’s cabinet, or he was still experiencing hangover flushes In his head,,,,,,,,,,,,, this statement is unbelievable!!!

    • Excellent idea Mr President.Let us increase South Africa’s GDP, why stop at just increasing South African farmers market thru the many food items sold in the numerous suth african shopping malls being built,why stop at increasing the market share of South African Pharmaceutical companies..Lets get ALL our energy from South Africa ,let continue being slaves.Lets ensure future Zambian generations are dependent on South Africa.Lets abolish 24th October independence day celebrations….infact lets become a South African province we have already given them so much power.#disgusted

    • Its just 2 days ago, when Zambia signed a MOU with Russia to build Nuclear Power Station, so how does this fit in with strategy of importing energy from South Africa or Mozambique?
      This is making it difficult to understand PF strategies, if at all they exist. What we are seeing are just random calls not consistent with the needs of ordinary Zambian People. If one raises concerns with our government, immediately he is attacked as being UPND. No, one doesnt necessarily have to be UPND to understand this chipapate type of government. PF Bloggers high time you woke up and spoke up and not defending your party for the sake of it. Yesterday, we were told by ECL to emulate Gambia, alas, the same former president is asking for re-election…

    • This guy must take some time off from drinking and get his facts straight!

      South Africa IMPORTS electricity from Mozambique!

      So what is he thinking of? Zambia must buy electricity from South Africa that they have bought from Mozambique? — From Caborra Bassa on the Zambezi river???

      Maybe he asked Mozambique on his visit there? And Lungu wanted a kickback and they refused? The IMF is investigating them for illegal secret loans, so they must be careful.

      But no problem with Zuma. After the arms deal corruption and Nkandla, we all know he is as corrupt as they come. Did Lungu and Zuma agree to split the proceeds on electricity from Mozambique?

      There must be more to this than meets the eye. I smell a BIG BIG RAT – or TWO!

    • Where is my dear friend Mr. B R Mumba when I need him…please sing me that lovely song about your Zambian Enterprise and our Zambian Abraham Lincoln…really laughable!!

    • Will attend a press conference by somebody at his residence tomorrow. Need to read the article again or wait for clarification. ????????

    • Lungu is now thinking using his behind. Is this another way of privatising government money? If Lungu goes ahead, then he has found another way of stealing government money through over pricing the imported electric and cream off the excess to share amongst themselves.

      This whole deal smells of corruption just like the power badge they used to cheat useless gullible Zambians.

      Chagwa mus fall at all cost.

      VIVA UPND.

    • This heading may be wrong per usual … there are short term and long term goals to consider here. Yes, in the short to medium term, let’s keep our industries running while maintaining optimal production by ensuring we are not load shedding during peak hours as we import from RSA.

      The long term goal is what the President articulated … we build our nuclear plants using our most abundant resource for power generation just like RSA uses coal. Energy independence is crucial, besides if we import all the power from RSA we generate them jobs.

      It is essential to balance the fact that energy generation has a way of creating other support industries locally and that should be our long term goal. Sometimes, I think that the editors at LT create confusion by using wrong headlines to create…

    • Iwe chi mumba, Zambia is so misinformed about nuclear energy, Lumwana has been forced to stockpile uranium rich ore. We even block exporting Malawian produced uranium through Zambia. We are not even talking about nuclear safety which will be a certain disaster. We cannot manage indian owned KCM which this month dumped sulphuric acid in Kafue river & the whole CB was without piped water for 3 days. Put your fuc#king feet on the ground. Sitiupidi!

    • This why we say your international trips ain’t helping at all; matter of facts they are becoming extremely dangerous. Zambia has enough capacity to energize internally. I hope you were not misquoted. Wonders shall never end.

    • Don’t be Naive, for now that’s a good option & probably you only read the preamble of the article , I wonder if you saw the mention of nuclear power plant? Think for now & ahead. Hatred for ECL won’t take you anywhere accept he is the president and wait for 2021.

    • Surely true is before this country, how can dependence can be glorified at this level. What happens when ZA systems fail, like was the case in 2010 – 2014?

    • It’s amazing how naive the Prez is! He is talking about regional integration and connectivity. He has never heard of the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) and suddenly he has the Eureka moment . A few pointers will assist:

      1.0 The primary motive why South Africa is building additional power stations to cater for the economic growth that is projected and not to export to neighbouring countries. The fact that there is excess power especially off peak for export is an unintended consequence, due to operational costs and inefficiencies related to the coal and nuclear powered stations. In any case they pay top dollars for these facilities.

      2.0 The cost of electricity needs to subsidised by the state to a large extend to drive development. The cost of imported electricity would be…

  2. If management at ZESCO were really working they would have known about ESKOM’s surplus power. Did not need a presidential state visit to know SA has surplus power. In any case Dora went there in 2015 and was told the same. What did govt do with Dora’s report?

    • PF do not want to buy part from South Africa because there would be no kickbacks. Those Zulus know very well that Zambia is home to the descendants of their Ngoni and Kololo victims. Instead PF was getting kickbacks from the Turkish ship anchored offshore in Mozambique buying power at 14c/kWh and selling it at 6c in Zambia.

  3. I cannot believe such is coming from a President.Every country wants energy independence for various reasons including security.The superficial analysis of our President is mind boggling.Botswana made same mistake by not building their own until RSA switched them off and they have since built their own molepule coal power station.Also why import and spend forex when you can export and earn forex.Our trade deficit with SA is huge and you want to make it big.How inconsistent can this gvt be? In budget and speech you say you encourage private sector to build power station now you backtrack.Which investor in power will take you serious.Somebody should pump economic sense in this man.He is a disaster.

    • Lungu wants Zambia to be the ultimate kantemba nation. Why should South Africa sell us everything from mangoes, potatoes, grapes, clothes, chemicals, and even electricity? That’s the problem of entrusting the country to thugs who have never grown even a maize cob in their miserable lives. They are all about trading, and not building, things.

    • Who can pump sense into him when he has surrounded himself with his former drinking pals and empty tins….for lack of a better word its very disgraceful of Lazy Lungu.

    • Answers to your questions:
      1. Your guess is good as mine.
      2. Yes. Not once, but twice?
      After all, in a democratic society, each people deserve government they have

    • He is our President for the next 4 1/2 years…this type of myopic thinking has led them to outsource all the Zamtel servers to the Chines.

    • Iwe Kakoma have you read the entire article or you just concentrating on the one part. He says Zambia is going nuclear and this week we signed a deal with Russia just say that you are bitter and full of hatred because your god HH lost

    • You imagine you are an Investor where would you construct your factory Zambia or RSA? It just takes one drought and RSA will start cutting back…RSA started planning 10 years ago and today its exporting. Its more than happy to advise this daft cu%t Lungu not to build anything as its in their best interests…the selfsame way Zimbabwe is dependent on them.

  4. I am so pissed off by the suggestion that i should summarise why it is nonsense as follows: 1.Risk to national security as we will not be energy independent 2.We will be exporting jobs to SA instead of creating them in Zambia 3.Zambia will lose tax revenue if we do not create our own tax revenue 4. Zambia will spend forex importing power thereby imcreasing trade deficit and affect kwacha depreciation. In a nutshell the disadvantages are so many and the suggestion by President Lungu goes against all the economic pronouncements he has made before and clearly shows he just reads and does not understand them.Sad to have a hands off President with no basic economic knowledge.Buying power…

    • Now tell us which national security you have threatened by exporting YOUR power to countries like Namibia, Botswana, the DRC and yes, even SA at some stage? These amorphous references reminiscent of the cold war must be abandoned now. We are in the 21st Century baba.

    • Kalok…Agreed, this is an age of integration. Genuine collaboration can benefit both partners as it eliminates duplication of effort and encourages specialization in areas where countries have competitive advantage. However, a decision like this cannot be arrived at in a knee-jerk style. For instance, it depends on how much you trust your S.Africa. If you are twins born with one umbilical chord this is a fantastic idea. And just how sure are you that your S. Africa will always have a surplus? Lest we forget so quickly, why did we have to source power from a Turkish ship anchored in the Indian Ocean when power was in abundance in the neighborhood? Was it not this same government that made that decision?

    • Before you can be a worthy member of the interconnected globalised economy, you have to have something to sell in the first place. The only consistent good Zambia has been selling since independence is copper. Why cannot we expand the menu to include power? Trade deficits show how one-sided the trade relationship with South Africa is. That’s what people like Trump are on about. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

    • @Matador – great post there. Of course you will note that we have this mindset of complacency in Zambia. We are good at starting on a sprint and then wind up laggards before the finish line. Our Internet was the best in the region now we are conning our users out of data by making it so expensive it is ridiculous; our electricity was the premier export energy product around the region but we refused to expand it and now are looking for loans to rehabilitate Kariba or at worst move completely away towards nuclear. At the end of the day it is our ability to be self-sufficient and not the arguments about whether or not we are able to “sell off” our security, whatever that means anyway.

    • The African mindset gets stuck in a comfort zone too long for our liking; I once supervised a student who was told her research was “too sensitive” so she couldn’t get cooperation from her local law enforcement. We arranged, via the Internet, for her to get her research done at another jurisdiction and suddenly her local security guys invited her to present her findings with pride in their amnesia-laden minds!! Of course these comments are like sound-bites and are easily lost in translation. There is a lot we can really do to make things better for ourselves.

    • Of the countries you have mentioned there only DRC has the resources and has plans to expand it hydrodam to become an exporter from an importer…infact the mighty Congo has the capability to supply half Africa with hydro-electricity. Botwana is investing in a coal powered energy Plant which your FQM in North Western Province will be pulling its power from.
      If you dont see a picture developing here of countries moving to self dependence you are just have the selfsame languid demeanour as this utterly lazy waste of space we call our President called Edgar Lungu.

  5. This country is sinking every in second that passes.God look at this man we have in mr lungu.if my 7year son can advice me of buying my own can chagwa advice and convincing the whole lot of zambia to depend on buying from others when you can have your own sure. Shame on you lungu.

  6. Imwe Ba HH followers he has said that he will send experts from Zesco and Minstry of Energy its a suggestion we are all Zambians can we please stop this hatred and support the President in power

    • This is not hatred! This is disbelief! Does he think this LOAD SHEDDING is creating even ONE of his promised MILLION JOBS?

      Is this man serious? If he is, is he sober? If he is, has he thought about what he has said, and the consequences for Zambia? I cannot believe this article has quoted him correctly.

      If it did, then Lungu must have been DRUNK. Otherwise he is a complete !D!OT. If none of those, then this man is either insane or just plain STUU!PID!

    • Why waste time responding to cretins who thinks everyone who criticises the lazy one supports HH and his silliness…we have the nations interest at heart.
      You can stuff your Party membership cards in a dark tight place!!

    • Mambwe! Your mr. Humble should have sent those expert this time! Why is he there when he has no expertise?. .just drinking his life away..this man sickens me!

    • They were busy firing each other that’s why they were left ……there is nothing for ZESCO to do in South that they already don’t know Chagwa himself has already been told that we are importing 500 MW FROM ESKIMO ….eiish man! This guy can make you go mad sometimes ?

  7. Jemason hangover tefintu, Lungu alipena mwaaa? @ I don’t need to work since my neighbour works and he is ready to help out so said Lungu. And his fooolish supporters are clapping and dancing to dununa reverse. Indeed presidence made simple.

  8. Am not a Dununa advocate and I wish to state from the onset. What our Dununa baKateka is advocating in his “Gut Feel” is that we Zambians should now continue supporting the growth of the South African economy compared to growing our own??????

    Sure it is Dununa Reverse!!!!!!!

  9. you let bena chuulu and ecz to decide for you, look now what your garavanting leader is doing, billions of dollars where given to Zambia to settled its power crisis, decided to put it in his pocket. let us have our own power plants its better to have ours than to buy. Think not kulakunkulisha caalo nge cibbala. tell him

  10. On this one bwana President mwaitaya. You are now trying to create employment for SOUTH AFRICA. Your mindset is foolish and stupid

  11. The president is right. Much as we invest in the energy sector, the rules of demand and supply apply. If we over invest, supply of power will exceed demand and we wont have anywhere to export the excess electricity, in the region. As a result some energy companies, may close down in the long run. Therefore, the option of importing power aught to be included as we invest in the energy sector. Good seasoning.

    • Shallow analysis! If we really believe in growing the Zambian economy, webby should you suspect that there will be no market for Zambia’s electricity? The truth is that Lungu is shopping for recognition as a President and is willing to sell the country to the Zulus as long as they proclaim him to be President.

  12. Shocker coming from a president! Power/Electricity is at a core of every country’s national security, perhaps even more so than the outdated MiGs you buy from China. ‘Integration’ my @s$… what would happen in an event of a diplomatic dispute and S/Africa decides to switch off power? Then you will be in the dark, grounding the entire country. Really shocking at the level of b00tlicking this dude is exhibiting while in South Africa.

    • Botswana had already been a victim of South African bullying and selfishness. The Zulus are just lapping up this type of economic sycophancy. They know they have Zambia on their spears.

  13. I totally disagree with Mr Lungu for the following reasons:
    1. This will pose a country risk – what happens if south africa is at War and factors to produce power supply are disrupted.
    2. Price Risk- what happens if south Africa arbitrarily decides to increase the price of Power without due regard to all protocols. Please refer to Russia and Ukraine in recent past.
    3. Causes the lagging behind effect- what happens when the South African economy grows faster and depletes the energy surplus.
    4. Creates loss of investment in Zambia`s energy Sector
    5. Exporting Jobs and expertise in power Generation and Transmission to South Africa
    6. Loss of Technical expertise resulting from point 5 above.
    We told you this Man cant Manage this country. He May be a good Man but certainly he doesnt…

    • Your analysis is correct. South Africa used the large aluminium smelters for guaranteed offtake when they were setting up more power stations. When demand grew elsewhere, Eskom went back and told them that power tariffs had to go up, making South Africa a less attractive place for smelting aluminum. With Lungu at the helm, Zambia is about to be sucker punched by South Africa.

    • @ambanwa
      I would add the 7th:
      The same president is on record complaining that there is a huge(trade imbalance ( in favour of SA, of course). His proposal coming only after a few hours just worsens the status.

  14. Mr. Lungu said his visit has enabled him to know how to addresses certain social, political and economic challenges in the country……….until then he had no idea..????

    • He says the same thing whenever he visits a country. Plot One has turned into a leadership academy. The sad part is the people read this and think there is nothing to it.

  15. he makes me feel ashamed with what he is saying, especially I voted for him he doesn’t want us to be our on boss but continue begging.

  16. this man is a disgrace imagine a father saying there is no need to buld our own house since our neighbor has built 2 so we will be renting.

  17. This man said he had no vision and had very little intelligence yet people didn’t take his confession seriously. They even helped him steal the election. Now they are shocked at his incompetence!? How ironic! His trips abroad must be curtailed, he is exposing his stup!dity and tarnishing Zambia’s image in the process.

    • Really laughable….I am sure Zuma will invite him soon even send his Jet for him as he has discovered a bigger dunderhead than he is!!

  18. There is load shedding in SA, which surplus. And I agree with all normal bloggers – the president has lost it.



  20. Whoever agrees withg Lungu on this is crazy. Lungu must have been on some very dangerous substance when he said these things. Just what was he thinking?

    • I agree with you. Lungu is wrong there, why can’t we set up that and sell the excess to other countries? What’s wrong with that? Are really thinking hard about 15 years from now. Don’t just think of now. That money can build power plants and sell what we can’t use. Think please think.

  21. South Africa has no excess power supply. That’s why they are planning for nuclear. Lunga is an *****. South African delegates must have been laughing at this stupidity. South Africa imports power from Mozambique to supplement it’s capacity

  22. I believe now Lungu has no policy on any government agenda.
    Because of too much infighting during Sata, so many craze people in PF we end up choosing Lungu president with no ideas. When he drinks the following day he forgets what he said the previous day .
    Load shedding will be there for ever lasting AMEN.
    No policy on power at all.

  23. HH blind followers celebrate reading such half baked reports.president Edgar Lungu has been fighting hard to end load-shedding in our short term Zambia can be importing power from SA to promote regional business.we lived for 20 yrs under mmd minus any serious investiment in electricity.its PF which is fighting so hard to solve this problem.UPND’S HATRED FOR ECL SHALL LEAD THEM TO HELL!!!look,we all know that nobody appreciates anything done or said by the person he hates-so we understand you ba upnd!!!CINKONKO MWIKATE UYO- ECL UNTIL 2021 AND MAYBE BEYOND!!!moreover,when is icc declaring hh 2016 elections winner?kikikikikikiki-cinkonko mwikate uyo-alila owe uyo-kikikikiki!!!

    • Not worthy further comments, you are just a brainwashed chap. To you everyone who does not agree with ECL/PF ideas is UPND.
      Shallow minded, full of Dununa Reverse

  24. “No need for setting up power plants when electricity can be bought from South Africa” – President Lungu

    Shocking to say the least. After reading this, a potential investor worth his salt would choose to invest in RSA, and not in Zambia, thanks to our DUMB illegal President.
    Lungu is simply NOT leadership material. From his body language to his ‘gut feeling’ and everything in between, there is ZERO leadership quality. Period.

    • I love my country but if I was an investor and wanted to set up factory to process, package and export cashew nuts to Europe and US…I know where I would set up factory even though I detest the brainwashed black South Africans.

  25. Ba HH worshippers why are you also not concentrating on the part he talks about nuclear energy ????. Each time you preach hatred just know that the Devil is in control. The President talks about importing power and also talks about setting up a nuclear power plant and in my opinion what he is simply saying is that whilst we are building a nuclear plant which takes years we can be importing firm SA. With our dwindling water reserves nuclear is the way to go actually government this week signed an agreement with Russia on Nuclear energy. We are all Zambians hatred will take us nowhere

    • Whenever criticism is made it has to equate to supporting HH. This is the binary mentality of a PF cadres, you are either a friend or a foe. Constructive criticism from within PF is unthinkable.

    • It is easy to pick out the HH followers they have so much hatred for ECL to them its only their god HH who can do the right thing. The bible is very clear can a Orange tree produce Mangoes? No it produces Oranges in this it is hatred which comes inform of insults to the Head of State

    • @Mambwe

      It’s not hatred for Lungu personally, it’s about leadership which Lungu lacks. He simply doesn’t know what to do in state house. He is lucky he is president of Zambia where people see nothing wrong with his mediocre leadership.

    • Imwe Ba HH worshippers you should know that you are in the minority so don’t ever think that Zambians are with you NO! .Actually if it wasn’t for Southern Province you were beaten hands down in the last election. Continue with your hatred and unpatriotic comments let evil run thru your brains

    • Do you know how much it costs to construct a Nuclear Plant? You are surrounded by clean energy and you are even contemplating this…with a budget of $2billion…really laughable…countries in Europe and Japan have ceased building future Plants and you are thinking building one….even a Russian one for that matter…you need a hard slap across your face to wake you up from your folly!!

  26. Lungu, Lungu, Lungu. As president you should know better and think ahead. You CAN NOT rely on anyone even with best interests. As a country we should be trying to be self sufficient instead of always relying on others to come solve our problems. What will happen when South Africa runs out or a problem arises? I’ll end here because I’m getting hot under the collar.

  27. Excuse me! Is this a head of state talking? Or someone just bubbling with friends after a few dots of whisky in a tavern?
    Doesn’t he realise the serious implications of being dependent on other countries in major sectors of a country’s nationhood.
    I am ashamed to be a Zambian because of being led by such a dull person. I am glad though because I didn’t vote for him especially after he told us Zambians that he’s visionless.
    That is why Zuma invited him. He must have given him a chance to taste the single malt south African whisky and immediately got him to say this with his head spinning.
    This is an unqualified statement in terms of short, medium and long term planning.
    Amos and other advisors should have prevented this if they are doing their jobs.

    • I am begining to think Amos and tins are trying very hard to shield him by encouraging him to fly out…its no wonder Amos took it upon himself to do an interview as he knows the limitations of his boss. His hands are tied at the airport tarmac when the plane lands as his boss will always want to expose his folly to reporters.

  28. Owe Kakoma did you read the whole article or just the one part?? The President says we are going nuclear and in fact an agreement was signed with Russia this week you are just bitter and filled with hatred because your ka god HH lost

    • I must commend you for posting this, it must have been very difficult to press that submit button. Even you are admitting that he spoke off the cuff on matters of national security…really laughable…and this is a President of a sovereign country we are talking.

    • @Terrible,
      Way to go, finally coming to realization. As Jay Jay indicated, must been tough but wise enough to push that button.

      Next is Mr. Kudos, we are waiting. Then Saulosi.

  29. I voted for ECL but this move is very bad fo the long run if south africa can have over 80% power required for the conutry than why cant we do the same please ECL try not to consider that plan it bad for long run, lets not over look national conflicts which happen almost every time, ECL consider long term plans not shot term zambia as a future which need to be able to stand on its oN. ONE LOVE ECL one LOVE ZAMBIA – its all do the right thing regardless of our political matters

  30. Mushota is right.
    Lungu is right.
    Notice, he even has a vision of building a nuclear power station. That means he is not throwing out the idea of us, having our own.
    However, for the short term, to meet the current need, electricity needs to be sourced from somewhere. If not, we suffer. So, for now its better we get what we can get. There may be other areas which need attention right now, where the resources are needed NOW. We can deal with the electricity thing later and slowly build our own, at a manageable rate. It is genious

  31. Ba C.M the President has made it clear that we are going nuclear an agreement was signed with Russia this week, even in his maiden speech he mentioned Nuclear. Imwe don’t cheat us that you voted ECL because if you did you would have read the entire article and understood what he meant

  32. This is extremely worrying. One minute we’re hearing about nuclear facilities the next this. Is he thinking loud or just confused by the level of our problems? How does a president change a national development strategy after a visit? We’ve got huge problems at home with streets full of unemployed. The sun shines 12hrs/day. Water and flows. Is he crazy?

  33. In the short term (period it would take to set up 3000MG watts power generation plants), Zambia can manage to import power from where ever including RSA. But the president cannot tell us that that is the long term solution. These are statements that come after someone has been feted and shows the president cares more about South Africa than the country is leading. What is most shocking and disappointing is that the statement come a few days after a nuclear power plant MoU was signed between Zambia and Russia. This chap is indeed a Dununa Reverse!!!

  34. Woo iwe chi HH follower in the long term it’s nuclear. How dull can you people be worshipping a 5 time loser. He tells you he won the elections but has only 58 Mps and won in only 3.5 Provinces and you believe him

    • Ewe Mambwe, do your homework before you show your ignorance here!

      If Zambia wants to build a nuclear plant it will be YOUR GRANDCHILDREN that get the power! They take OVER 30 YEARS to build. And who is going to pay for it? YOUR CHILDREN will be living in poverty to try and pay back the TEN BILLION DOLLARS of Eurobond money and the IMF!

      None of that has anything to do with HH and UPND. Lungu and his PF have managed to make Zambia commit suicide WITHOUT ANY HELP AT ALL!

      So keep your nonsense to yourself until you know what you are talking about.

  35. Regional integration cannot be at expense of self determination and industrialisation. Why does he think Brexit happened and Trump became President? Please reflect hard on where we are as a country. We gained independence for a purpose. Why do we ignore simple solutions? ECL you bring shame on us!

  36. Mutonya you bring shame to your parents whilst you exalt your god HH. If you are as educated as you want to portray you would have known that an agreement was signed with Russia this week and the last part of this article the President is talking about nuclear energy

  37. mr president. we can not rely on regional integration for zambia to sustain its economic grownt. your idea is a short erm measure.why send technocrats to sa when eskom already exports 500MW to zambia

  38. There you are. A president imposed by a grade 7 Nsanda, using pangas and manipulated by Ala B. Wako ni Wako. Dununa reverse. Excess power from SA my foot! It’s like divorcing your wife of 40 years in the hope that the young sweet 16 in the neighbourhood will accept a one night stand NOT even talking about marriage yet and how vulnerable you will be in old age in country without social security or meaningful pensions. We have a disaster on our hands! Chaps who voted for this guy are not just are st~pid, they are mad!

  39. Whether you like it or not ECL is the President until 2021 so ba HH worshippers I suggest you hold a convention because bitterness and hatred will choke you

  40. No wonder his mind is st,upid, look at who his advisors are? I have never ever heard of such fool’ish thinking all my life. Self sufficiency especially in energy is a prerequisite to industrial development, now, how are we going to achieve that if we are dependent on power supply imports? Ba chimbwi no plan, your stupidity maddens me deeply.

  41. I can only think he was misquoted or drunk. What a reckless and visionless statement!

    So in his mind, Zambias increasing demand for power will be supported by increased cushioning from others. Placing a burden on foreign reserves. So what do we do all our potential? So other than finished goods we should also rely on SA for electricity. They might as well our source the lousy governance from there.

    Dununa Liveshi!

  42. South Africa buys electricity from Mozambique. What surplus is our beloved president talking about? South Africa is currently investing heavily in renewable energy, particularly solar. Why does he think they are doing so? Should we start buying sunlight from them? Don’t we have just as much, if not more, of our own?

    Mozambique, with just one river, the Zambezi, are able to sell electricity to S. Africa. We have more rivers in Zambia, besides Zambezi. How well are we managing our hydro-generation potential? If the caliber of Lungu, are the type of presidents we are going to continue having, then it won’t be long before we starting importing water from Botswana and Namibia.


    • There’s nothing wrong with thinking if the rented house is cheaper no need to buy your own. You’ve used the wrong analogy

  44. Look at Ethiopia, Mr. HOPELESS PRESIDENT? Do you see how they are transforming their country over-night? Soon, they will be exporting electricity to other countries. Look at Kenya and see what they have done with solar energy. Has Zambia got even the money to pay for imported electricity? Do you really want us to keep on insulting you like this? Please give me a good reason why you should not be impeached? You are disgustingly such a disgrace even without a mismanaged twitter account.

    • @62.3 Seriously

      I see that you are referring to my relentless criticisms against this president. He can change, improve and, in consequence, avoid all of that. Otherwise, leaders should be criticized when they go wrong. It’s the reason we pay such close attention to what they say and do. Sadly for Mr. Lungu, the very first impression he created will continue to haunt him for a long time. It takes time to erase a negative impression. Sadly, he continues to feed it. Consider, for instance, his ineptitude, in the light of what he is purported to have said in S. Africa with respect electricity! He lost it. What he said exudes both ignorance and lack of vision. Do you want me to smile and praise him for that? Seriously?

  45. The power crisis in SA affected the economy and SA sat down with stakeholders to address. To that effect the Afdb gave them a credit facility of $900m. Now Zambia is currently load shedding worse than before. The PF claimed to be importing from Mozambique. In the short term you can, but long term you are subject to pricing which is then passed on to the consumer. The subsidies are now gone so there will be no cushion for Zambia. Most of your counterparts are improving on grid and off grid solutions. Your solution is to import, when clearly you have no money……

    • Its also a no brainier to remove subsidies on energy but continue importing even more power with more forex from RSA…next think you will hear is that Corrupt Zuma, Lazy Lungu and the sly crook Mwamba are pushing for privatization of ZESCO to the Eskom Group….then they will start to rip Zambians off the way M-Net does with its subscriptions.

  46. It doesn’t give me pleasure to insult a president. In Zambia, however, it would seem that finding a president who deserves even an iota of respect is the exception. This president’s level of reasoning is obnoxiously disappointing.

    • Julius Malema of S. Africa does that, possibly for a living. I don’t. We don’t. I wish Mr. Lungu could take cognizance of the fact that he is the president, not an actor in a reality show.

  47. South Africa is yet to come out of the woods with regards to electricity. the option is borrow money and expand their capacity, and in order to have a business case, invite our President to be told not to worry about power as South Africa will be supplying. At what total cost, in monetary terms, development, jobs etc? and we become dependent on South Africa. Mr President, think logical and long term.

    • Its smart by the RSA, they have borrowed heavily to get where they are so what better way to supplement their repayments of these loans by supplying dull daft lazy Zambians off-peak and excess electricity at competitive rates and also creating more employment…this is gives them more leverage in future trade negotiations BUT utterly Lazy Lungu is too dull to foresee all this as he was busy thinking of the Party and the whiskey!!

  48. Ok help me get this straight in my mind. So Zambezi flows Zambia to Mozambique, Mozambique generates power and sells excess to South Africa. Now Zambia wants to import that same power? Makes a lot of nonsense.

    Give us a break Pathetic F00LS. We already have the crazy situation where we buy back our exported maize in the form of corn flakes from South Africa.

    This is thinking in reverse, shuwa.

    • @66 Sam

      Just so we are able to keep his whimsicality at bay? What a daunting proposal you seem to be making here! You must be one of those referred to by the good book as: “a man of large faith.” Sadly, there aren’t that many of you around anymore.

  49. Mambwe, i think u are the one full of hate. But u kip accusing other pipo of hate. I don’t support either lungu nor HH. If this country has to develop let’s stop politicising every little thing. Those comments by ur president were shameful. En hope it doesn’t com to pass that one day Zambia will be dependant on SA for power.

  50. Appreciate the fact that this could be a short term solution but what is South Africa going to import from Zambia in the short term as well. Regional Integration must be contextualised and understood in light of “quid pro quo” H.E. must begin to recognize the wood from the trees

  51. ZNBC, Muvi TV, radio phoenix etc could you assist by arranging either a live phone in radio or live TV stream with the president we need to have a conversation on major issues affecting our country like energy, education, health, the police, judiciary, land allocation policies, foreign investment in the country etc. I think we are reaching a critical point in our existence as a country just the other day we read in the papers that Zambia was going nuclear and we signed the MOU with Russia, today we are hearing this. Also government wants to borrow more Eurobonds without any plan and discipline at all, look at ZESCO, ZAMTEL, ZR, TAZARA. We can change this. I know we can do something about this.

    • Don’t worry my brother our president was merely overwhelmed by his host’s vast economic power. His was just a moment of what i call ‘yes mastering’. Nuclear power with Russia will go ahead

  52. I support the president usually, but this has to be the dumbest thing he has ever said. Even dumber than when president kaunda used our national resources to free the region, without stating to those nations they needed to pay us back.

  53. That is reasoning meant to please his host. When he gets back home with his trip allowances reality will strike him. That Zambia doesn’t co- own the worlds biggest hydro electric dam for nothing. That Zesco is not established primarily to buy power but to produce it. That producing your own power is more economical. That going on useless foreign trips is exactly what removed RB from State House

  54. I’VE always said LUNGU is one of the DULLEST, LAZY, ID1OTIC President in the world.

    If this isn’t evidence enough, then u need your head to be checked as well.

    I have nothing more to say.

  55. We written enough of the President and his antics. What about the Opposition and Independent MP’s in the National Assembly. Instead of fighting over overtime allowances, is it this an issue they supposed to take up in the National Assembly?

  56. “No need for setting up power plants when electricity can be bought from South Africa- President Lungu”

    This reminds me of the ‘you don’t need to grow your own food, you can always import maize’ advice given to Malawi by the IMF, before the famine.

    What about national sovereignty? Does Edgar Lungu want Zambia to be subservient to South Africa? How can the nation be independent, when the economy is dependent on electricity from South Africa? What if their government changes to one hostile to Zambia? What if there are trade negotiations, and shutting off electricity becomes part of the bargaining process?

    No way. Also, green energy is the future. Local electricity generation from solar panels is the way to go.

  57. I am very disappointed with ECL’s kind of thinking. Zambia holds 40% of all the water in Southern Africa and you don’t want to use that? That’s why South Africa is benefiting more from the Victoria Falls than Zambia because they are smart. How can a president have no ambition to generate more power to satisfy the local needs and sell surplus to neigboring countries.

  58. Mr President, perhaps it was a slip of the tongue, this cannot be correct. How are you going to create jobs for your people? Buying and buying will not help your cause. Only buy things that you cannot economically produce or manufacture. We have substantial amount of water as well as harnessing our coal resources these are potential job creators for our brothers and sisters who are graduating but have no jobs. Yes we can purchase to mitigate short term power challenges but not as a policy. Am sure the think tanks within the PF led Govt. will advise our head of state on this issue.

  59. Importing power for the sake of regional integration my foot! How are you treated by South Africans in South Africa. Have you forgotten the zenophobic attacks, police setting dogs on the Mozambican man and pulling him behind a pick up truck, Zambians robbed and killed there without any police investigations. Think again about this integration. Why is there a trade imbalance; can you sell your vegetables or chickens to RSA. Please wise up

  60. Your hatred for the President is disgusting imwe Ba HH worshippers this is not constructive criticism it’s just hatred. Your ka god wa rejected for the 5th time by the Zambians and you are so dull that you can’t realise that he can not win you an election. Instead of going back to the drawing board and plot the way forward you are so dull that you think the ICC will declare HH President wake up the man is playing you all. HH knows that if he admits defeat you will call for a convention but since he is your god you believe him. I wonder who are more dull PF or Upnd. ??? ( 3.5 provinces vs 6.5, 58 mps vs over 90). That’s why Zambians rejected you Ba Upnd you are too dull

    • My dear, you are the one who is dull since you can’t see that Zambians are poorer now than they were five years ago. This has been as a result of PF’s bad policies. Ask Mutati he acknowledged that diplomatically. I for one is MMD but since I did not want PF back in power I voted for HH. Stop labeling people who criticise PF as worshipers of HH

  61. Great idea, but what do you buy the energy supply with? Zambia has to be smarter than this: in business you need to exploit the resources you have, add as much value as you can and sell for maximum profit. If you have an energy resource you must use it. Isn’t this what they do in the developed world? The only reason for buying energy in would be if you have a lack and a surplus elsewhere that you can use to fund it. There is no such surplus elsewhere and borrowing to buy in a resource you already have is financial lunacy. Also, the smart money is on renewables because they are financially sustainable as well as environmentally so. I say use the coal Zambia has, add as much value as possible by generating electricity from it, sell it and use the profits to fund a renewable future. Demand…

    • Demand for energy will not go down. If you have to compete with South Africa, so be it. Come on, ZESCO, you know what you must do!

  62. Bafi.kala why insult the president tamwaumfwako ati ukupoka ichinsenda ku nkoko kunakilila we have already set the motion towards energy independence by construction of kafue lower, expansion of itezhi tezhi, the solar project in the Lusaka south economic zone and many others you think all these projects will be halted have respect you id10ts. The presido is talking about the short term.

  63. “My gut feeling now is that we sit down as Zambia and assess whether we need to have so many power plants in Zambia when there is excess energy in the region,” he said.
    Simple logic demands that its cheaper to outsource than to maintain an asset. We complain about loans being contracted but we are again complaining against an action that will prevent borrowing . What do we really want. If anything its us Zambians who think that we are more intelligent than the president who actually have the problem of reasoning through issues with sober minds. Set up costs and maintenance costs you intelligent Zambians will require borrowing which you have been insulting the president about.

  64. Ba kateka this shallow thinking period.what happens when south africa is at war?what happened when production increases in south africa?what happened when there is bad relationship?what happens when the price goes up?kwena this is shallow thinking by our president.We need to have our own resources.We can also export while using cheap imported power.kwena bwafya.Please we need to protect our future generation from being abused.Mind u ba lungu how ar u going to create employement.I’m PF but don’t support you on this one.You need to be serious as a PF

  65. And we are talking of 5 years more to come..awe sure. Ati he has even put up a Commission of Enquiry in all the violence happened before 11 August…bwafya sana. Tabomfwa abantu nififine, he told u that he does NOT have any vision but u went ahead to vote for him. And mind u, here on kopala there was a meeting for PF in Ndola, thats y SG talandilepo he know whats on the ground.

  66. It is not a long time ago when Russia was squeezing its neighbours who depended on it for gas. It upped the price and cut off those that were unwilling just before they could think of a plan. Zambia relied heavily on Rhodesia to transport its goods to ports in South Africa. What happened when it declared UDI?. Zambia had no choice but to airfrieght its cargo into Zambia and paid heavily…. that is how ZamTan road Services, Tazama and Tazara were formed….. Read your history!!!! Let us generate our own power and reduce the tariffs. What does our Energy minister think about as a minister. If I were him… it would be creating more power plants and make energy more abundant and cheaper for the average Zambian. The failure here is the MINISTER OF ENERGY. The president is a lawyer does not…

  67. No need to build my own house.I will just be renting after all Kwakanyama na kwa johnleng houses are cheap.It’s in the bible book of ecclesiastics,”life is useless”.why suffering for my kids.They will also come and rent cheaper houses.afterall nun of my 8 children will complete grade 9. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE?

  68. ZESCO in as much as we appreciate the works you do, we still have complaints about you. Sometimes one feels like a second or third class citizen because of the way they treated. I will take the case of Mtendere east, Mtendere and PHI. Why is it that the later two do not experience as much load shedding as Mtendere east? Is it because people there are not educated dull or what? Sometimes you kind of bless yourself when you hear that they selling the utility company. Can someone seriously look into our plight and give a concrete statement as what is going on. Is politics at play or what? Someone please explain, we don’t understand what implication location has to play in this.

  69. Mambwe – nangu niwe sapota teti imfweko nensoni. I hope he has been misquoted but to say the true, he has seriously errored. Mumba the praise sing had to find some ways to hide his embarrassment by stating that the article has misquoted him.

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