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53 year old man dies over succession wrangles in Western province

Rural News 53 year old man dies over succession wrangles in Western province
A 53  year-old man of Shandola village of Kalale area in Chief Kahare’s area in Nkeyema district in Western province has been killed by unknown people as a result of the  succession wrangles that have rocked chief Kahare’s palace .
Enock Kubama of Kubama village identified the deceased as Brightone Shandola 53, who died on the spot while four Indunas who sustained broken legs and arms have been admitted to Kaoma district hospital while three other Indunas have been admitted to Njonjolo Health Center in Nkeyema district.
Mr Kubama said among the Indunas were Joseph Kubama 83, of Kubama village, Alfred Mungandu 61, Faxon Wayanda 65, of Namiangi area, and Lungson Shamanga 62, of Kakunda area.
Others admitted to Njonjolo health center are Muleta Kakonge, Joseph Kazuma of Sesheke district and Waluluma Selemani who is also the Ngambela for the newly installed Chief Kahare.
He said the Toyota Noah registration number ACV 6198 that was carrying the eight Indunas to and from Chief Kahare’s palace has been extensively damaged by the unknown assailants who were using  knob kerries in the act that happened around 10:00 hours Sunday.
Mr Kubama said the body of Brightone Shandola is lying in Kaoma district hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem and burial.
He said all the village Indunas met their fate when they were coming back from the palace where they went to attend a developmental meeting that was organized by World Vision officials from Lusaka.  
Mr Kubama, however, complained that the succession disputes happening at Njonjolo palace over the rightful heir of late Chief Kahare among the royal family members need serious attention from government adding that the situation at the moment is volatile and the palace should be heavily guarded by security wings to avoid the continuous loss of lives and property.
Meanwhile, police in Kaoma district have launched a manhunt  to bring all the criminals to face the wrath of the law.
Last month police officers recovered about 13 firearms from chief Kahare’s palace since the succession wrangles started.


  1. U want the government that u did not vote for to intervene. Shame on u. Ask HH to come and help u. U dont believe in the PF administration. I will urge u to continue killing yourselves until hh becomes president of bantu botatwe. Kikikiki

    • This ignorance is what’s killing this country.
      This !diot was probably not born in KK’s time but thinks we are still a PIG. Those people rejected PF but this country still has a government that collects tax from all the 10 regions to service the whole country.
      Don’t blame the people who democratically elected HH for your not going to grade 1.

    • While deeply regretting this chaotic behaviour, it must be said that Nkoyas should not exclude themselves from the tried and tested Barotseland system of governance. Don’t become pawns of people who thrive in chaos. Please follow your own beautiful traditions, and not lawlessness.

    • Henri if your party and candidates reason like you,dont expect the people of western province who reason to vote for them.You are unnecessarily dividing the country by your sense of feeling entitled to be voted for by the people of western province,is it because you appointed Inonge from there ?People of western province deserve to be respected not to be appeased by the appointment of one person who you have even denied any real power.When mukumbuta was shot at by that fool davis chama she issued a statement in parliament to the effect that un official statement would be made over the shooting but was over ruled by her juniors up to now her official statement has not come.

  2. What an ***** you are Henri or whatever your real name is. Since when did people from Western Province become Bantu Botatwe. You chaps are full of hatred & are poorly schooled. No wonder your choice of leaders leaves much to be desired.

  3. Henri dont think like an animal,what is so special about the current admin wait until zambia is heavily struck by hunger.VISIONLESS LEADER DECEMBER farmers no fertiliser,hunger looming.

  4. This guy called Henri is dull for sure. And I don’t think even brain surgery can assist change him. How can he say the people of western province did not vote for the PF hence they should not raise any concerns. Isn’t democracy taught even at lower primary school.

  5. mwebantu mwebantu lekeni ukulwa namashiwi. We should support through the justice system to have a regulatory framework on succession for all registered chieftainships so that whenever something like this happenes, that regulatory framework could be used to streamline the succession. I believe that all chiefdoms have a different way of addressing succession and Government instruments should support to regulate and document such. We should also have qualified lawyers in Traditional Leadership who should be deployed to address such issues and not only police.

  6. @Back Teeth Lungu. That is correct thinking. Now apply that to Zambia PF, UPND BEMBAS and TONGA. If you think rightly you will find the answer. If you organize cessation be ready for another break out and another and another. Back home if you are not happy you just form your own political party. Awe their were wrangles in Zombe’s area recently

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