Lusambo awards full scholarships to six recipients of Bowman Lusambo media scholarships

Bowman Lusambo speaking during the hand-over-ceremony
Bowman Lusambo speaking during the hand-over-ceremony
Bowman Lusambo speaking during the hand-over-ceremony

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo has urged Journalists in Zambia to remain professional and ethical in the execution of their work.

Mr Lusambo said the media is a key partner in national development hence the need to adhere to highest levels of ethical standards.
He said the PF government under President Edgar Lungu supports a media that is professional and able to contribute to national building by reporting developmental issues.

Mr Lusambo who is also PF Kabushi Member of Parliament said the government is currently undertaking a number of developmental projects on the Copperbelt province adding that it is the duty of the media in the province to highlight these projects in order to inform the people.
He was speaking on Sunday afternoon when he handed over six scholarships to the first batch of recipients of the Bowman Lusambo media scholarships fund.

The journalists who were awarded full scholarships to study at various universities in Zambia include Mildred Katongo from Times of Zambia, Chatula Kampo Kangali from Times of zambia and Charles Tembo, a freelance journalist all based in Ndola.

Others are Tamara Mhango from ZNBC, Kitwe studios, Racheal Chako of YAR FM in Kitwe including Tinkerbelle Mwila of Radio Phoenix.

The Journalists will undertake different courses of study commencing in 2017 at universities such as the University of Zambia, Cavendish University, Copperbelt University, the Zambia Open University and ZAMPOST training college.

Mr Lusambo also clarified that the media scholarship fund is not meant to weaken editorial independence of the beneficiary journalists in the country.

“I know a lot of people have been asking why we are doing this. Firstly, I believe that career development is critical for personal development. secondly, journalists have to continuously upgrade their skills and academic qualifications for them to compete in today’s fast changing world,” Mr Lusambo said.

“Thirdly, I know that some of you have been facing financial challenges which have hampered your desire to upgrade your academic qualifications. so i thought, I could use the media scholarship fund to help some of you enhance your academic progression by sponsoring your tuition fees,” he said.

He said, “this ladies and gentlemen, is by no means a way of bribing you. Some of you,we have been friends even before I was elected Member of Parliament and appointed Minister, you know that I believe in the spirit of helping one another. I shall therefore not use the media scholarship fund to influence how the media covers me. you still retain your editorial independence,” he assured.

Mr Lusambo congratulated the six recipients and urged them to focus on their career development.
“To those that have not been awarded, remember that was the first call for application and the process was very competitive. due to limited funds, we could only accommodate six,” he said.
Mr Lusambo also announced that in 2018, the Bowman Lusambo media scholarship fund will be extended to other journalists based outside the Copperbelt province.


Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo hands over scholarship to Charles Tembo
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo hands over scholarship to Charles Tembo


  1. That’s the way. When you are up there remember that you shall one day come down and you will surely find someone to lean on. To the sponsored fellows, are you gonna be like the Ten that Jesus healed and run away with your qualifications forgetting to thank the one who made it possible? Are you going to waste the opportunity by engaging into unproductive demos and strikes? I hope not.

    • This is a noble gesture but the world over philanthropy has been used to launder dirty money. I hope he’s doing this above board with a sustainable framework beyond his political shelf life. It’ll be shameful if when he gets fired even the recipient’s will be thrown out of their colleges.
      I also appreciate his sentiments. Our people are so steeped in cronyism such that every journo will be singing his praises so that he can “see” them.

  2. This is a very welcome and exemplary move by a political leader. However, the nation must be told where the funds are coming from to avoid destructive speculation! Otherwise, both thumbs up and one can only hope that other political leaders can begin to think in the same lines!

  3. 1.1 always negative why. Did you see him stealing. Better give your name and address so that you can go to court and prove your allegations.

  4. hmmm….

    1. What is the value of the scholarships?
    2. Even if there is no intention of corrupting the scholarship beneficiaries, they will be conflicted if and when they find themselves having to report on stories to which Bowman is connected. The least they will have to do is recuse themselves from such situations.

    • From HIS own account obviously. If you don’t have something to give, it does not mean that others don’t have. The man has set up a scholarship fund and you question where he is getting the money from. Ask the recipients to question the source of the money before they receive the scholarship and see the response.

      Bowman, my man, do not let these detractors, loafers who do not see any good in others, keep you from doing that which is good for the people. God bless Bowman!

  5. Who cares were he got the money from.the fact that he has decided to share it with the community what’s wrong with that.keep it up BL and go through C/B industries to check how your people work with bamwisa.

  6. The scholarship fund is a noble agenda, but am of the view that it should benefit the vulnerable students who are failing to pay their fees, unlike awarding people who are already working.

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