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DEC arrest bank official

General News DEC arrest bank official

THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) through its Anti Money Laundering Investigations Unit (AMLIU) on the Copperbelt Province has arrested a banker for money laundering activities involving over K700, 000.

Chile Mapanda, 31, a banker of House No. 24/17 Dominic Moomba Road in Northrise area of Ndola has been arrested for theft by servant, fraudulent false accounting, and money laundering contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

DEC Public Relations Officer Theresa Katongo confirmed on Tuesday that Mapanda on dates unknown but between 1st January, 2015 and 23rd November, 2016 fraudulently and without authority from the account holders nor her employers with intent to defraud, did steal monies amounting to K736, 063.53 which came into her possession by virtue of being a Bank Clerk at a named bank and transferred the said monies by purporting to show that the transfers were genuine when in fact not.
Ms Katongo said Mapanda later laundered the monies by crediting beneficiary accounts of different individuals including her own.

And the Commission in Lusaka has arrested a Somali national for trafficking in 37 bundles of Miraa.
Ms Katongo said Muhammad Addinor, 23, of Chaisa Compound in Lusaka District has been arrested for trafficking in 37 bundles of miraa weighing 14.271kg.
All suspects will appear in Court soon.

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  1. Is our money safe with banks? how much of our money is stolen and we dont realize it? i guess the arrests are just 10% of the cases

    • I remember way back in 1998 in Lusaka two young girls working in a bank stole almost K 2 million (K 2 billion then) and disappeared into the diaspora, up to now nobody knows where they are.

  2. Anybody know which bank this is? Some girl from a bank I know has been buying more rounds than usual in Chicago’s.

  3. Standard Chartered Bank Zambia has increased the period of deductions by one more year and increased the amount(installments) to deduct as well on loans gotten 3 years ago. They claim its due to increase on interest rates, but it doesn’t even reflect on the loan statement’s. That’s a Pure daylight robbery, ransacking clients over K 30,000 on top of the interest they’ve already gotten.
    Imagine somebody got a K80,000 asked to return K130,000 initially in 5 years . Then they pay about K100,000 with K 30,000
    to go and the Bank tells them to add another K30,000 plus (1 years added ) due to so called high interest rates, which doesn’t even reflect on the Loan Statement’s.

    Making the Total returnable amount K160,000.

    ilinso pelinso ….

    Shylocks are now better than Zambian…

  4. ACC is available for GBM to give details to as to which of the ministers is corrupt. Why do you want ECL to be the one to act on your behalf yet you claim to have Facts. No wonder we feel you are just an alarmist. Meembe called Chiluba by a certain adverb and he stood to defend his statement in the courts of law. What are you afraid of to blow the whistle? Can we conclude that you just want to be seen/heard to be saying something even when you have nothing to say?

    • @pink toe: not so long ago, our Republican President did point out that some of his ministers are corrupt and he even castigated ACC for not carrying out their job. GBM was repeating what HE ECL already told the nation. I will be surprised if ACC do not already have information on who is corrupt in Govt corridors. I’m non partisan, just a concerned citizen.

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