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If High Court and Supreme Court doesn’t hear our petition, we shall go international-HH

Headlines If High Court and Supreme Court doesn't hear our petition, we...

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema (HH)has charged that many election rigging activities are coming to the fold .

Addressing the press at Golden Bridge hotel this morning, mr Hichilema charged that Edgar Lungu had no capacity to rule .

“We petitioned the court under article (28) of the constitution of Zambia. We felt that our right to be heard was taken away by the constitutional court and tomorrow we are in court at the high court.”

“If the high court will not hear us we shall appeal to the supreme court and later on to the international courts, ” he said adding that that is the resolve the party had taken.

“From the parliamentary seat judgements you can see a lot and we cannot conclude that the only wrong vote was not the parliamentary one.”

Mr Hichilema also charged that it was retrogressive for the government to introduce loans at the University of Zambia and Copperbelt University because it will disadvantage many youths in the country.

Mr Hichilema said that it was ridiculous for PF to rush into leadership when they have no capacity to rule.

Mr Hichilema also rubbished the 2017 national budget as an empty budget which has no solutions to the challenges facing the people of Zambia. Mr Hichilema said that the PF has taken Zambia backward with their poor leadership skills.

The UPND leader charged that the over borrowing by the PF leadership is a clear indication that they have no capacity to create revenues.

He accused the PF of borrowing money so as to service previous loans .

He also slammed PF minister Kalaba… on his justification of unnecessary foreign tours by government officials that it is difficult to attract investment when PF has failed to create an environment for foreign direct investment.

Mr Hichilema said that the closure of Banks is a clear demonstration of a failed leadership. Mr Hichilema also charged that the statement by Lungu that Zambia does not need any more power stations is misleading and lacks merit.

Mr Hichilema said that a leader who understands could have taken power generation as an investment and not the way Edgar Lungu is behaving.

Mr Hichilema has accused the PF of exacerbating the debt within a short period and wondered why domestic debt can go to such levels in a short period yet there are no drugs in hospitals .

Mr Hichilema also said that the assault on the media by Edgar Lungu is a serious breakdown in the rule of law.

“Today we are back to political prisoners. We have more than 2000 UPND members across the country. we shall not stop talking … we shall continue to talk for the people because we are freedom fighters. Dante Saunders and others fought for our political freedom but the freedom has been taken away”, he said.

Mr Hichilema has urged member not to exercise cowardice but to remain steadfast.

“We have youths in custody for the offence they did not commit. We, in the UPND leadership….they are scheming to give up a trumped up charge of treason so that they can kill the petition…. but we know that there is no need to fear when you have not committed a crime. The country is in a crisis because of bad leadership….”

HH also called for the dissolution of the Electoral Commission of Zambia for failing to preside over free and fair elections.

“Throwing our votes in the dust bin in Kanyama …is that an election?” he wondered

“That is why we petitioned ! Judge Chulu- and Priscilla Isaacs must leave the ECZ.” he demanded.

“There is no credibility in the electoral commission because they have failed.”

From today start demanding for he removal of the people at ECZ…. we want people who are God fearing at ECZ.

Mr Hichilema also boasted that just a month after the elections UPND beat PF in North Western and this clearly shows how powerful UPND is…..

He also wonders why Edgar Lungu is allowing Amos Chanda , a civil servant to engage in politics. Mr Hichilema said that Edgar Lungu is in state house illegally.

Mr Hichilema also said that UPND is demanding that illegal ministers prior to elections must pay back the money to the people of Zambia.

“As UPND, we want to support LAZ in their call for Mwanakatwe and Nkandu Luo to leave parliament. I can tell you that at the time of Levy Mwanawasa this wouldn’t have happened. Ghana and Gambia have independent electoral institutions that is why our friends are doing fine “.

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    • Is Lungu ever in charge of country affairs other waiting for directions from his misleading advisers and appending his signatures to official documents?

      His fraudulent ascendancy to “power” was engineered by other people to his own dismay. Nsansa, Luo, & Co were the force giving him directions. Even his continued stay is dependent on RB and Kaizer who told him what to do to resist electoral loss.

      We are on autopilot!

      It’s a mouthful from the terrorist HH. Mixing what’s true with a whole load of innuendos. Well, I am more scared of you HH than I am of ECL. How I wish you could just try to move on. So are you looking for a decision that will nullify ECL’s election? Ha! Wena! ain’t those allucinations baba? Is that a reason you are buying your way through Judges like Mwiinde Siavwapa? So you can claim “From the parliamentary seat judgements you can see a lot and we cannot conclude that the only wrong vote was not the parliamentary one.” Are you looking for a justification for your irrational behavior post 8/11 polls? Stop being delusional and naive wena!

    • Every normal person knows that EL has no leadership qualities and up to know i do not understand why he has been left to go this far because by the time the PF thugs realise this the damage he will live behind will be too big such that Zambia will be left empty because every one will die of starvation.

    • HH has a serious short-circuit in in his rationale.

      He says ECZ is fraudulent and their results unreliable.

      But again he is celebrating UPND’s win in north-western’s local govt elections.

      Who conducted those elections, is it not the same ECZ he considers fraudulent?

      So why not trash the results of his party wining in the Northwestern and parts of the Copperbelt?

      Clearly, there is a short-circuit in thinking, or an extremely terrible accident has happened in his logic.

    • Please go international now and see if anyone gives a rat’s tail. The international community is worrying about Aleppo, Brexit etc not AMASUSHI YOBE IWE HH! Am so fed up.

    • My goodness HH get on with your life. Where have you heard the international community overturning an election of sovereign state. The president has been sworn in. it is done. These are traits that show you have no leadership qualities and have not concern for country but yourself. Go away already


    • HH is placing international courts above the Zambian courts. He is sacrificing Zambia’s sovereignty for personal gain. SHAME!!!!
      International courts were never meant for intra-national legal conflicts. They are INTER-NATIONAL, that is between nations and not within a nation. International courts have no jurisdiction over the internal affairs of a country UNLESS HUMAN LIFE is at stake, and even in such cases, it is the United Nations Security Council that has the legal mandate.

      This poor rich man is just wasting his time and money. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of lawyers lining up to get paid.

  1. Stop misleading the UPND you useless Kaponya (HH). You have no case, you’re just a useless dictator with a dwindling mandate. Give the seat to Nevers Mumbwe or GBV

    2016 vote Mr Kudos!

    • Kaponya (HH) is such a low life. Waste of sperm what a wankar. Imagine such a useless Kaponya having children what do they think of this rejected failure? They sit in silent shame at the veranda in Kabulonga

    • While others were going to school, this dead skull was busy perfecting being a peeping Tom, he ended up being mentally restarted after seeing his grand mother’s nakedness. Your bitterness against HH will just kill you sucker!!!!!

    • As the symbol suggests, Mr. Kudos you belong to the Grave. You are not in touch with reality and just don’t waste time and space for serious discussants!
      This country needs serious advisors and seriously we need high caliber leadership, the one equal to or better than HH. Right now, we are busy reversing, having bypassed the deserving candidate, looking at the best turn to the road that leads to where we can find him in order to mount him on the saddle so he can give us a smooth ride on this horse called Zambia.

  2. ICC, the same international court that was toothless to try George Bush and Tony Blair? Am I missing something here? We need better leadership in the opposition and ruling party.

  3. This man is full of bitterness and hatred he is definitely not Presidential material. Surely how can you say you won with only 3.5 provinces and 58 Mps you lost in Lusaka and the Copperbelt please give us a break!!!. So the case is not even before The ICC and ICJ ?? .He is dividing the Nation

    • Hez just following Law and order which is key for good governance,democracy and development.

      If u are happy with PF ,enjoy silently, Leave HH help Zambia attain maturity in governance,,

    • Mambwe, if you have been bought to expound your cheap propaganda, you have it wrong. Eat the money you have been paid or cherish the contract or job you have been promised through your senseless comments. You are as unstable and unprincipled as your sponsors for whom you do your ‘vuvuzela’.
      Simple question is where is the reasoning in building a food store when you have not even acquired land for farming or confirmed your source of importation of food is sustainable? I mean, how can you build three universities in one region when the road that provides you the revenue for the larger part of your GDP, the Solwezi-Chingola road, is in a deplorable(Just like the current leadership)state? Do you expect the people of Solwezi to just grin like nincompoops? You need to have your head…

    • Panama Papers, mwalilingana fye amano, how can you compare leadership of a Party and Country? Where has HH provided political leadership rather than hijacking the presidency in UPND? Advise him the the words ‘There is always next time’ are still existing.

  4. YAAA Mr HH!! I THINK you would DO BETTER by ONLY CONCENTRATING ON ORGANIZING THE PARTY and POINTING OUT PF FAILURES. The issue of THE PETITION and COURT CASES may just WASTE ALOT OF YOUR TIME TO BECOME MORE ORGANIZED! If you check properly NOT ALL PETITIONS have been lost by PF. In some cases PF ‘s WIN is UPHELD and in SOME IT IS NOT just like UPND LOST ITEZHI TEZHI. So Parliament petitions ARE NOT a GOOD INDICATOR of what COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO THE PRESIDENTIAL PETITION! Parliamentary petitioners have GONE STRAIGHT TO THE POINT TO PROVE THEIR CASES but you…. Lungu may not be doing a good job but that does not meet that he lost an election,you needed to prove that very quickly.

  5. Improve your English, you can’t say” If High Court and Supreme Court Doesn’t Hear Us”. It’s if they Don’t….

  6. The Best thing HH can do now is wait for 2021..He has the chance of winning clean and wide for now he should continue offering checks and balances.His is wasting time trying to fight,what we want is a Sober opposition..so that they put pf to work.

  7. HH aka maloza is waste of time. What is he saying? Now is not the time for politics, it is time for farming. HH be in touch with reality for once.

  8. Please,Kachema….,go who cares about you? Even if you commit suicide today will are going to miss you for being irrelevant to our electoral system and national issues. Don’t even think of ICC cos theres a case of you awaiting you against crime of humanity in your tribal regions.

  9. I wonder what upnd cadres see in hh.this man is a useless politician!!thank God that upnd confirmed today that even in 2021,hh will be their candidate as i 100% know that majority voters in 6.5 provinces will reject him for a record 6th time!!in my life,i can never ever vote for hh.this man has divided our country and i wonder why Govnt shouldnt jail this man!!ECZ made mmd beat unip in 1991,then PF beat MMD in 2011,so hh wants ECZ to declare him a winner even when he has lost for him to appreciate ECZ’s works?amazing!!this hyena must be caged fast!!

    • You have actually said it. He is indeed a useless politician. Am even wondering if he acquired that wealth genuinely, he doesn’t look like a hard working man to me! Belabouring on one point for very long time is not a good sign!

    • njimbu; do not accuse HH of dividing the country; that division came from your party the PF because they had no campaign strategy and they used tribe to campaign; we are many different tribes that support HH as we feel he has the capacity to steer this country s economy for the better and good governance too; HH is excercising his rights which you would do too if you were in your right senses; look at the squandering of money on useless trips and the plunder by his ministers and the ruly behaviour of the PF cadres; do you really believe this is good governing? we Zambians are cowards because by now we should have impeached ECL.

    • @ 12.2 kubweka,

      So, you tell me that it is PF that told UPND supporters in southern province to start chasing non-tonga tribes to leave the province after elections?

  10. Moreover how can a tonga party upnd achieve the battle of destroying ECZ via parliament with 58 MPs?since september,2016,upnd mps or simply put all opposition mps have lost all motions in patliament which the speaker had put to a vote because PF together with its independent MPs are the majority in the house.so how can hh achieve this?its like hh is used to losing as he always initiates issues which any normal Zambian knows that hh is 100% going to lose!!!all his presidential petitions whether at high court,supreme court,icc,icj,etc will be thrown out,but he sings about it daily-amazing!!!let hh continue chassing the wind as he has nothing to do in life!!

  11. Why do upnd allow hh to keep on doing the same boring politics of “name calling” and hope to win?hh has been doing this since 2006 but result into nothing.politics of addressing bantustans in lusaka from one lodge or hotel to another and from his chalala house instead of talking to voters in Luapula,muchinga,nothern,eastern,lusaka and cb urban where is upnd is not loved!!UPND COULD HAVE BEEN IN POWER AFTER SATA’S DEATH IF HH WASNT ITS LEADER.WHAT MAJORITY VOTERS HATE IS NOT UPND,BUT HH-PERIOD!!!just do a simple survey on our streets or homes about hh and upnd,more than 80% people will tell you that between hh’s upnd and PF,they would rather vote for PF despite all the difficulties in life today.

    • You are absolutely right, it is not UPND that people hate but HH and his know it all style of leadership. 2021 will be an easy victory for PF even with new comer candidate like Ngosa Simbyakula or whoever PF will field. It is very easy for any candidate to beat HH. January 2015 hh lost by 27,000 votes, August 2016 he lost by 100,000 votes, 2021 he will lose by 185,000 or 200,000 votes because PF strongholds this time will also vote the dundumwezi way.


    • @Njumbu…..the reason is simple. We have at present a very useless government in place with a very dull and vision less head of state in Lungu. If we had democracy, I can assure you HH would be President right now. Just look at the recent US elections, if the US had a stupid democracy and if they didn’t respect the rule of law, Trump wouldn’t have been declared a winner to next lead the country but because there is democracy and respect for the constitution of the land, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. Learn something dawg….not the small change you are busy enjoying from PF. Tamwakwata ne nsoni shuwa. Lesa akamikanda…time is coming sooner than you think.

  12. HH has a serious short-circuit in in his rationale.

    He says ECZ is fraudulent and their results unreliable.

    But again he is celebrating UPND’s win in north-western’s local govt elections.

    Who conducted those elections, is it not the same ECZ he considers fraudulent?

    So why not trash the results of his party wining in the Northwestern and parts of the Copperbelt?

    Clearly, there is a short-circuit in thinking, or an extremely terrible accident has happened in his logic.

    • But one of the wins came out after UPND had revealed and shown the real results, that is when the ECZ rectified to the true results after having declared PF the winners. The short circuit in thinking is in you who has selective amnesia. Let us have an open and honest country, that is how we will develop.

    • @18.2 Arsenal Supporter,

      So are you saying reliability came only after questioning?

      Then the first results of in all areas including southern province must first be reviewed before accepting them.

      Why should UPND hold a caged and boxed point of view.

      Be open minded, and stop showing a clear bias. At least pretend you are not biased even though we know you are.

      I just thought, under normal circumstances, it is embarrassing to openly show bias.

  13. After 11/08/2016 general elections,hh has lost a lot in terms of popularity even on facebook where he used to be popular.today any news about hh or from hh on facebook is blastered left,right and centre by Zambians e.g,check a story on facebook where hh said that load-shedding today in Zambia is up to 12hrs.on this issue a lot of Zambians have called hh all sorts of names because load shedding hours only go up to 6hrs or less!!!I FEEL SORRY FOR UPND BECAUSE UNDER HH EVEN IN 2021 UPND WILL 100% LOSE!!besides if any by elections come up in munali and lusaka central,PF will 100% win them once more.yes upnd will make noise as usual before voting day,but after losing,they blame ECZ and other innocent souls-SHOCKING!!!

  14. it is very important in life to accept than to continue living in the fools paradise and patience pays .The only dangerous thing in life to be impatient because every thing has its on time.what is yours is yours no matter how long it takes.

  15. If lungu has failed Govt let him accept that.his joy is not in full because he knows his winning is not people’s right But a mail-practice.go ahead HH

  16. If HH is not heard, he will go international. He is fully aware he is a loser. Bushe uyu muntu hh is he normal. I only c madness in him. Surely mwebantu 3 provinces can make a president. HH start thinking properly. This bitterness is bad. Edgar is ugly but forgiving and humble. How can he boast winning in north western when every zambian including mad people know the rubbish voting that comes from north western. U dont force people to vote for u wembwa iwe hh. Waba ama*tole kwati ni mbwa

    • Since when has presidential elections been decided by your so called number of provinces? If you that was the case would PFs margin been not much higher based on your so called provincial wins? This should not be about HH, but about conducting transparent elections. What is your say on the Ugandan Chavula, who was let free in a very fishy way? Zambia should be bigger than any one single person, its your likes who are a disgrace to Zambia. Dishonesty must be in your DNA you shameless person, your language says a lot about you.

  17. ICC does not declare anyone a winner, be serious hh, that’s why i always fail to support upnd because of this behavior.in 2021 how vote for CK

  18. After failing 6 times, the only political activity HH has remained with is to continue with the propaganda of the failed and expired petition.

    HH believes his followers are very dull. Now, whether or not he is right is another thing.

    Whichever the case time will come when they too may be fadeup and tired of HH’s ill-planned, less thought-out propaganda.

    Because of their behaviour, HH has been persuaded to over-underestimate the thinking capacity of his followers.

    This is another short-circuit in foresight. It is called short-sightedness.

  19. Hh is a fool who fails to reason no wonder he enhances in cult way of life , you go anywhere as you will never be President chicala chobe

  20. Who is more likely to win the ‘Friendly fight’ between Max and Inno should be the most important thing on our minds right now noti ama wala ayo ba HH !!!

  21. HH knows that whether the election was stolen or not, he has run out of legal options in as far the the Zambian judiciary system. The international court process is a non-starter. However, for him to admit this will mean that UPND will need to go back to the drawing board including most likely having to choose a new leader as he will no longer have the moral authority to insist on standing again as UPND candidate having failed four times. To avoid that situation he would rather perpetuate the court process as means of continuing to hold onto poor on the pretext of still fighting the last election outcome. He knows that to give up that fight will also mean giving up his right to continue leading the party and instead give way for a new leader

  22. When I listen to HH talk about issues and the manner he reasons, I come to conclude that his 6 times loss is well-deserving.

  23. This Petition is not just about HH,GBM & UPND. It is about the future of our Constitutional Democracy.It is about ECZ and Concourt failing to fulfill their Constitutional Responsibilities. ECZ failed to deliver to Zambians a free,fair and credible election while Concourt failed to deliver justice by hearing and determining the Petition. MPs who petitioned the election results have been heard or are being heard so why has the Presidential Petitioners Not been heard? ECZ and Concourt need serious reforms and change of personnel if the same mistakes are to be avoided in 2021. People will lose faith and interest in voting if they are not assured that their votes will count. Why vote if we know that Edward will steal our votes again in 2021? Our Electoral Systems and Institutions need to be…

    • Nawishi iwe Democrat, you are the only sensible person on this podium including Mushota. Zambians have been reduced to beggars and they cant see that they are being shafted by Lungu. Utulo ama Zambians.

  24. This Man will Never be President, Just as I said before 2016 elections. Can someone speak some sense into him and make him understand that he is not a presidential material in all dimensions.(xyz)

  25. Lusaka Times, you might not know this, because of your ignorance, or is it deliberate?
    Your sight has been tempered with. If you press the green button on any issue that disagrees with what HH has said, the number 1 comes out in both the green and red column.
    2 is given to anything that is pro HH, when you press the button once.
    Work on this and stop cheating the people

  26. Shut up HH. Are you still crying my brother? You will never be President. You have no leadership skills. Come on be a man!

  27. He’s the only Tonga with lots of money, so every Tonga will listen to whatever he says even if it is bull crape. To me he is just a time waster, where is his counterpart GBV, he’s probably realised it’s time to go back to business,

  28. it is shameful that PF as we read earlier wants borrow to repay for past borrowing. HH is right that PF has no capacity to govern. PF has taken Zambia backwards

  29. Lungu and his PF thugs are very selfish to have imposed themselves on majority Zambians who didn’t want them. They enjoying themselves while majority are suffering. They have no clue how to govern the Country. Civil servants are not paid on time. The President is always traveling when does he work? Where are the soldiers? Are you still asleep? We are going nowhere with this government, it is the worst in the history of Zambia. We even miss our colonialists.

  30. Imwe Ba Upnd surely are you that dull that you cannot think beyond HH ???. Can’t you see that he can’t win you an election?? Even after losing 5 times???. You can even claim that your votes were stolen in Lusaka and Copperbelt? ??. If you were truly popular in Lusaka and the Copperbelt like in Southern Province they would have been riots like was the case in Southern. Wake up you are being played by a conman

  31. Can somebody answer this question? The High Court and Concourt are creations of the Zambian Constitution, so why did the High Court hear and rule on the Parliamentary Petitions while Concourt refused to hear the UPND Presidential Petition? Just like Concourt did why didn’t the High Court refuse to hear the MPs Petitions based on technicalties? Do time limits superceed the need for social justice? Surely it is absurd for a court to sentence an accused to life imprisonment without giving the accused amply time to defend himself or herself in a Court of Law. The delivery of social justice should be far more important than time expiry.It appears that Concourt mishandled the Petition. Its high this is corrected without further delays.

  32. God fearing is a relative term that even a murderer, a thief, satanist, adulterer or any body can claim to be! What a sear waste of time going round and round the ant hill when the foot path has been provided!

  33. HH please come to terms with your lose . The international Court won’t do you any favor. The Powerful nation in the world is not even a member of the ICJ. Look we past that now just prepare for 2021 nothing will come your way now. That song is not good for your self please start talking for the people now so that they can remember you in 2021. You talking about you becoming president when it’s not helping bringing up real issues. Grow out of it focus on the healing of the nation and you’ll easily win the hearts of zambian at large.

  34. @lungu. Insele ba tata. because no one can see you? Genuine question is that is HH the only presidential material in Southern Province? When the Northerners are forming their own political parties every day back in the south ni wamuyaya

  35. @lungu noko icinyo leka insele pano mukongo obe if you have nothing to talk about sata-nyoko sulunyoko waumfwa mukongo obe

    HH JUST WAIT FOR 2021.

  37. Can you cry and laugh at the same time? I cannot but HH is capable. ECZ is good to him when they win and bad if UPND looses. That is caveman politics.

  38. The last paragraph is an exposure of both ignorance and desperation. How is Gambia doing fine election wise. On the contrary where as the UN, AU, ECowas have threatened Mr Jameh with sanctions, they have all congratulated Edgar Lungu. Unless HH doesn’t read, he knows this.

  39. I really do not have the time for this under five politician but will spare a few minutes to respond to this hollow speech. Firstly he blames the closure of intermarket Bank on Edgar Lungu. If one of Hichilema’s herdman reports the death of his bull or calf we can attribute that to Hichilema’s poor leadership. If he was an economist perhaps he would not have said what he said regarding intermarket bank. Amos Chanda is a spokesperson for the president, and HH says he is a civil servant who should not get involved in politics. He (HH) has forgotten the donations to his political party from some civil servants. Mr Hichilema should be the last person to condemn the loan system to assist students he should understand that even countries with much higher financial resources than Zambia such as…

  40. Cont’d.
    HH’s children do not need that as he has a lot of cattle for sale to meet such obligations. Two thousand political prisoners in prisons. All thugs who committed crimes under his name are political prisoners that is absurd. Mwaliteta is a youth? He (HH) considers elections to be credible only when his councillors or Mps win. When they lose the ECZ is not credible absurd. He mentions Gambia and Ghana elections; little does he know that his loosing colleague has refused to accept the loss. HH unless you think a little better than Lungu it will take a long long time for you to be accommodated at plot 1.

  41. Response to:

    Mr. Antonio Mwanza’s charge as shocking for President Lungu’s suggestion to rethink the rationale of building more hydropower stations and Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s charge that the statement by President Edgar Lungu, that Zambia does not need any more power stations is misleading and lacks merit.

  42. In principle it seems easy to agree with the argument that this proposal does not seem to sit well with the logic of
    1. National security
    2. Sovereignty
    3. Creation of local jobs
    4. The economics of comparative advantage among others.
    5. The economics of opportunity cost
    In a way the Head of State has a point that we haven’t seen.

  43. “I don’t see why Zambia should begin setting up new power stations……..? President Lungu.

    I add “I don’t see why Zambia should begin setting up new large hydropower plants when it can diversify into many other energy sources in addition to buying power cheaply from South Africa when need arise for the following reason;

  44. Why we don’t need to build many large hydropower schemes

    i) Large hydropower causes damage to useful river and land biodiversity. For example; the 14GW (Brazil/Paraguay) Itaipu hydropower scheme displaced and threatened tens of thousands of animal and plant species.
    ii) Large hydropower plants have long gestation periods. This may range from (5-20 years). The world’s largest fully operational hydro power plant (the 14,000MW Itaipu) took 13years to construct at a price tag of US$20 billion.

  45. iii) Large hydropower plants are very expensive to build, upgrade and maintain.
    iv) Building dams causes disruptions to human settlements and other income generating activities like agriculture. During construction of the Cahora Basa Dam Mozambique 42,000 people were involuntarily resettled and about 57,000 were resettled during the construction of the Kariba Dam in Zambia. (Sharife, 2009)

  46. v) The current hydropower plant technology limits the location of power plants. A power plant can only be located on an area that is both geologically favourable and bathed by reliable water system for consistent power generation throughout the year. This is a major constraint, since most vast parts of each country in the world are not blessed with many and favourable waters for large hydro power facilities.

  47. vi) Most hydro power plants by nature of their engineering design and operation are insufficient. There are power losses in generation and transmission.
    vii) In the awakening event of critical damage (environmental, fire, structural etc) or climate changes, repairs or replacement of equipment may take long and costly. Rivers may flow at reduced rate or dry out. In 2002 the 14,000MW Itaipu power system failure, triggered spending US$12 billion to repair and upgrade. This caused massive power disruption and inconvenience to industry and other power consumers. In Zambia, January 2008, three major national grid failures in one week alone plunged almost the whole country into darkness or without power.

  48. Other key lessons from History
    Eastern and Southern Africa

    After a 2009 drought that led to two months of power rationing, Kenya made a firm commitment not to rely on hydro-electric supply only. The government has recognized the risk and is already moving towards a more diversified future. 70% of Kenya’s power comes from hydro-power. As of 2010, Kenya was seeking finance of up to US$1 billion from international bond markets to finance geothermal and wind energy. The government plans to develop 100MW of geothermal by 2018. The rift valley has a potential of 7,000MW of power. (Bloomberg, 2010)

  49. China
    In January 2010, the Yangtze River drought possessed significant risk to the Three Gorges reservoir. This dam holds water for the world’s largest hydropower scheme with a height of 185 metres, width (at base) 115 metres and crest 40 metres long, giving a surface area of 1045 kilometres. It has 32 turbines and has an installed capacity of 22,500MW, built at a price tag of US $26 billion. The hydro electric river dam spans the Yangtze River in the town of Sandouping located in the Yiling district of Yichang, at the Hubei province, China. It’s the world’s largest electricity generation of any kind

  50. A severe drought around the Yangtze River had caused the water levels in the Three Gorges reservoir to stay much lower than the anticipated 175 metres and that complicated plans for farmers and millions of others who rely on the river. During dry months the Three Gorges dam power output is limited by the Yangtze River flow rate. In the original plan the dam was expected to provide 10 percent of electricity consumed in China. However, China’s demand for electricity has increased at a higher rate than was planned. If it were fully operational now, it would support only about 3 percent of China’s total electricity consumption.

  51. In 2009, high impact of drought on hydro electricity sparked vital warnings that many cities could face rolling power cuts and rising energy bills exacerbated by high coal prices in China and around the world. According to the China Electricity Council (CEC), the drought on South West China and 15% hike in thermal coal paused a huge potential for power deficits in central and south west China during peak hours. Regions including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Sichuan Provinces and Chongqing municipality were destined to see power deficits in the summer during peak hours.

  52. China’s electricity consumption rose 25% year on year to 969.5 billion kWh during the 1st quarter of 2010 and will rise by 9 % on year, to 3.97 trillion kilowatt-hours in 2010. The China Electricity Council reported in 2010 that total demand will continue to accelerate during 2011 as industrial production increases at an unprecedented pace. This report came amid China’s hydropower producers incurring 900 million Yuan (£86 million) in losses in the first two months of 2010 as production dipped marking a startling turn around on 1 billion Yuan (£96 million) profit recorded during the same period the previous year.

  53. More examples of power deficits resulting from climate change

    A country of 28 million people with an area of 912,100 square kilometres and GDP of US$103.9 billion (1999). It had net oil exports of 1.89 million barrels a day in 2008. Venezuela not only has proven oil reserves of 99.4 billion barrels as of 2010 but also gas reserves of more than 12 trillion cubic feet (340 billion cubic meters). The leading crude oil producer in the western hemisphere, was reported to coming dangerously close to a major collapse in electricity generation because of falling water levels in the Guri dam) caused by a severe drought.

  54. In 2002 the country was more than 90% electrified and had one of the highest per capita of electricity use in the world and highest in Latin America. In 2001 total installed capacity was 21,233MW. Total electrical output in 2000 was estimated at 83.2 billion kilowatt hour of which 22.9 percent was from fuels and 77.1 percent from hydropower. Hydropower potential is estimated at 80,000MW or more.

  55. The entire Latin American country depends to a larger extent on the massive 10,200MW Guri Dam, which holds back the Caron River in South Eastern Bolivar State. It supplies 73 percent of the country’s power by feeding the 10,200MW Guri hydroelectric plant. This is the world’s third largest in power output along with two other smaller plants. Water levels at the Guri hydro-electric dam had dropped to critically low levels amid the worst drought in a century and exacerbated by lack of good management and investment to maintain and expand the countries electric sector during a period of rapidly rising consumption.

  56. . A Venezuelan leading energy economics expert, former senior official in the President’s energy ministry and professor at Venezuela’s Central University, stated in 2010 that: “We would be in a situation where we would have to halt the country, the entire economy without power from Guri, the country’s existing gas and oil fired power plants would be able to cover only about 20 percent of the demand producing widespread and sustained outages.” Other experts predicted that if the water level in the Guri dam fell below 25m before the ending of the dry season and if no significant mitigating measures are taken, the oil rich Venezuelan economy would practically come to a stand stil

  57. It’s vital to note that; in spite of the many big risks and other demerits inherent in the development and operations of big hydropower plants, many of which cross the range of; geological, engineering, financial and market concerns, environmental protection and social inclusion, big global financial players considers many developing countries like Zambia, as ‘under dammed’. According to an energy expert at the World Bank; African countries like Zambia should consider riskier assets, considering that the continent has just explored 5% of its hydro electric potential

  58. But, what is really driving the mega hydroelectric dam boom? Africa has huge hydropower potential, but has no technical and financial capacity to finance the billions of dollars needed. The development of multibillion mega hydro power dams is driven by hydro politics, the multinationals, the African governments, the development banks and export credit agencies (ECAs). And so, because of the huge money involved, these mega hydropower projects cannot be discarded. The World Bank being the leading global player wants to stay in the game the companies want to build and many governments easily comply

  59. It is a way of making money for the elites. As a consequence, the definition of acceptable hydropower has shifted to what is being called “bottom lines”. Core principles of sustainable development which takes into account social, environmental and economic issues (sustainable hydropower)

  60. However, Professor Schuder, the world’s leading expert on dams and development, formerly the World Bank’s principal resettlement consultant and one of the 12 commissioners on the World Commission on Dams, puts it ably, “There is nothing sustainable about dams at all… I used to believe in big dams… I was part of the resettlement policy when Kariba dam in Zambia was just being started. But I have seen what dams do. There are many positive benefits, no question. But in the long run, they are not sustainable

  61. The threat of more extreme drought and its related social, economic and environmental impacts is an uncertain valuable for many hydro electric power producers. On the other hand, climate models predict an overall decrease in precipitation and river runoff for the mid latitude, subtropics and dry tropic areas-where hydropower is currently the source of electricity. Zambia lies in this category of climate change risky zone and has over 90% reliance on large hydro electric schemes.

  62. Therefore in light of the available information and the experience of the last 40 years, Zambia should appreciate the possibility of another drought, perhaps more severe than the 1991/92. We should pray that this never happens, while we prepare for the worst by working to mitigate and adapt

  63. Whats the way forward.
    Here are my recommendations;

    The issue of energy (electricity) affects everyone. It’s an individual, national and global issue. Humans invented the generation of electricity and humans can solve every puzzle that relates to it. A key that locks the door is the same key that opens it. Therefore recommendations and interventions will work best with concerted efforts at all levels.

  64. The following along with other prevailing measures must be urgently implemented or improved (stepped up).
    i) Diversification of our energy sources to renewable types like; solar, biomass and mini hydro electric power, at all levels of consumption (household, industry) etc.
    ii) Good investment in creation or acquiring of efficient, economic, social and environmentally sound renewable electrical energy generation technologies. Innovations in mini hydropower plants, solar power and biomass energy technologies are non-negotiable requirements.

  65. B) Formation of relevant key Institute

    Government working together with relevant stake holders need to urgently begin to lay the necessary groundwork for the creation of the institution which the author proposes to be called the Zambia Energy Research and Consultancy Institute (ZECTRI) as a branch of the Ministry of Energy and be located preferably at the University of Zambia.

  66. The mandate of the institution can encompass the following;
    (i) Work with relevant stake holders involved in energy; regulation, environmental protection, policy, finance, product quality standards and infrastructure in order to contribute towards access to modern, affordable and appropriate technology.
    (ii) Conduct Specialized (focused) research on all matters relating to sustainable wealth creation (development) and sustainable renewable energy.
    (iii) To enhance capacity in the energy sector as a whole through training, research, consultancy, collaboration (networking) with relevant stakeholders.

  67. In light of the foregoing I can safely:

    1. Agree in principle with the President’s suggestion;
    “I don’t see why Zambia should begin setting up new power stations……..? President Lungu.

    2. And very confidently conclude that
    I don’t see why Zambia should begin setting up new large hydropower plants when it can diversify into many other energy sources in addition to buying power cheaply from South Africa when need arise

  68. I thought HH was smart kashi chikopo chabe very dull were have you heard international courts over turning a countries elections ?????

  69. Most Zambians are dull, small wonder suffer from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.
    To percieve that the elections out come was fine is self delusional. With so many parliamentary results appeals now being overturned by courts and still believe the general election results were fine is to say the least that Zambians are dull. All Zambians rights are now gone, I live out side Zambia and nothing gets mentioned about Zambia despite in any style, shape or form. We are next to South Korea – shamefully blackened.

  70. Meant Zambia is next to North Korea. Even South Koreans have removed their corrupt and insincere and insolent president

  71. It is s.tupid to assume something not possible. The court issues are a waste of time worse the ICC this maron is mentioning. I think this Up and Down party is in a total mess.

  72. The Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) [No. 2 of 2016]
    “(1) A person may, within seven days of the declaration of a President-elect, petition the Constitutional Court to nullify the election of the President-elect on the ground that—
    (a) the person was not validly elected; or
    (b) a provision of this Constitution or other law relating to presidential elections was not complied with.
    (2) The Constitutional Court shall hear an election petition relating to the President-elect within fourteen days of the filing of the petition.”

  73. ARTICLE 1 PART I of the current constitution says;
    1. (1) This Constitution is the supreme law of the Republic of Zambia and any other written law, customary law and customary practice that is inconsistent with its provisions is void to the extent
    of the inconsistency.
    (2) An act or omission that contravenes this Constitution is illegal.

  74. (3) This Constitution shall bind all persons in Zambia, State organs and State institutions.
    (4) The validity or legality of this Constitution is not subject to challenge by or before a State organ or other forum.
    (5) A matter relating to this Constitution shall be heard by the Constitutional Court.

  75. 2. Every person has the right and duty to—
    (a) defend this Constitution; and (b) resist or prevent a person from overthrowing, suspending or illegally abrogating this Constitution.
    3. The operation of this Constitution shall not be affected by an unlawful act to overthrow, suspend or illegally abrogate its provision.

  76. The petition was stopped and cannot be reopened, because doing so, will amount to serious breach of the constitution. The matter could only be heard within 14 days after filing in the petition in the court. This is in line with the Constitutional Court Act No. 8 of 2016 which confers authority for the process, procedure and powers to act the way the judges on the constitutional court bench acted.

  77. If the UPND filed early its presidential petition with few layers and focusing on only few key cases, they could have been heard fully within 14 days stipulated by the constitution. UPND filed very late plus too many cases using too many lawyers and they gave room to too many legal technicalities which disadvantaged themselves. The right to be heard has a specific context and not the one UPND is mentioning through its president.

Comments are closed.

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