ZNBC Sunday Interview with Ronald Chitotela



    • I didn’t this chitotela is such a smart guy. This is the calibre of ministers needed to transform Zambia. I know a lot of you have no internet to view the interview that’s why you are mute.

  1. My advice to you minister is regarding Lusaka ndola dual road please don’t construct a full dual road. Simply do duals 15km before and after each town and in between just construct passing lanes in areas were traffic builds up e.g. on curves and crests. That route is not bussy through out. I hope you will take into account my opinion. Save money for other ventures.

    • Lusaka Times.com, links the Sunday Interview Program from ZNBC TV 1 from my Channel, zam1news.com, and I can’t upload to YouTube at present because I’m not in Zambia. Take care. Luis

  2. They say the more things change the more they stay the same. Ati “…under the leadership of Lungu..”
    This is so reminiscent of Kaunda where worshiping the “leader” was the norm. Zambia wake up!

  3. Thumbs up to the Minister! I didn’t know the man is well up to speed with infrastructure development…let’s hope all that he mentioned will come to fruition, although it does seem that the bulk of the new ministry’s core activities pertains to roads!
    One of the highlights from the interview regards the dualling of the Lusaka – Ndola road, however, no mention was made of the Lusaka – Livingstone section, Kapiri – Nakonde section and the Great East Road…what are the plans for dualling these major roads, even in the long – term???

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