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Education Minister wants corporate world to help provide decent accommodation for teachers

General News Education Minister wants corporate world to help provide decent accommodation for teachers

Minister of General Education Dr Dennis Wachinga speakingat the commemoration event of late husband Arthur Wina
Minister of General Education Dr Dennis Wachinga
General Education Minister Dennis Wachinga has called on the corporate world and general public in the country to come on board and assist government in providing decent and safe accommodation to teachers .

Dr. Wachinga noted that teachers especially those in rural areas have continued to lack decent and safe accommodation.

He said the challenge for the provision of decent accommodation should not be the baby of government alone but for all concerned stakeholders.

“The issue of teachers’ houses should not be left to government alone to handle; instead it should be a concern of everyone.

” The corporate world and general public can help in addressing this challenge, by investing in the housing sector especially in rural areas,” he said.

He called for concerted efforts in addressing the challenge of houses deficit for teachers in rural areas.

The Minister made the call in parliament today to concerns raised by Independent Lumezi Member of Parliament Pilila Jere who wanted to know what additional classrooms and teachers houses had been constructed at recently upgraded day secondary schools in Lumezi Constituency.

And. Dr Wachinga reiterated that government is aware of the housing challenges but commitment that his ministry would continue providing decent and safer accommodation for teachers by constructing and rehabilitating schools and as well as staff houses.

The Minister said teachers are key partners in national development, hence the need to address their challenges.

“Teachers play an important role in society and development of this nation. As government will not rest until the issue of housing deficit is addressed once and for all,” Dr. Wachinga said.


  1. This man is calling the corporate world to address the decent accommodation,but the a falling and busy removing housing allowance for the same teachers who are not in decent accommodation,

    • Ati “Education Minister wants corporate world to help provide decent accommodation for teachers”……

      For your information Mr Minister, the corporate world already DOES help provide decent accommodation for teachers. IT IS CALLED TAXES!

      What you are saying is that this PF Government has FAILED MISERABLY to properly manage the money being collected. Yes, we know that. It is being stolen, misappropriated, abused and used to pay for Vodka Lungus perpetual globetrotting holidays. As per the Auditor Generals report.

      What you are suggesting is called DOUBLE TAXATION. Just get Zambias finances in order and you will find there is more than enough money to provide teachers with good houses. Maybe first start with asking Lungu to use some of the TWENTY THREE MILLION he has stolen from…

    • Problem is grz has glamorized begging. Incentivize PPP & the corporate world will come by, but if you expect them to do charity while you are stealing their taxes then you got it wrong.

  2. Welcome move Honourable. But how is the Defence Ministry managing. Even Home Affairs now. Are they engaging the Corporate world for decent accommodation or its their Ministry providing accommodation to their officers around the Country?

    • He’s a qualified Doctor in Sciences he worked at the National Scientific Research as a Director for most of his life before he joined and worked for international bodies in science research hence he is one of the scientist that Zambia has produced…Now he retired and stood as an MP in Luapula Province and won… Briefly that’s the Doc as we used to call him then…

  3. Some of these statements are almost laughable if not for the fact that they indicate serious deficiencies in the person making them. On what basis does the Minister exactly expect corporates to provide housing for teachers in rural areas. As CSR? That is not sustainable or scalable. Corporate and private sector venture into activities that have a clear business case. They exist to make money. So if the Minister expects corporates to contribute towards addressing the housing challenge of teachers in rural areas then he should provide a business incentive for them to do so. One way would be to ensure that teachers have decent housing allowance that will be utilised to pay rentals should private developers move into building teachers houses in the rural areas. Mark the work ‘decent’…

  4. ..that’s why Catherine Namugala castigates some of these ministers…what a dull response from bwana education minister…!!!!

  5. That old doc is useless and knows nothing about gorvernance,a person like him old as he is should be speaking sense and not utter nosense,morever he has never been to the people who voted for him,what kind of a leader is he.

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