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Broke Nchanga invite cheap locals for trials

Sports Broke Nchanga invite cheap locals for trials

Broke Nchanga Rangers have resorted to holding mass trials as a mode of recruiting players for the 2017 FAZ Super Division season.

In recent years, Nchanga have been failing to attract star players due to financial constraints.

Nchanga secretary Jim Congo has revealed that the club plans to recruit 20 players via trials ahead of the 2017 season.

“Nchanga Rangers Football Club will be holding trials 17 and 18 December aimed at beefing up the team ahead of the 2017 season,” Chongo said.

“We came up with this programme together with coach Bruce Mwape in order to tap talent in Chingola,” he said.

A mass exodus of players is looming at Nchanga Stadium.

“We want 20 players but we will first short list 60 players. So those players who are in Chingola and feel they can play for Nchanga Rangers should come for trials,” Chongo added.

Nchanga finished 12th in the league with 39 points from 34 matches played.


  1. I have lived in Chingola for many years and enjoyed games like football. The mines by then NCCM and later ZCCM as their corporate responsibility, ensured that miners were entertained after their hard work at the mine. Seeing what is happening now I am wondering whether privatization has been beneficial to the Zambian. Nchanga was a household name in the folowing: badminton, hockey, cricket, weightlifting, bowling, rugby and football. These are now extinct or nearing. Nchanga Copper mine by then, Nchanga Division during ZCCM was sponsoring these clubs…Nchanga IBU under KCM, the clubs are white elephants. SHAMUTETE come and see how Chingola is. ABANTU ABA BABASHANI? we should curse our leaders for having sold the mines to the Indians. MWAYA MWATUSHILA UBWAFYA MYRIP

  2. Clubs themselves should some times devise ways of fundraising for the club rather than always relying on sponsorship. I hear that clubs like Lusaka Dynamos are sponsored by one man Mr Anif Adams. Come up with initiatives that can raise money for the club. Organize the local community and business entity in Chingola to contribute in a small way. As for trials its a good idea because talent can be discovered even within Chingola. But cast your net wide. Tour the Countryside in remote districts and identify two or three skillful players from there. The problem is that when we are broke even the surface of the football pitch can tell. How do you expect to win if you fail to maintain a playing surface.

    • I remember Kabwe Warriors conducting mass trials during the mid 80’s which brought out talent like Robert Banda, Solomon Katampi, Moses Masuwa and Timothy Mwita. Warriors went on to win the league a year or so after those trials…!

    • Warriors then had support from ZR. They were in the second division and ZR management resolved to bring them back by buying a lot of stars with ucar as coach

  3. SADDENED, you are spot on. We breathed and ate football. Gabitas was the place to be and what games did we not know? I go round the clubs whenever I visit Chingola and I bleed. Racquets, Hockey, Cricket, Rugby etc. are all now just shells.

  4. The situation is sad indeed but we need to understand one thing:-
    >During ZCCM days the mines were excavating very high grade copper and were easily making huge profits to support recreation activities as well as funding the government budget.
    >When Chiluba came to power in 1990 the copper prices had remained stagnant and mines were not making profits. This led to lack of recapitalization and all ZCCM mines were on their knees heading towards total collapse.
    >Chiluba made a wise decision as advised by IMF to privatize the mines as government had no capacity to run the mines. Up to now government does not have that capacity: UBZ collapsed, Zambia Airways collapsed, and this list is endless.
    >The financing of these clubs was just a cash cow that contributed to the downfall of ZCCM…

    • >The financing of these clubs was just a cash cow that contributed to the downfall of ZCCM. Clubs must come up with initiatives to generate their own profits to run. The owners of Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea etc make huge profits through gate takings and advertising campaigns.

  5. Its true today’s football clubs need investment. Coming from a recently one time afcon champion nation this should have been used as leverage for inviting venture capital but the FAZ seem to be out of ideas. Can I come and stand as FAZ boss?

  6. I like the comments of senior bloggers on the thorny issue in Zambian football and that is the reason why clubs have told to implement the new method of running business as outlined by FIFA so that they should operate like a company, run their own stadia, media, publicity and so forth. Good thoughts from Seniors on the blog! I hope Clubs can wake up and stand on their feet. Clubs should also learn to invest in the communities, these citizens will feel part and parcel of the team and come to its rescue when the economy is on the low side.

  7. No initiative in soccer administration. As long as we allow government sponsored teams like Red Arrows, Zesco, Nkhwai, green buffaloes etc in the super league, soccer will not develop into a major enterprise in Zambia. Let those clubs run their own amateur league of some sort. They are pulling down the standards because big business people cannot invest in soccer for fear of losing their investments to these clubs. Just like we did away with UBZ, CBC, Zambia airways and Mwaiseni stores, we don’t need government clubs in our super league. FAZ should supervise soccer activities like registration and run national teams but clubs should be managed by a proper corporate body to promote initiative, investment and sponsorship.

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