Bishop John Mambo
Bishop John Mambo

Chikondi Foundation President John Mambo says the creation of Rufunsa as a new district has brought various investment opportunities to the district.

Bishop Mambo said the creation of Rufunsa as a new district by President Lungu
has also improved service delivery in key social sectors such as health, education and infrastructure development,among others.

He however said there is need for multi sectoral approach in streamlining the economic growth in the district for the benefit of the local people.

ZANIS reports that Bishop Mambo said this at a Christmas luncheon hosted for over 900 children at Nyampande Community and Orphanage School in Rufunsa yesterday.

In 2012 the late President Michael Sata declared Rufunsa as a new district away from Chongwe.

And the clergyman says improving the welfare of orphans and vulnerable Children and the poor should be a primary duty of every member of society.

Zambia is a rich country and caring for the rising number of street kids, orphans, and vulnerable children should not only be left to government alone, Bishop Mambo said.

He said as Christmas approaches, there is need for the well to do in society to have a compassionate heart and share with the less privileged in society particularly children and women.

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