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HH told to publicly apologise over his cadres’ unruly conduct at the Lusaka High Court

General News HH told to publicly apologise over his cadres’ unruly conduct...

Zambia Police fighing Running Battles with UPND cadres
Zambia Police fighing Running Battles with UPND cadres
Kantanshi Member of Parliament Anthony Mumba has called on UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to publicly apologise over his cadres’ unruly conduct at the Lusaka High Court last week.

Mr Mumba says Mr Hichilema should apologise to the country and the international community and take responsibility for UPND cadres’ violent assault on the High Court.

He says the violence exhibited by UPND members has potential to undermine national stability, investment inflows and the rule of law.

Mr Mumba says Mr Hichilema should also reconsider his party’s resolve to defer the election of new office bearers, noting that the action is undemocratic.

He was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka.

Last Week, Unruly UPND Cadres Went On Rampage Smashing Property At The Court Premises During Hearing In Chambers A Case In Which The Party Is Seeking Its Right To Be Heard In The Dismissed Presidential Election Petition.

And the Church has condemned the riotous behaviour by UPND cadres who stormed the Lusaka High Court last week destroying property.

Victory of the World Ministries leader Reverend Stanley Chitundu said it is unfortunate that UNPD cadres behaved in a manner they did.

Reverend Chitundu said the UPND leadership should be held accountable and pay for the property damaged by its cadres.

Speaking to ZNBC News in a walk-in-interview, Reverend Chitundu has described the behaviour as disrespectful to both Government and the judicially.

The clergyman has wondered what kind of government the UPND under the leadership of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and his Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba would have made with such unruly cadres.

Meanwhile, Reverend Chitundu has questioned the failure by the Laws Association of Zambia to comment on the incident that happened in their work field.

He said it is surprising that the legal body has decided to be mute on the matter despite it having occurred at a place where its members operate from.

Reverend Chitundu has since called on the police to ensure they bring to book all erring cadres and make them pay for the crime.

The Clergyman has since called for peace in the country and urged Zambians to continue praying for the leaders.

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  1. HH does not even need to be reminded. He shud av apologised the moment his cadres misbehaved. I doubt if this sata::nist can apologize. He finds joy in seeing such activities. I av started questioning his mental status.

  2. I condemn violence at all costs, however this violence we are seeing is as a result of people taking the law into their own hands because they have lost faith in Zambian institutions. Zambia Police, ZNBC, ACC, some judges etc are used as weapons by the government to silence and abuse the opposition. If things don’t change the government is raising a revolt against itself!!God bless Zambia

    • Wanya—-violence is not a solution to any problem and shall never be…next you will hear HH busy asking government to release the so called political prisoners (in actual sense criminals). People need to use their God given common sense,,,never sacrifice your freedom for a politician. they will languish in jail while HH will continue to enjoy his freedom.

  3. Zambians must wake up, study the events that lead to the francas and be honest with yourselves to determine the real cause of the problem. The world is laughing at us because it is all clear from the pictures and clips on the internet how the whole francas erupted. In my view HH and GBM are pushing an honest agenda for the Zambian people. If PF were honest and had nothing to hide, they would have long time ago allowed the petition to run smoothly, but alas look at the delaying tactics by their lawyers and machinations to derail the whole process emanating from the PF. At the end of the day the loser are Zambian and not HH or GBM. The petition issue and the fraction of the revelations that have come out regarding the election demands that any sensible Zambian should analyze with…

    • Petition issues are matter of the constitution. It’s the constitution which opens way to petition and closes the door to the same. Without the clause in the constitution there cannot be the petition. If I were hh I would have waited for 2021 to petition afresh because this one is overdue. You need to change the constitution of you want to continue with the petition. Kikikiki. You guys in Upnd you to quickly suck your cokes and come to terms that you are fighting a lost cause.

    • Which world is laughing at us…the world is laughing at GBM and HH who want to get to power using the courts. Elections have never been won using courts of law. it will never happen/

  4. Your cadres are peaceful. If the PF Police provoke them, then HH must apologise. I am a die hard PF but we have messed up. I am a man and I confess when wrong. State Police must apologise to HH. Lets have this sequence sorted out. What is difficult?

    • If surely you are a PF carder or even a law abiding Zambian, you wouldn’t even alter those words. Apologize to HH for what? Stop your pretense and live in a modern world sir

  5. The petition issue and the fraction of the revelations that have come out regarding the election demands that any sensible Zambian should analyze with courage and understand what HH and GBM are doing for Zambia. If left alone as this article is suggesting, Zambia is headed to a dysfunctional political system that will eventually punish the hard working and honest Zambians, while enriching a tiny corrupt elite. As long as we ignore what is supposed to be legally and honestly done, watch this space and like it or not majority of the Zambians will suffer and that is the truth of the matter.

  6. @ sander you are definitely disillussioned, GBM and HH are pushing for their own agenda that is why they have even refused to have a convention. What sort of agenda do you imagine they would push if they were in state house? if at party level they cant allow democracy what more if they have instruments of power

    • Upnd charlatans are retards. They want to petition an election and they are very positive that something will come out and their favour pretending the 14days period is still valid. These dimwits and mental cases left loose in public.

  7. The problem is the Election Petition which has not been heard and determined. I am a PF supporter and believe that my President Lungu won the August 2016 . What is shocking is that our PF leaders are blocking the Petition. I thought we can easily prove that our President won and their HH lost. Cant we disaprove the the perception that HH might have won the election? Its not a good feeling to be told and reminded all the time that and in the face that our President is an Election Thief.

    • @1mbecile above first you do not need to tell anyone which party you support. Secondly you need to feed your brain that all election losers don’t concede. It’s either they come up with an accusation or become rebels. Even in U.S. those elections are changed and now Russia is said to helped in rigging for trump to win. These retards in Upnd will never stop morning even if you prove I them that they lost. To and suck their cokes if you are sympathizing with them.

    • What proof iwe chirwa does hh and gbv have that they failed to produce when they were given an opportunity to do so?


  9. It is amazing that the UPND expect justice from the same court rooms they were vandalizing. Why didn’t they simply wait for the matter to be heard in chambers and get a briefing from their party leaders on the ruling. If they find the ruling unjust, they could have appealed to the supreme court. Any political party needs the court in their lifetime and if they expect justice from the courts of law they should keep an amicable relationship with the courts of law.
    The UPND are starting to sound like rebels or terrorists. They want to subdue the justice system into making rulings in their favour without any tenancy at law.

  10. TO 1ST COMMENTATOR and others: are you sure HH sent these people and you can prove it. When you point a finger to some one as being a Satanist three fingers point at you that you are three times more satanic than him. Remove what is in your eye. Pray for him and his assistant GBM then you are fulfilling the love that Jesus taught (If at all you even go to any church). Please be mindful judgment is coming soon. You are judging HH you will also be judged you will not even hire a lawyer because even lawyers will be under judgment. To HH: Are a church elder ( Seventh Day) as some of us hear about you? Listen to what people are saying. God will ask you to give account of your behavior on this earth very soon. Read: Hosea 4 v 6

  11. Ba Mumba, be serious. Have you ever heard of HH apologizing for anything? HH is as infallible as God Almighty. He never ever makes mistakes for which he has to apologize. He is the most perfect of all Zambians that have ever lived. You want proof: just as ask his supporters. O Hail HH!

  12. These are the kind of activities that will surely make some us remember this man (HH) as a very childish and power hungry rude boys. These levels of desparation together with his illiterate deputy are shocking.

    • Why should the police apologize? Have you read Judge Mwila Chitabo’s letter to the Attorney General? Read it before making ill-informed statements based on partisan emotions.

  13. Apologies for what ??? Dont you know the basic requirement from a Cadre is to be unrully??? Thats their work , in the process, attract attention. Unless you dont know politics. You can condem actions but NOT apologising !!!!

  14. Wat apology ,,!

    Pipo want justice, you don’t give them,so wat do u expect.

    If any apology should come fro PF thugs who commit/ed hedious crimes with impunity esp during election.

  15. i condemn every violence from wherever it comes. You Mumba and Chitundu should also tell Lungu to apologise to the nation, international community and to Mapenzi’s family over her death at the hands of PF. He should also apologise to the lady who was undressed by PF cadres.

    • @ kk such unruly behaviour cause unnecessary death. So you go about throwing tantrums all over the shore so that a person gets injured or killed and you use such to advance your political careers. You cadres for you to know that what you about to embarked on is not dangerous check amongst yourselves if kalusa’s family or gbv’s family are amongst you. For packet of sheki sheki you decide to break the law.

  16. we all condemn violence .But look what pf gvt is doing to the people of Zambia is totally wrong. people are being brutalized by pf gvt so don’t blem the opposition because the gvt is the causes of violence. You’re busy seeking some tactics to stop the matter why? people are seeking justice because it’s too much so leave them.

  17. Let the petition be heared so the two bastereds can fold their legs n sit coz they lost n even if there cud be a re election they can’t win coz pipo kno wat they ar capable of doing.

    • But why should we abrogate the constitution just to accommodate the two bustards? They wasted their time raising useless preliminary issues during the petition at con court instead of providing evidence they claimed to have.They are a bunch of time waters.

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