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Government to upgrade Chipata, Kasama, Mongu, Mansa and Solwezi to City status


Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Ronald Chitotela(m) Zambia Country representative for UNICEF,Hamid El –Bashir Ibrahim at the handover ceremony of motor Bikes by United Nations Children’ Fund(UNICEF) to the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Lusaka t
Ronald Chitotela(m)
Government plans to upgrade five municipal councils to city status in the second quarter of next year.

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela has named the five as Chipata, Kasama, Mongu, Mansa and Solwezi.

Responding to questions on why government has not upgraded Kasama during the post budget forum in Kasama on Saturday night, Mr. Chitotela said President Edgar Lungu is committed to ensuring that the districts are upgraded.

He said President Lungu decided to establish his Ministry so that it could finish all unfinished projects.


  1. It’s not just about upgrading for the sake of it. It should be backed up by proper infrastructure befitting the City Status.

    • This should be economically oriented not political. If private businesses are investing then yes.
      But if there is no significant economic growth what is the “city status” going to do for the people?

    • Of the 5 only Solwezi may qualify. The rest are due to political decisions to balance the equation.

      Why Solwezi? Despite being selfishly denied trunk & township roads nature favors Solwezi due to its mineral wealth
      -3 major mines esp Kansanshi resulting in attracting urbanised
      -High population
      -6 filling stations
      -Shopping mall

      What is in Mansa to deserve city status other than supply of imbowa fish & PF votes?

  2. City status. This is a colonial hangover. Lusaka became a city long before it was like Chipata is today. Under the British system, it is the presence of an Anglican Church Cathedral and a Bishopric that qualifies a town to city status. The state of religion in Zambia today is non-Anglican, therefore, the city status should be granted on the consensus of the people. The PF government keeps making central dictatorial decisions. That is the problem.

  3. Stop this nonsense! Upgrading Mongu into city status my foot! Such an underdeveloped area! Just one small shopping mall and you want to turn that backward town into a city?

    • Typical hater of Lozis. Primitive cave tribalist. There are towns that have been mentioned that don’t even have a single mall….why haven’t you spoken ill of your small village town?

  4. I’m re-designating my one-room shack into a Palace. What is in a name, batho? A shack by any other name remains a shack.

  5. And this is another reason why we have ever increasing budget deficits…this is why we are in debt Old man Sata is number one culprit for this creating districts and moving Provincial Headquarters from Livingston to Choma even when there is no money…here we have ministers who are completely out of touch with reality …they are so well paid spoiled with luxury Personal vehicles that they seem to forget that we have austerity.

  6. Foreigners will laugh at us, wat do we want to achieve anyway come on jst a name city to a town like mongu is a joke. First improve infrastructure before you hallusinate of pronouncing districts into cities. Kikikiki awe ba PF nabo

  7. Kawana, my foot. That is like Sherwood Forest, the HQ of the prince ? of thieves suddenly being turned into the capital of London. This idea stinks.

  8. Solwezi a city? With all that messed up town planning I saw? Sorry with all that messed up town in planning I saw?

  9. Solwezi a city? With all that messed up town planning I saw? Sorry with all that messed up town unplanning I saw?

  10. Am a die hard fan of PF, but this one has cracked my ribs kikikiki. Did these guys have some sort of beers when planning this. I have been in Solwezi for some time but am sorry to say it does not qualify the city status. There is only one road for the whole town with houses so close to the same road. No room for expansions. Secondly it’s only this that we have seen the coming of two shopping malls and that’s it. The rest are street vendors and you want to change the status??? Please that’s why Jay Jay say’s you have no ******* brains. Think through before you bring shame on us as well.

  11. Me I come from Northern Province: Please Nga mwakolwa ubwalwa just keep quite. City, City Nonsense. Come to Kitwe and see grass growing at hungry Lion opposite main post office (shame), pot holes all over town Centre, public toilets, Chisokone market WEFIKO, IFIKO, IFIKO selling ba mango ubowa muma shop corridors – what more will Kasama, Mongu, Solwezi and Chipata be?

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