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Increase in the numbers of cases of GBV due to dependency syndrome-Gender Minister

General News Increase in the numbers of cases of GBV due to ...

Victoria Kalima
GENDER Minister and Child Development Victoria Kalima has attributed to the increase in the numbers of cases of Gender Based Violence (GBVs) due to the dependency syndrome.

The minister said it was not a secret that most of the women were depending on men.

Ms Kalima said when she paid a courtesy call on Chipata District Administrative Officer Kapembwa Sikazwe in Chipata on Monday that GBV cases were on the increased because of the dependency syndrome.

“The major causes of the GBV cases are due to the dependency syndrome.

So the best to reduce the GBV cases is through empowerment of women and the girl child who are so vulnerable in society,” she said.

She explained that it was saddening that many women were caught up in the GBV related cases across the country.

The minister said Government has deliberately formulated policies and find ways on how GBV cases could be curbed in the country.

Ms Kalima said there was need for men and women to consider dialogue in their communities in order to help the Government and other stakeholders in curbing the violence.

She also bemoaned the increased in the number of child marriages in Eastern Province.

She said according to the statistics, the province was the highest in terms of the child marriages in the province.

Ms Kalima said there was need to work together in an effort to combat the increased in the number of child marriages.

She said her ministry would soon form some task force committees through the help of the traditional leaderships as part of combating the vice.

And Mr Sikazwe said that the district has set up a deliberately committee that would tackle and provide solutions on why gender cases have increased.

He said that the committee would report all its operations to the Ministry for records and progress.


  1. Ms Kalima spot on. I dumped a Zed girl when all she wanted was to be sponsored for hairdos, stilletos and support for her baby son whose father had abandoned him. Any suggestion to go to school or train for something was met with fierce opposition or at best lame excuses. I fled for the hills like a freed wild animal!!

  2. Very true tulamyeba tamufwaya kumfwa. This dependency syndrome is perpetuated by practices that have become archaic such as lobola. Why lobola is archaic is because it has been converted into a money making scheme by poverty stricken and gluttonous parents. When a man pays for such daughters he expects servility of the extreme
    No arguments at home or he will do what GBM does
    I’m sure Mushota will agree with me.

    • Monga ni boza. Lobola contributes 99.9 percent to GBV. Once a man thinks he has “bought” a woman he can kick her around like a soccer ball. Just ask Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

  3. And when empowered with every thing they need like money for beer, Guns and Knives its better they are left alone otherwise………..

  4. Please education of all children can help stop GBV…. children see their parents fight……. as they go into relationships the boy takes on the role of the father a d the girl the mother.
    Boy says dad beat mum thinks its ok for him to beat his wife… girl saw mum being beaten and hit father so she sees its ok for her in a marriage…… we cannot change adults but we can help change the children.
    The dependency syndrome…………. where in studies does that come. In a marriage partners should be inter dependent….. dependency on each other and the marriage.
    If you want to empower women and girl children find programmes not rhetoric…. ah dependency syndrome!!!!!

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